Red Shifted Sight: Right As Red Rain; A Colorful Persuasion

Right As Red Rain

A study of the effect of red on perception has yielded intriguing results.

We do not know exactly why red has the effect on appearance that it does, but it biases referee’s judgment to favor red over blue in a pinch.


It is not just that feeling one may receive from wearing red; that I am a bit more powerful or potent (red “power” tie), for when taped games were altered by computer to change the colors athletes were wearing, the computerized red wearers were then judged with perceptual superiority.

This may be an indicator of how appearance reality is influenced by consensus reality’s conceptual cognition, for the bias exist based on looks.  We may be seeing something that is not there, while assuming it was. The bias could be from nature, and, or nurture.

In this way, prejudice can be insidious; I may not even be aware I am slanting when I believe I am straight and true.  (A call to humility?)

In short; the truth is not always how things appear, even when they look right, or true.  Folks who believe they are being honest and unbiased may not know their belief from their behavior.  (Just another reason to power up forgiveness).  If colors bias my view of things, how many other aspects of Life may “convince” me of something that is not necessarily true as well.  That huge moon on the horizon?  And what about ideas?

Red and Blue states beware.

The Straight Dope: Why does the moon appear bigger near the horizon?

In addition, just after moonrise (when the illusion is most compelling), the moon’s apparent diameter exceeds the distance from the moon to the horizon.

At times, seeing may seem to be believing, but it may not be true.