Tiled My Bathroom

I tiled the middle bathroom a while ago but never put the photo’s up.  This look is more in keeping with the rest of the house.  The floor was carpet put over not nice white tile.  Now it is quite the same as the sink, just size variations.  Made small tiles to get around buying relatively expensive bull-nose tiles on the backsplash top.






A Late February Day

It’s late February, and we are to toy with going into 90 degrees the next couple days.  At least in the middle of summer it may not get 10 degrees warmer, certainly not 15.

From around here as of today;



-Latest adobe/concrete project will become a small pond and plant area where one can sit and look at fish.  It will also serve as an anchor for a sitting area in the back yard with some overhead shading where vines will grow.  Maybe wisteria.  Greenhouse with tomatoes growing at left.  Some of these walls where here.  I try to keep what others have done and invent something new from there.  I have added to and altered the walls from block to softer adobe like appearance and eventually color.  The newly added area will blend in when final stuccoing is done.