El Niño Winter And Arizona Spring — Flowers

I’ll put one photo of a yard at my house, then send you off to my flower and landscape blog (saves this blogs space)  Hope you like flowers.  It is believed that this year El Niño winter brought extra rain to our part of the world.  This helped to bring out the seeds that have gone native here for years now, bringing an unprecidented flower display. Now if La Niña brings more summer rain this monsoon season, another crop of flowers will rain up.

Rain On

Spring Flowers Of Late May In Arizona


Flowers of a Dog’s Day

Today in the backyard.




-and a front yard one


-Today in far Southern Arizona, here at least, the temperature never made it over 70 degrees F.

Desert Flowers May 1 2009

Spring is springing out at my house. The desert’s native white prickly poppy has made a new home in the back yard.

Argemone pleicantha


-These survive quite nicely in the desert thanks to their very prickly nature.


and larkspurs with Indian blankets plus verbena and some fleabane.