Oh girl!


You go girl?


Today it made the news. On a cable news show, a female reporter mentioned that she was told that the women coming out for Obama can expect to not be supported by womens groups next time they need it. The reporter said she said, or wondered to herself; Really? Is that really true?

It is a stunning question. One that in a way goes to the very heart of democracy and prejudice.

Anyone who votes their personal hereditary bias, instead of qualifications, or vision, or ability to inspire, or who seems to know how the world works rightly from wrongly, anyone who decides by personal identity bias instead, is a fool at best.

I cannot imagine as a man, only voting for men because they are like me, and women some kind of mystery beyond understanding. Men are responsible for most of the destruction and misery on earth on a large scale.

Having said that; I am not a fool to vote for the first most viable woman to come along, especially when she may seem a bit like the Jekyll and Hyde conservatives in her tactics. Margaret Thatcher was not an automatic improvement. But to then try to blackmail others if they do not support your bias, no matter what kind it is, is anti-democratic to the very root. That is democratic as in Democracy.


The form of bias bribery, by force of support, may seem legitimate to manipulators trying to rig the system to their own interest, but it is a dominator paradigm just the same. Diving the nation by type casting may seem appealing to those who have felt themselves disenfranchised, but to do that by the means of manipulation is an overt deception.

Do we recognize the historical situation we are in? Are we seeking the best for all the people in our decisions, or just my cause? If it is the latter, I expect democracy to continue to atrophy until it is a mere figment of history.


Personal and world events all hinge on intentions. What is motivating me and where is that motivation coming from?

There seems to be a balance to being; meaning, life as we know it integrates within its own manifestation. The elements follow their rules, molecules combine those, then follow new rules born of integration it seems. Water molecules under the same conditions, do not freeze today at 32 degrees and tomorrow at 43 degrees.

All life and being is under The Law, like it or not. But just as elements and molecules differ, there may be an exponential like increase in varieties of being, and kinds of laws that come into being. We could say God, the Universe, the Cosmos, whatever one sees everything as belonging to, is under the auspices of Its One Law.


If you do not agree with me on my Universal premise, the only explaining left is a solipsistic plunge into self focuses fantasy. It, however, no matter how filled with illusion, confusion and misrepresentation; it still is governed by the One Law. Sorry. There is no escaping whatever reality is, no matter how delusional I may be.

This certainty flows from the Grand notion of Unification, glanced at above. I, or groups, can try to put our “brand” on this Grandness, even discern its true workings locally and cosmically to a certain degree, but it is an error to think only my way of seeing the Big Union, is the correct one. Why? No matter how many books are passed around, or WEB searches made, I can never put it all into my consciousness mentally. Heart, Spirit, Awe, Love and other nearly undefinable senses of connection to Life, bring us our closest reach into the Infinite and Eternal.


Here is the obvious problem then. I am born into a subjective setting. I learn subjective concepts and paradigms as to what reality is. I am born into subjective family dynamics, giving me my own stamp of the One Law exponentially diversified out, then converged into my unique circumstance. I am literally now, programmed to seem to not agree with you, or if not you, surely many others. We fight in families when what we call “wills” compete for reality manifestation. We may feel abandoned or betrayed when our feelings or our thoughts seem to take second, or last place.

Why is that? We are in truth entitled to our self and its experiential and other adjustments. When our will does not succeed, we sense a certain kind of denial to truth. And we are right! Even tough our feelings and beliefs may in fact be wrong. Here is the groundwork to conflict and war rationalizations.


This seeming contradiction described above can be seen through by the self, if we seek what is subjectively from my own vantage point, a higher truth. For differing reasons at different times, we may or may not rise to this higher moral directive to understand and grow more full into comprehension of a fuller authentic being.

I have so far described a method by which conflict arises seemingly legitimately to the self, and yet, the problematic nature of being only self absorbed places me into a perpetual conflict mode. I just imagined an allegory of this being a drop of watter, alone in its little sphere, insisting it is not at all the same as the lake. It seems not in the lake. No birds land onto it, nor fish swim below inside it. Not a river flows into it, how is it then at all like the lake from its point of view? Maybe not like it at all! But with higher understanding, we may come to comprehend and perceive a vast similarity, beyond the individuals edge. Life itself, including me, exist in just such a commonality. This is irrefutable.


For many a reason related to my propositions, I can side conservative or liberal, as generalized abstractions, over the same situations as a person. I can feel cut off and defensive, blame, ridicule, insult and assault those claiming differently. I am wanting to preserve what I value in life, and feel completely righteous about it. I can demean those unlike me, and try to have my way imposed on others for my own sense of security.

I can feel open and giving, a part of everything, seeing contradictions of motivations as mistaken identities of perceptions of surface separation, and be equally righteous about it. I can hear those seemingly closed off, insult me, try to provoke me, even blame me as the source of problems by not being seemingly closed off to an abstraction. I hear this emotionalized reason stimulated by fear and insecurity, and still understand where they are coming from, allowing them space to grow instead of trying to erase their difference by force. Force often reproduces what it is trying to erradicate by an opposite reaction basesd in self centered identity.

Come religion and politics, plus interpersonal dynamics, and even my own inclinations, I can chose to accept more of the one or more of the other. I ask which one is more near to Greater Truth? Which one is partnered so often with fear and insecurity? Which is so often more about lecturing to conformity, and which is more likely to say lets talk this out and try to understand the new Higher Truth given by God, Life or whatever you call the Grand Being? What does that say of my own cosmology, or what I think are the reasons I live and do what I do, while others do something different?


Only I can look into me and assess where I really am and what untested abstractions I grab as life preservers, INSTEAD of facing the situation full on. Only I can see where I have been mistaken, in that sense that right now I can free my ignorance by understanding something more than I have been. Radical honesty, forgiveness, heart opening to the Whole; these are always available right now to bring me into a new awareness of self, and a greater connection felt, to the Whole.




We have learned

that anyone can do it

anyone can play the puppet

I could speak off the teleprompters

repeating over and over, and over

just like old George Orwell said

I could scare the masses silly

making them dumbfounded

ready made for deception

change words meanings

it is what we have seen

what has come to be

my friends could get

incredibly wealthy

they would owe me

that is what nepotism

and our despotism

are always about

it could be me

or you siphoning

off of life’s energy

forcing our own will

upon if we are willing

to toss it all away

on sure delusion

and each dollar

like Orwell said

scare them good

good and stupefied

then tell them straight

whomever disagrees

is a liar or a traitor

misguided fringe

a seditious element

to be hounded down

by sycophants and bias

along with each freedom

then marginalize them

make them look nutty

you know it, ridicule

conservatism’s slave

tempting our hubris

now you own normal

the machinery is set up

to change the votes

to lose the trail

to tell the tale

only from our

point of view

now truth is bias

the hint will be

gotten inside out

the threat to freedom

bend it wide to oblivion

for it is we the doer’s

who own all Creation

having taken it away

right from under

the Almighty’s nose

if we ruin this world

running it ragged

using it all up

spitting it out

the public kept

deaf and dumb

so! what!

we have lived glory

been followed as gods

bowed to by believers

owned others wills

in the good life

we have taken


of all life

have taken

its very soul

consumed it

without a fear

for any one

or any thing

to stop us


could do it

we have seen it

the ungodly exchange

in our night of fear;

blood is cheaper

than oil.


Being involved with family violence control puts me in an odd situation.

I have avoided physical fighting my whole life. Childhood became the most significant influence on this. My father had told me, and I took it as holy law, that you as a guy, do not strike women. I cannot say that my older sisters and I did not have shoving matches, but for me that would have been self defense. Our family dynamics was heavy on the mental sparing which can seem actually more devastating.

The physical violence in our house was later done, after my mothers death, by a step mother-guardian. She would not hesitate to hit, throw objects and threaten with knives. She sent my father to the hospital with a big gash across his forehead. I slept with the largest kitchen knife under my pillow as a self defense plan for a knife attack while I was asleep. She had hit me in the face while I was asleep, then locked me out in the snow in my pajamas. My father committed suicide not long after that.

Earlier I had incidences when someone seemed to be threatening my life as a freshman high school. I was literally about 100 lbs. and someone morbidly obese around 500 lbs, held me under water to near drowning during pool time in a crowded pool. He had done this more than once. It became so serious to me (swallowing-inhaling watter) that I thought I would have to take matters into my own hands. One more time, and I was going to put him in a headlock with my legs around his neck and hold him under until it meant something. I was a totally inhibited kid and did not trust authority to do anything but blame the victim. So I had to weigh in my mind, possibly causing someones death and being called and treated as a murderer.

As it turned out, he never did that again. But I was sure it would have been me to blame and I would have felt I had no options in my own self defense. No one seemed to notice him doing this during the pool commotion, so I believed no one would accept my story. It just never came through to experience. In physical confrontations during boyhood, I found I had to keep the potential for rage out of me, especially since I had no doubt that I would take down someone twice my size. It took someone quite a bit larger and older to overcome me. I was afraid of my rage and how if unleashed it would seem out of my control.

(As evidence that I am not just delusional about this strength proclamation. When it rained a lot during physical education, outdoor activities were called off and we were put into the gym, we freshmen and the sophomores, to have a thing called “bombardment”. This is where there are two sides chosen, a line across the middle of the gym, where the two sides throw rubber balls a little smaller than a soccer ball at each other. Out of about 150 students divided in two, little me was one of the last picked, last or second to last.

Well the first game I discovered that being in the lower 10% in size had me a bit afraid, so I hung back as many did. All it took was the guy next to you ducking and a ball out of nowhere taking you out, while leaving a big red mark somewhere. I decided to risk all and take it to the line next game.

You could see most of what was being thrown up front. I found out I could catch any-ones ball thrown at me, but no-one could hold onto mine. I was also very accurate. I won that game. The last guy standing. I was picked second of all players next game. The team first picking, picked his seeming best friend first, so I was first on the other team picked. The next game was the last. It oddly ended up being me the last standing on my team, and a very out of shape guy hiding and dodging in the corner on the other side when the period ran out. I could no longer throw fast enough to eliminate time for him to move. That is how little old me was as a skinny five feet two.)


What I just said I cannot say to someone involved in family violence. As far as physical violence goes, I do not hit women. I have told ones who gave me any actual physical provocation that, “If you do that again, we are over!” I do not tolerate fighting, especially in the home relationships. I try to avoid physical confrontations with anyone. Now that I am a “senior citizen” I find you are not seen as a threat overall, or there is a kind of automatic respect. Most of that sense of being on guard is much diminished now. I take peace as my way and it path is most often open.

I have found that emotional abuse has prove a bit more difficult to not take part in, compared to a sense of law that one just never does such a thing. I grew up that way, making fun of someones mistake or being ridiculed. It is then a model of behavior I have had to contain and reverse. To do that requires a will and an understanding of the Golden Rule or Categorical Imperative. I need to establish the sense that not only does “what goes around comes around.”, but it is already damaging my life. Abusing others in any way is profoundly self abuse.

I need to see (learn to recognize) when I am treating another like I would not wish to be treated, and immediately review what my self respect or control problem really is. We are often given the information from another that we are on some kind of attack and they becoming defensive, or initiating their own retaliations.

Still, when expressing guidance to someone, it will often fall flat if it is preached or describes as something I am so above, and can’t understand how someone could do such a thing. That fits as a key with very few dysfunctional programs. I have to speak out of and through my own life, the love in your heart has to be in it, to be a gift expected to have a chance at being received.


In some ways I have described political tactics and ways of manipulation. All manipulation is in some way an abuse of the truth. Its vibrational disturbance will not go unnoticed, except perhaps, by like minded dysfunction. The same situations and rationalizations that come to effect home life are used in the greater life of our world. Even if everyone does it, doesn’t make it right.

We will find manipulative arguments covered if various guises meant to hide their intention, and instead, be represented as your own interest. Fear and insecurity are great hiding places for manipulative interest. Optimistic vision can also be used as a trick to catch someones interest, then later prove to have been a ruse. We need to be both critically minded on the one hand, and have our heart held out open in the other. True adults can do this.

The upcoming election seems to be being based on fear and insecurity vs. hope and optimism, both of these being held as paramount in differing ways by the candidates. I am not saying that we are not justified in having these inclinations. What I am encouraging is the “true believers” and the doubtful to have their wits about them. As citizens and voters, it is up to us to determine the fact from fiction, the hidden agendas from the promises of safety and security. For power will seek to inject its corruptions into all areas of life if let be.

We each are freedom, love, and truths best and last hopes. Better to stand with understanding under their tall light, than the ignorance that festers in the shadows of misunderstanding.






Logic held out its shredded hands

amid posture and probability

fear came on as kindness

and deliberation

had triplets

a clown

the mirror

and the mighty wind


Reason was left holding back

brimstone hailed emotions

insecurities golden calf

wore a mask of goodness

of honor and most noble cause

a black vortex was called rose

siphoning up compassion

condemning empathy

as if they were

illegitimate children

wards of the welfare state

expected to clean and care for

any hand that held enough money


Spinning up worried elites propaganda

pundits guided a groomed church choir

common folk packed into position

received their new commands

to march in loyalties blindfold

when a dark root cellars depth

would have held them more true

 a better company that the proud


Logic’s air had become vacated

its home left in morbid curiosities

dreams now mixed in with detritus

insulation and roofing shingles lost

were nailed over hearts left hard

now pierced by rusted anger


What had been always true

of truth and of loves way

looked for evidence

any kind of history

even one memory

amidst the sorry



We wailed

we looked for

what survived

of actuality

but alas

from the sky

came the echo’s

of each possibility


by hate

by life itself

torn to thunder




I USED TO SUPPORT THAT ONE, BUT, now that I have discovered how they really are, I just joined the other side.

Hear yee. Hear yee.

I just read a post to this effect. These sort of statements, (perhaps true occasionally?), will sprout like grass in a freshly manured lawn. There will be many letters to the editor of this nature, but I am discovering they are showing up pro and con for the candidates on the Democrats duel at the moment. Big surprise, not.


What troubles me about the one I just read is how dumb it assumes I am. (Much dumber than I actually am.) For someone who just switched their support allegedly, they sure sounded like true cult believers from way back when. The candidates spouse was praised like a loyal dog. Their policies had not a scent of being previously disagreeable, while there were the fumes of contempt for the other days hero. One side was black, and the other white, which pun included or not, had the effect of completely reversing yesterdays held beliefs. And all based in the beginning of the article on a recent nuanced falsehood discovered in the one they were supporting a minute before!? Really?

By the end of these switcheroo’s, the prior opposing side attachment is meant to be forgotten. One is to hear that now the light is seen and all the prior assumptions disappeared, and now everything yesterdays lesser choice one says is true and blue as a crystal sky with a smiling sun.

I have seen this dubious political tactic every election for presidency I believe I have had the opportunity to spend time on reading letters to the editor. They create the notion that there is a swing movement of enlightenment literally going (usually) from one party to an other. In this case the Democrats duel is thought of as being the actual battle for the presidency. Might explain why this trick is showing up now.

It seems you can fool some people all the time, but to use that as a tactic is one sorry view towards ones fellow voters. Will the carnival mirrors distortion really change my opinion? Some surely, in their eagerness to push the undecided or even decided, think the distortion will work. Sometimes these switcheroo’s are quite more sophisticated than the above one that sent off alarm signs in my nostrils. There is usually just some sour scent, a feeling of something disingenuous about the whole presentation. Really?

They were red but now they are blue? Well I liked red until I found out it was kinda like orange and who needs that! Blue is so calming! The ocean and sky are blue, and blue is even close to my favorite purple. And did you notice the trees? They stand tall into a blue sky! And once the sun finally wakes up the sky is blue! Don’t you think blue walls are calming? I sure do now. Even my computers screen is blue! Wow! Why don’t you see how more connected it is to you too? Blue, blue, blue, blue…

Well. Beware of the switcheroo dogs who just come off of rolling on that nice green grass, for if you pet their coat too closely, you will need to wash your hands before consuming anything wholesome.


It is still a contest, is it not?

Well. I expect the campaign to be “tough” in that we get to lie and make up things here and not be held accountable. We also have the opportunity to vote and have our ballots thrown out. So what is this debate all about?

If Democrats are that foolish to not vote for their parties nominee because it is not the one they like, you will get what you vote for. In some respects karma is instant, whether one knows it or not.

What goes around is already past you. No need to wait for it to “comes around”.

If democracy was done under officially in 2000, and we just let it happen as we did, we get what we got; more lies, manipulation, unaccountability, incompetence, media afraid or on the “mightier” side of money making bottom lines, just like in a dictatorship, only self stupefied, since we were kept in the dark by our own imposed ignorance of information access and power advantages. Oops I got off on a rant.


I say let them debate and maneuver all they want, if its a cheat, they are cheating on us. If we cannot take the heat of debate that is fair, don’t get into the frying pan. If we as a public cannot tell what is valuable and important in debate from what is not, the shame will be owned by us. If we vote for someone who is even less on our side just because we feel the other one in “our” party didn’t treat us right (even on just one topic!). Once again, we will get what we got coming.

Why not get a thorough view of how they handle conflict, discord and the trials and tribulations a conscious president would need to face daily in the Chief Executive Office? Oooh, they are bickering, I’m going somewhere else. Well, mighty big of me, oh mature voter. This is an opportunity to learn important distinctions in behavior and response that will be coming around in the actual world. Let’s have a little thanks for that, and not buy into various soap opera narratives and scenarios constructed to confuse the issues into one of negative division. It is a campaign. Hello!

It has been an amazing thing to watch poll number change on cheap shots and under the belt punches. These will be the same ambivalent group that would switch vote because they dislike how someone laughs. “My gosh!” as ‘Rummy’ would say.

It is not the candidates who need to rise to the occasion. It is us.

The days of reckoning are coming. We will see if the public is pushed to one side by the usual fear ticks, or the incident card still capable of being pulled by dictatorial-imperial interest. We will also see how easy or not it is for democracy and critical thinking to be erased from this, its once nearest stronghold.

Whatever the case. It will actually be, what we as a once conditionally free people, asked for instead.

To the interest in either party who would vote for the opposite in spite. Get a grip. Grow up. Even form a third party or more and have the others bargain for your votes.

In that case to work, we should become a real democracy and require a majority, not a plurality to win the presidency. Anyone for growing up?