Lonely human

do you believe you are the only one?

I know you are unable

to get out of your head

a prisoner

behind your own eyes

each is the same

deny what I will

we have this sameness

yet how much we deny

any lie one tells is

told to ourselves

looking around lustfully


it is all ours

for the taking


or that

we can chop ours out of it

but we remain

behind our eyes


in some alone

and lacking dimension

forcing hands and words

laying claim to forever

in my own name

and not the One


Only Love

could have given

prisoners a chance

to belong to It all

to be free at a willing

our connection is love

its absence


envy and blame

all that I miss

missed until I am found

given to our control

the power of recognition

not requiring faith

nor belief

to open this heart

but to see what is before me

union is all pervasive

just to turn to it

and it pulls

back together

an obvious secret

kept right out in the open

keys to the Grand Story

but only told to receiving

those who turn toward

all being together



Love has Eternal Depth

Love; The Soul of Being; A meditation on love and forgiveness

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what is holding me back?

a whole universe before us

but what persist inside?

is it what I missed?

times I waited

but seemed ignored?


this next moment

can be tarred and feathered

by hurt feelings left in memories

leaving now seemingly somewhere else

the next moment can turn another way

remind of what was good

is good now still

though tender and old

and out facing into autumn



we are all


just one I

we make thought quilts

ideas that blanket the world


all human doings appear

with what I insist exist

where I chose to look

what I say moves

on from one I

to another


but just I

always just

you and I

are always this I

all that decides now

what continues on

what is stopped

forgotten or lost

feared or loved

just I now

and your I


or reject




with its lust for cause

with all its endless repetition

where cause can be confused

who started what is veiled

automatic darkness

beneath loves sun

until just one I

changes course


this barrier each I faces

do we play the old storyline

follow well worn plot pathways

that still are surrounded in wonder

but we stay on the bare trampled soil

cleared and near sterile temptation

walking ahead into history

what is stopping us ever

from truly moving forward

when one easy step

into freedom?


Just these I’s

that is all

for history is done

no matter the horror

or wrong doings

these we command

if I take loves course

they can be forgiven now

a door opened into love

this your freedoms proof

this thing I can do

and you


those who say no to I AM

no to forward and forgiveness

no to growing up and into love

these are the bankers of fear

seeking comfort in theft’s company

as they seek to sell souls into doubt

that which seems so easy to prove

over and over until it becomes

the vision they walk towards

a realm of love lost



unlike hate and fear

love takes true courage

love takes being present

love takes standing up tall

bravely opening wide up

giving in to heroic calm

to the most loving thing


deep waters of everything

anchored to Creations Center

where all things are real

each hand held to eternity

setting a heart free

to feel each heart

such a chore


we but need to dare

look our escapes in the face

we are stronger now than ever

undaunted by judgements

recognising the error

in orientation


then behold

finding I AM

beginning and end

one point real power lives

giving us Its gift

right now



the powerful

are those who love

those who love it all as is

including the poignancy of loss

including wandering in the desert

including the pains and forgetfulness

that makes finding even more majestic


what is stopping your next intent

what question rules as overlord

but more importantly

who am I

without love

to say it is gone

and too hard

to be?


I as us

you and me

do we think this is

too Utopian and easy?

too obvious to be true for

surely we should have seen it?

too impossible to coordinate

with all other sojourner I’s?


just one moment now

just one I in time’s crest

where every moment is loved

only this one place to change

right now were I stand or fall

only one person to decide

what I will be now

be opened up to love

or look for ways to close union off

making it distant and difficult

for then I am far away

from where I belong

a lone star

outside the Milky Way


this inside of light

behind my closed eyes

an inner truth still shines

though I may not look out

to see its caressing colors

illuminating my world

and what I am

it is easy to miss

the most obvious

when not attending


so very simple

completely universal

problem and conflict traditions

gone in a blink and an I

gone right now

not into hiding

but into seeing our depth

we each hold our true birthright

taking the stolen strength in heart

from each fossilized mistake


come to realize

how these become extinct

each and every time I create one

that is the power of consciousness

of I instead of what I do not know

or try to be from lacking

ever wandering seeking

missing what is receiving


here the power of love

healing even amidst loss

strong enough to overcome

what fear and darkness bring

that light inside is eternal

known when I enter

where I am


all the love


all the love

waited for


right here

known by offering

even when receiving

the gift that comes

from giving










{The most fierce things show a moment of loves obvious presence}





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CLOUDS FADE AWAY; a short life reflection while moon walking

(Well short as far as a life is concerned)

Planes flew over my house as a kid. They roared in on their way to Midway Airport. My father had flown in World War Two, actually shooting other guys down, but to me, those up in the sky perspectives were unfathomable memories. I had nothing to look to but my imagination of flight. I would never fly. That was for people with money, much more than we or I would ever seem to have. And then they crash, just miles away, into homes and children. Planes seemed like a risk, a haunting you would have to release to get on board one.

But I would day dream and seem to float up between towering cumulus clouds. Then there were the cumulonimbus. I knew they would seem more dangerous with lightning and all. How would the air be around those cauliflower sculptures and anvil scratched heaven? Tens of thousands of feet high, and you could still see them bubble up. How would I stay just ahead, flying kinda like superman? Could I safely touch the growing edge?

Then came the space flights, the landing on the moon. You had to be there. No, not on the moon, but in front of the TV, there in space, then later on the moon. By the moon landings I was just a teenager, but I knew from school, and watching the planes come over to and from Midway, that dreams were coming in fast. It seemed that when we, we humans, set our minds on a goal, we can reel it in. It was us, and not just those few actually leaving footprints in cosmic dust.

With my parents long dead by then, I had no path apparent to dream fulfillment. I was crushed by my school experience and its seeming smothering of the free human spirit. I had these dreams of possibility as all that kept me going, that I would survive to be present for where I fit in. Serious dental issues kept me out of any public eye, including most friends. Nights were often times of throbbing pain and next to no sleep. My hand covered my mouth to keep others from seeing cavities and missing teeth, but it seemed to eventually stop my words as well. I too, seemed to be blocking my way into the future.

Yet there was what could be, and could become of me. I worked at times 36 hours straight in below freezing (usually below 0) weather on an open truck dock at the airport, only to have my whole check taken by the guardian. I rode the bike since she gave my car to a son of hers (she consigned, I had already paid it off). Then from work, I take my broken (1 pedal) bike on its 25 mile trip to community college. Once I walked the ten miles home on Sunday early AM after work with an arm load of books, no hat or gloves, over frozen slush in a windy 9 degree night–7hrs. What dreams I had, were had with the longest kitchen knife under my pillow, in case a death threat was carried out. I wanted at least that advantage.


I suspect this kind of story is not unheard of in America, but one thing is clear, conservatives do nothing about it, but list platitudes and parade around to abstractions in their detached from the whole, psychic illness. Values voters indeed. They actually vote from a hidden shame, which needs releasing just as fear of flying does. That is, if one actually is for engaging the interest of all life. The present moment tells a tale of all that is, yet for some, their security is all that matters.

{I often critique conservatism because it applies an unchecked bias to the present moment, to now. I am for learning from history, as well as preserving much of the earths viable cultural traditions that do not force their bias onto now. Why come down on an ideological perspective then? The present moment is where the matrices of existence, not only interact, but adapt. Conservatism tends to actually oppose Creations ongoing truthful manifestation right now, and what it takes as being a apart of it, to comprehend what we can, in a constantly adapting environment.

That avoidance to change constitutes a disservice to knowing and being present in our entirety. It results in inevitable decay. Why I call conservatism, as it is now promoted in the economic and sociopolitical realms; The Dry Rot of Civilization. Not to be mean or talking down to others, but to express a warning of a reactionary ideological prejudice that threatens life as we know it. For conservatives, many of them, need no reality check, nor take anything contravening into their equations of judgement.

To discover this bias for oneself, just listen to conservatism lack of self observation and perspective, its truncating of context to suit self promoting abstraction, as well as an endless supply of “fire wall” denigrations attached to those who say change is a necessity, that the ills of society and the environment require more than denial of responsibility, or otherwise punishment for those who do not fit into conservatism’s applied world view.

It is why on 9-11-01 , to avoid any looking into US historical actions in the regions from the Mideast to Afghanistan, it was said; “There is nothing to understand!” . Searching for the very Truth itself was deemed being on the “them’s” terror side. Yet then, “we” side with the darkness of ignorance and reaction incarnate. We naturally, then, spiral down the dark alleys of deception and denial, with a self hit list of high minded abstract platitudes as cover for our violation of now.

For also at 9-11-01, was a worldwide union sensed, with its outpouring of love to the US, and the will to be marshaled to address the very context that sustains these other aberrant conservatives of another culture, who are manipulated down their own dark alleys, to consider innocence non existent in others, and something worth denying in Gods name. Instead of understanding, the power’s that be sought their own “security” promoting ignorance and misconception over factual realities.

Since the universe does not sustain deception indefinitely, just as dry rotted wood can look sound, but have deception lurking right below the surface. Conservatism has self destruction built into its very premise, which denies now its intrinsic right to be. Just as blindness is fundamentally its guide, conservatism sustains itself by a seduction to a simplistic interpretation of now, and that attracts a laziness of mind and heart seemingly comfortable, but deadening in its soul. It is separation and alienation based, promoting “us and them’s”. Lending its followers to favor force, imposition and destruction over the courage to love life freely, serving a creatively vibrant and all encompassing Creation.}

27.11.05 1600x1200 (176.6 KB)

Conservatism’s Curse Of Perspective On Cause And Effect

They become fear based, presenting various wars as the answer to all problems, for they are unable to accommodate true causal solutions, then they would have to be held accountable, by conscience, to their own complicity. So they campaign on projecting accountabilities to society’s ills. Crime ( ex. “war on drugs”) and terror, and other faults alleged of others are used as diversion toward causality, then their seductive glowing generalities and abstractions are posed as cover for their inability to look truth in the eyes. So its substitute, belief, gives them faith through their inherent uncertainty. It is ignorance that becomes the conservatives primary cover.

This one thing is sure; conservatives do not accept responsibility for their actions. They hide behind their wall of so called values and morals as diversions from their own shame of not being truly present now. And so, unlike how liberalism seeks to address issues in context, to effect the substance behind acts, conservatism dissects from the Whole, then targets blame. They are surface based actually, but think the opposite, in their baby blanket like comfort zone of detached from reality abstractions. Those judgements make them unable to accept reality, and so, wish fulfilling fantasies of god-like control are what they have to resort to…

Mind Control Games

Conservatism is at its heart; pretense.  It then requires a manifold approach to diverting objective based critical thinking, by substituting rationalization as true reason.  We can detect this by conservatism use of Thought-terminating clichéd; buzz words and phrased that turn their followers immediately away from considering an issue.  These buzz worded conceptions are often loaded with shame and blame based characterisations, designed to shame and ostracize “The Other”, those you assume are not like you, and not in a good way.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is a mainstay of buttressing conservative rationalizations.  Conservative news sources tend to be filled with Circular Reasoning logical loops; where the premise becomes its own proof by assumption and its pre-existing bias.  These confirm an Appearance Reality; how things seem to the logical matrix.  This establishes an ongoing Consensus Reality, where premise is not questioned but believed by a group to be true.  this creates conservatism’s confidence in the minds of its followers, to the extent that things like the global warming driving climate change can be denied, even to the extent of demeaning the Climate Theory as irrelevant.  An astounding denial of what is objectively undeniable human impact upon the planet.

Then comes existential relativism; where conservatism’s bias is projected out to all other fact and theory.  You say the earth is round, I say it is flat and I have proof; just look out your window.  The earth circles the sun you say?  Ridiculous speculation.  I believe my own eyes, ot you theory.  I believe in facts and not theory!  It is that easy!  Conservatism, which we all have likely in our own ways, just as liberalism, can reverse reality by its definition of reality, while liberalism is ostensibly reality based and open to adjustment through understanding.  A common human issue has become externalized into a battle over the turf of the earth and of human minds.

The Consequence

What conservatism has lost at its heart, is how desire and discovery open the pathway to a dream, a dream even as far fetched as reaching to the moon. I stood outside looking at this moon of ours, thinking our flag was there now, seemingly to stay forever in a peculiar motionless sterility, no matter what changes here, oddly like conservatism. It reminded me now of an idea of life which refuses to change. I tried to feel the presence of our beating hearts and open eyes in 1969. Mine looking up at, not just the moon, but the eyes of men on the moon. I was there too in a very basic sense, that the moon was now something that humans could do. A more obvious personal connection to it now that ever before, as if a mystery had been uncovered and potentials for reality set free. Thee is still, as always, the wondrous mystery of being.


Yet back just a few years earlier, the TV show “The Honeymooners” main husband character, played by Jackie Gleason, would say; ‘To the moon Alice, too the moon!’ in a teasing horror of a joke. He meant punch her that high, to the moon. It was absurd, for we would never actually get anyone, not even Alice anywhere near the moon for generations. Yet there we were already, and kids like me, we watched every launch. We saw what fire could do, not only consume, but fire you into space. It seemed we would now never look back. The Space Race now belonged to the human race. We were leaving our earth shell behind and emerging as a space faring civilization. This all seemed as immanent as that Honeymooners impossibility becoming true right in our living rooms.

From the movie and the TV screens, science fiction shows projected notions of what we would be doing, logically, even conservatively, as this exponential space exploration blossomed ahead of reality. The show Space 1999, and the movie, 2001, a Space Odyssey, put these soon to be realities where they would safely seem appropriate. We all, more or less, found their speculations, not absurd as “Too the moon Alice!” was, but instead, food for thought. In the 1960’s, with Star Trek on TV, and the on-going Space Race, I figured by the time I was 40, surely there would be individual independent flight. I imagine that we would lift up from or back yards, and be controlled by mechanical intelligence as on Star Trek. I would finally, in a manner of minutes, find myself from the back yard, up at the clouds edge, following my dream.

As it has turned out, we invested in the Space Race, not exactly for all the spin off technological advances that we take for granted today, but to keep ahead of the other guy whom we feared. With enough fear, we as a “free” people, seem to recognize that resources and desire must be pooled into one direction, and not have 10,000 people all reinventing the wheel at the same time. The waste of the laissez faire system would just leave us swimming in a whirlpool, not ever knowing as a people, which way to go right now, under this impulse to achieve. And so as sensible people do under common challenge, we pooled our dreams and creativity with our resources, and made discovery happen.

The story becomes stalled after these dreams evaporated. The arguments became these we are so familiar with. ‘Down with big government. Private initiative does things better. The government is Satan. Drown government in the bathtub. Just say no to taxes’…, but over and over, like a prayer to an absurd privatized god, who does not know better than support only individual dreams, and not those of a society itself. We entered this realm, where the wealthy and powerful tell us to be small and think small, cause we are all in this for ourselves. To think big, you join them. It’s all up to you…


07.02.06 1600x1200 (86.4 KB)

Now away with you. If I do not make money off of you, you are nothing to me, why need I concern myself with your issues, except when I might need a vote come elections? I will create a liberal monster to blame for society’s ills, while every tax cut puts more money, not to keep in your pocket, but my own. With a monster, children huddled under the covers can be fooled of many things. Luckily, religion is instituted on trust and belief. We will easily steer those in this faith based modality, to trust us if we employ their abstraction’s as our own. Who claims to be their monster fighters after all! We will in time morph these into a philosophy, where good is us and bad is them. Since these kinds reality check is up in the air so to speak, critically impaired, this control can be achieved at their own hand.

We will keep common efforts to what I fear, and what I need you to fear. These too will be hammered into consciousness come elections. They will provide might makes right as the desired answer and response to problems I perceive. If I feel threatened enough over other issues, I will then promote them as well, but only if I get a stake in the pyramid schemes income flow afterwards. I cannot abide liberals getting any of this, so we will tag them with both sin and misguided sincerity. If a new portal of democratic news becomes available, I must contain it. This will be done stealthily if need be. (It is being done, in some places liberal sites become inaccessible=censorship of idea)

The beauty of the impersonal-ism of the WEB is, one will not now why someone or some group simply disappears from view. As usual, we will likely use the cover of some “bad” to undo the public will and leave my own. As the Nazis knew, there is no problem in making someone out to be a problem to be eliminated in the public interest. Ah, the beauty of corporatism. Companies will do their own censorship for the benefit of themselves via the corporation, than that of the individual citizen. Once we finally get the individual to be branded by corporate product and thus philosophy, they will “naturally” see things mostly our way. Eventually we will commandeer that more liberal party as well. With superior access to minds across the boards, we can keep the debates turned into the areas we need them to be of our own survival. Submission is just a matter of time now…


Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Lowest Coverage for 2008

Arctic sea ice coverage appears to have reached its lowest extent for the year and the second-lowest amount recorded since the dawn of the satellite era, according to observations from the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
Artist concept of Arctic ice

Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio; Blue Marble Next Generation data courtesy Reto Stockli (NASA/GSFC)


And that is some of the way in which we end up with a planet tottering on suicidal competitions global warming catastrophe and extinction event. We are divided against ourselves with an emotionalized “culture war” and demonized “others” opposition, which is really a diversion of public consciousness from what matters to endless opinion mongering, with its ad-hominem truncated reasoning ability. Our political parties now provide the necessary impotence to keep the corporate ideology in charge, while public voting now mostly addresses the damage left in its wake. Finger pointing across the aisles keep the public, who cares that is, enamored with tabloid issues and propaganda hype. This is the actual politics of smoke and mirrors combined with a shell game come elections.

So the young boy who began this article, feels the effects of age and fallen dreams of human possibility. I put these notes into unlikely post bottles. They float to satellites as I thought I would surely be doing by 16 years ago. My childhood imagination then, was inspired by what I had seen. I have seen much since then, how certain political interest, interested in guaranteeing their own superior lifestyles, could and did manipulate the system to become their own system. It was only interested in a dream of self centered achievement, with its illusory dissections from the whole of life. These self achievers dreams, they made them money and that prestige status is in constant lust of. We have all been reduced to both fear, and that other now common denominator of survival. Getting money or doing without, since “losers” need not be thought of humanely.

It has been an odd ride for sure, as the moon swings overhead in silent watch. Dreams cheapened to the profiteering spirit, and not that of knowledge, possibility, creativity and capability in unbreakable continuity of cause. In fundamentally significant respects, we have each been reduced to an us versus all of them, then, when scared to death, told the us is much greater, so do not question destruction.

We in the US now keep our dream seeking lifestyle, thanks not to entrepreneurs exactly, but to the sad individuals situation over much of China. They suffer and sweat for our thus artificially reduced prices, and remaining abilities to buy what we need to survive while pushing the environments past breaking points. Many other nations, called the “third world” (what a delusional separation complex that all is), have likewise, done this slavery for us in the past and present. Those other interest are invisible, but desirable to exist for the rich, whom wealth seems to have divorced love from as far as humanity is concerned. Even in places here in our nation; two adults working minimum wage in one household with a couple kids, can not support the basic necessities for survival. “The basics of the economy are fine”, one delusional conservatives response.

We are being reduced by someone else’s delusional “self made” or silver spooned dreams, that constitute our emerging nightmares and worry. This too, we can thank the separated and isolated from consequence delusional self achievers for, as well as the evaporation of freedom and democracy right before our often closed eyes. This is what today’s conservatism has reduced society to. We are now a culture of immature beings, seemingly kept in a larval state. Amazing to observed the extreme basic childish naiveté of conservatism’s constant whine. It is now as if our eyes are closed for us by the screech, that we not accept nor admit, the consequence of our own actions, and by inference, the consequence of the actions of those whose lives we now live in service to. Humankind is in many ways self deceived into a circus of accusation and blame. the individual, not seemingly required to do much but make sure they have an income to make it.

When flying on commercial jets, I look out at the clouds. And when we must fly through towering cumulus fields, I am that dream of my youth, just slightly stretched. I imagine I am where I once expected, not free exactly, but by necessity. Still it is a privilege for me. Yet now the way it is, even dreams must be questioned for their carbon footprint, even in the clouds or up on earths satellite. We must live consciously, and not lured into anaesthetic living, with antiseptic dreams and an artificial heart. I must discover, what an organic being is on a planet based on living systems, and the requirements for us to live in health in this context. In the end, this choice comes down to one point of self orientation.

I still take photo’s of clouds to this day. They at least remain free, they are right in their place, not being deceived or mislead by other clouds or belief. In this purity of expression, they portray what is. Though they may be turning away, I follow them to the horizon…

If we look to the truth, not the abstraction we argue about, but the reality of Beingness, we find we are all in One Place. There is no true, completely personal perspective, unless it is in immersion with the All that is. I will not quantify that All here with an image based name as if It were an object. It is the Process of Life in reality. The words most near It are Absolute Love. No ifs, ands or act this way first about It. It deserves capital letters simply by being the One and Only real Truth Aspect.

No matter how lost I am in my imagination of how things should be, or I want them to be, It presides over reality. In my wanderings away into doubt or despair, yes, even the aloneness of my own consciousness, It is there with and in me, as in you and all things. We each are a unique quality of It, and where do I see this Divine Union in your expression? We, in effect, all owe that perspective to one another. It is this Essence of Being that I and you and everyone and thing else actually is. Those narratives we carry to blame someone or thing else for how the universe seems to me, those are actually inventions of a distracted being, blaming our drunkenness of imagination on that crooked path we see.

These human problems that plague us, and all our beliefs in conflict, they are the evidence of a lost state, a state where Love is not first and foremost, a state where any number of diversions command the attention of the I that I am. In these things, it is my own choice, a choice of claiming to know more and better than Life Itself. Here is where personal dissonance becomes the very choice of my own orientation in Life, and that price paid is in not knowing unconditional Love.

Whether I look toward that Center that centers us all in the infallibility of pure unconditional Love, or sure of Its apparent absence, go on to rearrange things for myself. Reality, it seems, is a one way street. It becomes my charge when under stress or otherwise, to see which way the light of understanding cast its sights, then chose to go against even my own disgruntled background. Love may actually be the easiest and most rewarding Thing in this world, but It takes personal fortitude to chose It, over righteous indignation. There, the life with Love begins, and cannot be extinguished.



ODD THING ABOUT THE TRUTH or, how to be really dumb and not know it in one easy step

Truth is an abstraction, which makes it hover above reality, not in truth, but in our ideas of it.

You may know a truth, but not know how or why it is true. We can put a truth into our interpretation of it. Now this alchemy puts the facts which make up that truth, into an imagination rendered context. If we do not acknowledge the area that is now suspicious in its factual context (our imagination), we can “see” both truth and fact as something other than what they truly are. Being that we each are in subjective respects different, with differing viewpoints on the world around us, what is true can become something of a contention, of competition and forms of denial. With all good intention, we can believe in things that are not true, while sure that they are. We can also not acknowledge this same sort of truth in others, since their alleged truth seems to arrive at differing conclusions than our own.

This relative perception of truth becomes problematic in action in the world around us. I can be sure of things that are not true, and even disrespect the views of others I presume to be false, when they actually can be true. If being wrong is OK with me, I will be lazy (or opinionated) and just project my disbelief toward that real truth held in others hands. We each are “set up” to follow falsehoods as if they were God given truth, and blame others who are actually being true, as being deceived or even fearful threats to us with their alternate explanation’s seeming to undercut our own view. This battle over truth can lead us as far as to war.


Whole histories of contention can be made real over this ignorance induced battle. Much of politics, conflict and warfare seem enmeshed in this argument over what is really reality. After a while, the persistence of the conflict can seem to be a truth itself, where essentially misleading perception, leads us to conclusions based upon the falsehood. These go on to seem as being truth, which then gets passed on via reaction and communication/learning to become cultural truisms, yet they can be as false as calling the darkness light. We actively come to belong to our conditioning to that perception, right or wrong, but feeling it is true.  Emotions often stand in for the missing in action true evidence in truthful whole context.

Humankind seems quite oblivious to the actual nature of belief and the erroneous assumption that can travel with it. If these ways of cosmological viewpoint are not subject to reality or fact checking in fundamentally meaningful ways, they can become as “sins of the Fathers”, automatically piloted on to generations to come, even when false and damaging. All being lived with and in, as if they were guiding lights of perception and behavior.


Since we are immersed into a culture, we can easily accept its beliefs and mores as if they were God given. These might even claim to be handed down to us by God. If we do not reality check what is sold to us by our culture, we can blissfully move forward in ignorance of what we actually do not know, but assume we do. We hold the ability to fact check, but in many ways, we often are prevented from carrying out our own investigations of the truth. Why would there be instituted barriers to questioning reality?

Blocks to investigating the truth are there to stifle ones own critical thinking skill supplied by God, or if you will, nature. Likely, for a variety of rationalized perceptual programs, the individual can be mislead by the embedded ignorance of good intentions, or the manipulative strategies of opportunistic coercion. These latter motivations are quite likely instituted to corral perception to serve those using them. Humankind has a long history of opportunistic manipulation made by power and status hierarchies who seek to preserve their superior, or alpha dog like positions. For then, reality seems, or takes on the appearance, of being made the way it is for permanent truth based reason, and not the reality that they are contortions used for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.


It would be no surprise that most of humankind finds itself in this deceptive predicament, when our abilities to discern truth from falsehood is so compromised. It is compromised for reasons which benefit certain societal interest. I suggest that we all lose in this situation, for how can manipulators and those who exploit others, truly be said to spiritually benefit from what they do or condone? They may exhibit the trappings of power and authority, but they are in fact frauds. Yes, we essentially have aspects of fraud based culture, with fraudulent ways of perceiving others and the rest of our interconnected and related environments.

Those who divide and conquer the world, do so at the peril of their own souls. True, most of these never accept responsibility for the situation, but try to externalize shame and blame onto others who often have much less. Yet this less, is in materialism or status, and not necessarily at all, a less of the authentic spirit that all beings are born with and into. In fact, these who are the least, tend to have the most in authenticity and spiritual knowledge.

As fooling with perception as appearances can be, truth is known in the hearts and spirits of those who chose to live in Its presence, and not the smorgasbord of fantasy that so often passes inspection as success or achievement. Whole truth can be the last thing on many an agenda, for it would require one to walk through the fire of self realization and reconstitution. While the lazy seductions of material having, can have one, just as with drugs, addicted to their own deconstruction.

The truth remains constant inside and outside and all other sides of our being. We are born as children of this Great privilege. That there are those who not only ignore our commons of Beingness, but insist it does not exist by the evidence they see, know not where to look.

May we not only know where to look, but acknowledge we are that Truth looking. When we accept reality and know the roles of fantasy and imagination, as well as how simply they can be mistaken, we will have taken that great leap toward knowing. It is in this commonality of casue and purpose, that divisions are released as diffusing smoke. The Union of the One Truth made evidence as pure and unconditional Love, was always there, just not accepted for our mistaken impressions.


My blog puts politics and spirituality right up there with the personal. This will naturally lead some to question my actual viewpoint, for particularly in some spiritual circles, one is immersed into a “tone”, in other words, a state of mind that denies the negative admittance into consciousness.

Oddly, I was in a cult as a full time volunteer for several years. Many of us are in undeclared cults, for we never know how or in what degree our lives are being negatively impacted, while we have our pure intentions. I was one degree of separation from world leaders, from presidents to popes. I even believed in the absolute purity of consciousness a goal for myself and humankind. When one makes this seemingly complete break with negative reaction, it is easy to try to spread the word of you new and improved life.

Out with the bad and in with the good.

The personal spiritual job of one seeking perfection, was to deny the negative its historical space in perception. This can be a very sensitive mater, for even owning up to a negative experiential state can be seen as a total loss of ones true spirit, or connection to God. Instead, one seems to require a new sense of self beyond the negative; no I’m upset at the way I feel about me, my situation, or that of the planet and those in it. To some extent, immersion into the aspect of Love and Union can redeem one from imposing negative judgements, but the world is entirely interrelated and connected.

I can deny the negative, or re-script it to be good. This reinterpretation of conditioning can seem patently absurd. Someone stabbing me and taking my wallet, is hard to honestly interpret as really a good thing. One can decide that the perpetrator is extraordinarily lost, that this incident was not particular to oneself, and the God or the Universe meant one no ill will. In that sense, one may be a victim of Creation, but it is all we have, and all we are, how can we be a victim?

As it so happened in the church I was in, human dysfunction did run under this all is right with the world view. The denial of actual happenings for a seemingly transcendent state, seemed to perpetuate this dysfunction, allowing it to even acquire an acceptable face. As it is, no matter how peace and love immersed one is, one must respond to some negative situations in active capacities.

If your car gets stuck on the tracks and a train is bearing down on it, you do not just think happy thoughts of love or bliss. You get your kids out of the car as fast as possible as if something terrible is happening. Fear and anger are not just demonic motives. They do fit properly into some occasions. Spiritual people need step out of the bliss zone and act at times aggressively from it. Some things that seem negative, actually are not. Later you can tell the children you yelled at them to get their attention to act immediately, if for some reason your reaction scared or offend them.

This is why I also “do” political and philosophical commentary. It is not to make people themselves out to be bad, evil or sinister. I try to frame my point of view in enough logic to make my connections feasible. I certainly doubt I am purely objective in this endeavor, for I do feel it is important to convey the emotions embedded in my reasoning.

As much as we are transcendent, we are also subjective, with a personal history unlike anyone else’s. We each have some special perspective to offer into the world. If we feel some are asleep at the wheel, or using the negative as a crutch to forward all their proposals, life calls us to speak up. likewise; if the sky is falling and others tell you to be calm, just do not look up, don’t worry be happy. You have every right to look up and out and around to where everyone might go to be safe. We will suffer through those who chose not to look, but we should shout to them to seek shelter. That is Life and that is Love. Not all flowers are painless.


Hurricanes come

and people go

life comes

and life goes

in these things

we make a difference

or we do not matter


We have foresight

we plan

we look out and ahead

we find some things

are much greater than me

one is not enough

to fix the damage in life


we plan to answer

as if in one mind

one heart that knows

what needs to happen

and what is right

between us


We plan

those plans are carried

in buckets called desire

by pooling our energies

this is community action

is to some their nemesis

they are about hiding

about hoarding and gain

they must poison the common

water between us

make sharing and caring

out to be bad

to be sad and subversive


To undermine the selfish goals

are to these dividers

the source of what threatens

the private retreat into unbridled fantasy

and unchecked self consumption

so they make the common

into ideas of weak and dependency

into barriers to selfish self realization

where the self is as a god

and culture atrophies

with this noose around its neck


Amidst plenty

compassion and empathy

are considered the makers

of failure

of weakness and subversion

simple dichotomies stake out minds

they barb wire love and trust

they empower suspicion

nurture arrogance and loathing

for those who would offer hope

of a full life to each creature

and each member of the human family


So care is undermined

it is snickered at as “do gooders”

as if good works were shameful

and worthy of spite

they proffer their contempt of the commons

as a right of each to take what they can

get away with

without everyone

or anyone else

having a right to question

this contempt of creation


The poisonous apple spreads

in its barrel of ignorance

caring for the commons

that place that connects

and is the nurturing conduit

of all life

caring for this union

this right of all being

is taught as being a falsehood

a usurper of our own

private desire

a taker and a spender

of what you could have claimed

for and to yourself

as if creation itself

were being cut up

killed on the butcher block

of selfish indulgence of ego


This will of the many

to answer with a plan

this is given a negative tag

called tax

as if it holds you back

from doing whatever you want

with your own plans

your self centered plans

your freedom

to destroy creation

if you so will

and not be held accountable

to anyone but you


The big necessities

can be ignored

will be ignored

this aversion to caring

will collect into its own vessels

they will form world views

with the individual as god

yet hiding deception behind god

up on a pillar to be worshiped

the self prayed to on the side

and comfort connected with


to get whatever it can

get away with


This will be turned into a movement

a movement of righteousness

a cause of individual redemption

a myth of individual merit

as if on our own

is the only honest way

to achieve goals

that are good

unless ruled under fear


It will be separation

it will be called honor

and glorious achievement

to be envied

it will be claimed to be

gods best friend

the holy sacred messenger

the way of decency

and self realization


These are the false Prophets

the dividers and conquerors of Life

the subjugators of Love

the army of self limitation

and self mutilation

the consumption of Spirit and vision

distilled damnation


Fear and its greed

its sacred calf of insecurity

and their seductions

of us and them and others

that cannibalize life energy

the ability to see fully

from the ground into the stars


These will form association

form and conform nations

until light can be called


and darkness

light itself


To the armies of separation

the worshipers of the self

even if coated with religion

or self righteous ideology

for the whole

the health of everything

there is no plan

the winds rage

the seas rise

fuel cost strangle the poor

until they cannot afford to eat

and there is no plan

the black magicians of privatism

and of the ownership of creation


these have no plans

they hope their friends

their ideological cohorts in separation

these will proffer off an answer

that is the vague plan


So the roads crumble

the jobs grow scarce

energy cost strangle wallets

take cans out of the pantry

chill the winters

heat up the summers

and there is no plan

no real plan

for the commons

has its soul held under water

is water-boarded by contempt

of all that unites us

all that we face

all that we are

and share

like it or not

believe it or not


If self centerdness wins

if blindness to connection wins

it will cripple the view

it will herd the mind

it will paralyze the heart

to only revolve around me

and my selfish life

my small life

an inherently threatened life

one I try to make everything

all about me and mine

by making everything else



But everything is significant

significant things happen

they are always happening

if we seek to answer their call

we make our big plans

not by tax

but by offering

offering it up

to all that is

to the Whole

to Life and Love Itself

this is always the key

between being small

between thinking and acting small

or being big


Being beyond my own borders

expanding my awareness

not just next door

but to all doors

and each window

each opportunity

to know what is big

or be trapped by

my own small view

its narrow lens

its blind corners

not seeing the rising seas

the melting ice

the longing hearts.



It started with a simple maneuver. It showed up on the ground one night, then during the day that never came.

Our worries of global warming; all the arguments pro and con, especially the con job of the con. Now what difference did any of it make? All we knew was; the sun was taken off-line.

It seemed we were easy pickings for plunder.

They had watched us to see how we were; what our motivations are; how we treated one another. Their conclusion seemed to be; Do with them what you will to come out ahead.


Temperatures around the world began to fall. Scientist gave grave warnings of how much time we had left. We seemed to have no choice but to accept their demands. We all shook our heads. Didn’t see this one coming, literally. For a brief while, we acted as if it were only a long night.

Seemed they had dragged an asteroid to the other side of the sun and used it for a construction project. There, where they erected the monstrous sun screen never to be seen. Apparently, self replicating robots have no problem making whatever one wants to whatever scale in practically any time you desire. This sun block had to be larger than the earth for heaven sake! Yet it was so thin we could not see them towing it past the sun. It seems it is designed to let even the solar wind keep it in place. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Anyway, that is all besides the point now. Now they have us over the proverbial barrel. We become a deep freeze or do what we are told. No negotiations, no deals. The whole world was riveted on the TV and Internet for a good day. Or should I say, a bad night, for then people’s survival instincts kicked in big time.

In this sudden endless night, with the panic ravaged stores stripped of everything; the clothing gone, along with any fuel most anywhere, news had covered the panic. We were told some companies and the key government officials would be holed up for some time in certain places undisclosed. Seemed they were sending whomever a message of defiance, but with what we all wondered. Some say they could hold out underground with what they have for a hundred years. We will not have that blessing, or curse.


In our arguments over this, we felt pity if it came to that. Whomever this is will not care. They will take what it is they want, and probably deal with whomever is still alive here with ease.

The shock was those first days, all the signs that showed up around the world. It seemed that the have-not’s thought this was a good time to make a point. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE!; was engraved on placards all over the planet. Along with; HOW DOES IT FEEL? and; OH MY! WHAT WILL THE RICH EAT?. That one went right to the core. All over the world there were these last protest on the human condition, as if all we could hold accountable was ourselves, and how we had partitioned “having”. One last statement of how so many had felt and endured for so long. Now, in some strange ways, the books were being balanced.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR OIL PROFIT NOW?; was shown on the TV screens as the camera panned over crowds near bonfires, dressed in their heavy coats and layers. People seemed unreal, wobbling back and forth. Everyone was large in a way. Strange looking with faces covered in wraps and ski mask, flames flickering over the huddled mass of human penguins.

It was surreal, how TV watching seemed to become talking while watching the bonfires. A few portable TVs and computers were at the fires for a while. World wide, there was this gathering in the street. There seemed to also be some kind of rotation going on from fire to fire, until it became too cold to just go walking whenever you liked. Excursions would be planed for bringing food and ice to thaw at the fires. Metal pens were made near the fires where people could sleep yet still get some warmth. Others were always cooking and thawing things round the clock, since days were now somewhat undistinguished from one another, except the ever increasing cold.

The TV screen began to waver as; DID YOU REMEMBER TO CHECK THE STOCK MARKET TODAY?, became the last protest sign. For a brief while the TVs everywhere said this; TO CONSERVE RESOURCES; YOUR BROADCASTING COMPANY IS SUSPENDING OPERATIONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. For reasons unknown, the power was out the next day. We imagined that would be the last of that. Many trees began to vanish by chainsaws used to cut them up for firewood.

Overnight we had all become the have-not’s. We had no idea what the worlds governments were doing. Were we all going to die for our pride? Would we not surrender, but instead just let the world fall all at once to extinction, every human achievement to vanish?


After the panics settled down, people were reserved and meditative. They sought out love and friendship. Whatever anyone had was shared. The cold ones were given more protection from those who said they were well warm enough. Food was brought down to the bonfires. We ate just enough to allay the feelings of hunger. We seemed to all think we have to try to make it as long as we could and not just give up.

It was odd to notice certain ones, who we knew were the local rich or famous, join in like all the rest of us. We all seemed to wonder how we had gotten life so wrong. How we did not see it was always love; love we wanted, needed and yearned to give to anything or one we could? To give and not to get, a simple reversal of formula. We had all been so blind. Facing a great chasm of nothingness, we still had each other.

The moon was now always just a black disc that blotted out the stars. Now there were two such disk. It did not take long to tell which was which as the days went by. We were an abandoned spaceship suspended in a galaxy now. We never knew how many stars surrounded us. The Milky Way was now our primary light source beyond the fires. Even our eyes had begun to adapt to seeing under its light enough to make it around. I will always remember that strange gift; how something that had apparently vanished in the city lights had seemingly turned itself back on to hover over us.


It had been some days ago when this all started. We knew many of the most vulnerable had already perished. Generators had gone down, since any of their energy source’s were raided by others in the Great Panic, as we now call it. Oddly, just days later, some of that fuel was returned to the generators, but for many it was just too late. Things changed amazingly fast, yet we had all come to be on the same wavelength of love for one another. We were becoming proud to “go out” on such a note of achievement. We would launch quick expeditions at times when we heard someone had made it through to somewhere near, but could not get to the fire. We all wanted to be together and did whatever we could to make that happen. Then it happened.

As the larger disk rose up, light was piercing through as if heaven had found us by searchlight. We said to each other not to look at the sun, it might be harmful like at an eclipse. It was amazing how you could notice the warmth from this dissolving blackness instantly. We did not worry over what it all meant. We had already found the light. It was Love all along. We had Love. We knew it was up to us to keep that flame burning free.

End of story.

{I conceived and wrote this story today.  Any similarity to other stories out there is purely coincidental. Benafia.}