This might not be what you think it is. And what I am going to allege does not apply to everyone. There are many young people who are not fooled by authoritarians, institutional arrogance, and other status quo beneficiaries.

But Scott McClellan actually claims to have believed the stuff about Bush being a uniter. He claims to have believed that Bush was going to clean up Washington. And that is the revelation. I had no such illusions over who George Bush was. I am not blind or blinded. It is as naive as all those allegedly “reborn” Christians who are so easily seduced by conservatives with a few promises.

Oh, later they find out several of the conservative hero’s end up being caught doing what they always railed against. So goes the convoluted thought processes, where cognitive dissonance, along with false self purging mechanisms of projection, has so many conservatives practicing the opposite of what they preach. It is amazing how few people know this, and act all surprised when reality gets out of the bag, or bubble.


My suggestion here is by no means absolute, I am conditionalizing it to broad generality. I believe that many born after about 1960, do not quite grasp the levels of subterfuge the political system stoops to. Many seem to be raised on the assumptions produced in the corporate media, often for self serving rationalizations, assumptions that the two party system is a see-saw of liberal and conservative interest who cycle through ideological mandates which inevitably go up and down. If you do not know what the Vietnam era was like, the manipulation, the lies, the abandonment of the veterans, you may well have an imaginary view of what the country actually stands for in the world, compared to the high minded claims.

The current Press Secretary apparently did not know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was. How was that even possible? She did not know what it was like trying to figure out where to get away from bombs and radiation like I did. Yet male posturing was ready to destroy most everything over some lopsided principle which we (US) did not have to adhere to. Luckily, some Soviet sub guy did not retaliate for the attack he was under. We were all saved by the commie I guess.

I believe many conservatives live in a glass bubble of their imaginary world view. Where good and bad seem black and white; just read the conservative script. If only life was the cartoon reality they believe it to be, we would hardly require critical thought at all. For us or against us.

And now we see the same talking points rolled out for the umpteenth time; He never spoke up before. He’s not the Scott I knew. An election is coming up and he wants to sell books. Scott M. even said that when Richard Clarke did his revelation thing. The RNC playbook must have whole sections on the rote focus group tested concepts that register as plausible if said to the press. Only they all pretty much said the exact same things, so it likely came out on a memo.

I know there are many exceptions to my view, but it still seems quite relevant; that if history is not accurately conveyed, we fall back into institutional non think. We assume all our allegedly cherished abstractions are both true and fully activated. The proof, however, emerges in the public pudding. Some old pudding already knew this, but its shelf life is running out. Let’s hope the nations does not as well.