20 Million secret votes a day

20 Million secret votes a day is my possibly conservative estimate. 20,000,000 decisions to postpone or not do something because of gas prices.

I will be shopping less, driving less each day, and there is likely not to be a return to what was once normal. Less income will be available for all the things of life. That will then trickle up to mean less sales at stores, more unemployment, and most of all we have a government that is fine with its citizens being drowned in the bathtub. Unlike New Orleans, where the political and ideological contempt for our commons was on full view. This inflationary rain will quietly kill jobs, and prior lifestyles will be destroyed and washed away.

Some percentage of the population is now in this situation, 20 million may well be conservative. Certainly some of us will condense our car ventures, but the overall continuous rise in prices an not in income will translate to a decreasing ability to buy things.

The stupid are fine with this, particularly those who remain stupid because this money squeeze is not an issue for them. The cut tax mind blank will make sense to these types. After all, everyone can use some more money right? This truly is stupid-think. It is as if the interrelationship of things is oblivious to the short term, bottom line dwellers. They do not give a thought to the declining infrastructures. They seem to be unconcerned with the desperation any will be driven to to get more money. Sure, there will be both legitimate and illegitimate attempt to increase income. There is a point of no return in this though.

For some percentage of us, we may be too old to do what we spent a lifetime doing. A people, a wholesome people, know each ones interest is their own. These are the wise ones and not the institutionally dumb. Just as there is a response to the nation attacked from without, the wise know that every insult from within does have ramifications for all. Much of the population does seem to have been institutionally brainwashed into the individualism that pretends we are not connected, and so are left all unto our own. This is what is known as misanthropy, in this case an inebriated conception of separation from the whole.

As it just happens to turn out, the self divided and conquered country is a predatory set up mindset. It is truly stupid-think. The commons that connects us all and is the primal infrastructure is cognitively denied, or thought of as; So what? This is how the hurricane Katrina showed us New Orleans, a moment unscripted. Some of us woke up from our stupid delusion that government had interest other than the wealthy.

Actually, the Governor did try to address the situation, but she was up against the ideological machinery of separation and alienation. Rove was in charge of metaphorically drowning her, and the media obliged. She could not fathom that the federal government would use the occasion to seek political advantage as its ultimatum for assistance. How had this nation of the once upon a time “We the People” been metamorphosed into a country that says; well, we will only help our kind? Think like my party or you will be abandoned.

As it turns out again, if one can keep fear in front of common understanding and so common sense, all manner of perversion of the commons can be made to seem like the thing to do. One of our political parties is a fear machine. People do vote for it out of a fear based hope, that change or understanding will be kept away. That they need not change a thing to feel right about themselves. They are willing to abandon the commons over this fear based separation anxiety. Might makes right becomes the answer to most conflict, that and just abandon whomever, since to give help or aid will only weaken them and so make them dependent.

This dependency addiction does seem to happen when those who are helped are assisted in a kind of contempt for their problematic situation. Unfortunately for those who conditionalize their willingness to be human, behavioral blackmail creates the same reactive dysfunctions in adults as we see in children who are emotionally blackmailed by their parents or guardians. But if we think humans are inherently evil, we worship what is evil in them and us, not what is right.

And so it is necessary for these conservative, or separation based self interest, to constantly “program” the population into alienation based behavior. Contempt for those not like us becomes “natural” under the divided and conquered mindset, basic tribalized suspicion of the “other”. Aberrant, or questionable behavior in the population, serves to reinforce their broken off perception, along with the superiority/inferiority complex driven by sycophants of the powerful who are well funded to keep the emotionalized contempt alive and unwell in cognitively dissonant alienated identities. The corporate press and media are loaded with those who are willing to spout their mental illnesses as common sense, good and true.

But I digressed a bit. We are all in Katrina’s New Orleans now. There are no plans to address the atrophying state of affairs in many of our pocket books. The poor in China are currently being used to hold above watter the credit card debt being run up by our in denial lifestyle. The land allegedly of, for, and by the people, has become the land of, for, and by those with money only. And for a while, those who will vote against their own interest while thinking they are standing up for what is right. Which s a self defeating behavior.

The wealthy have the spiritual perversion disassociation that is required to justify or rationalize their privileges over the rest of us. If we fundamentally worship evil, this is not a difficult task for them to do to achieve the contrapuntal notions necessary to have them seem more god-like and obviously then deserving of their much greater slice of the commons. I earned all I got! Good for you then?

This fact remains; there are no plans, not for healing and restoration. There are plans for larger prisons and containment camps. There are plans for that universal tax called profits to be raised no matter the consequence. There are plans to eliminate any rights that get in the way of the rule of the elite. There may be no plans to help the average Americans, but there certainly are plans to restrict their options for the future. For those who seem proud of their separation identification and achievements above the Commons–the earth under your identities containment dike is starting to liquefy.