Photos From The Drylands

A few new pics.


Creation Conserved


Creation Conserved


They say the Whole endures

that Its parts cannot be forsaken

Energy remains

what It manifest

from a formula including

infinite relationship

itself a revelation

Creation defines Presence

molds an ever adapting reality…


We think

we see past our eyes

we do so much more

and consider the merit

and the meaning

thinking it could go

for better or worse

all away one day

forgotten by tomorrow

yesterday by today…


I would suggest

All always Is

Now is forever watching

secrets never really exist

except in momentary ignorance—

Presence must be accomodated

this your conscious welcome

seeing through others eyes

feeling dimensions of Now

the Firmament moves on

every last anything of It

alters It All forever

emerged from One

lived as one

and restored to One…


Memory remains

even when I seem gone—

so much incomprehensible

from foolish deconstruction

and ensuing assumption

for subject and object

blend into One…


(Jimmy the sleeping cat man)

Tucson Cactus Party

Today I took some cactus photo’s, whoopee.

No really, they can be intriguing, some birds nest in these Jumping Cholla cactus. There is one in this Cholla.

Prickly Pear on sides, with Creosote bushes in area.

-Coyotes no admittance.


-Saguaro Cactus