Grasshopper Style

Extreme Makeover

Grasshopper Edition

Grasshopper Style

Its nature, but that does not mean immature.  The out and about insect of 2010 is not to be caught offguard when it comes to dressing to impress.  Whether out for a walk above, or on a stakeout below, the hip bug is dressed to the T

The well dressed grasshopper of the new millenium is fine tuned no matter cutting wood

or just hanging around catching the breeze.  Anyway you frame Mr G, he’s ready.


This is one sharp hopper that needs no makeover.




A Coral Caterpillar? Or Landed Sea Slug?

A Coral Caterpillar?  Or Landed Sea Slug?

The large caterpillars around here are usually tomato horn worm.  This I’m not sure.  A lunar moth?  I’ll have to look it up, but for now here it is.

Saved from the 2 dogs below who were trailing it.




Butterflys at Home

Near evening, after nearby storms cooled us off into the 70’s, these Monarchs appeared.

-Sorry for the blur. They were ususally moving and it was getting darker.

Seems like Western monarchs.  I got the color to look more like Eastern ones on this one.


-painted lady here


-these Monarchs, if they are, are much smaller and not as bright as Eastern ones.


-from yesterday



These two were taken at my house a little before the debate. I’m not sure which one wins as most popular candidate.

I put a peach near the tarantula as it walked by.

Since this evening photo did not go well without a flash through a window. Here is another representative one from a few days ago.