Grasshopper Style

Extreme Makeover

Grasshopper Edition

Grasshopper Style

Its nature, but that does not mean immature.  The out and about insect of 2010 is not to be caught offguard when it comes to dressing to impress.  Whether out for a walk above, or on a stakeout below, the hip bug is dressed to the T

The well dressed grasshopper of the new millenium is fine tuned no matter cutting wood

or just hanging around catching the breeze.  Anyway you frame Mr G, he’s ready.


This is one sharp hopper that needs no makeover.




Joyriding Grasshopper. No. Really!

Wonder where your grasshoppers go when it gets cold?  Why to Tubac Arizona for a 80+degree mid November’s afternoon party!

Be back next year.  Don’t worry.


Yep.  There’s another grasshopper on this one too.  But where? It is on the spinner in the forefront.