Tucson AZ May 30, 2008

Just random photo’s around town.

lunch was above at the Foothills Mall after friends medical appointment, and

Below will be where diner was with some friends, but I just wanted to get an ordinary city view of the nearby Catalina Mts. People ski up there most winters, and in summer it’s a cool get away. It (and the town Summerhaven) is slowly coming back from the devastating fires of a few years ago.

I have to go through shutting off to grab the missing photo. For some reason my writing and editing abilities at my wordpress blog here have become highly erratic.

There. I had to shut down to grab this photo! what you see is called Pusch Ridge is what is mostly in the photo. It is part of the Catalina’s that tops out at 5 thousand something feet. Mount Lemmon is around 10 thousand feet and is a bit to the right out of view.


palo verde


Here is one piece of the flowering tree. I just did not get a photo of the many seen along the freeways and roads around town. They were waving in the wind like huge yellow flames. This particular tree had cars under it and a non flowering tree crammed into its side, so I did not have the opportunity to show it well. When they lose their bloom, they can have a bright yellow “shadow” under them. The next type of palo verde will flower in a short while.  They tend to grow along washes, arroyos, and roadways, and where intentionally planted where they will get a good watering at times.