Obama’s appointments to his Cabinet and transition team are being read as tea leaves to predict the future.

On the left, or some of the left, the president elects grace period’s clock has already run out; Too many Clintonites; too many Establishment foreign policy conservatives; just too many betrayals.

But what has been betrayed? For what exactly was promised?

I am not dismissing criticism of the players involved, including Barack Obama. We have yet to see his actual policies in action, except perhaps for one; INCLUSION.

It my well be that some on the left were hoping for a secret revolutionary. Barack may well be one, but not the kind the left or the right would prefer, for he may well be a revolutionary of One America, and not the Culture War sided one. What would a unity kind of administration actually look like? We may be witnessing its creation right before our eyes. We just need to look past the conflict orientation endemic to a media driven by proclamations or red or blue, black or white, and no union between.

Would it be wise of the 44 president of the United Sates of America to fill his administration with left wing ideologues with their own sense of perfection and perfect order being, let’s say, quite arguable in practicality? Would it be best for this next president to not have those on board familiar with even polices in which he disagrees? Or do I wish to have someone like the last one?

How about having those included who assembled the current mess use their know how to dismantle it, and then succeed at one that works for all of America? Is it true that when you have proved yourself good at baking a pie for me, you might not bake one for someone else just as well? As it seemed, the current administration got its way on just about everything. It would be nice if the new one could undo the damage successfully as well. (I know. Such abstract notions as my implied “efficiency” can be tweaked in any direction as an allegorical “truth”. I’m just proposing a what if as a consideration, instead of an absolute certitude in some minds of Obama’s change being not in the promised direction.)

Barack Obama promised some things the left grabbed on to eagerly. He also had his own moderate forms of credentials, prominent of which was representing all of We the People. How certain are we as of yet, that he is not keeping that promise kept throughout the campaign?

Barack Obama’s base may have always included those who knew of his intention of inclusion. To deny that, seems tantamount to denying Obama’s own view established in his own words. Instead. Inserting ones own.

Let us see what president Obama actually does with whom he has brought into the mix. With our many national and international issues, chiseled in stone judgement of falsity seems quite premature.


This post is for the angry Hillary people. I read their angst filled lines and wonder; where do they think I was these last few years? They talk of Hillary’s superior coalition, her special interest groups and broad coalition that were so formidable, until everyone rolled over for the speech maker.

I know this was the narrative the Hillary folks both sold and convinced themselves of, but for some of us out here like me, who would have gladly voted for Hillary Clinton once upon a time, her war record spoke to us more than anything else. That she enabled the farce of rationalizations so long after most were exposed, (some on day one to the critically thinking endowed), was a shock to the cause of this nation. Her political positioning by poll assumption was the last straw. War is the most serious and consequential of happenings, and she was acting on preemptive political cunning rather than principle. Obfuscation, death and destruction ensued, but she has that lame excuse.

Some may well think that cunning and a list of promises, and a reference to being tough are what a leader requires. That is not all to many of us. Leadership requites being willing to take a stand when others are bending over backwards in fear. It is true that Barack Obama has not been vetted to the degree those out in the public view for much longer have. But he has shown a passion to succeed when all assume it is impossible. Instead of the same old plan most politicians seem unable to waver from, he at least shows a willingness to seek an answer. I would more easily trust his team than the same old’s who were hovering around Hilary Clinton’s campaign. She showed an eager desire to wade into the mud in desperation, pretty much he did not.

All the women I happen to know are for Obama, but it seems some people (usually women) assume most women were for Hillary (poll data said a majority, not all), so since it was cast into an us or them thing, it’s all a misogyny thing. I trust this is just the stupidity of assumption, for if we vote for those candidates just because they are like us in sex, race or other appearances, we are complete fools. ( As a man, I personally wish most politicians were women. They (women) are generally more likely to be more rational in a collective sense, simply because they are not as much testosterone impaired, and tend to a more wholesome view. Sorry men.)

But I do not have much sympathy for the disgruntled Hilary Supporters. They were, via their candidate, willing to side with another Jekyll & Hyde of a “conservative” pandering to doublespeak, over one of their own philosophy! Do they really think John McCain stands for much of anything except all they are against?

This does not speak well of the view of some vocal Hillary folks out there still fuming about their fair and square defeat, although they were lead along on that Russian Roulette of rationalizations she kept spinning. My. How they would have been disappointed once she got in and low and behold, the same old corporate state kept taking over. We have to keep at anyone of these characters once they get in there. I think Obama will likely have an outstanding Cabinet, especially compared to this last disaster. The Democrats have actually intelligent people interested in the common good to draw from. And do not be surprised if he reaches across the aisle here and there for the best and to overcome the Rovian divisiveness of the right wing divide and conquer cult of fear.

At least there is an opportunity with Obama to serve more of the people than those reshaping the country and world into their own dynasties. If the conservative Republican-lite Democrats are going to sit this out or change sides to the oligarchs, stay there please. But if you want actual government accountability and at least a premise of citizen input, dust off your shoes and get to work for progress and opportunity. For unlike the conservative divide and conquer party, rational people know we are all in this together even when we are not under dirrect attack, or hypothetical ones.

And for the pro McCain guy saying Barack was in school while McCain was living; My word! You need more than Faux News like ad-hominem reasoning to convince all but fellow cult members. It is a false dichotomy, based on a false premise leading to a false assumption with no context as applied to actually qualities of being a president. Unless the most familiar with the corrupt machinery of the power structure are believed to be your best rulers. Don’t nail too many of those planks together for your perch!

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I just had to send this one on.

This guy has been busy.

These three remind me of someones, I just can’t quite place who they are.


Oh girl!


You go girl?


Today it made the news. On a cable news show, a female reporter mentioned that she was told that the women coming out for Obama can expect to not be supported by womens groups next time they need it. The reporter said she said, or wondered to herself; Really? Is that really true?

It is a stunning question. One that in a way goes to the very heart of democracy and prejudice.

Anyone who votes their personal hereditary bias, instead of qualifications, or vision, or ability to inspire, or who seems to know how the world works rightly from wrongly, anyone who decides by personal identity bias instead, is a fool at best.

I cannot imagine as a man, only voting for men because they are like me, and women some kind of mystery beyond understanding. Men are responsible for most of the destruction and misery on earth on a large scale.

Having said that; I am not a fool to vote for the first most viable woman to come along, especially when she may seem a bit like the Jekyll and Hyde conservatives in her tactics. Margaret Thatcher was not an automatic improvement. But to then try to blackmail others if they do not support your bias, no matter what kind it is, is anti-democratic to the very root. That is democratic as in Democracy.


The form of bias bribery, by force of support, may seem legitimate to manipulators trying to rig the system to their own interest, but it is a dominator paradigm just the same. Diving the nation by type casting may seem appealing to those who have felt themselves disenfranchised, but to do that by the means of manipulation is an overt deception.

Do we recognize the historical situation we are in? Are we seeking the best for all the people in our decisions, or just my cause? If it is the latter, I expect democracy to continue to atrophy until it is a mere figment of history.



A poll on the news today, has Republicans believing Obama has a near 3 to 1 advantage to Clinton in a contest with John McCain. At least that is what I thought it meant, as I only saw one second of that poll on the screen. Instantly they went to a whole different poll about a different angle on who would win if they were caught balancing a ball on their nose. Might as well have been.

A poll by any other name would smell as sweet?

Now this is a new poll so up to date, it has not been taken yet!

It has just been determined that the election for president is officially over. The winner will be Poll Poll, by a wide enough margin to keep the presidency from now on.

50+ years and I have never been asked.

I took a poll on that. It was determined I do not fit into any worthwhile demographic. So I commissioned another poll that said; Would you put this guy into a polls data base if you were given a dollar after? No. So that poll, which used to be highly reliable, has been determined to have somehow gone berserk.

Then I commissioned a similar one that said; Would you put this guy into your polls data bank if he we gave you one thousand dollars and promised he would say you are the best person there ever was. Well! Jackpot! A whopping 99%, almost as pure as Ivory Soap, said unequivocally; “Heck Yes!

Now I am polled all the time and never have any money. Soon the phone will be cut off.

This story is true! Only it is all a big fat lie.

Well that is yet another lie.  Only the part from the nose balancing down is a fib, or as a focus group suggested; a misstatement.

Thanks for answering our call.

Your check will be in the mail.

Just look into the crystal POLL




So tonight’s bout on the Interwebs features presidential frontrunner’s!

In the allegedly right corner;

John sixty nine gun MaCain, fasterest and longest draw in the west!

Willing to take a hundred years, until they act just like us, or all the oil is gone.

In the middle corner?;

Tag team of Big H Rodham and Wild Bill Clinton. Able to stand on each others shoulders to the hight of 11.5 feet! Sure to be a formidable opponent unless they lose balance, but with all their experience, how will that be even possible!

And slightly more to the left, maybe, corner, is the Oratory bomber from on high, The Mighty Obama. Sure to be an invincible fighter now since quiting smoking, to not look sleazy, representing hope. After all that hoping to, he finally did quit, and now he makes the other teams look, well, older and oldest! Yes he can! Make them look older!

Come gather round the big tent of false hopes and soon to be smashed dreams. Dare to be there!

Live tonight!

A fight to the finish. No holds barred!

Come one!

Come all, to the Interwebs.

Vote for your winner!

Gamble on your future!

It is only life at stake!

What have you got to lose!

The battle of the Titans!

Live on tonights top post!

No matter what statistics say!

(All proceeds go to anonymous accounts held in remote islands. None of your tax dollars will be waisted.)



We have the ex straight talk express looking more like a carnival roller-coaster. We still have the two presidents for one juggling travelling side show. And we have the poet express that gets it steam from color, age differences and dreams all rapped up in handy chants that promise what we have to deliver.


Completely astounding, is how it is alleged that what the right wing thought was worthy of impeachment to a “liberal”, when coming from the alleged liberal press, may have the ability to unite them behind someone they think does not think like them overall in their party.

Opposites attract?

The center of the corporate world is where? New York City, right? It is amazing after how they (NY Times) were used to sell misleading info on a looming conflict not so long ago historically, they still are the Big, Omnivorous, never ending in their job of undermining America, liberal press.

Fool me 999 times; shame on you. Fool me 1000 times; shame on me!

Naturally then, the anti conservative supposition, is supposedly good enough of an attack from an anti conservative cause, to possibly rally the right behind someone they did not desire. That was until an alleged liberal establishment pointed its finger at him.

Strange how ones apparent enemies condemnation can confirm a thing for someone they would possibly have not considered much of otherwise. At least that is the talk. Liberals real or imagined, by their actions, have the power to change conservative minds to do the opposite of the presumed liberal intent.

Did not the current administration in 2001 have a policy that; if Clinton did it. We (the grown ups) will do the opposite. It sure seemed as if that was one sure thing one could count on them to react to in the reverse.
Simple reverse psychology.


I suspect the corporate world, including much of the presumed liberal corporate world, might rather have the newborn “conservative” candidate, instead of one who seems to have an agenda being established in the public mind, of intending to hold corporations much more accountable for their impacts on society, justice and democracy. That might effect the old stock portfolios, that provide a socialist like security net for large stock holders. Even liberal ones.


I have not heard this theory presented, but I thought it was odd that the sexual innuendos release came when the dynamic duos slick car suddenly started to sputter as if running on fumes. Now out of the unimaginable blue, the very well to do might have a spotlight beaming at them from parallel quicksilver lines. If so. I can see the cleaver notion of switching the tracks with a liberal tag, to elicit the rights usual knee jerk response.

So predictable. But is it true? Did the mythical beast called the liberal press spread innuendo about their assumed opponent, not to destroy his chances at the oval office, but to aid them?