Desert Flowers May 1 2009

Spring is springing out at my house. The desert’s native white prickly poppy has made a new home in the back yard.

Argemone pleicantha


-These survive quite nicely in the desert thanks to their very prickly nature.


and larkspurs with Indian blankets plus verbena and some fleabane.


Tucson’s Springs of Gold—- Flowers

Seems the Palo Verde’s will be shinning this spring a little more than usual. There are at east two major kinds, these early ones that produce affluent clouds of yellow or gold, and a bit later I think the Blue Palo Verde’s bloom, still yellow but with somewhat more spaced out and perhaps larger Flowers.

These in the photo’s are just starting to get going March 26 2009—-




-More of my photo’s from Tucson Area Here

MEXICO OR BUST: Enough Stuff Yet?

Today I photographed this truck on I-19 loaded down for Christmas.

This time of year, all the way up to Christmas, I-19 becomes the caravan route for cars, vans and pickups packed for the lands down south.


and in the vicinity


CHECK IT!—–Todays views in my yard

Here are some photo’s of things going on in the yard. I planted all these, but many are third generation an spreading on their own.

The privet at the left is blooming brightly, followed by hollyhocks.

and the verbena below is spreading all over several yards

and see what I mean

and gold finches love the seeds of the orange flower below

bye.  That is my hand shadow on the wall near the branch division from trunk of tree shadow.  OK. It’s blurry.  I was waving.

June 1 in SE Arizona

Here are a few pics from southeast Arizona

The desert willow, some cultivated variety’s are quite blue.

it was quite windy, so some blurring occurred.

and our native desert poppy. Very prickley to touch stalk or seed pod. Yet these bloom while it has been dry at times for months! Also, may go on flowering most of the summer. One came up in my back yard this spring and is getting ready to bloom.


Not that Patagonia, the one in Southeast Arizona.

Patagonia Arizona is a kind of artist colony/bird watching tourist spot. On weekends motorcyclist from around Arizona come through on their Southeast AZ cooler, greener winding road tour, getting out of hotter Tucson and who knows where.

Lot’s of oldsters come through, as they do in many AZ tourist spots. Author Jim Harrison lives there in winter. Other artist as well live around and in the hills.

Inside the “Gathering Grounds”. A nice coffee shop/eatery, where the locals and everybody else hang out at times.

and more GG. Local artist hang their works regularly on the walls-for sale.

and out the car window at the countryside leaving town west.

and back at my house.


Remember all that has been given to us by our hero’s this Memorial Day