God Invented Science: Hello?

If a God exist as presumed by many, God Invented Science.

That is, we humans and our ability to analyze our world for its facts and connections therein, enhancing our ability and capability to project change into our lives, including the environment around us, from our presumed knowledge; science. We must ask ourselves why much vocal conservatism is against God’s Science, or factual truth seeking?  What exactly are they protecting, and in effect, keeping knowledge away from whom?


There seems to be a war declared against scientific inquiry, a kind of inquisition upon the rules of cause and effect investigation that all Life seems to employ to survive.  Why would some need a war on critical thinking, and a substituting of it with selected logic presumed to exist in question free zones?  Areas of faith or assumption can easily harbor ignorance in enlightenment’s dock.

Is scientific truth, or supported theory, a threat to The Truth?  why would an absolute Truth be against truth verification strategies?  Seems much more likely that truth might seem a threat to ones established ideas of things; that require investigation closed down.  Then, ignorance is bliss, while fact in context appears ominous to a dimmed down mind.  Truth itself, feared.

{Maker of Existence. Thank You for this sky filled with water’s ability.  Water’s mobility lets us move, communicate in this soluble liquid water zone.  We drink what is at times cloud and rock, ancient and fresh.  Always we are in Your debt for each and every other thing.}
{My hand held up to yesterday’s sky)


-Ideas On Conservative Brainwashing

Checking my e-mail, I found this article that seems to cover what I often talk about: How minds are conditioned and controlled, becoming sheep like in America, and likely in other places around the world and in history.  Yep.  And Oh yes I know; conservatives, the vocal ones, will claim all this about liberals.

While thinking they are standing up tall for individuality, truth, freedom, God, of some other absolute, we humans get herded into doing the bidding of interest quite unconcerned with how we ourselves are actually doing.  That statement may seem harsh, but in general it seems to be true.  Ideology, or belief system, appears to become paramount in persuasions propaganda campaigns, over the conditions creating the individuals actual stress, or a thorough investigation of social and environmental realities.  Albeit; stress is ultimately an issue in human consciousness as applied to the individuals perception, and not necessarily an environmental act.

How Indoctrination Works

The folks who then “think for themselves”, connect the dots they have been repeatedly told are connected; not actually by facts in context, but by ideological interpretation intended to bias their own critical thinking ability to become objectively disarmed.  Now then, ones own thinking successfully shoots oneself in the intellectual foot, then I can blame the damage on the programmed ideologically inculcated target.

I watched a World War Two program on our socialist (could say) news network, PBS, and what was stunning was hearing radio broadcast in Germany as the Jews were being demonized.  It reminded me a lot of right wing radio; lots of attitude and presumed bias “known’s”, then imaginary dots connected, but seeming real dots, for they are presented as truthful known’s; authority seems to be behind them. These days we call many of these tricks,  Thought-terminating clichés; when proclaiming the liberal media, or, Obamas media, as an example, the nature of truth itself is attacked.  We are being seduced into a circular logic truncation of objective viewpoint.

The investment into the crippling of critical thinking is staggering in its scope.  We humans are plagued with usually status quo interest interested in controlling how we view the world; which colored glasses and what parameters we presume of the individual and society–the collective.  We have been witnessing the selective destruction of these two interconnected influences; society and the individual, and a re-framing of the collective interrelationships to nonexistent or highly confined to status quo need.

We All Know The Liberal Media’s Bias

We are told by inference, that how things seem, in the defined liberal or Obama’s media, (yes I have heard the medias called Obama’s) are biased against fair thought, and so presumably undercutting truth itself.  This presumed deceptive  “given” becomes an inoculated bias against the real truth, by diverting thought from selected “liberalism” agenda’s.  Truth, or what is the biased view of truth as actually, becomes an ideological slanted list of supposedly established “known’s” (The Liberal Mainstream Media), which need no further evidence or validation other than endless repetition.


Yet the very nature of a media in a Democracy, would, and perhaps even should, be called liberal.  Referring to openness, pluralistic natures of the citizenry and non doctrinaire thought.  It is not granted that unless you just happen to be in the “right” group, a non liberal media would quite possibly appear as highly suppressive.  Science also comes under this abstractly disavowed, yet universally relied upon given.  I have heard from some condemning science, but by the very nature of our communications and inventions, even old agriculture, depend upon Gods science, or the ability to validate cause and effect in the environment, and plan a life.  Actually, even plan a next footstep.

In actuality, absolute truth is hard, and perhaps impossible to know from environmental facts and data, for we never really comprehend the full context of things, only abbreviated derivations of perception that are presumed to cover the issue being investigated.  I have never seen evidence that anyone knows exactly how all things are interrelated and interconnected, although in Life, or existence, they are.

Once the humility of being human is transcended for proclamations, reason begins its winding path down logical connection that may well be increasingly governed by my own ignorance, and not understanding or awareness of full contextual reality.  Yes this applies to me.  Just because I am offering a point of view here does not make it “The Truth”.  I also believe intuition and kinds of apriori awareness exist as of now beyond scientific scrutiny.  So?  Epistemology can contain both.  The idea that one must always be either or seems abstractly mechanistic, and not how life is.   Do you think love is just chemicals, or is there intrinsic meaning to the connection known by love?

Down the Illuminated Halls of Darkness

Just like way back in Germany in the 1930’s, repetition, repetition, and never stop repeating the slant, to inculcate the speakers bias as being non bias, or clearly evident, and the target issue as biased.  Be they Jews or Liberals, the Pavlovian/Orwellian conditioned herd of listeners, viewers or readers, are kept away from the open challenge of true critical thought, and put into the corrals of circular logic and ideological contortions of view. This blocking of objective inquiry, and substituting it with an ideological view biasing world data and events, reveals it is the listeners ears that are being targeted. Specifically what may lay between those ears.

The objective is to control you or me to someone else’s advantage, be it real or imaginary, and to bias objective fact finding for pre established perceptual control parameters.  Then we can be presumed to get reality wrong, but the doctrine right.  By repeating the doctrine’s presumptions, we are told we are right, and those not talking “right”, wrong.  The world of ones own knowing, then seems to conform to this newly imposed reality.  Staying within our circles of logic and association, we now have our “true world”, and can see how that outside world seems broken.


When Galileo proclaimed from observation (of Gods Universe lets say), that the earth was not the center of the solar system, he was viewed as proposing something seemingly evil or undermining to the Church.  Status quo’s (conservative) authorities seek to demonize objectivity for a primary reason; they only wish the definition of reality that they themselves are submitting to, to be seen as truthful, even if actually false.  It is the nature of following untruthfulness, but doing so in Truths Name, which oddly enough, seems to be taking the real Truths name in vane.  Or perhaps if we seek to follow a real God, Gods name in vane.

Conservatism can be relied upon to conserve this one thing for certain; dimmed down perception. Reality will be blockaded to the individual and culture,  the perceiving of full truthfulness that God or Life has enabled us to seek, will be demonized.  The war against science, is a war against objective reality, to substitute the truth of existence, with favored narratives of some subjective groups interest.

-Added info from others

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Sunday 26 April 2009

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George Lakoff, The San Francisco Chronicle: “You turn the AM on and there’s Rush, or Savage, or another of the army of right-wing radio talk show hosts. You may not be listening hard, just working, driving, doing busywork or the laundry. Yet if you listen day after day, year after year, your brain will begin to change. Words, even those heard casually and listened to incidentally, activate frames – structures of ideas that are physically realized in the brain. The more the words are heard, the more the frames are activated in the brain, and stronger their synapses get – until the frames are there permanently. All this is normal. It is how words work. And the right-wing message machine has found a way to take advantage of it – activating, as it were, a conservative system of thought.”

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