Pretense and the Fate of Democracy: Truth and Power Manipulation In The Mind


Faking  Knowledge and the Fate of Democracy


: Mental Truth and Power Manipulation

Most moments of our lives are not spent in “second guessing” ; What do I “really” know?

(When seeing the sky and guessing at the weather, is this the same as knowing some of the atmospheres meteorological elements of manifestation and how they relate in the real atmosphere dynamics being seen?)
Is it going to rain or become less cloudy by the cues in this image? Can this image answer that question?  What happens to my personal sense of self honesty when I declare a truth under this and other kinds of environmental assessment?


The Knowledge and Awareness Puzzle

Here (where I am ) in the desert southwest USA, these hints of upper air cloud formations will not indicate imminent or any precipitation. A meteorologist may be able to discern the locations of pressure systems, offer speculations of ‘gravity waves’,  jet-stream movement, or suggest things such as orographic influence from what I might only see as curious cloud formations.

How much seeing is believing?, or more importantly, knowing? It is a truth that one can have an intuitive sense near the equal of scientific perception, as in the weather prediction ability many a farmer or other sky-watchers accuracy of atmospheric interpretation might attest.  It is likewise a truth that many of us, on any particular subject, are relatively more ignorant than others.  We may not wish to profess our lack of knowledge in the balance of a relationship with another too often, or at all.  We may register the language of ideas to appear well informed, but not “know” the context and depth of the contextual paradigm of ideas meanings.

Oh! I don’t know!

This level of self ignorance on what is real, is a question of cognition we almost never ask ourselves for one simple reason–it would be unsettling to ponder too often. Our self identity needs a kind of confidence, usually, to function in a clear and productive direction.  I can have emotion and belief telling me something is obvious and true, that I master a things context and interrelationship, but be mistaken, even completely wrong. Regardless, I forge ahead confidently in my assumptive interpretations, usually so I can move onward to the next thing.  So I, we, live by many a presupposition, these often seeming as fundamental truths, perhaps “The Truth“, as emotion, our family, or friends and society, books and the Internet might insist is the case.

We then have a kind of inner guidance and misguiding/error system usually unquestioned as to its full integrity in perception.  Many a belief system claims a prior (a-priori) endowment of truth, a “real” reality that cannot or should-not be tested/questioned. These “real truths” when embodied by human conceptual structures, institutions, institute kinds of non critical thinking mandates, where questions of validity are eschewed. Culture, society and ones closest community can contain unquestionable zones, whole areas of both presupposition and of the intent to not question the idea of the belief in  ‘How things really are.’

The Rippling Outwards Of Error

We each are susceptible to misguidance, if not outright deception. When our thinking abilities are d-validated, for many degrees of ignorance and illusion can now glide right under the cognitive radar, in effect instilling a falsity into our “truth”. Here is where checking for facts becomes of paramount importance to an honest self, but under certain situations and circumstance, not where I am going.  We humans create kinds of institutions, some of belief and some of physical persuasion, designed, for whatever reason, to keep us in line with the concepts manifesting the institution. We may be “corralled” by ideas that make us dependent upon the status quo, or, even by those that make us rebellious to an institutions perceived context as a position of a subcultural merit… We are not to question these ideas, the declaration will go, or else face the bad consequences of ostracism or otherwise be dismissed of truthful relevance by some form of shaming. Diversionary clichés will be offered to clear the way through the jungles of ambiguity, these, intended to load a judgment of being unwell, of “otherness” and exclusion to be tagged onto the holdings of some concepts.  The reasoning, the rationalization, is not to be doubted for its is presumed as a reality beyond my awareness. Questions and doubts can become assessed as ones weakness, a failure, or even misguided deception indicating a sort of individual weakness and inferiority.

We point at these institutions in effect declaring; ‘They make this so. They make this truth itself.’, inferring true reality, while what these things are actually are conceptual constructs, kinds of formulations forwarded by other humans agreeing that these truths are in fact real an evident to common perception.  This is only and always accomplished within the consciousness of one human being by one human being.

In childhood many concepts are automatically imprinted, such as with language containing its delivered concept definition. These definitions may, and often are, delivered by family and community interpretations.  We “read” our family and communities “mind”, including peer communities emotional tags that hang on idea and conceptual interpretations, usually accepting most of these without question.  Blame and shaming techniques are employed to keep us in-line or else face some sorts of troubled consequence.

“It Is What It Is” Or How Lies Can Be Called Truth

This is the domain of a priori frames; places intended not to be questioned for the health of the institution and possibly the health of society.  However, the institution, with its claims upon actual real truth, will not include the; possibly of intrinsic error, instead it will say it is; The Way it is., period.  No questions to be asked.  This puts we human individuals at kinds of disadvantage, for not being able to challenge an institution is mathematically problematic, in that errors can accrue and we must remain oblivious, in denial, and, or likely more hostile as a believer, toward the source of these alleged errors, this challenging dissonant appearance. We can be, and by probability are, wed to error and mistake and not allowed to divorce them in places unknown to us.  The voices of loyalty or other means of emotional shaming control will be used to keep us in a conforming confort zone of sorts if we quietly, or energetically, follow along.

In some respect Society or some branch of it, will create the hangmen to hoist up the individual, perhaps as a kind of example, to warn others of the risk of questioning its authority.  This then manifest aspects of the nature of what is a character trait of conservatism, a feature everyone must deal with in their own lives or remain ignorant of the consequences, for we are all in ways conservative and liberal. We have mental/emotional mechanisms of self survival that move across a continuum of love and empathy to obloquy and misanthropy.

For me, as an individual consciousness, someone pointing out a fault of mine, even if I am certain the claimed fault is a sure mistake, is taken seriously by me, at least to a point.  It is no different for our institutions, some of which we do not even regard or know as being an institution–a self perpetuation human endeavor. Politics dramatizes these “institutionalized misconceptions”, for it is opinion, one-ego-mindedness, in action.  Ultimately, the conflict in politics involves opinion; things that are objectively unchallenged by its holders, all while their emotions are “seeking” to convince or force others to share their belief; to defend our reality constructs “turf”, for this is the land on which our life and livelihoods seem to be framed into existence. While the real objective Reality is functioning internally and externally to some degree, our human consciousness, with its pattern detection techniques at times filled in by emotional “data”, is not an infallible depiction.  This is one reason we will look at something; lets say some a priori authorization narrative, and claim this story is the true one, the right one, the one not to be questioned, or else. A fear and insecurity narrative is at the heart of any disagreement, if this does not lead to attempts at comprehending another’s position honestly–as we would intend for ourselves from another. (“The Golden Rule”, Categorical Imperative)

Just Like A Liberal / Conservative etc…Out On The Limb

When we invoke our ad-hominem debunking techniques towards others, these are often imbued with insinuation and down-casting phraseology, or buzz worded Thought-Terminating-Cliché designed to stop an objective-minded thought process in its tracks.  In some circles; (circular logic circles), these negative tag-frames are literally one side of the emotive linkages that tend to bond adherents to the concepts towards one another. From this sharing of cognitive bias, we can go on to pretend we are actually having an unbiased overview of an issue, but actually we are buttressing our assumptions by the impressions of fellow-hood “a movement”, a “reality of common mind” where we associate the words or the numbers of others to the mass of our belief’s presence as an action factor in life.

Matrixing Emotions And Incidents Into The Bad Other Narrative

While we may wish others understood or even knew ‘our story’, it is often the last thing we intend to comprehend of another, perhaps outside of our emotionalized rationalizations of harmful narrative. We juggle ideas of the others opprobrium until a cohesive concept of their intent is rendered. Gossip is quite like this phenomenon, but in todays world-wide media, there are continuous sources of perpetuation of disrespect for others, complete with the disreputable narrative that denotes “their” unsavory character and their corrosive intent toward me, and or, culture in general.  I am not saying that there is not truth to the things we humans do and to how helpful or harmful in respects our actions are.  I am saying that negativity as a mindset is a relative value to certain interest, be it to the self medications of a disenchanted ego, or to interest groups who use the negative as an advantage over others for social and other environmental control that seems to benefit themselves FIRST and FOREMOST. It is this kind of poisoning of the language of Democracy’s drinking waters, of culture, that is a major source of the negative in individual experience that blocks full, or fuller cognition of fact from fiction.

Democracy does hang on the rope of imposed constraints on cognition.

Tax, Tea and Ideology Party

Tax, Tea and


Ideology Party


Let the Brain, I mean, Bag Dunking Begin…


Seemingly sponsored/promoted by allegedly neutral Fox News(iness), the Tax Day tea bag protest were not protesting last year for some reason–no debt or govt. spending? From what I have heard from actual protest site’s (often occurring on tax created and maintained parks), it was mostly a kind of local-ism for the participants.— The stressed individual overwhelmed by forces out of their control, seemingly, were herded into an identity tag you can dunk with; The Problem being; the looming threat of reckless BIG GOVERNMENT.

I presume government is conceived of as only now being a runaway drain. Yet there is reality, as we should all know, due to the enormous plug pulled out of the nations bathtub, this unfortunately requires more government expense –water– to keep the ship of state afloat and not immediately going down the drain. But this will not matter to the pawns and fearful who are easily guided by quick fixed ideology as the magical HOW OBVIOUS! answer to their ills. Diverting attention by adjusting appearance in thought has always been a society manipulators best trick.

So forget about reason; this is about Appearance Reality, and easy fixes for the individual to assume are the answer; the honorable and self regulating individual–no tax–no government–no Barack Obama– no Peloisi–no any kind of liberal. Then we are left back with the usual anarchy/predatory capitalism’s overlords who manipulate societal stress to eek out every last bit of blood from The Commons. What? (I really do wish we could all be trusted to self regulate while keeping The Whole of Life in perspective. I’d prefer to have that easy blind faith. The problem is it requires one’s critical thinking to be unplugged.)

File:Azimuthal Equidistant N90.jpg

Yep. Unbridled profit is a siphon, that without regulation, will drain away both accountability and responsibility for the self, above all else. That becomes a (redistribution of wealth) pyramid scheme, where the bottom, as always, supports the “winners” on top.

Hurray for actual workers! Bless your poorer forever hearts. You deserve to be poor, cause otherwise who will actually build or clean my Olympic pool? The systemic fix is on most of those protesters, whether libertarian or “conservative”.

The earth is not flat, or an infinite context where ideology can exist apart from reality. The ideology of “winning”, of even “success” is an illusion if held outside of the real context of All Life. If you get the people of the whole earth to drive your gas guzzling car; you are not the biggest winner, although your income status may yell it loudly. You may well have precipitated the biggest systems collapse–for all of us.

Get rid of government, and I hope some rich guys will protect us in a turbulent world? Guess some other rich folks will hire someone to pick up the garbage, clean things in The Commons? Some other rich folks going to take care of those who fall through the cracks? or are we on our way to being a nation of once upon a time Calcutta’s? We The People having been dissected and left by the side of the road as road kill.


There are two kinds of Socialism (economies as wealth redistribution) and hybrids; capitalism, or as it could be termed private socialism–profit as individually imposed tax; and the communist kind that never exist–all for one and all. A sensible and pragmatic society will entertain some mix of these extremes, plus periodic leanings one way or another to address important issues.

But then there is abstract ideological purity, along with all the sanctimony and self excuse that comes with it. No problem, if you are amputated from thinking of The Whole, or The Commons, or The Environment, you have succeeded in ideologically amputating yourself from Life, excusing oneself to announce to the world that government balancing economic issues with societal reality equals= liberal socialist! The earth is obviously flat; just look!

It is Life that has the real say. But if appearances can be controlled to your ideological preference and delusions? Rant on against the Big Government Juggernaut. Heat up the political hot water for your perceptual comfort. Forget Democracy just supplied this group of politicians to deal with the situation. Pretend we had no true representation. More pretend the merrier!

-Ah!!! More Bags Please!

Now that’s what I’m talken’ about!

Right wing Sugar Cube Test


-Look closely at most of the behind the scenes big money organizers, and you will see the usual host of suspects that reap the rewards no matter which way the political wind blows. They are much more protected if sand/tea bagged in by the citizen protesters they can lure into their mind altering tea party. Of course they prefer the politics that leaves all hands off of them, while squeezing you ten ways to one. Just common sense for separation. However, we cannot actually divide and conquer reality, only human ideas of it.

Tax Responsibility as the Rights Never-ending Whine Train

Just as in the “Death Tax” ruse,; that had something like 30 times the number of conservatives thinking they were up for a tax break or prevention than actually were in reality, for these other ruses to work, reality need be unhinged. It seems a big movement is underway to unhinge conservative, or some conservatives fact checking. The anti-science and anti intellectualism (except their kinds) on the right exist for this very reason; once anyone’s source of information is tainted or fabricate, not having institutionalized checking on that lets perception be manipulated in just about any direction one wished. The right has their own “truth” disseminating propaganda outlets and sycophant ideological sites to do this bidding for behind the scenes manipulators 24/7/ad-infinitum.

Party on…


Anyone seen Alice?

Down the hole…

-The right wing overboard “truth finding” machinery will be digging up their left wing hysteria angle over the evil liberals hypocrisy, likely for some time after this event. Liberals will be noted as hypocrites for daring to criticize the right for having a protest. (Well not actually a protest but the reasons for its place and time. But this is context and some of these conservatives do not know what that actually is.) And by deference, as usual, the right can be expected to legitimize itself over its perceptions of what the left does, hence the entitlement reactionary.

Rush L is a good one to see this with; (see his comments on a Republican president shooting black teenagers (pirates from Somalia), presumably implying Republican presidents can not be black?) anything “true” (him) conservatives do, no matter what, is right. Anyone on the left, or liberal, who does the same thing is sinister, manipulative etc., being given hypothetical scenarios to appear as reality to those detached from it. Then moving onward as if all is indeed true. How well Appearance Reality seduces many a conservative, and those who think they are, into their own political correctness. Many liberals do fall for Apperance Reality as well I will note.

…A Rabbit Out of a Hat

April 9 2009

Texas desperate to get reelected fanatical governor Rick Perry, whose state received more than twice the federal return on the tax dollar, 88 cents on the dollar, was hearing calls of “secede” today at the Tax rally. Keep the money coming in folks, but just do as I say, not as I do? I am the great and wonderful OZ.

Freedom Works Tea Bag organizer Dick Armeys firm work for the bailout Co’s AIG, ,,,

Dick Armey’s Clients Required The Bailouts That Armey’s FreedomWorks Is Now Protesting

Leser on the Tea Parties: ‘These tax day tea parties are a sham and a fraud’

Conservative Disdain For Objective Reality

Appearance Reality; Objective Reality; Consensus Reality and Cultural Mind Control.

Why Does The Right Wing Need Reality Unhinged?


Essentially for the same reason the round earth reality was opposed by authorities, or the sun as center of the solar system was opposed; to keep control of the authority paradigm under their thought control, is a conservatives first imperative. For that they will deny evidence from observed reality that seems to constrain their authority. They are then compelled by emotion, to demean new or opposing information, particularly by shaming the messengers of contradiction and their message. We can be most passionate over that which we least know as fact.

They right wing often seeds irrationalism into the national dialectic to keep corralled, those dependent upon blind forms of trust, as opposed to more verifiable scientific analysis. We are figuratively then cast into the debate between the right wings modern versions of an obviously flat earth (appearance’s) , and the intellectual elites ideas of a round world which requires thought and rational interpretation. The conservative right spends much time on shame, blame, and attacks on science and intellectualism in general (their own excepted). Ignorance becomes the prime conservative currency they can take to the bank, made by trust in their authority and its “invincible” ideology.

Conservatives need to control Appearance Reality, always have. In effect, tantamount to metaphorically supporting a kind of pseudoscience, for they must offer their “real” evidence why they cannot be wrong. They operate from the assumption, then, that their view is reality, truth or fact, and other views wrong or fantasy. For this they must shame deep inquiry as tantamount to a kind of obfuscation, or complicated mental based fantasy. If you control how things seem by controlling emotions through fear rather than conscientious reason, a public diverted from objectivity will be primed to “get” the conservatives absolute surety.

Appearance Reality is the appearance “truth” of how things seem. Today’s conservatives see the economy, as well as their social values, as these kinds of inviolable right truths, and questions from you or I are automatically (if challenging their conceptual paradigm), felt by them as being wrong. We appear wrong to the narrative of their dogma. Since we seem somehow willingly wrong to them, they tend to invoke shaming in order to stop critical thinking abilities from functioning fully—in the conservative faithful.  (When growing up as a child, conservatives were notable for their attachments to appearance.  They may claim deep belief for the biased orientation, but so often it is how things look; the clothes one wears, the length of ones hair, the flag pin, appearance seeming to “make the man”.)


-Science Itself Must Be Debunked; Kinds of Faith Overriding Evidence and Rational Theory

Objective contextual rendering of complex social and economic issues, such as theorized from science, must by necessity, be perceptually tarnished, often by pseudo-scientific emotionalized debunking. It is out of conservatism’s control mind-frames, to allow intellectual theory or controversy to spiral out of their control narratives. Conservatism relies on the appearance of a-priori knowing of unquestionable “truths”. Contrary ideas can then be declared spurious and wrong merely by existing, without the need of any objective-like truth finding or further research.

You will notice conservatives emotionalized ad-hominem attitude’s of contempt and shaming as primitive authoritarian manipulative identity control mechanisms. Conservatism depends upon select self-serving rationalization to define their apparent unquestionable group defined consensus reality. To question them is perceived as offending them, the questioner is perceived as being on the side of something inherently wrong. The manipulative tactic of The Thought-terminating cliché, is widespread across the conservative right, serving the purpose of emotionally diverting questions regarding beliefs by placing identity boulders in the way of perceiving cause and effect..

This opens the door to proselytizing demagogues from soapboxes in the mass media. Emotional confidence establishing blame and derogatory definition onto to those outside of conservative mind frames, is to conservatism, as fertilizing soil is to a farmer; the right attitude and fact selection will produce some growth in the appearance reality consensus in the gullible as to how other humans act based on emotionalized assumption by appearance. Conservatives become trained as to the look of the world by Pavlovian like reward and punishment indoctrination. This naturally leaves them with stressors seeming to initiate in outside groups and belief.


Faith is infinitely more easy to manipulate than objective fact in context.

As of late you might have noticed; from Rush Limbaugh, to Glenn Beck, to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and most anyone else the GOP enabled right pushes out to the spot-lights; something is very amiss in their perception, and or, their intention. Why do some see reality as a thing apart from facts in context, compared to facts sifted into ideologically screened conclusions? (The deregulation supported by anarchy capitalist has crashed and burned many, yet many of these conservatives claim the fire came from somewhere else.)

Our Information Context: The Right Wing’s Attack Upon The Open Paradigm Of Liberalism* (note at bottom of post)

In corporatized America, most people work for, and the laws made these days work first for, corporations. The charge upon liberalism from the right over the last many decades, was to re-frame liberal and conservative meanings; essentially to alter the liberal institutions of freedom, liberty and responsibility embodied in Democracy and the equal rule of law. These offspring of liberalism are attacked from within their own manifestation, by those who see the untying of their authority hold in the open society.

The earth has been defined as a possession of winners, and an abstracted success, where reality perception has become divided and conquered by the self-self as an identity who wins earth prises, or heavenly ones. The individual seemingly to be unconcerned with environmental or other consequence as long as they are kept in the darkness of ignorance, or behavior is considered legal.

The lack of conservative ideology inside the liberal context of Democracies inherent egalitarian premise (one person one vote, equality under law), is an institutional threat to authoritarians that must be destroyed somehow, for the right wings unquestioned interpretation of reality to dominate perception. The conflict addicted corporate media finds this power grab “show” to be just another potential emotion grabbing crisis conflict that advertisers can juggle to hold the viewers in by emotional appearance of importance.

Lately the “Culture Wars” and “Wedge Issues”, along with corporate media bottom-line propaganda outlets, pour these new non-egalitarian ways of seeing things “truthfully” into The Common air. Real in depth analysis is not encouraged, since it would tend to work toward a perceived eventual solution. Allegations and denials make for much more interesting easy to comprehend “news” than complex intellectual consideration. Corporate interest thus trumps defining reality truthfully, and that is another factor biasing and demeaning information in Democracy. Notice how, for both major political parties, we generally accept them based upon faith, and not much on true certainty to campaign induced expectation. For many, elections seem a kind of crap-shoot.

Conversely, an apparent truth of this contention and business sales addicted media, with its bottom line worshiping lack of order in the eyes of “moral” order conservatives, leads to the generalized conclusion that the media is obviously “The Liberal Mainstream Media”, end of discussion. An obvious truth.


Dividing and Conquering the Definition of Democracy

The corporate mind’s dominator interest (including some church’s as the original multinational corporations) and the usual hierarchical mindsets, would have a much easier time at dominating culture if certain aspects of Democracy were essentially disabled, into a kind of entertaining side show. Make the work in progress nature of liberalism’s plurality of interest seem inherently weak and dysfunctional, for not bowing completely to a church, sole economic or other “right” paradigm. We find that a kind of corporatism has gradually been supplanting the voter as the actual decider in government policy, particularly under Republican reign, but with Democrats as well. The public effectively being seduced away from their Democratic birthright handed down by our ancestors.

Democracy posses a continuous threat to the right wing, for it has a potential door open to rational thought. Whether the economic conservatives or the social conservatives, whose interest often run counter to it, Democracy’s potential is highly problematic. Huge amounts of money have funded conservative think tanks, as well as the many right wing propagandist seeded throughout the culture to brand problematic, and other aspects of liberalism, as the source of all ills. Again; pulling the rug out from under the promise and premise of Democracy and the equal rule of Law, while avoiding addressing the true source conditions that produce societal stress and dysfunction.

Democracies intrinsic equality of citizenship can be undone by; money, privilege, class, entitlement etc., once individuals re-frame their notions of Democracy into isolated out conservative identity mindsets, what supports our liberal institutions is undermined by a detached “free” individualism that can be sold the ideology of corporate identity and lifestyle branding. When I need a car that works; uh, what could democracy have to do with that? What indeed.

I often find talking point ideas of the week from conservative leaders, suddenly coming from many an “independent” and “freedom loving” blog post. If they only could see how their passion can be used against them by the very folks who give out the ideas for the propagandist to expose and “free thinkers” to emulate. Yep. They would assume the same of me, but not likely of they.


-The Individual TRAPPED

Once one becomes as a prisoner to ideological presupposition, especially as the functioning life cosmological/spiritual view, fact and fiction can be tailor made to suit prejudice. Example?

Today I encountered a view from a conservative I know from family in Texas who is visiting, which got me going onto this post. The 85+ something Republican party regular from an Air Force military career family I am referring to, was watching the weather news with me, commented on the cold weather in the nation and the many other indications that global warming is a deception. Gulp!

I mentioned that to her that global warming does not actually predict momentary weather, and that global warming is expected to create more extremes in weather. I stopped from mentioning that over the last decade record high temperatures have exceeded record lows by a 2 to 1 margin. Nor did I inform her that both earths polar hemispheres are experiencing a glacial meltdown unlike the consistent glacial pattern of alternating cycles associated with solar radiation altering earths axis wobbles over the last 600,000 years. I did not say these things for they would not be accepted, and I would rather have her not spend rare visiting time in arguing.

Now this very senior citizen I am referring too, was a stanch conservative (offspring all very liberal) who began to have some doubt during the Bush presidency about the nature of the Republican Party. She is actually somewhat liberal by many a definition of liberal, being understanding and empathetic toward suffering and issues of the poor and disadvantaged. I enjoy spending time with her. However, the GOP brand seems one she is marked with, holding many clichéd talking points as explanations for why thing are the way they are. In many ways politics is like religion; being, many of us get what our parents had. These days that may be much less relevant for some, but not for others.

“Some believe all that parents, tutors, and kindred believe. They take their principles by inheritance, and defend them as they would their estates, because they are born heirs to them.”
Alan W. Watts

And I Would Add Situational Bias’s Opportunism

What my view is, is that much situational advantage, and or privilege, and even some real or seeming oppression, tends to dictate many a belief. This is an inherited situational opportunism, in that the temptation of ones station in life can see others as probable cause of ones problems and inadequacies, whether right or wrong, especially if repeatedly told so with emotionalized confidence. When separation is conserved into ones identity, the inference from outside of wrong aspects of ones view are often dismissed from consideration. As far as The Whole is concerned, this is problematic in a Super Context where all things are interconnected and interrelated.

The aforementioned family member not buying the global warming ruse… Well, she has stock and military income, and considers Texas her home. Her husbands military carrier at war, and in the CIA and Pentagon, situated that well worn notion that the Republicans are “good” for the military. Arguable—-the fact of the matter and not necessarily the perception. Her husband had once brought up an opposing view to the party one, and was thereafter apparently ostracized. This according to a daughter who remembers the incident and communications. Seems a familiar pattern to the recent GOP one party rule during most of Bush’s presidency, where contrary position from their own ranks was met with threat of losing support.

What I see in many a conservative these days, and especially the cadre of emergency/crisis fear ranting ideological propagandist and talk show talking point spreaders, is this suit to their advantage philosophy. Reality and actual objective fact seeking is not to stand in the way of support for the appearance realities that promote ones situational perspective; where fiction can become potentially more important to rationalization, than rational thought and objective study. Objectivity itself, has fallen into “intellectual elite” bias, to the degree that Republicans seem to think that if you do not do all they want, you are not bipartisan or nonpartisan. Mind-blowing for a mind bending reason; only we possess the truth, so why would we agree to less? Conservative values trump reality itself. That is scary.


Check It Out

Reading conservative blogs and news sources is a study in an institutionalized paranoia and the “unfairness” of liberals and by extension, liberalism. The changing of the liberal philosophical view that created Democracy, into one of demonic and fact impaired lowlife liberals/socialist/communist , is stunning to see. “Facts” and “Truth” or “truthfulness”, are seen as dishonest if coming from the left. The left does not seem to see the undoing of liberalism (and implied, albeit by ignorance; Democracy) as grounds for an existentialized fair, balanced or other “integrity” bound definition debate wearing myopic conservative blinders, as being a good thing for Democracy to proceed forward by.

For a future for Democracy, my above allegation will find its Nemesis in apparent truthful rendering of fact and context . Yet I assert that many conservatives are effectively against reality, and ultimately against Democracy. The fact and context they will point to are tailor made to fit a conserved ideology that perceptually drives exclusion, and not inclusion, after all the should’s and shouldn’ts are blown off of ideology. Their fear is over deep insecurity hiding behind the curtain of avoidance of question, and the implicit fear of objectivity itself.

– – – – –

The right wing needs reality unhinged so it can claim that only its view is the real truth. Its mass of followers and worshipers of hierarchical mindset (supporting opportunistic advantage), see all that is not in line with their view as objectively impaired. Most any right wing news or opinion I read, is startling in its crippled premise and perceptual parameters, seemingly disabled from observing objective fact in whole context.

Indeed, like in global warming, and so many other always exposed liberal “lies”, these conservatives cannot comprehend the ambiguity and nuance of interpretation that is endemic of the world and the nature of events occurring therein. They are as if defending the honor of their flat earth basic truths, or their; “The sun obviously circles the earth” confident certainties, so plain and unmistakable in their view, exactly how it appears; since essentially they do not allow questions as to the completeness of their views and motives, other than asserting they are not anything but just and honorable; well, most conservatives would so claim, that is.

Democratic freedom and responsibilities are under assault, perhaps unknowingly, by many on the right. Some of these surely believe they are actually defending these very institutions born of liberalism. It is up to those who seek objective truth in context, to defend an entitlement for every being to be able to be in their rightful place in Life. The imperative of equality of consciousness implied to individuals and culture alike, must be asserted above the assumed rights of individuals to do what they want to others and the environment, assumed without consequence, that would be instituting delusion above reality.

We are in a battle for the definition of truth and reality that has implications for everything and everyone. Whether the truth is not to be questioned by objective analysis; or whether the truth is discovered via objective analysis. If truth is assumed to be beyond question, then Democracy will be defeated by those who eventually will rationalize it away. The re-framed notions akin to the flat earth, or sun circling the earth, will become a faith based viable true belief again, based on apparent fact.

If truth is everywhere and everyone’s responsibility to detect and define; then Democracy may well survive, for truth’s refinement then becomes all of our charge. The right wing needs reality unhinged for a reason; that ignorance (established in non-questioning) may dominate over information/knowledge. That is not fair and balanced. It is suicidal.

To walk truly, we require real Truth from which to see straight. Right wing conservatives claim to know the truth, but deny outside questioning to establish truth as consistent and verifiable fact. This is the conservatives conundrum; claiming reality while not allowing objective analysis of it.

It is the pathway to destruction, to claim authority beyond question, for then every manner of deception is opened up into insecurity’s Pandora’s Box, when we do not accept incoming evidence from real Life.

* Note:

Being a real liberal is not for lazy minds:

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.” -Bertrand Russell

Being a liberal does not mean the truth is not conserved. It means you trust objectively intentioned evidence above belief or attitude as evidence.

For The Truth About The Big Global Warming Argument, click next link:

And I put up some Video’s for historical variety and curiosity:


[First off. I’m a reactionary on this post. I saw at the bottom of one of my post on WordPress, that on those few articles they put on your post coattails was one saying; I’m voting Republican. I thought; heaven forbid, I certainly would not. And that was the genesis of this polemic. Classic reactionary motivation.]

One caveat on never voting Republican; unless the party identities switch like they essentially had since the Civil War.

Now I agree with the somewhat diversionary nature of the two parties; put all their alleged “values” aside, and like it or not, We the People are becoming corporate appendages. Giant business interest are assuming the interest of the American citizen. We are becoming more and more secondary to what is good for corporations. That old saying of Lincolns made at Gettysburg; “ — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Well. That government is being sold to the highest bidder.

But there are salient differences in the two parties

At 8 years old, I entered the Republican party headquarters in my town to do volunteer work. There were some really old (to me at the time; (80ish)) people working in the office who totally ignored me. I asked if there was something I could do, and it seemed I was invisible. They disappeared into a back room, and after a while I left.

So I walked up the street a few blocks into the Democratic party headquarters. There were much younger folks in there, and lots of them. I asked if I could help, and was asked if I’d like to stuff envelopes. Sure. This was my first encounter with the two party system. I was rewarded when finished, getting large buttons of various kinds from the tables in there.

Well faces might have changed, but my impression of the two parties has little. The one essentially ignores regular folks like me entirely, except to drag identity into their trap by so called moral or value seduction. I say seductions, cause if you watch the so called conservative party, it is filled with what I call cognitive dissonant characters. People who need to assuage their guilt by being conservative, or at least proclaiming to the world that they are, for that framed “high ground” many mistakenly believe they are on. If you cared to notice, the list of these folks over the last many years are filled with the ranks of those saying one thing and behind our backs, doing another.

I know. There are lots of corrupt Democrats as well, but generally they do not claim to be the warriors of right and righteousness, while seemingly helping corruption and incompetence crowds their ranks. At least the Democrats tend not to pander entirely to vague and grand abstractions exclusively. They give actual accounting to how they will help the average person in trying times, while managing the nations other interest.

Aside from the political rights “value” seductions, (Which, if you notice, always seems to be saved in conservative political bank accounts for election to election.), the tax cutting ruse serves astoundingly well as a trick to cut taxes to the wealthy, leaving us with their share of the tab.

Yes. Some might not like it, but the super rich use and abuse The Commons much more than any average folks do, yet they want us to pick up the tab by some socialist like dumping of their price tag on all the rest of us. Cognitive dissonant folks like to ignore these deeper realities. Inserting “character” and “individualism” ideological disconnection in to cover the Debt they raise for all of us on The Commons–(all our interconnected spheres of influence on life on a finite planet).

So this brings me to why I vote Democratic; They do not count on me being a blind or blinded follower as much as that other party trust I will not check facts or question outcomes of the high and mighty. The Democrats do not seem to have a whole machinery in place to crank out cognitive dissonant notions out to divert inner guilt. There is a reason many conservatives tend to deny things like The Commons. They can then deny pollution, and so keep money pouring in, along with a self serving notion of great success. Deny global warming, thus do that “freedom” thing to do whatever you want without consequence (obviously an illusion). Then their pandering to how might is relied on to make right. Actively promoting war and societal conflict, exactly what IKE was warning of so long ago.


The “patriotism” that was called “The last refuge of scoundrels” was on perfect display these last several years. That a claim of patriotism hides behind so much deception and wrongness, helps us all see how some of the worlds worst crimes against humanity were carried out in nationalistic or patriotic fervor; The truth can be indited as being “against ones country”.

Through my life, yes the Democrats are doing more and more of this pandering to diversionary thinking, but they pale in comparison to the others lack of principle or allegiance to what is actually where true honor and patriotic feelings to anything resides– in the honest truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Just look at the Republican campaign. Chock full of ideological “givens” as truth, so much like a cult. Republicans claim to be for honor and country. Then why do they require the truth of their own actions to be so distorted? Everything is someone elses fault allegedly; The “Liberal Press” and various self serving definitions of “elites”, go on and on in circles to short circuit critical thinking abilities. It is as if reality itself is their nemesis. They seem to require making something out of next to nothing (Bil Ayers as example), then wonder why the MSM is against spreading their propaganda unchecked.


I have had it with the tactics they use over and over, election to election; below the belt negative campaigning. Yet I know why they require it like mothers milk; the truth is not on their side. So they must poison the environment of the media with endless innuendo and allegation, backed up by righteousness and pablum platitude pandering. Then when the other side fights back with the same “fire”, wow! All the; ‘Look how they are!” pundits and party hacks go on the rant; how Democrats are so gosh darn devious. ‘Can’t you see what they are doing!?’ It really is as if a reverse mirror is inserted into the conservative mind to divert realities accountability, then allow in only fantasy propaganda seen as knowledge. Point out reality to them and what? You have a liberal bias! Unfair! Look how wrong! Why are these liberals so disingenuous…etc.

The demagoguery this election is profound on the “conservatives” side, their hope is put into fears greedy hand. I feel for them, for the trap their minds are in. Yet I know I will be ignored by them just as in 1960. They are not interested in our nations diversity of interest and diverse points of view. They must demonize our “otherness” to comfort their mental mindsets; why they rely on this kind of horrific insinuations; ‘You are supporting terrorist if you vote Democratic.’ and other shameless contempt of others, indicting debate and democracy itself.

They have shamelessly tried to poison the Justice Department with the same “spirit” as their Supreme Court, which gave itself an excuse clause to call the lost election in 2000 a win for their kind, then deny accountability for their own actions. We have been living in the aftermath of that violation of America now for nearly 8 years.

I have had enough of this attempt by some delusional “conservatives” to take over American and turn it into their own Theocratic marketplace. Where only their kinds of folks and their kinds of thinking need apply. We are all in this life together as much as conservatives try to change the definitions to make it seem we are not. I sure wish there are some honorable ones out there who will put nation ahead of party.

Some are taking that stand now. And for that courage in the face of shaming ostracism, to put country ahead of ideology I say. Thank you! May the honor you show become magnified, changing your party to a base of truth and not ideology first. For then we all win, no matter what troubles we need face together. Thanks for standing up for all of America, all you brave reality based Republicans crossing over this time. Lincolns spirit is alive and well within you. It is an honor to know of your presence. Maybe someday you could change my mind on the nature of what actually controls your party. I certainly hope for our nation that you do.

I’ll be proud to vote for that kind of Republican party. Until that day…

Palin mocks the very reasearch she calls for.



Countdown Friday: 11 Days Out

Olbermann’s story on this above.

We are beginning to see how little someone can put into their job. For Sarah Palin to be making a policy statement on disabilities, while going on to rebuke and shame the very research she is endorsing, is astounding.

We should expect that if one is going into something you have a passion for, knee jerk denunciations of wasteful spending should not be directly connected to where you are calling for more spending. Apparently no fact checking required, just a lot of us and them attitude.

Seems some have a “faith” in anything that comes out of their mouths if it is on their talking points list. For how could it possibly be wrong? Isn’t all that stuff figured out? I guess once again, nobody told her how conservatism, as we no have it, is against itself. Yet do not worry. One way or another, the liberal something or other, or gotcha something or other, will explain away the demagoguery. Susceptible people of this “faith” will nod to whatever the excuse is.

Let us hope it is “I am sorry.”

I am.

I am sorry if my “faith” commentary seemed to ridiculele faith. We cannot live without faith, like it or not.

The faith I speak of is blinded faith.

A faith in fantasy above provable reality, for this breed of misogynistic faith has been mounting over the years; It is a faith based in intolerance.


A faith that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorist” from the very mouth of one who pals around with anti American secessionist,

Sarah Palin’s ties to Alaskan Independence Party are played down

Sep 3, 2008 Tonight, Sarah Palin will be nominated as the Republican Party’s choice for vice president of the United States.


A faith that Barack Obama is a Muslim

Obama Smeared As Former ‘Madrassa’ Student, Possible Covert Muslim Extremist»

What can we make of this faith that seems to prefer hate and otherness over this world we all live in?

Americans are from many different traditions and faiths, none that I am aware were banned in the US Constitution, where it must have said; only certain faiths need apply.

And am I guilty of these very issues merely by bringing them up? Which has become a common “existentialized relativistic” thought-terminating cliché, hand made to terminate thinking from analyzing issues.

If so, and I offended you. I am sorry.

But I have faith in freedom and understanding:

That light has the ability to dispel darkness. And Love the ability to heal any division. In this faith I will not apologize to doubt.



I am hearing this a lot from the talking-head o-sphere.

Now we could ask practically the same thing of Biden, after his recent commentary; which the prevailing “permanent” seeming wisdom, tends to work foreign policy issues to the favor of the Republicans. I know!

These talking heads say that Palin seems to be setting up support for her own base for the future, and not keeping in line with McCain.


What part of maverick do we not understand?

Oh yeah.

The part where one can say anything to suit a situation, reverse it when pressed, then go back to it again in another context? That kind of maverick?

Family of real Mavericks not too happy I imagine.


Who’s in control of McCain’s campaign? – Roger Simon –

Oct 14, 2008 Palin’s portrayal of anyone running against a Republican as illegitimate, as less an American than she is, is disgusting. Does she know her