A Movie Being Made Of Your Life ; No Really!



The Artist You Are

No Matter Who You Are


You Are The Star

I should correct the title, by including that you will be the one writing your movie, and not some ghost or other writer. You will be narrating the plots storyline, doing the set production, including designing landscaping, rooms, buildings and even planets and qualities of physics, while creating all the characters, and keeping it all a secret from you as you do!

Now that is genius! Maybe you did not know that you were actually a creative genius? I do not know you, but I know you are.  The issue is access to you phenomenal abilities.

No Really.

Quiet on the set

Next Caveat:

This revelation of mine about your movie is not a “Cold Reading”; the fact that most of us, thinking we are all unique and one of a kind, actually have many of the same interest and goals of sorts.

For instance. Someone says you planned to write a book one day of your life’s interesting stuff.  Well, something like 80% of folks have that fantasy, but if a “psychic” told them of it, they might be quite sure of the “proof” of this psychics unique ability to decipher inner consciousness metaphysically.

Not necessarily.

Anyway. This is not that.  Not playing to your ego or perhaps ignorance in some manner.  Well now, that is not quite precisely true, since I assume you do not know what I am referring to yet.  At least some of you may still not know what this movie and genius stuff is leading up to.

No More Mystery

I’m speaking of your simple nights dreaming since you were very young.  You’ve been designing whole movie productions while reproducing elements of known environments and people into fantasy worlds.  You’ve been writing this stuff on the nights fly—-seemingly instantaneously designing dialogue, storylines, fears and who knows what else; ALL IN AN INSTANT!

You have no artistic ability? Baloney!  Double baloney!!  !!!


Now the question is; Do you or I tap our own deep creative well?

This will determine to what degree our talents are for public, or only private consumption.

Inner mind probe launched

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