On Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC news and views show, he goes over the top 50 Bush scandals on occasion, to remind viewers of how they vanished from the news. I think the segment is called “Bushed”.

That is not exactly what I am talking about here. I am referring to our collective lack of perspective presented by the corporate news infotainment shows.

I remember many years back. One network’s expose’ news show was all about corporate and business abuse, misuse and scams. I’m sure this show drew some fire from powerful people. But after that network itself was found to be behind the corporate maneuvered takeover and consolidation lobbying efforts over the public airwaves, the show seemed to shortly vanish. Probably caught in the pot calling the kettle black hypocrisy thingy.

Those of you under forty might never have known how news networks once were. Bill Moyers PBS, is perhaps the closest representation of fact digging into corruption. Investigatory journalism was once a reality. Now it is pretty much considered a liberal bias to be avoided like the plague. Just as Richard Nixon would be considered quite the liberal by today’s standards, the conceptual paradigm in journalism has shifted far into existential relativism, were everyone’s view is just as good as anyone else’s, letting power and money buy much more time and perspective, just keep the contextual setting of facts out of the program overall. Well this has allowed truth itself to become a subject of conservative scorn and obfuscation. We the People, have in some respects, had the dunce cap put on our heads.


The current senior crop of retiring news anchors are mere shadows of what came before, yet they are treated as if they were the nations wise elders. Certainly ego is always a factor in seeking out the limelight, but back in my childhood, news anchors seemed to be filled with and about the facts first, now they seem filled with themselves and what position’s them best in gaining market share. They retain a bit of the postured presentation of seemingly objective appearance, a style thing, but even that has followed the trend to excite the viewers, more so over celebrity dysfunctions, than endemic societal ones. Unfortunately, what one has not experienced, one tends not to miss.

The three still standing presidential contenders seem to grow silent over electioneering unless they have a particular problem raising funds, or it dawns on them that an extraordinary bias is afoot. Like biased news in relativity land pretending to be objective, a system where elections are dependent of raising big money, equals one systematically drowning out the voices of the poor and cash strapped. This undermines true democracy but is sold as some sort of Darwinian proving grounds of electability, nevertheless, those who can hardly donate are turned into Americans with out a say in who ends up finishing first.  Comes the Internet savior?  Nope.  Still not fair.  If the game is not fair, it is rigged.


This is where we enter the silence zone; where our fellow Americans have their voting rights tied with their hands behind their backs, and the rag of relativity stuffed into their mouths. Freedom and democracy? Shell game tricks played in the playground of abstractions. Why do our top three never mention truth, facts, ideas and accessibility to them? Those are fundamental nutrients for a healthy democracy and public voice.  We then can be had again.  Surprise!-NOT!

As long as we remain a society where truthful investigation is only occurring of the fringes, and the mainstream middle, while we are watching the side show inside, never hears the fog horn, and neither do we. The ship of state is evermore near the rocks, the gamblers inside, they will never know what hit them.

Unfortunately, they, may well be we.


I am both appalled but not surprised at the pseudo-intellectual hubris that refuses reality, but instead, offers innumerable suppositions and false premises as if it were straight talking truth.

(I link to the post I am referring to bellow.)

Liberals, or whomever, it is alleged had no plans for dealing with terrorist and terrorism after 9-11? It seems nearly universally accepted that the Taliban’s harboring of Osama bL, was an imperative in everyone’s mind to deal with, and that that ball was horribly dropped after by whom? A kind of Faustian bargain followed after the inept dealings at Tora Bora. The eyes seemed already off the ball and into the oil pit.

It is now nearly universally accepted by all but sycophants and mindless administration loyalist and crony’s, that Iraq was a taking of the eyes off the ball from the start. Amazingly, some still believe all the allegations against Iraq were and are still true. Simply astounding. (Not that Saddam Hussein was into good things. He was greatly aided by the 2003 group of strategist back in the 1980’s, when he used WMD.) That, and that the resulting world polarization against America is inconsequential to our mismanaged but holy, in might makes rights, eyes war on terror. We help arm conflicting Sunni insurgents. While the Mahdi Army militia of Muqtada al-Sadr gains the respect and admiration of the beleaguered Shiite ghetto, as a folk hero who stands up to an invasion by infidels. Intelligence estimates of the debacle are now routinely dismissed by those who can never own up to their own responsibilities for loss of lives and national treasure.

We have seen these kinds of conservatives contempt for reason and responsibility. It is always someone elses’ fault. then we had this administration who ditched anyone in it who dare to question the emperors lack of critical thinking clothing. Yet their follow the leader mindset assumes in its warlord reality matrix, that questioning is itself seditious.

The following pundits convoluted contrapuntal evidence reeks of perceptual bias; That winning is a fixed and cosmic mandate, and winning by force at that, as if we determine the reality around the world by twisting arms. His argument has that open ended yet circular short circuited reasoning that refuses to understand the human condition beyond his own ideological presuppositions.

In the blurring of distinctions endemic to this administrations propaganda barrage, who is who is blurred, who is connected to whom cuts across content and context to assemble false premise. It is a profound disservice to dissent and truth tellers, and those who wish to abide by the truth, that his preemptive loyalty assumptions about freedom of speech, is to have us cower behind a president no matter how disingenuously reasoned the cause. We are placed as a public then, in the hands of Stalin brown noses, or those of Hitler, or Mao’s legions of once faithful followers.

Truth and factual context are to take a second seat to hubris and solipsistic fear and paranoia extrapolations; because hierarchy says so! As common with the blame American dissent first sycophants of self serving authority figures. If an idiot is in charge, we must surrender our rights, our responsibilities to truth and honesty, surrender ourselves and in effect our souls, to idiocy. Dominator mentalities and mindsets are bound and shackled in their “patriotic” slave ship, and they want you, me, We the People, under them to provide cushions.


The foggy pundits reality view misses the morality of one nations economic advantages twisting the arms of lesser nations. These are seemingly hidden behind the assumptions that might makes right is the morality and ethics behind our so called vital national interest. Somehow, in the sophist mind, he (presumably) finds the implied empire hegemony of US based oligarchies, all our spiritual and patriotic imperative. Obvious in his ad hominem laden definitions of anything he finds against the grain of a new world imperialism founded and flowing from a dysfunctional American protectionism, are calmly stated rationalizations connecting invisable dots dripping with emotional bias masquerading as certainty. Spliced between these are vase fulls of delicately arranged French phrases. Hey! I’m talking like him!

It remains an open ended question after reading his post, what America really is. What is it winning and what is it losing?

One thing is certain; Resource depletion, universal climate change, universal environmental degradation, the continuing loss of our liberties, voters being rejected, worldwide animosity being generationalized against us, the growing gaps between rich and not, the corporate takeover of the press as a viable fourth estate, the sell out of our political system, the false spirituality of materialism; even just who had America’s pants pulled down on 9-11; none of these world changing and immanent threats to all life are mentioned, except when they suit the sophist point of view.

It is a hallmark of the conservative mindset, that they cannot be wrong. It then follows that everyone else who disagrees with them must be mistaken in their assumptions, even if truth and fact based. Perhaps why one leader of the administration arrogantly declared they were making history because they need not adhere to objective based reasoning. That statement, allegedly, was made by the one called,”Bushes Brain”.

This raises the referred post pundits question of defeating America into other dimensions; as in the falsifications that led to the Vietnam War, or the falsifications and assembled out of context “facts” that led to our current presumed quagmire; even the falsifications in the 2000 election, what is it that actually is acting to defeat America? I have a good guess.

As long as any country uses the world as its own oyster; as long as any country has oligarchic power groups that seek world hegemony; as long as truth is rendered mute by propaganda and manufacture threats, deception in the name of any nation, party, religion, or collaboration of any kind, will self defeat itself. The universe does not bide our illusions indefinitely.

If I or anyone wants America to win at anything, the whole world needs to be taken into consideration as if the Golden Rule ever had any validity. Truth, and yes honesty, must be our guide, or else we will be guided by something much more malevolent. To do otherwise than seek objective understanding of the facts, is to be self defeated. Unfortunately, there are charlatans among us who never accept the consequences of their choices; they will claim right is wrong, and wrong is right, yet feel proud in doing so.

That is the toll, of unquestioned cult-think. It suffers its self defeatism.



Who knows if president Carters solar collectors would have gone on to spark self sufficiency from US dependence on foreign oil, while lessening environmental degradation. The so called conservatives have done the opposite, sending the nation on this road to both empire making confrontations, and democracy undermining deregulation.

We have under the conservative rule, no interest in the Whole of society, except to keep “lower achievers” dependent on the wealthy for survival. This is a dominator paradigm. Just as New Orleans was abandoned with fingers pointed everywhere but to the very top. The American public knew the top executive could save an American city, if there was the will!

Unfortunately, with this new breed of opportunist conservative, every disaster becomes an opportunity for a friend or future interest to owe its allegiance to their cause. America itself is now surrendering its commons and its legacy of being a caring freedom loving people with responsibilities to all, to predators who are as predators have always been- out to stay on top.


Make no mistake about it. (That overused claim politicians use.) Business people telling editorial staffs what to focus on and what to drop based on economic bottom lines has convoluted truth seeking to avoid both the needs of society, especially the poor, and the truth that may reflect badly upon themselves. Eliminating the fairness doctrine was the undermining, below the American public belts punch, making full truth seeking to be defined as liberal bias. (I could read a thousand post on-line today, whining about liberal bias, but I would like to keep my own mind.)

Even liberals talk about; “No wonder Bush won twice.” while describing some Democratic infighting or lack of cohesion. Truth seems to be on the side that he never won fairly once, or at the minimum, the second time was a default, since it issued from the first cheat, and resulting failure to detect the 9-11 attack. All of this manipulated and contorted by the spin machinery of a “free press” that has no responsibility or accountability to providing the whole truth. It has been said that those elections, if carried out in another country, we would not have legitimized it! The Forth Estate, our freedoms guarantee, has a noose around its neck, watching the guy with the foot on the chair.

Even as a kid, when I heard William F Buckley speak on his debate show, I would be flabbergasted at how his ad hominem emotionally concluded barbs were thought of as intellectually honest, by himself! But I had grown up hearing similar ad hominem swipes. Conservatives especially, seem interested in getting the arguments out of intellectual accuracy, or any true empathy toward the plight and concerns of others than themselves. It is a peculiar self centering that thrives on name calling and cult like group think consensus reality passing as truthfulness, to not be questioned. Liberalism is by nature open to question, but not all proclaimed liberals are.

It is a travesty to observe the Democratic contenders, Barack Obama, but especially Hillary Clinton, use extraordinarily spacious logic to promote their cause. Surrogates and associations are now taken by the public as being the actual thoughts of the candidates, unless they are instantaneously disowned. John McCain seems to be given a bit of a pass on his associations, relative to the Democrats. I wonder why?


What is my actual position I hear some of you ask? Democracy’s must have fair elections to survive. They should also require a majority of voters, not some fractional plurality. Yes. We then require a more involved and deliberately knowledgeable public. What else? Whomever wins this coming time better include people from across their aisle. The damage done requires impute from more than one ideological bent. We need to return to the best and not the weight of despotic like loyalties sinking the ship of state.

We are one nation and one people for heaven sake! We must rise to the biggest sense of those words.

I have ventured into my own belief zone as my blog title exclaims. Yet I would be quite surprised to hear conservatives admit to mistakes, fundamental errors of judgment (except they were not conservative enough!) or any basic untruth possible to their philosophical positions. When questioning is the first thing they deflect, this state becomes their own lot in life. Now that they are trying to force us all to agree with them, and undermine attempts at fact checking and honest evaluations of situations, to protect their abstract delusional sense of purity. Their counterpoints in the world will both resist and respond with similar tactics. If their reign of illusion continues its polluted march forward, all democracies will be threatened with extinction. And possibly much more than that.


That any of the worlds conservative movements cannot include the vast diversity of human ideas engaged toward greater understandings of environmental inter and codependencies is an anathema to the Wholeness of Life and Being that exist beyond tiny human comprehensive abilities. The accountable and responsible light that this awareness cast on being human is a challenge to us all. May the brightness of Unconditional Love cause their eyes to open, and cry into forgiveness. That is the proof of free will.