My New Years Post

I certainly hope that you all are having a good holiday season.

I’ve been having one; today I was out walking up and down hills taking photo’s in the snow.  Well, mostly snow pellets and bone chilling wind.  This reminded me of all my frozen alone time in childhood in the midwest.  Just your own heart keeping you warm. Unlike the recent 70-mid 80 degree weather of mid-late December this 2010.

But enough bout me.

Now more about me.  This is blogging

I loved seeing the wet ground and landscape vistas.  Took maybe 200 photo’s.  I have 6 gigs more waiting to go somewhere, most notable a new storage system so I can relieve this hard drive.

In the coming year you can rest assure of more nature photo’s.  All of you dropping in to see them can keep coming, the door is open.

I will continue with my sociocultural analysis, along with psychospiritual aspects.  Some polemical diatribes are to be assured.  My exposé of the pitfall trap of the conservative mind frame will be paramount, for reality yearns to be untethered from human imposed perceptual exclusions of fact and full context.

The problem with this all will be how much time I have for WEBing.  Life is always short, so I am putting my time with the “real world” the hands on and touchable one so important to me.

Congrats on making it swiftly into 2011


Second Life Illusion

Some thousands of people are often on or in what is called Second Life. It is an obvious sort of phrase to call an alternate pseudo reality, but…

We exist in life as individuals and as extensions of prior life, hereditary and cultural. This life is current life, or a kind of secondary life hybrid.

Then there is what you are making of my life’s words here, an alternate reality called you and your perception. Your mental sphere is controlled by information and pattern conceptions, some of which do not owe allegiance to reality, or true life. I, and you, also have our own virtual reality inside of our own interpretive and imaginative cognition’s. Some of my life is real and some surely imaginary, but I do not necessarily know the difference.

So far, just in my consideration of the moment, Second Life could be called Fourth Life, or some tertiary life down the line of lives operating at one time.

Then there is the reality we know intimately or somewhat familiarly as life; Existence, Being, The Universe, whatever It all Is, may itself be a form of virtual reality. Where we are actually living, as we seem to be, perhaps within a Cosmic Computer of a sorts. A Grand Consciousness (God) may well be manifesting all we know in ways that we cannot deduce down to ultimate true dimensionality’s.

All that seems so real, may be a form of illusion or dream in Ultimate Reality, of which we seem not privy to comprehend in any entirety. In which case Second Life is an interestingly reflective phenomenon replicating Ultimate Reality in a superficial way. Lets call Second Life (the human computer invented one) the mirror image of a Fourth, or further down the line, imitation of life definitions operating at one time in my own life. Although, I’m not going there; not to the mirror one where I can spend real money on imaginary land.  I’ve got other illusory real things to do.

If one is schizophrenic, this may all grow by multiples of complexity. I’m glad to meet me.

But Second Life is surely down the list of separated out life truncations.

Have real yet?



The Internet tubes are stuffed up. It might be me, true, but I don’t know that.

I sent two videos to my Youtube page and then on the third try it becomes impossible. My video access no longer happens. I close down, restart, then try again. Sorry. Clicking on browse no longer does anything and youtube instantaneously ask me to title my video. There is no video selected!

Remember, I never was a WEB techie


Now my photo’s on WordPress have started to disappear when I edit a post. Lovely. They turn into little boxes that one has to drag over to see what they are. Now you see me, now you don’t. Let’s play hide and seek! No! I insist!

Then at the help centers, it has become common to get the “there are no whatevers on your problem”. That is a problem. Go fix yourself.

One of the most common answers is to clear your browser. Then you will need to redo all of your saved info. since it will be all wiped out. Too bad whiner. No one said being on the WEB was easy. Why in the old days…

Smaller hassles are on WordPress, when the spell checker decides over and over that you have stopped checking while you are still checking. What is that about? Back and back I go to click on the spell check. Then there seems to be font issues or something, suddenly all th’s are considered wrong. It will tell me, with, is all wrong. At other times it will take some piece of the word, ah or something, ignore it and only give me odd proper noun suggestions in no way resembling the word at all.

Then on one of my blogs yesterday, I’d click save and it would say there is no such post saved. What do you mean? I just wrote it and saved it! No. Twice I tried; doing it all over, uploading photo’s, saving it then; “There is no such post. Was all your information lost?; it says, or something to that effect. What do I know? Writing a new post then clicking save or publish once did that. Never asking a question if I just lost all I had done. It should know! Not me! I assume it is lost, since there is no draft and they are asking me if I am lost. Yes! I am lost. At least that is right.

Then there are the (mac? me?) issues when I think firefox is all bugged up, I try Safari with all its updating becoming more compatible with Youtube and such. It will tell you to enable links for this site. I click OK, then proceed and it tells me again; enable links. Well I hit the OK. That seemed to have worked once. Mac seems to have become more like windows OS (as I long ago remember) where you must tell the computer several times in differing places to go ahead and do something. Why is it not direct?

OK means I agree, not that I have to go clicking other secret to me places to tell it I really mean OK. If it ask me the right question, why does it not know I mean that answer? Safety? “We know you humanoids do not always mean what you say, so we have to make sure by asking you the same thing over and over until we train you how to act right. You don’t expect us to do everything for you do you? You are not the boss of me! You loser skin and bones you. We live in cyber space. Nah, nah, anh, nah, nah, nah!”

Then there are the helpful hints that assume you are tech savvy. “Just reconfigure your interloping hard disk directories to interface with your modem protocols and so correlate with your binary code couplet links and you’re all set, you numskull, you. But first try restarting your computer. Does the kindergarten know you are online? Where do these idiots come from?”

Have a nice day.

I’ll be looking for the aspirins. But first I will have to click the spell checker several times to make sure I hit the keys properly. Oh well.

I’ll try to manually force the stuff onto the Internets. Maybe my funnel cloud photo will get sucked up into the series of tubes known as the Internets.