Just Another WordPress Blogger; Not


The numbers are back from vacation. June 25


This photo tells the sordid tale; that WordPress fell to the level of Zero bloggers.  How the mighty have fallen.

It had to happen. Nothing last forever, not even this blog, which apparently no longer exist.  Or is it that I as a blogger no longer exist?  This is breaking news to me, and I’m not going to look into a mirror!


-Numbers don’t lie.  But I do wonder where the new post and all those words being counted come from?  Math giveth and math taketh away.

I’m getting used to losing things on WordPress.  The other day all my external links vanished.  I had several long term ones, then none.  Easy come easy go.  Same happened with my blog views on occasion, it will drop many thousands then start counting again from the new lower level.  As I say, easy go…000000


Over and out.

In the end it all levels out to 0, give or take infinity, or a lazy 8, as I never say.