Democricans and Republicrats Holloween Ghost Hunters Live

Give politics a rest while treating the tricksters. Real Ghost live and in person on TV!

Give the vote to all Ghost!

Ghost Hunters Live | Hosted by Josh Gates and Steve Valentine

Ghost Hunters Live on SCI FI: This Halloween. Hosted by Josh Gates and Steve Valentine, with guest star Amanda Tapping. This Halloween– Friday, Oct 31 at

My ghost has an agent?


[The words below are a speculation on some ideas of fractal theory extended into sound and words]


fractalcomputer generated patternsfrac1979




numbers drifted through air

fell off of fractured trees

their leaves counting ground

shapes suddenly unveiled mystery

organic mathematical formulas

plowed by segmented worms

soil becoming full of potential

chaos itself grew into order

conquering randomness

taming uncertainty’s

hush of nothingness

with natural algorithms


It was only a moments birth

before vibrations showed numbers

words suddenly fell into rhythmic order

vowels red in their heart beating emotion

encased by consonant body’s pointing

these spoke from a numerical center

folding in and unfolding onto

infinite equations of now

an always ever-present

origami sound calls upside

language braking down

until it showed a soul

but Spirit of What

or Whom?


How could we now use words

knowing they too are creatures

forged at Life’s Center to shine

much larger than any lone thought?

Do these custodians of consciousness

form out of helix molecular chains?

With their lively interpretations

of crystalline certainty

and it of smaller comment

geometric angles dictation

molecular singularities intent

in calculations of 1’s desire

we guess at what things are.


We are wandering

closer still to quark tales

and quintessence confidentiality

language with its broken tongues

its alien misunderstandings

on Babble these waves break

are they all now immaterial

sounds from  our 1 center;

this Ghost in the Machine

Cause of eternal Revelation?


Who clicked their heels?

Latest conspiracy theory hypocrisy points those other fingers right back. How is so much backwards flying mud possible?

I’m beginning to wonder about all these coincidences; does Truth (or Something much Bigger) have a thing against McCain and Palin?

Palin drug out another one of those really suspicious connections that they say Obama has, this time about some guy connected somehow with the PLO. Story here ; Seth Couter Walls at HuffPo . As it turns out, John McCain can be said to have helped fund this guys work to the tune of nearly $500.000.00. Ya just gatta be loose with the facts like the finger pointing dynamic duo are.

Yet, I am beginning to wonder; What does the Truth have against the McCain and Palin ticket? Seems nearly every-time they indict Obama on something or other, they themselves are already convicted of it.

Now that is some Mighty strange synchronicity!

The foot in mouth Express? Or is it out there recklessly meandering near OZ somewhere, looking for more scarecrows?

I wonder which one is which witch?

Palin’s video of pride in Alaskan Independence Party


[First off. I’m a reactionary on this post. I saw at the bottom of one of my post on WordPress, that on those few articles they put on your post coattails was one saying; I’m voting Republican. I thought; heaven forbid, I certainly would not. And that was the genesis of this polemic. Classic reactionary motivation.]

One caveat on never voting Republican; unless the party identities switch like they essentially had since the Civil War.

Now I agree with the somewhat diversionary nature of the two parties; put all their alleged “values” aside, and like it or not, We the People are becoming corporate appendages. Giant business interest are assuming the interest of the American citizen. We are becoming more and more secondary to what is good for corporations. That old saying of Lincolns made at Gettysburg; “ — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Well. That government is being sold to the highest bidder.

But there are salient differences in the two parties

At 8 years old, I entered the Republican party headquarters in my town to do volunteer work. There were some really old (to me at the time; (80ish)) people working in the office who totally ignored me. I asked if there was something I could do, and it seemed I was invisible. They disappeared into a back room, and after a while I left.

So I walked up the street a few blocks into the Democratic party headquarters. There were much younger folks in there, and lots of them. I asked if I could help, and was asked if I’d like to stuff envelopes. Sure. This was my first encounter with the two party system. I was rewarded when finished, getting large buttons of various kinds from the tables in there.

Well faces might have changed, but my impression of the two parties has little. The one essentially ignores regular folks like me entirely, except to drag identity into their trap by so called moral or value seduction. I say seductions, cause if you watch the so called conservative party, it is filled with what I call cognitive dissonant characters. People who need to assuage their guilt by being conservative, or at least proclaiming to the world that they are, for that framed “high ground” many mistakenly believe they are on. If you cared to notice, the list of these folks over the last many years are filled with the ranks of those saying one thing and behind our backs, doing another.

I know. There are lots of corrupt Democrats as well, but generally they do not claim to be the warriors of right and righteousness, while seemingly helping corruption and incompetence crowds their ranks. At least the Democrats tend not to pander entirely to vague and grand abstractions exclusively. They give actual accounting to how they will help the average person in trying times, while managing the nations other interest.

Aside from the political rights “value” seductions, (Which, if you notice, always seems to be saved in conservative political bank accounts for election to election.), the tax cutting ruse serves astoundingly well as a trick to cut taxes to the wealthy, leaving us with their share of the tab.

Yes. Some might not like it, but the super rich use and abuse The Commons much more than any average folks do, yet they want us to pick up the tab by some socialist like dumping of their price tag on all the rest of us. Cognitive dissonant folks like to ignore these deeper realities. Inserting “character” and “individualism” ideological disconnection in to cover the Debt they raise for all of us on The Commons–(all our interconnected spheres of influence on life on a finite planet).

So this brings me to why I vote Democratic; They do not count on me being a blind or blinded follower as much as that other party trust I will not check facts or question outcomes of the high and mighty. The Democrats do not seem to have a whole machinery in place to crank out cognitive dissonant notions out to divert inner guilt. There is a reason many conservatives tend to deny things like The Commons. They can then deny pollution, and so keep money pouring in, along with a self serving notion of great success. Deny global warming, thus do that “freedom” thing to do whatever you want without consequence (obviously an illusion). Then their pandering to how might is relied on to make right. Actively promoting war and societal conflict, exactly what IKE was warning of so long ago.


The “patriotism” that was called “The last refuge of scoundrels” was on perfect display these last several years. That a claim of patriotism hides behind so much deception and wrongness, helps us all see how some of the worlds worst crimes against humanity were carried out in nationalistic or patriotic fervor; The truth can be indited as being “against ones country”.

Through my life, yes the Democrats are doing more and more of this pandering to diversionary thinking, but they pale in comparison to the others lack of principle or allegiance to what is actually where true honor and patriotic feelings to anything resides– in the honest truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Just look at the Republican campaign. Chock full of ideological “givens” as truth, so much like a cult. Republicans claim to be for honor and country. Then why do they require the truth of their own actions to be so distorted? Everything is someone elses fault allegedly; The “Liberal Press” and various self serving definitions of “elites”, go on and on in circles to short circuit critical thinking abilities. It is as if reality itself is their nemesis. They seem to require making something out of next to nothing (Bil Ayers as example), then wonder why the MSM is against spreading their propaganda unchecked.


I have had it with the tactics they use over and over, election to election; below the belt negative campaigning. Yet I know why they require it like mothers milk; the truth is not on their side. So they must poison the environment of the media with endless innuendo and allegation, backed up by righteousness and pablum platitude pandering. Then when the other side fights back with the same “fire”, wow! All the; ‘Look how they are!” pundits and party hacks go on the rant; how Democrats are so gosh darn devious. ‘Can’t you see what they are doing!?’ It really is as if a reverse mirror is inserted into the conservative mind to divert realities accountability, then allow in only fantasy propaganda seen as knowledge. Point out reality to them and what? You have a liberal bias! Unfair! Look how wrong! Why are these liberals so disingenuous…etc.

The demagoguery this election is profound on the “conservatives” side, their hope is put into fears greedy hand. I feel for them, for the trap their minds are in. Yet I know I will be ignored by them just as in 1960. They are not interested in our nations diversity of interest and diverse points of view. They must demonize our “otherness” to comfort their mental mindsets; why they rely on this kind of horrific insinuations; ‘You are supporting terrorist if you vote Democratic.’ and other shameless contempt of others, indicting debate and democracy itself.

They have shamelessly tried to poison the Justice Department with the same “spirit” as their Supreme Court, which gave itself an excuse clause to call the lost election in 2000 a win for their kind, then deny accountability for their own actions. We have been living in the aftermath of that violation of America now for nearly 8 years.

I have had enough of this attempt by some delusional “conservatives” to take over American and turn it into their own Theocratic marketplace. Where only their kinds of folks and their kinds of thinking need apply. We are all in this life together as much as conservatives try to change the definitions to make it seem we are not. I sure wish there are some honorable ones out there who will put nation ahead of party.

Some are taking that stand now. And for that courage in the face of shaming ostracism, to put country ahead of ideology I say. Thank you! May the honor you show become magnified, changing your party to a base of truth and not ideology first. For then we all win, no matter what troubles we need face together. Thanks for standing up for all of America, all you brave reality based Republicans crossing over this time. Lincolns spirit is alive and well within you. It is an honor to know of your presence. Maybe someday you could change my mind on the nature of what actually controls your party. I certainly hope for our nation that you do.

I’ll be proud to vote for that kind of Republican party. Until that day…

Fallen off of turnip truck? Bridge to wealth distribution for sale



Making an argument, one turnip at a time.


Someone does think we all just fell off the proverbial turnip truck. Then bought a sales pitch for the Golden Gate Bridge.

An economy is wealth distribution, or spreading the wealth around in a very basic sense.


But that is not all!

What is that debt being run up for Iraq and other neo-con like fiascoes forced upon us?



Come on. I know they are desperate for a “hook”, but alleging socialism, is a hook, line and sinker for the thought impaired, when attribute to Obama’s comment. We are facing the largest wealth disparity in history. And yet have some of the most intransigent problems to, yes, pay for to repair.

I’m not personally paving the highways I drive on. How about you? Where does that money come from if we all want tax cuts and are poorer now since the neo-cons ran the ship aground. Trees! That must be it. We will find that money on trees. How could I have been so blind!

Tricks have to be played to keep the increasing wealth disparity flowing up, up and away.

Then there are the treats.

Thousands for Iraq we each have to cough up. Yep. It’s wealth distribution alright, only its out of our pockets and into corporate bank accounts.

Debt distribution we got coming. Thanks to we should know who. It is wealth distribution only no regular folks get any. We get taken. Those trillions are coming out of our pockets, but where do they land?

Not in our pockets. I’m getting the trick now. Really sneaky I must say! What do they often call it? Bait and switch, or just seduce the gullible? Feed the turnips.

Gee thanks! Who knew debt distribution was wealth distribution on steroids?

Not the turnips.

Spread the debt around?

Spread the wealth around?

Economies do all this.

A society need determine what works best for its survival and the general welfare of all its citizens. Unless we wish no government whatsoever. Let the predators and exploiters have at it, while we wonder where the “collateral damage” will begin and end. No health air or water, except if you happen to afford its skyrocketing price. Global meltdown sped up to a lifetime near you. Who knew?

Live for the moment? Cause tomorrow may not be habitable.

Sounds like a plan to me.


Click on link below to see governments debt chart during Republican and Democratic administrations.

Increases in the National Debt Chart

Republican President Nixon’s largest increase in the National Debt, by the way, was $34.97 Billion in 1971. Democratic President Lyndon Johnson’s largest


Lonely human

do you believe you are the only one?

I know you are unable

to get out of your head

a prisoner

behind your own eyes

each is the same

deny what I will

we have this sameness

yet how much we deny

any lie one tells is

told to ourselves

looking around lustfully


it is all ours

for the taking


or that

we can chop ours out of it

but we remain

behind our eyes


in some alone

and lacking dimension

forcing hands and words

laying claim to forever

in my own name

and not the One


Only Love

could have given

prisoners a chance

to belong to It all

to be free at a willing

our connection is love

its absence


envy and blame

all that I miss

missed until I am found

given to our control

the power of recognition

not requiring faith

nor belief

to open this heart

but to see what is before me

union is all pervasive

just to turn to it

and it pulls

back together

an obvious secret

kept right out in the open

keys to the Grand Story

but only told to receiving

those who turn toward

all being together