Not even noon here yet, but if you go out with dark shirt it feels like 88, actually it is 68 now. OK, probably 70 in the last 20 min. since I looked.

We had a meeting last night for community interested in taking part in family anti-violence work. It went quite well, but I was tired, having gotten up early for a doctors appointment, then cleaned up late after the evening meeting. Another one related to it but not the same this evening. And then on Saturday the actual regular meeting with a certain family.


Bad news is, I have always had high blood pressure, (probably since six months old incident-PTSD) but have long outlived my grandfather and father in years. My heart issue from a early childhood fall some 50 years ago was finally diagnosed, and after 50 years of a back burner concern, and lifelong attempts to do good things for my heart, the diagnosis was very good regarding my valve issue. It probably will not be a problem for me for the future. A half century question answered. (I never had a regular doctor.) I had sever arrhythmia for some time after the accident, but no signs now, even under the stress test.

But here today, summer is knocking on the doors. Being up in the mountains a wee bit, even during summer it gets quite cool at night, except for a day or two. You can open windows and doors (screened) at night, and keep the cool into the afternoon. As long as you close them by mid morning!

I will post on the exciting new monsoon seasons we are guaranteed to have, now that they have extended the season for about a month. Who knew we controlled the weather like that!





With winter rains an evaporating memory, mementos were left behind which I now collect.

Now I need to get the ground wet to insure sufficient root out of an often hard clay soil. Do this now before they have gone to seed. Many around here use the weed whacker in summer, assuring that I will have much future labor for my ideas to sift through come next spring.

This year my neck is way the worse for looking down so much. I must be sure what I am pulling is what I want to leave and not some of the near look alike’s that I prefer, mostly for their flowers, foliage and how they do not “take over” and not allow the variety I like in the more groomed area around the house. I always prefer a “natural” look, as if I had nothing much to do with it.

I am also progressing slowly on a masonry improvement project, not now likely to be finished by an upcoming family visit. I often use visiting times as motivational nudges to do a few things for home improvement. I get to enjoy the change along with everyone else. I have to bust up some concrete to get at plumbing under a patio and block wall. Then fix it, add some supporting features to make up for whomever designed it all inadequately. Then I will stucco it in a manner to make it look more like my adobe walls around the place.

I will be thinking of you all on the Internet and its vast array of tubes and things. If I gather up comments, I will weed through them much like I would real world items.

I trust you are one of the flowers.





I updated my X-filez page just now. Remembered another X incident about stars blanking out in a wave through the Milky Way night sky in 2001.

Read a few tags after just getting home, but am not going to post much.

I’m glad to get the dentist visit over. No more thinking my lip is paper in my mouth once Novocain wore off. Speaking of cane.

We also stopped by Home D to get a few plants to put into planters. Now that beats John McCain any day! I believe even John McCain could beat John McCain now.

What do you mean he is trying?

Don’t you want to beat whomever (bad people) over there so they don’t come to here and beat up on us?

What do you mean we are making much more of them, from doing just that. Does not change the equation!

Don’t you want to beat whomever (bad people) over there so they don’t come to here and beat up on us?

Repeat 20,000 times.

OK. OK .

FINISHED ONE FOR NOW + adobe photo

Projects report to self, and mysterious others who come around to post tags, and regulars.

Well. How are you today?

I finished the one stucco patio wall project with window, for now. Now it enters that curring phase before this one is getting painted. My back and neck had too much irritation so now I need to take it easy. Don’t know how much of the exciting home weeding project will get done given my circumstances.

I have a complex concrete and stucco project at home to start soon. It involves adding block, tearing through pre existing concrete to get to pluming that was installed incorrectly, and since, settlement has caused it to crack and leak. Plus put in a little concrete wall to support a failing outdoor sink area all connected. In this last year and a half I have ended up doing more concrete than woodwork, which is a change.

My going native adobe project storage area where micro-burst tore an old shed roof of last year.  Blowing up photo shows old metal roof pieces sitting around, waiting if they are good for anything before going out to recycling.  Photo looking out from the front third of the space.


I made those bottom walls to a future height to serves as seats for who knows who. Adobe raised garden bed in the front of photo. It is in the most remote part of our yard. A skylight is letting sun hit shovel handle in photo. Skylight, as front aluminum roof, made from salvaged materials. Adobe from sand and soil in front yard, 300 feet and 20 feet down to the north.


Close to penumbra’s divide



Now see.

The sky is not falling.

I will be off to work shortly. Home D, then stucco on the wall with window I’ve been working on when I can.

Now that spells excitement!

It will likely have its moments, with me having to dangle over 5 feet of thorn bush to reach one section.


Oh the web is such a resource!

I just went on it to try to get the photo of tornado damage from 1967 that was in the paper. I mention it in my pages, as I was standing right behind the photographer as he took it.

Well, I found whole sites about the tornado and memories of it from those near and far from it, but not that photo. But now I think I will get it one way or another.

On these sites I found out that 33 people died and the tornado was ranked an F-4, a little above my more conservative guess, especially of the casualties.

It is a bit surreal to hear of others in that moment in time.

I will update my page on it later.



A questionable thing about blogs is that you get to complain all you want.

I don’t know how popular that makes one. When I come across a young persons post on tags, there is often trouble at home apparently, or with friends. It all seems natural, especially for those of us who have no one to complain to about our story, can’t tell those at home, or don’t want to lose all our friends for being a drag. There are probably other reasons as well.


As adults, a lot of this complaining is thrown into politics, to make it seem it is really all someone “out there’s” fault for our discomfort and angst. Some complain about the boss or a co worker who they are having trouble communicating with, or have given up on. Some complaints are about home relationships or love life’s confusion.

There are often shows on TV and movies that show the kids both ruling the home and doing the complaining for many entertainment or dysfunctional reasons. When I was little, overall, complaining was not on the agenda, it usually ended up working against you, or left you with the blame.


I have worked in many a company where the companies behavior, much reflected personality traits of the owner, (as also national leaders) for better or worse. It weighs on workers or employees when it is for the worse. Responsible workers end up trying to pick up the slack and often receive no acknowledgement for it, since the owner seems not to value the trait. On rare occasions, they (owner) might notice you have something they really need.

It is unfortunate for uncomfortable work environments where expression of problematic elements of the individuals “story” are not encouraged to be heard. These may come home to greet the family instead with the expression of discomfort, which can both bother the family members or a mate to a great degree, or model frustration encouragement as a family value apparently.

One way or another I have experienced most of these phenomenon. As a volunteer for an alternative to domestic violence treatment, many guys especially need to learn how to compartmentalize work troubles from contaminating home relationship ones, for if we do not have the tools or were modelled with dominator/force (emotional or physical) tools, we can end up burying the love at home and planting fear on top of the pile of anger.

One technique someone used was to place the anger under a rock outside before coming into the house, to pick it back up on the way out to work in the morning. Only to find someone must have stolen the problem overnight. Sometimes a ritual can remind one of both what is sacred and important in ones life.


Luckily I have someone to tell all my troubles to and I hope vicea versa. The object is to tell your story so you can move on or get advice, maybe even have someone share the pain with empathy. I have to remember to pass on the good experiences as well or a downward focus can set up quarters.


My yesterdays whine list is quite short. On the wall I was finishing, in one aspect of top caps, I had to lay on top of it to reach down as far as I could to cut Pyracantha bush branches that were jambed in on the last 5 feet of the wall. They have wicked barbs akin to reaching around in a rose bush. I forgot my long pruners but happened to have a small hand one. My hand was down the side of the wall, with me laying flat dangling off of the top of the wall. My hand became literally covered in blood. As you get older, most of us see our skins become a mere film of what it once was.

The bush kept pushing back into the wall as I cut, so I was there for several minutes with some branches over one half inch thick, difficult with little hand pruners. Being beaten up, I had to shimmy(?) backwards over cement block to try to get to the crocked ladder. Getting onto the ladder, it collapses so I go backwards and sideways blind to the ground. I crash into the wheelbarrow with some mortar mix in it. It goes flying, but for some reason I had mixed the mortar in my rubber cement mixer inside the wheelbarrow. It slide out, leaving the mix still safe and sound.

Since I have neck and back problems, and hit on the side my neck issues are, I did not know how I would be come morning, but I’m not that bad. I’m always soar and stiff by morning, so only more so a bit today. The back of my hand burns, and I have a number of largish scrapes on my arms where I hit the wheelbarrow and ladder on the other arm. Good to go for today.

Whah, whah, whah,. You liberals are such whiners. Why I had an arrow shot right through my head and you don’t see me complaining. Good for nothing, commie pinko sun brothers camping going to Guantanamo springs for a respite I think?

Thanks for the shoulder. OK, the eyeballs, whatever.

Just kidding about those last two paragraphs.