Now I saw Palin as an overall negative for McCain. Even McCain could then be said to be someone for McCain to blame; after all he picked her. I mentioned Bush was to blame, or thank, as well a day ago. The GOP seems ready to blame some nebulous selfish behavior on many of its members in government who took their eyes off of the conservative ball. How convenient. Where were their own eyes?

Others blame reality; that Republicans could not win in the current environment. (Yeah, but, playing on terrorism’s reality was just fine for a long time here.) It becomes an exercise in unaccountability to blame reality, as if the facts conspire to undermine ones view on life and government. Curious. Kinda like blaming breathing for the pollution problem.

The real issue is how philosophy or ideology, or ones cosmological view, bump into the facts of life in time. Too many people became aware of the truth in America. When the truth is allowed to become so apparent; it becomes problematic in trying to overturn it.

The more blaming of just one individual we see on the defeated conservative side, the less likely they will reconstitute under an umbrella able to keep the rain’s of reality at bay. Even a diffuse fog of blaming people who abused their position of trust in conservative circles will not keep the wetness away.

My view is that as long as they gather around a philosophy that claims narrow ideological conceptions of freedom, as where individual initiative can happen, they will run into reality downpours all the more. The world and all of our lives are extraordinarily intertwined, much more even than in 1776, or 1865.

The idea that I can just wander off and do what I want to whatever I want and none of you all should give a damn, unless I am throwing rocks through your windows, is absurd beyond reality recognition. Yet when these very types saw how The Commons, under the collective stewardship of government, was laid out before them to be picked over and plundered, what are we to honestly expect? Exploitative opportunist do not tend to take the health of The Commons or the rest of us and the planet into account if we seem to reduce their appropriations.  why the must be knee jerk against taxes. “Individual initiative” was encouraged to have at it, or more accurately, have at us.

Predatory capitalist plunder is the high moral tone we are left with when unaccountable individuals are sanctioned as “success” or hidden behind the supposed character attributes of “individual initiative”.  If individual initiative does not take reality and the connectedness of life into account, it is patently delusional and will appeal to those who require delusional rationalization to explain their state of denial.

The self serving definitions of freedom and responsibility of the right need to grow up and into the modern world with all of its obvious interrelationships. Attempting to keep a public base in some kind of dark over the interdependency’s of life on this planet is narrowing a base to the kinds of folks in denial of even the earth revolving around the sun. Ignorance, even if draped and adorned in definitions of religious faith or ego based conceptions of self grandeur, cannot defeat reality. Call them patriotic, or the true carriers of grand abstractions of God and country; talk will not defeat reality forever. Truth is haunting.

Can conservatism become more about conserving true values connecting to every American irregardless of situations, truths that are not just found in abstractions sheltered from the test of reality? I’d like to hear a conservative message that transparently binds us all together, and does not play us off one against the other. That will deliver enduring kinds of victory no matter who “wins”.

But blaming Bush alone, when who was it demanding that everyone stay loyal to party or else, no matter what all these years?  Did not here many voices speaking up from conservatives as I recal.  Oh, but now they all know what was right from wrong all along.  Right.

Time to get real.


This post is for the angry Hillary people. I read their angst filled lines and wonder; where do they think I was these last few years? They talk of Hillary’s superior coalition, her special interest groups and broad coalition that were so formidable, until everyone rolled over for the speech maker.

I know this was the narrative the Hillary folks both sold and convinced themselves of, but for some of us out here like me, who would have gladly voted for Hillary Clinton once upon a time, her war record spoke to us more than anything else. That she enabled the farce of rationalizations so long after most were exposed, (some on day one to the critically thinking endowed), was a shock to the cause of this nation. Her political positioning by poll assumption was the last straw. War is the most serious and consequential of happenings, and she was acting on preemptive political cunning rather than principle. Obfuscation, death and destruction ensued, but she has that lame excuse.

Some may well think that cunning and a list of promises, and a reference to being tough are what a leader requires. That is not all to many of us. Leadership requites being willing to take a stand when others are bending over backwards in fear. It is true that Barack Obama has not been vetted to the degree those out in the public view for much longer have. But he has shown a passion to succeed when all assume it is impossible. Instead of the same old plan most politicians seem unable to waver from, he at least shows a willingness to seek an answer. I would more easily trust his team than the same old’s who were hovering around Hilary Clinton’s campaign. She showed an eager desire to wade into the mud in desperation, pretty much he did not.

All the women I happen to know are for Obama, but it seems some people (usually women) assume most women were for Hillary (poll data said a majority, not all), so since it was cast into an us or them thing, it’s all a misogyny thing. I trust this is just the stupidity of assumption, for if we vote for those candidates just because they are like us in sex, race or other appearances, we are complete fools. ( As a man, I personally wish most politicians were women. They (women) are generally more likely to be more rational in a collective sense, simply because they are not as much testosterone impaired, and tend to a more wholesome view. Sorry men.)

But I do not have much sympathy for the disgruntled Hilary Supporters. They were, via their candidate, willing to side with another Jekyll & Hyde of a “conservative” pandering to doublespeak, over one of their own philosophy! Do they really think John McCain stands for much of anything except all they are against?

This does not speak well of the view of some vocal Hillary folks out there still fuming about their fair and square defeat, although they were lead along on that Russian Roulette of rationalizations she kept spinning. My. How they would have been disappointed once she got in and low and behold, the same old corporate state kept taking over. We have to keep at anyone of these characters once they get in there. I think Obama will likely have an outstanding Cabinet, especially compared to this last disaster. The Democrats have actually intelligent people interested in the common good to draw from. And do not be surprised if he reaches across the aisle here and there for the best and to overcome the Rovian divisiveness of the right wing divide and conquer cult of fear.

At least there is an opportunity with Obama to serve more of the people than those reshaping the country and world into their own dynasties. If the conservative Republican-lite Democrats are going to sit this out or change sides to the oligarchs, stay there please. But if you want actual government accountability and at least a premise of citizen input, dust off your shoes and get to work for progress and opportunity. For unlike the conservative divide and conquer party, rational people know we are all in this together even when we are not under dirrect attack, or hypothetical ones.

And for the pro McCain guy saying Barack was in school while McCain was living; My word! You need more than Faux News like ad-hominem reasoning to convince all but fellow cult members. It is a false dichotomy, based on a false premise leading to a false assumption with no context as applied to actually qualities of being a president. Unless the most familiar with the corrupt machinery of the power structure are believed to be your best rulers. Don’t nail too many of those planks together for your perch!

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A SCARY PAST, this way comes?

The other election, the one we do not ever mention, is over the truth.

Instead, we become thrust into the debate over relativity, which is easily prejudiced to our preconceived notions lens on the world, or life. This becomes a debate of degrees of ignorance.

Let us recall a Septembers fateful tale. It has been altered to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

A lot of things will be thrown out to cover over truth, just as they were several Septembers ago. Some will deny what they do know, instead telling us what they need us to know, to go ahead with their own plans. For us to acknowledge this will have seemed cognitively absurd.

Like many Septembers ago, later they will claim there was no way of knowing, well not exactly knowing exactly. But they will have known enough to do for themselves back then, what they did not do for us. They will move facts like furniture in a room. As if exactly expecting the surprising crashed event to follow. Yet tell us straight to our faces. They knew nothing exactly. Who knows anything exactly exactly after all?

Armaments to stop projectiles will suddenly appear on their homes rooftop days before; a cabinet in front of their seat at the table, blocking the view to the window. A guest will be told not to take the bus home anymore, get in a taxi instead to get there. We will wonder why? He always takes the bus. Why has he stopped? Where is the extra money coming from for the taxi? And Why? And where have all the cats gone? They once roamed the room under chairs, and up on valances. Dots seem to be appearing, are they forming lines? Only the future will tell.

After the massive drive by shooting, it will seem as if providence spared their lives. So many other homes on the street were sprayed with fire, and many died. Of course, they did not know what it seemed somehow that one house knew. But we cannot be quite sure. And there is so much fear and rage in the community, they look to that mayors house spared, to do something about the criminals.


When days ago the street may have avoided cameras on it, so Big Brother would not watch their every move, perhaps misinterpreting something, now nearly every neighbor said; Yes! Put them on every street! Why, even get them into homes of those you think are questionable. We cannot bare another drive by shooting. It is just intolerable. I have nothing to hide!

And so as the story goes; remember the truth getting buried? The truth will be sacrificed for security, and security of the complete kind, needs a never ending source of insecurity to rationalize it. Now that fears have become energized, we are willing to see shooters coming from each and every direction. The fearful become the wiling in this puppet theater. They watch the show, seeming to go along. Never noticing the dots have become strings that go into their heads, their shoulders, even their hearts.


When facts that come out suggest strongly a prior awareness of a likely cause, and that suggestion is repeatedly undermined as being irrational or unbelievable, we are charged with our own investigation. Unless we wish to live in an unexamined state of deception. A state of deception, is created for control reasons. History is littered with these attendant to the hubris of the players involved. Unfortunately for the willingly ignorant or those just kept in the dark; the darkness descends of the good, the bad, and the indifferent equally.

One way or another, those who wish to dominate others for their own delusions of grandeur, always fall to the Tower of Babble syndrome. Populations begin to feel in their souls that the truth of the universe is somehow not being obeyed, its language no longer comprehended from those placed above others. From the ground up, perceptions come into awareness that the leaders are living inside naked lies.

If the truth sets you free, to alter it; removing context, obfuscating intentions, altering facts that require context to be understood, is to be willing and eager to do something about the problem of freedom, not its defense.

“The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.”
Benjamin Franklin

THE FAKE ARGUMENT (attack and run)



It is meant to deceive, but seem as a revelation. One needs to first be aware of the “feel” of disingenuous reasoning. Barack Obama, in particular, is now up against bloggers and pundits who give their ad hominem ways, away. But J.M. and H.C. are targets of such attack as well.

When your argument uses an opponents middle name, but you do not use the middle names of other candidates, you are leading the argument out of reason. One post on my tags today, quickly set up its game plan with this manipulation.

If you are going to use one candidates questionable associates (or genetic or family history) as evidence of some grand conspiracy, point out how the others, in comparison, do not have questionable relationships. Accuracy as an aspect of fairness, denotes what an argument is made of. It is that simple.

The facts are, that all of the current crop of candidates have associated, one way or another, with people who have their own fascist like beliefs. Like it or not, Americans have beliefs that span the spectrum of political and religious notions. One would need a miracle shield to always have avoided all of them, or who could seem unsavory in a certain light. That is a reality, to put one out of it, is fakery. Someone you talk to does not also translate as to being your brain, heart and soul if you come into office.

Cartoons, and manipulated or out of context photos are used by many sides to depict their sides choice as wholesome or otherwise cued to their interest, while the opposition is treated unfairly by image perceptions skewed to the presumed negative. If this is how I chose to see the choices, I am at the mercy or propaganda disguised as fact. I might have a right to think whatever I wish or believe it, just does not make it the truth. I can be quite sure to be some bit away from truth if I am easily influenced by ad hominem associations.


I put this out there for everyone to consider, to let some know how pretensive an argument can seem when it is built on the above charades, or cardboard card walls. To those who couch opinion in suspicion and specious reasoning while never owning up to what the truth actually is; you are both easily debunked and simple to see through by the manipulative mechanisms you chose for standing in for proof or truth. You count on the deception staying hidden. Hit and run, is the moral and ethical ground you are, by association, implicating to your own side.

The object is to scare people so fear overrules reason. I must then wonder why you chose a path where truth checking will meet the most resistance? Why critical thinking is the last thing you seem to intend to have about your own ideas presented as the way it is?

What is the truth about manipulative campaigns designed to disguise actualities, and present instead, slanted opinions masquerading as truth? Campaigns have psychologist, focus groups, some “think tanks”, linguistic experts and whatever else will allow them to present language in ways that make their own candidate seem more close to you than the others.

The easiest way to generalize and focus campaign expenses into the most bang for the buck is to use manipulative technologies because they work if not brought into the light. They can even have an impact if the light comes on too much after the attacks damage has been done. We see tactics in use meant to turn a persons strengths into impairments by negativising the context of those strengths. “Swift Boating” tactics seem to have now become a crutch campaigns rely on to smack their opponents in the leg with!


To manipulators of mass deception, their greatest fear is pure inspiration. They live in a subconscious horror that their ruse will be seen through, rejected, and honest truth take its place. The “vision thing” is feared for being the uniting element it could be. Manipulative politics is about both dividing and controlling for ones own agenda. You may well notice how the whole of society is generally not inspired directly by an impassioned vision that includes everyone, not just in abstractions, but in heart-full wisdom. We have candidates who at times plea to their base in these ways, but not so much in ways that include everyone. That is the dividers nightmare.

Here is to seeing through both false and selective vision, to seeing how united we have to be to address the issues of our day. Here is to lending an ear to anyone who speaks to the needs of the whole, above the biases of their base.