America must do better than incompetent conservatives.



Conservatives are noted for not checking or getting facts straight, then having those correctly fall into context. There is a reason for that; it demeans true knowledge and favors deceptive spin and innuendo. This then lets prior faith based assumptions of character and moral values, vaguely qualify beliefs in true competency. It seems that if you say you are supporting America, or some glorious good abstraction, one can hide what one wishes with a lot of pretense covered platitudes. America has suffered this situation especially exasperated since World War Two.

I cannot imagine any nation of intelligent citizens being fed the diversions to intelligent debate we get come election time. Our confusion and ignorance generated by a constant horse race of “controversial” ideas seems the sound investment that demagoguery thrives on. I can see why conservatives are so against our constitutional checks and balances–they do not respect democracy, or the truthful facing of national issues.

To think that the near convulsive campaign being run by whomever these conservatives are now, is truly frightening. When words and actions become the opposite of what they claim, as has been historically demonstrated from campaign slogans to other add campaigns, we all are having propaganda substituted for facts in context. The truth be damned.

In fact, the truth has become referred to as an essentially liberal bias. Rove’s impotent fact based community frame. One reason the right wing is filled with ad hominem rationalizations and presumption–getting rid of factual reality lets one say whatever one wishes without apparent consequence, as long as you keep any objectivity seen as a bias. Then tag it with a negative frame and repeat, repeat, repeat. They have their radio and TV proselytizers at it all day and night, duping untold millions of our fellow citizens..

America, along with the rest of the world, should begin to pray, read, or do something introspective, for what seems evil is too close at hand. When nations that possess the most devastating weaponry humankind has known, are fed reactionary stupid-think as common sense pablum, our whole earth is in jeopardy.

I have watched this political opportunism poison the two pathetic parties we call our free election choice, throughout my years. The more “conservative” one has had the longest list of charlatans and buffoons, who actually seem to have their own cult followings. All while these conservatives destroy the connective tissues of society, the commons, for their own opportunistic driven supporters predatory gains. Ignorance of the vital inter-connectivity of life allows any number and shape of distortions to fill in the perceptual voids.

Corporate philosophic takeover of the fourth estate, leaves we Americans with our pants pulled down around our knees. (Remember; corporate principles are said to be identical to those of a psychopath.) This bound position is exactly where stupid think works best. Vague “feelings” about the candidates become the actual features used by some to decide who rules over life and death decisions for the whole planet.

Oh. Too Aloof. Not friendly or attractive. Oh; Always confident even when they do not know what they are talking about. I like that. That is leadership. What is a maverick anyway? That’s good right? Whomever is tagged as being the one who has faith is my guy or gal. My income is shrinking, so I’m for whomever says they are cutting taxes. They are for protecting us. That is what everyone says. I hear it on the news. Change and hope and stuff. I need some of that. Did you know those other ones are working for the devil?

I encourage everyone to pray for America, especially for those stupid-think followers who think someones sex, or race, or age, or religion, makes them in any way more capable to lead. Our nation is at great risk from these impostors of character, who have their seduced followers believing that this glaring lack of substance is untrue, or some partisan creation of some enemy. The nature of cult worship is much like the nature of lies; they are told knowing that for some, they will be received as Gods honest truth. Not to be questioned. Questioners are then held in suspicion!

For that attack placed on the God given human endowments for critical thinking and fact checking to context, we need question what are the actual natures of deception, along with ignorance worshiped as an idol of hidden virtue.

Here are some video examples.

Knowing not what we do is a good excuse until there is nothing left. For these darkness enabled contradictions we pray. For America, and for the world.

[livevideo id=8565872E5FA74649B0233A73CB50892D/783395/palin-explains-bridge-to-nowh.aspx]

…and the world thought that the next 4-8 years could not fall into worse hands in the USA.

Well some of us could easily see the disaster coming 8 years ago. Where were the “American People” so often pandered to by politicians? Missing in action again. The more things change, the more they not only seem the same, but deteriorate. Oh? How come?

Conservatives are the vital ingredient to the decline occurring in all earth ecosystems at once. Just ask yourself; Who has been against environmental regulations, and who has been behind deregulation of industry for a perverted sense of “freedom” and now suicidal growth? Argument over.

And for more questions on what is always assumed to be good by many in our society.

Slant Magazine Film Review: The Corporation

Directors Jennifer Abbott and Mark Achbar apply the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to demonstrate that the corporation is psychotic