Those Hypocritical Socialist! No Care Health Care



Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?

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What The?


Those Hypocritical






Wouldn’t you know it.  There they go again. Those secret socialist are trying to fool you.

First they suggest that the poor deserve the same rights that the rich have!


The Founding Fathers intended that money would determine your place in society as it always had!  No money?  No life!  What part of success do these secret socialist not understand!

Contradiction must be imbibed as if it were good sense.  Enter the domain of cognitive dissonance; where what you think you are is not what you actually are!

We are gifted with the human mind ladies and gentlemen.  The concept of reality is a construct, a kind of opinion. With our ability to exert excess influence upon the cultural narrative; we frame of define what words and concepts are.  Their parameters are in our hands to mold to our need.  This means science must be overridden and faith based dialectics encouraged as moral and ethical truths.

Global warming a fact?  What warming? What fact?  That’s your opinion!


Cash that check from your “polluting”–not. = Successful! industry stock returns keeps flowing.

Why that is the American way.  Are you against us or for us?

See.  It’s about controlling the parameters of the narrative.  Our corporate sponsors do this continuously without even being asked!


The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. What part of that does health care have to do with it?!!!

No money?  No health care! No option!

Over 40,000 a year die from lack of adequate health care.  We need death to have nothing to do with Life! Contradictions must be thought of as being consistent with a coherent abstraction based conceptual matrix. This must seem natural!  That way the Founding Fathers words can be detached from reality and interpreted the way we wish.

Secret socialism defeated!

Sure the poor drive on public highways if they can afford to have a car and pay for gas and insurance.  This helps to return the general population to dependency modes on the wealthy, removing that living off the land ethos that let people survive essentially on their own merit.  We decide what merit is! Not nature! Not God!

Irritate a liberal; succeed and be happy is what I say!

We love that the same tax that they pay helps keep the roads for our use.  We must ignore and deny public projects that we require as being socialist or socialism.  They are for our Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness after all!

Police, the military, disaster relief, bank and too big to fail industry bail outs for the supper rich, all these secret socialism agendas must be made invisible!  Keep your government hands off of my Medicare is what I say! This is how we steer minds to our viewpoint; BY INCAPACITATING CRITICAL THINKING!

Remember folks, this is Darwinian evolution plain and simple, make no mistake about it!  We stay on top by making sure self centeredness triumphs over the Public Good.  This is the challenge predators always faced; making the public fall in line for status based schemes of control.

Remember; each time we defer to private control over public governmental control, we erase public imput over our actions.  This defeats the secret socialism endemic to human survival.  We place the individual over The Commons.  Thusly, we put Democracy in its place—as the servant of status and control hierarchies.  Now you and I can be the actual government, while our propoganda machinery defeats the secret socialism of Democracy and The Public Good, and The Commons.

Damn government interference in my life is what we say!

Say it louder!

There you have it!  The individuals identity codified to subjective interest over societal and environmental connection. Now we can connect the dots we wish for our servant/success individualism paradigm.  This subdues the individuals interest in interrelationship and connection to “The Whole”, making that whole something to dissect and sell off.

Now was that so hard!

We are in a battle over hearts and minds. A battle we win by controlling the dialectic and using our preexisting advantage! We will use all avenues of subjective vs objective impressions to win this fight.

Defeat critical thinking ability in any objective sense. To do this, favor faith over science! This places unverifiable tenets and theory beyond public analysis or objective inquiry!  Secret Socialism undone!  The Public becomes the servant of the Private.

Now we have the time tested tricks over the human mind at our disposal; create disenfranchised notions for those we find objectionable to our belief structure.  Paint “The Other” as against you;  Its quite easy. “The real America” vs?–not real Americans! Add your own confirmation biased presumption. “Real Christians”, whatever you like. Well, actually you won’t have to.  We have propaganda outlets doing this day and night 24/7.

Its all about manipulating the appearance reality of good vs evil, attaching the conceptions to identity, then making it clear our target audience is painted in as the good. Now this establishes operational consent. This is divide and conquer for taking Democracy down to service our needs!  Its our corporate welfare state, and not the public one!  And don’t you forget it!

Attack critical thinking with Thought-terminating clichés.  Invoke buzz words, with their identity tag negatives and positives, as conceptual king pins of perception.  And; deny, detract and convince as deceptive, the ways of science to suggest and infer objective insight as deception itself.

Why its scientific opinion against my solid faith!  No contest!

Presto! A big, fat rabbit out of the anti-socialist hat!  By keeping the socialism/fascism/communist/atheist threat as intrinsic to The Public Good, we turn that Public Good into our servant, as well as all the faithful followers of our ideological take on Creation itself.

This is how we defeat socialism, or public anything we wish, while we strive to institute the unregulated individual advantage that will make the new feudalism a permanent ruler over religion, Democracy, and that great mass of public losers who serve us as their natural masters.

And don’t forget to thank both political parties, but particularly the most extremely “conservative” one, for making all this so easy.

Give a shout out to China as well.  For their fake socialism, world dependency loops through globalism, the appearance reality of a healthy economy and a “lifestyle” sense of achievement.  We could not do this without them!  They make America what we sell it as!

Remember people!

The ultimate public option is Democracy itself!

Contain it! Undermine it! Reverse its reality matrix! Make it all about wedge issues, for they wedge the individual from the generic Public Good, and make it all about propaganda and idea control which we have the numerical advantage over! The empirical numerology of wealth!!!  Use its blessings.  Heck.  Make money and blessing appear to be the same thing in the publics mind!


It pretty much already is!

Success people!


Defeat Democracy’s inherent socialist agenda!

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