Days End; Before The Penumbral Veil


Light emerges from a million year push

sheds its sanctuary across a day

perhaps to reach another planet

light years and civilizations away


But today this light engages

being sifted by a turning world

reaching lifted ocean above our heads

seeing may not be believing

but we are receiving truth


Eyes take this gift in freely

into another dimension




lens closing color

opening later to stars

whose light is received

merely by taking a moment

a decision to focus thought outward

to look around and take in sight


Another kind of penumbral veil

defines comprehension and silence

knowing and ignorance



When Looking Away: A Poem On What Life is Missed

Over What Lay


Below The Tree Of Life here drifting

leaves gather behind each lonely day

I notice one dream loosened to the east

missing one to the west not far away


Choices made to divide each sight

the wind in our shoes aimed ahead

going where now finds less sunlight

searching for what could be instead


Beneath The Tree Of Life all around

it was easy not to notice direction

north or south as reversed inside

mirrors unseen in their reflection

We seek ever onward over what lay

yesterdays leaves silently turning

over a missed word an undone tear

forgone colors of Life later burning


Anti Matters

Knowing Need Not Be Believing


I know

I know hate

it flows to targets

a heat seeking missile

a ruby red laser

where facts

do not matter

Then the incoming reasons

blue shifted logic

running ahead of itself

tachyon obsessed

octopus conclusions

tendril feelings

always reaching for

narratives of matters

shifted aside

Seeking the anti self

the hideous inside-out

other———-you know

a sinful extreme

lies where truth could live

withdrawals where gifts would give

that land of hopes betrayal

a web of seamless denial

where holy icons

staph in hands

disect insecurity

unveiling anti-life

guarding entrances

from understanding

Cartoons slashed of love

gutters flowing away

days descending

night crawling

minds that could care

were care permitted

hearts that would hear

were sounds shifted

instead of

red and blue

self annihilation

You Are 1/6700000000th of Present Humankind

The Undone Question





What you gonna do

with your one,

six billion, seven hundred millionth piece of humanity?

Gonna change the world?

Gonna make a difference?

Gonna have lots of kids?

You are supposed to

family is looking at you

to increase its self defined


increase the odds by

decreasing all’s share?

What you gonna do?

Avoid the question?


Get a million to read your post?

Tweet a million tweets

in a lifetime

in your


and falling share?


You’re always one

like every other one.

What you do

has the same impact

as any other one

but exist

in a multiplied context.

To be conscious

means you must balance

the difference.


What I do

if compounded by you

becomes a sum

of all doings


and much more dumb

to ignore the math

the truth

the charge

upon each one

and every one.


But ignorance will not

add to the answer

it will enhance the question

unconsciousness magnified

until the earth

and we of earth

face the demands

of Life

and what was done

by each

and everyone.

Where do expectation and responsibility meet?

There will be the answer.

The Enigmatic Pier


The Enigmatic Pier


Out on the end of things

substance is consumed

words are reverse sound

ideas turned back to light

we look with each question

seeing color’s we do not know

words we would rather not hear

nature beckoning us from inside

what comes backward seeing us

beyond the intelligence of view

where wonder lives a silence

moments holding hands

the past catches us now

right before our eyes

stretched eternity

just beyond

a poem


We were quite sure from observation

Certainly we had room for questions

Was this really unconditional Love?

But without an obvious answer

We remained in doubt…





A simple breath leaves

enters our ocean of air

was it ever separate?

words use waves

blend into surf

liquid folds over

then runs under

every foot

every thought

that ever was

that will be


A piece of earth

of dust

or interstellar

flotsam and jetsam

becomes gathering ground

of sojourning figments of time

from clouds they fall

toward one center

simple rain with

simple forgiveness

far beyond yet within

memories of a seas

searing trench

folded into earths fire

and brimstone

rocks of ice

crystal wafers

stripped to the core

of what was

ready for

what will be



Always one

one end

one beginning

one place

one becoming


the Ocean


Lonely human

do you believe you are the only one?

I know you are unable

to get out of your head

a prisoner

behind your own eyes

each is the same

deny what I will

we have this sameness

yet how much we deny

any lie one tells is

told to ourselves

looking around lustfully


it is all ours

for the taking


or that

we can chop ours out of it

but we remain

behind our eyes


in some alone

and lacking dimension

forcing hands and words

laying claim to forever

in my own name

and not the One


Only Love

could have given

prisoners a chance

to belong to It all

to be free at a willing

our connection is love

its absence


envy and blame

all that I miss

missed until I am found

given to our control

the power of recognition

not requiring faith

nor belief

to open this heart

but to see what is before me

union is all pervasive

just to turn to it

and it pulls

back together

an obvious secret

kept right out in the open

keys to the Grand Story

but only told to receiving

those who turn toward

all being together