I have always been interested in weather phenomenon. I was a block from a deadly tornado in 1967. I have always been concerned about them since being a little kid. My post on tornadoes are meant to inform people of my experience and perceptions about them. I am not a professional meteorologist, but on occasion in my life, people have asked me about planning for events instead of relying on their local weather forecasters. If they know me well they might have felt I am often more accurate that what is on TV.

I rely on the TV, often the Weather Channel, to get some idea of what is going on. Today I felt it was a particularly serious situation in Virginia, so I put up a live post as to the situation. Some of that included my interpretations aided by the experts.

It is statistically unlikely that anyone saw my post and took cover there because of it. But since it is not an impossibility, I stopped where I was going to put up the post. Any chance on helping someone not be surprised by sever weather, I will take when I can.

All of you who poured into my blog today to check up on the Tornadoes post, I hope you went on to check up on your own local weather service warnings if you were anywhere near Virginia.

To find out of my own tornado prediction one hour before the Tornado hit where I was in April of 1967, it is available on the pages side of my blog, in the Weather and Sky photo’s side blog, otherwise named; Benafiaskys or click,  TORNADO! –nearly 41 years old, not forgotten.,