McCain and Obama Debate


It is a study in perception and expectation to hear what the debate “seemed” to those who watched it.

I read a bit on one of those often silly fluff pieces put up on the WordPress home page, being stunned that someone turned their sound off and examined how people “looked”.

If we think there are qualifications for the president, one can almost wish there were some for citizens. Do we know the difference from style and substance? Do we know the dangers of getting any more of those 18th century fantasy land “Originalist” on the Supreme Court, in a time when corporations are considered superior to the individual? Unlike back in the Old Day’s, when one of its champions, Clarence Thomas, would now be carrying wood instead of judicial briefs if his fantasy land imaginations were realities. Or are we just looking for style and who seems to score points even if they are false premises or contexts?  Short attention span theater favours ad hominem scoring over truth.

I’m afraid many of us do not realize the bias our corporate individual paradigm holds we regular original people under. We are secondary citizens, from access to government, to responsibility and accountability to the Commons. Many of us here in the good old USA are test-tube citizens, unable to discern the nose on our own face from the one on the TV that seems more, well, real.


I thought the debate was about even, a solid slight Obama advantage, a larger one if one bases their opinions on the use of actual facts and more than might makes right. That is the big invisible creature existing between what is coming across and what the viewer accepts as relevant or even valid. If a certain contemptuous sure style is thought of as strength (a la Cheney) then McCain seemed more certain of his accurate or not absolute conservative buzz notions. If sticking to talking points and phrases are “strong”, then he may have seemed to be more of it. No thinking on ones feet being required, is not a strength to me.

I was glad to see Obama at least look at the person he was talking to at times. That seems one of those fundamental connections that should not be considered voluntary when it comes to governing a nation in a complex world. We’ve had way to much of that ignore your non identical viewpoints already. It was a bit disconcerting to have McCain always looking at the notes of his apparently somewhat scripted presentation. Since he did not read the recent economic two and one half page proposition by the administration days after being submitted, what else will he not bother with once we are not looking. That is scary. Too busy with his lifelong dream of sitting in the oval office? Oligarchical families such as his tend to have grand entitlement expectations, like the Bush’s and Kennedy’s.

I’m glad Obama was not afraid to credit McCain when McCain was right. McCain seemed disabled to go to that factual reality complement. His script was that usual conservative one; lots of false fronts as diversions form real underlying issues. His use of that maverick tag seems intended to excuse those few times he goes off on his own, but after the last convulsive weeks of his campaign, I’m beginning to wonder if being a “maverick” is just another cover for being uniformed, but stubborn enough not to accept anyone else’s ideas.


Obama has proved himself to be one steady character, especially next to the erratic McCain lead up to this event. That is now McCain’s challenge. He has to keep his temper and contempt under control. If focus groups determine his ignoring his opponent is not a good thing, he may suddenly seem all “I’m in your face”, come next meeting. This credit could then be chalked up to maverick unpredictability’s.

McCain may well go more towards his warm and fuzzy people stuff. It has been part of the reason he is so accepted in alternative and more youthful areas such as the Daily Show. That, and how he was once a kind of real maverick, refreshing in a cult party of conformity. This sort of TV congeniality is what seemed to help George Bush amongst those who have not much of an ideological clue as to what these degenerating two parties represent, beyond personality type casting.

I would not have let George Bush watch my house over a weekend, not now, or in 2000.  I can see he is a scammer and playing off of American vulnerabilities in perception.  Yet many Americans were ready and eager to trust him.  Thanks a lot.  Now I am feeling these next two in that party have no right to oversee even a small business.  But failure never stopped these conservatives from failing again, even while allegedly succeeding.  The current scammer and chief is one prime example.  But I digress…

Obama has a more engaging world view. Most conservative types tend to keep their ideological blindfolds on until something rips them off; such as being held prisoner. Then, such as in torture issues, one might go against the stream of the blind following the blind. That is, until blindfolds are required anew.

Why Obama is so adverse to representing progressive ideals clearly, beyond the Iraq war issue and generalized economic ones, is quite possibly his wobbling crutch. Those can be quite populist, with strong emotional identity’s to average Americans. I imagine he does not completely share them, feeling they are a false dichotomy or such. Or he is like that centrist trend in his party, bending the individuals interest to the fate of globalising corporate ideologies.

Unfortunately for America; pandering to the wishy washy middle of the road undecideds, has morphed into the position both parties tend to go for come elections. This tendency may quite possibly be one that only furthers corporate horse race preference over truth in context fact… And so the world slides down the merging slippery slope to the One World Corporation. Once the world is a kind of prison, if there are elections for psychological reasons, perhaps the robots will give us food if we vote for the right one. Probably the smiling one.




False premises are hard to defend, but only if the truth of the alleged concluding “facts” are given in their actual context with the assumption of the premise, so they must be separated. False premises are defensible in appearance, if emotion can be substituted for reason. The whole equation of what can seem to be truth, has its math altered in propaganda’s altered reality matrix. At times, opinion is not just a point of view, it is a whole ideological twist as to how facts relate or are otherwise believed to be connected.

Our problem is; deceptive reasoning does work in political campaigns where look and attitude have more impact than facts in their actual full context. In times of public election campaigns, anything that “sticks” or “brands” your opposition, is not necessarily dependent on real truth, just an assembled facsimile. Since the public tends not to be up on the width and length of any particular issue as it pertains to all real world relationships, many ideas can be made to seem to fit in with the attitude one wishes to convey.

Pundits are expert at manipulating relative ignorance to pander to their own viewpoints. For some, there seems to be no limit to what cause and effect in their imaginations can connect to via the manifold invisible dots ignorance can connect via imagination. Some of these are in ideological holes, not able to appreciate how inaccurate their presumptions are. They are certain that their ideas are right. Truth seems to them, to be as obvious as the walls of their own ideological cave.

During the Democratic Campaign, one obvious conditional truth dependent on ignorance was; the question of who Barack Obama was. This unknown opened up a whole smorgasbord of things to tag him with; a wild preacher, a wild neighbor association, what his wife said about her feelings, even the tribal slant that he is somehow not like the majority, was used to turn identity assumption toward a fringe element. And since Barack Obama was in this relative unknown zone, a tag of not enough experience was one lasting “truth” available for assembled to order rationalizations.

With a population relatively in the dark about his political motivations, they were open to be construed as any negative; naive, untrustworthy, and suggesting even secretive. US election campaigns are mostly campaigns in psychological warfare. Fearful unknowns are classic rejection strategies, since one never really knows all about someone, a new face is quite vulnerable to suspicion. One party constantly uses tax in times of economic stress, and so called “values” to entice population segments with wedge issues. This negative focus campaigning has proved to be a powerful aphrodisiac for the right wing. Once in office, they can go on to fully support the very wealthy over the rest of the population with impunity, helping to precipitate the very vices tagged to opponents during campaigns. Fear works.

In comparison regarding qualifications for president; the Texas governorship was considered the third most important position in that state, yet it was the seasoned proof of an alleged bipartisan compassionate conservative ready to be president. That, and his father was one before, which is quite a plus in conformist status quo ideological elite comfort zones. I hardly remember a word over his lack of experience, if anything, it was sold as a plus; change Washington. Yet the narratives gained some hold, that Gore as well as Kerry were reckless and irresponsible tax and spend liberals. It is hard to imagine a more costly to America administration as this last one. Fear is the bread and butter of many politicians, and that view is dragging the nation downward.

For these brands to take hold, whether true of false or kinda in-between was immaterial. Repetition and a media’s acceptance of a tag as good for gossip, was about all that was required for the repeating machine gun of the corporate press to shoot accusations of questionable merit, until they take hold. This is exactly the kind of strategy the Republicans often use. It is great at covering up ones own lack of accomplishments as far as the voters are concerned. Then, turning to grand abstractions, as if we all forget who is who, and when what happened and why.

I was in Costco recently, I tell you this just to show you extreme examples of the misleading intentions of a campaigns effects in the real world. The guy ahead of me was talking with the cashier, and said with a laugh, that Obama’s idea of an energy solution was for everyone, “to let the air out of their tires”. It was not even necessary for this guy to have the propaganda right. McCain’s answer of more offshore drilling immediately, will never save as much oil as properly inflating ones tire will. The truth was ridiculed, while the lie seems as the sound guys answer.

This is how reality is turned on its head, and exactly the kind of false premise, false assumption, and out of context reasoning that made the Iraq invasion seem to most Americans as a prudent decision (at the time). Those who know how propaganda works, know that most anything can be tared and feathered to look like something it is not, resulting in choices that are wrong, yet assumed right. Since this strategy is proven to work; it will be implemented.


Rovian negative double think has taken one’s pluses to new levels of minus, thanks to ad-hominem association with the negatively framed issues. We have seen John McCain, for instance, endorse many a misleading commercial based primarily on false assumption, including false association and erroneous context. Then in the commercial, comes the list of grand old abstractions he magically possesses that will make it all better. Occasionally the Democrat’s will be caught in aspects of this overboard reasoning, usually associated with some arguable statistic or conclusion, and not the whole entire premise. Pundits will call both of these kinds of cheating the same; they all do it.

Political analyst have suggested that the Republican party is really good at this misinformation campaigning, knowing who and how to target audiences, getting certain segments of the population to fall for the bait. They suggest that for varying reasons, the Democrat’s try to explain their actual positions, or do not counterattack in kind, which then seems kind of wimpy and nuanced compared to the strong allegations tailored to deceive. This is a battle to get character type casting as negative for your opponent, and positive for yourself, while no one says anything has to be completely true or accurate.

Some believe that pulling out all the negative stops is the only way for the Republicans this season, to frame the Democrats into negative boxes, where truth and honesty are nothing more than your own wishful point of view, mandating you to drag your opponent into the mud, imaginary or not. Truth or not, we are left with no more Mr. or Ms. clean. This “competition” historically has taken a toll by both reducing voter turnout (disenchantment-apathy) and labeling ones opponent with disingenuous notions having little to do with factual reality and actual policy repercussions in a real world context. Rovian double think even has declared reality to be vastly overrated. If you can tar and feather your opponent, then call them a bird, the media will go on to ask; where will so and so roost next?


As is classic in deception, ones own duplicitous motivations are branded onto ones opponent to confuse the whole situation, making the decisive elections middle of the fence voters take a more “survivalist”, who makes me feel more safe, turn to status quo security blankets. The Clinton’s used this same, he’s too naive, strategy against Obama. What was drawing folks to Obama’s message had to be condemned as being some sort of trick, if Obama is naive, then a bit by inference, those attracted to him are as well. The objective is to get the voting public to agree they would rather be practical than naive. But what ever happened to policy issues?

Some presume it worked well to go negative for her. Then if called out, the woman’s card could be played to arouse her supporters to her feminine martyrdom. (I must say that the culture at large, particularly in the MSM, treats women much different than men—in biased sex based attitude and assumption). It was seemingly easy for women to feel the bias, so presumably that framing worked as well. I remember many an interview with her fuming supporters purportedly exposing the male club presumed to be keeping her from her just and rightful win. Interesting how these days, many candidates to these offices seem to believe that they are next, or have a historical right to the position. I assume this is an attitude they wish the voting public to assume as well.


While the public intuits that something systemic is wrong with the way Washington has come to operate, the very breath and depth of that problem is kept farther from reach than the voting button, card or lever. Its base is in the mind of the citizens who put the politicians gingerly into position to do what they do. Many incumbents are often “automatically” put back into office, to the point that changing Washington is usually never more than a naive figure of speech.

We seem to have surrendered to institutions that do not know how to evolve and adapt honestly to the modern integrating world, unless one calls the lobbyist culture as a good adaptation. We remain in anachronistic electoral and superficial issue based campaigns, driven by a corporate media always more interested in drama, in conflict, than in peace and understanding. Ignorance itself, has seemed to rise to the position of the nations guide.

It is we, the average American, who have let democracy slip out of our fingers, into a business and status quo machinery interested in its own self perpetuation, and not in citizen rights, national health or honest public input. In a collectively obvious way; too many of us have abandoned politics as a mechanism for addressing national problems. We have more important things to do it would seem, so ignorance settles in to roost. This choice of abandonment now haunts this country and its institutions.

One party in particular senses a great advantage to ignorance, and is continually attempting to stealthily place more limits on fair voting, defining downward who is eligible. They look forward to reduced voting in their opponents segments of the population, which can be selectively targeted in places, purging similar names on list, creating long lines and questionable yet unverifiable voting machinery. That is not an accident, but it is producing catastrophic results nonetheless, violating the very soul of freedom and democracy.

We have taken part in burying the hard fought USA reputation since World War Two. It is not Washington per-say that is the problem, it is what we have unconsciously let it become, an oligarchical estate federation that would just as much get rid of voting all together—for business sake, once their party is in across the board majority office. We are allowing infrastructures to come into being that may render true democracy mute (some suggest it long has been); the say of the citizen relegated to what they do or do not purchase. And all by letting our own insecurities get the better of us. Misleader’s are depending on it.

Everyone seems to agree in the abstract, that the real truth can hurt, the question then becomes, when one owns up to it, or relishes escapist cognitive dissonance instead. Democracy’s regression to an infantile state is not Washington’s fault, it is ours. Or are we just someone else’s puppets?

and the right wings favorite yet cynical weapon directed towards their own faith in naive and un-knowledgeable followers—–;Thought-terminating cliché

Who needs followers to have critical thinking anyways.  It only messes things up.


It is known as reverse psychology, but not in the classic sense. This is reverse self psychology; where one blames another for exactly what one does oneself, and often does, much, much more of. It is known in psychological circles as projection. Politically, it is a disingenuous blaming of another to cover ones own issue with the very subject at hand.

This is considered fair, since all is declared fair in the competition within politics. That this unfairness exist in an institution that must be fair by definition, is perhaps a fatal flaw of democratic elections as they now exist in the USA. This degeneracy has gone so far, that government now uses the media itself, to bias the debate behind the scenes. This is overthrowing democracy, plain and simple. We once went to war to preserve our freedom from this very event.

We have long heard of tax and spend liberals. What happens with money that is not taxed by government is that it becomes available to economic interest who can then raise their prices, thus tax and spend again, only this time without your public input. That aside. Once creating tax into a mind frame as a bad product to be rejected, this scheme is then used to give ever greater tax breaks to the very wealthy, while all national commons issues are picked up by the poor and working vast majority (no one left to foot the bill). After many in this majority have voted to “cut tax” by the big bad “tax and spend” liberal government, probably to be blamed for ones own lack of spending money!


A key to wedge issues like tax, abortion, and so called other moral and value issues, is the butchering of the context these things occur in, mostly at the expense of the commons. They are taken out of context, purified in abstraction, tagged to a stressor’s in the population, then packaged with an allegedly resolving answer. In fact, one will often find in the disingenuously misleading arguments, that the other side is taking things out of context, that context usually being, not the truth, but some conservative ideology “presumed” to be the fact and the holy truth by the accuser speaking.

So called flip-flopping and “whining” are such tagged emotionalized products made to associate with a target and a target audience. These are not in context. As with John Kerry and many others alleged of flip-flopping, the issue is taken out of context, then repackaged to be the truth. With John Kerry, those who said they changed their minds or positions after hearing the actual truth about threats to the nation, or having the counter facts unveiled to them later, were insinuated to be either confused or deceeving. A logical change in mind or position (yes with its organic nuance and definition) is repackaged as an ungrounded “flip-flop”, a new product allegedly indicating an actual lack of thoughtfulness by the target to the target audience.

If the audience does not know the real truth, the real context, as the rationalizations for the invasion of a nation that did not attack us on 9-11-01 was, then packaged into reasoning that alluded that they had, the target audience of these erroneous rationalizations is mislead. With embedded reverse psychological trickery, blurred truths into abstractions to confuse an audience, “facts” become mere ideological propaganda.

The American public, according to polls, had a majority still believing Iraq was directly involved in 9-11, even years after the truth of no connection was known publicly. This shows the power of the pivot point of perception aligned with cognitive dissonance, and continuing misinformation bias. The public does not acknowledge in any prompt way, that they have been grossly mislead or fooled by the nations institutions, nor continuously by one of its political parties.


On the right wing we have heard of the whining liberals for ages. But if one listens to right wing radio, and the other right wingers so prominent in most media organizations, their “whining” is incessant. But when a liberal alleges something is not fair or not equal, the media whining merry-go-round goes on its predestined ride. Conservatism as it now exist in America was hijacked quite long ago by obvious power groups of the oligarchy.

These find that democracy itself, as a liberal governing institution, is a danger to the privileges of the status quo. A truly free press is also a threat, which has been greatly neutralized. Christianity, in the purely liberal traditions of Jesus Christ, had to be reversed. It had to become anti the teachings of Christ, while of course, claiming to be the true Christianity battling the hypothetical Antichrist. This Antichrist is often conceived to be some liberal, or liberal like empowerment of the many, all people, the whole world, the poor and disenfranchised etc.

In many ways our military, yes, our military, has been hijacked by this kind of interest to do its bidding in the world, yet hold us accountable by both blow-back, and the tax and spend profiteering at fears expense. Fear that is routinely packaged and sold to scare the public into line. America is being changed and “flip-flopped” into an oligarchical-corporate machinery, where the public is used as fuel to power the lifestyles of the very rich and powerful, who are and have succeeded in controlling most institutions in order to render the public, the constitutions, freedom and liberty, the province of wealth and not of democracy, or the public good.


The lackadaisical John McCain. He claims we don’t really care how long we are in Iraq?

He is addressing the mindset psychology of the Casual Americans

I live in Arizona, and am glad to say I have never voted for either AZ Senator, but apparently many have. They get reelected, as many do in this nation, by the revolving doors of name recognition and voter non recognition of all the issues their vote will effect. I do not know one thing McCain did for me or my fellow Arizonans. I do know Senator Kyl constantly produces convoluted rationalizations to support the president and the neocon agenda of rights subjugation, also being a constant ideological apologist for failing conservative concepts, while blaming liberals for all of our ills.

During the economic booms of the last 20 or more years, much of Arizona has been dominated by the pro growth crowd. These tend to be pro business, not pro worker, or environment, or social responsibility to the disadvantaged etc, they ride high on their faux horses, riding up on the retirement and relocation flow into the Desert Southwest, which produces the look of expanding advancements.

Many low paying jobs in construction and many in service sectors are created here in a “right to work” state, which means a right for you to the lowest pay possible for your work. Under-regulated growth does provide a surge in jobs of a sorts, but the consequence of low wages and environmental degradations are passed onto the future, as are the common of the values of conservative delusions of superiority–they do not need to acknowledge the long term consequences of their actions or policies, or even the existence of a commons or fundamental cohesive societal contract.


Though Iraq had not an al-queada to be seen before the invasion, that invasion under false pretext has turned Iraq into a recruitment mecca for terror. It is said terrorist go there to train for “work” elsewhere. Yet stolen democracy here at home aside, our alleged spread of democracy to other places, was not the go along induced coma mantra the public was put into in 2003 to 2001. We were told we were going to be attacked so attack them first, remember?

The umbilical cords of power fed just the necessary amount of mis and disassociation’s to confuse the public as to this administrations actual hubris driven fantasy goals, and war profiteering interest. If anything; the level of naivete in the general populations was astounding; A VAST MAJORITY SUPPORTED WHAT THEY NOW ALLEGEDLY OPPOSE. The bill for the future for this public laziness of mind?

Many trillions of dollars and unknown blowback from those who perceive themselves to be harmed by the US actions in their area and to their kind. All to be payed for by this very same public! The price will include the tax of ever rising prices, of ignored energy and social needs. It will be the bill that just keeps on delivering. Around the world, the reaction to US power, exercised to the benefits of corporate profits and global hegemony, will create more and more adversaries which will then feed into the same dysfunctional cycle of reaction used by reactionary interest to validate those same reactionary interest. Truly a cancer of the human psyche.

Yet these very right wing apologist and corporate sycophants will rail against big government and tax increases. They will make the average individual think that waste and misbegotten government spending is the fundamental cause of what eats away at their paycheck. Exactly the phenomenon the powerful create with disintegrating infrastructures, eroding rights, global meltdown, genetically cross contaminated food genes getting lose, and the profit syphoning of wages earned by most regular Americans. In the make believe world of right wing ideologues, government waste, and profits go to my friends.


We should be thankful for the troops who do their job, but not the falseness in the delusional minds who sent them there. Yet these entrenched oligarchy power groups attempt to have us assume we, or our neighbors, do not support the troops, for proclaiming support the troops assumes the troops are not supported. What was actually not supported in proclamations from the right, was how the troops are used as a political foil to stand in front of and hide a degenerating empires attempts to acquire diminishing world resources, to line the pockets of the big haves with ever increasing wealth and reward their loyal followers. The rest of us are left to our own devises, just as New Orleans was left to drown.

It is an amazing exercise in dumb-think to listen to the George Will’s of this world, and the Grover Norquist–the drown government in the bathtub guy. These individuals and their ideological deluded kin make a killing off of spreading the seeds of separation and contempt for the commons. As if governments only role is to kill the people they do not like, otherwise, stay out of the way of social and environmental plunder, and show no empathy or compassion to your fellow humans who do not adjust well to an exploitative and opportunistic predatory system. (their actual “spiritual” Darwinian false premise) These not only promote a form of totalitarian mind control by the few and for the many, they betray the very essence of the American Commons; the communal declaration of independence and mutual regard as human beings in collective relationships.

In the last several days I have had the opportunity to hear both of these people speak on interview shows. Norquist, prodded by Stephen Colbert, would never acknowledge that government should even fix roads. Who do these ideologues think is going to do all the work necessary to make this nation work, and work in some sense of fairness? The Halliburton’s? Exon-Mobile, since they still use tanker trucks? Whomever funds your personal think tank? Simply stunning in mind-blank and misanthropic contempt.


There were and are some Americans though, who could see through the smoke screens and deceptions from day one. Speaking for myself; I know what propaganda looks and feels like, and I know false arguments when I see them. Apparently, by the evidence, many of our fellow voters can not tell the difference, or take their citizenship responsibilities as some sort of very casual acquaintance, or ideological/party dumb-think.

The delusional mindsets of the right are hard at work again attempting to anesthetize the population by election time. If history is the example, they have to get within a few million votes to pull off a many fronted steal. If that proves to be an unlikely scenario, by summers end possibly, they will need to create the might is right jingoism parade to convince the casual Americans that it is patriotic to support false pretext, false assumption, false dichotomy, and otherwise false association impressions as to what we stand for here.

It now seems the conservatives are ready to stoke the mud slinging forked tongue express. McCain has sent an apparent signal for a go ahead with the Words of Mass Deception campaign to come, by expressing his lack of control for the things that may be said about his opponent. The casual Americans will meet over phone’s or talk after the smear add on TV and say; I didn’t know he was like that, how scary. But they will not mean the producers of the add and who it will serve, but the desired target of it.

As we have seen, and hopefully presumably know; say a lie often enough and it will stand side by side with the truth, and quite possibly, cover that truth with a coat of slime, so that we know longer know what it looks like. No. I do not mind being blunt in this piece. A country is at stake as is all of our futures. The time of talking to one another as if we were babies is over. A population that goes on to believe in misinformation long after the actual truth has come out has been induced into some kind of delusional mindset.

There is a whole cable news network dedicated to irrational ad-hominem reasoning masquerading as common sense and decent American values. It is part of a huge media conglomerate owned by and dispersing the ideological prejudice of its became American to increase market share(?)  owner, who despises liberalism. Many other cable news networks went on to try to out mimic this one when irrationality was on such an ascendant just six years ago. In this pathetic follow the money leader breed of “journalism”, the nation is now subjected to ideological biases that come to be seen as truthful reporting of the issues. Almost always, cherry picked issues and ways of perceiving them. Stealthy biases such as loading commentators to the right of the spectrum, tends to gradually drag perceptions that way. This is why media consolidation is so essential to corporate control of information and ideas, necessary to wash the inconvenient facts and context away.


We are to march like robots just as in 2003, not as a free people, but as an old world warlord bunch of followers afraid to think for themselves or stand up for the nations principles, instead, be more like a mind controlled cult. What have we actually learned of these war loving misanthropes? Once we are perceived to be under fears spell, we stop asking questions as to reality checks and viable strategy, as well as why we need then send our sons and daughters into harms way for our alleged defense. We are then the pawns of manipulators and predators of the nations very soul. All while the media makes catchy phrases to glorify the dumb-think parade and its floats and clowns.

We may have awaken a little from the nightmare mentality the spell casters had us in. Years of obvious misrepresentations and contemptuous incompetence has taken an obvious toll on the previous delusions of grandeur. Now, since that road to deception has proved to have become slightly problematic, the might makes right money making machinery of conflict seeks a more acceptable, to the casual Americans, way of war. A button pushing way to send terrible weapons to rain down upon both the suspecting and average people, including children and the unborn, of some other country. Unless America has woken up for good, the bad will come back to haunt our hearts once again. After we see the merrily wave flags and hear the issue statements of fighting the likes of the Nazis, we may well then go on to act quite like them.


It is in this context of the casual Americans, too busy to bother with details of their governments doings in the world, or too confused or removed from history to remember what Dwight D Eisenhower once warned them of so many decades ago; about the collusion of the business and military industries and their congressional cronies, who see a war machinery as good for profit margins and great lifestyles. Now it seems the fourth estate, once the public interest guardian, is now most interested in what sells add space, and not the unbridled truth and its inevitable consequence.

We the People usually do not accept any accusations that we are asleep at the wheel. In fact, some manipulative interest use apparent criticism of the public as a wedge to bias the public to its pandering viewpoints. Notice how quickly Obama’s reflection on why some Americans seem stuck in certain ways to certain patterns. He actually said they cling to what they feel is steadfast in a way. Religion and keeping ones own defenses up. I do not disagree with that entirely at all, many of us value what we know as a sense of security in this many faced world where so few trustworthy institutions seem reliable.

Many Americans have every right to feel bitter, when they can see how Washington and the stolen government cares for itself above them. But these not quite well said words of Barack Obama were spun in circles like a spiders web to catch their prey. Not Obama exactly, but who might feel he is a new answer, attacking him through them. This is diverting attention to score a point, much more than the put down by Obama it was built up to be.


The way Cognitive dissonance tends to direct accusations somewhere else. A convenient target is the one delivering the criticism. This kind of personal cowardice (a stress induced procrastination in self development, adjusted to in projection as seeming to be coming in from someone else) is a hallmark of many a dysfunctional human being. Now we are seeing this strange zeitgeist Teflon coating on John McCain, as if since he once served as one of the troops, he gets a permanent pass or bypass on criticism, especially on defense matters.

That most of his positions have gone around and around in circles, while he is seemingly not too concerned how correct he is about Sunni, Shia and al-queada profound differences and even hatreds of one another is mind boggling in its morass of contradictions. It is as if one more calm speaking (in front of the cameras!) conservative will melt down the casual Americans shield of suspicion, to once again accept the mind unplugging certitudes of conservative abstractions unconnected to actual realities on the ground. We are fine with staying in Iraq as long as we are not being killed? What? As permanent occupiers? Or as the symbol we were in Saudi Arabia which helped generate most of the 9-11 hijackers? That kind of fine and not being killed? No he suggest. Like Japan, Korea and Germany, entirely different issues in comparison to the Arab World I must say.

Remember Rove’s alleged comment; and I paraphrase; ‘You guys (reporters) are stuck in the reality world, the clumsy world of facts. We are the actors of history, its creators, we do things. You all just follow in our wake.’ Now John McCain seems headed toward the favorable 2 to 1 bias in his favor that Bush enjoyed over Al Gore pre-election. The “press” has long liked his congenial style and his once maverick notions of independence from the conservative dumb-think express.

Now, though he is seated on board that very express, his ex POW status is to make him invincible of the very security issues that are undermining the interest, the greater interest of the founding principles of this nation he once served in combat. Proving age, as well as experience, does not guarantee wisdom or truthfulness. McCain has been shown to have held the opposite position of many of the positions he now allegedly embraces. His spinning personality and its “free ride” is to benefit whom exactly? We the People?

THE GREAT BUTTER UP–Works Most Every Time

Years after a war is proved to be both ill conceived and misrepresented to the extreme, after untold thousands of lives were lost and uncountable ill will produced for generations to come. Oh, how we like those politicians and press who tell us how hard working, tough, decent and noble a public we are, as they laugh behind our backs, or at times, right out in public before their elite base goes on to consume the commons out from under your feet.

The easily frightened but casual Americans so prevalent throughout the population, will snicker about intellectual elites, latte drinking aloof liberals, you know who we mean, snicker, head shake. They know who stands for right. The aiders and abettors of the salve of ignorance and contempt applied by conservative sycophants to power in the press and media, will seek to emotionally bias the casual, hard working or not white voters, and those who embrace the interest of the casual elite, but hard working or not white voters lifestyle.

For once anyone is so far out on the plank of illusion, to call one deluded is taken in as calling one a name, which they will certainly take umbrage at. This seems to be the operational attack mode conservatives conjure up in election cycles. The media eats it up as all fair to the battle, the battle to bury truth in context for excitement value. The battle to get more market share and sell advertising space to the highest bidder.


There are definite traits to the Casual American. They see the nation as one divided into both parts and separate identities. They vote and listen for self promoting notions. They vote on these self absorbed at the surface issues. They vote for wealth maintenance, or poverty help. They vote for their gender, or their race.
They vote for their particular religious identity, or their job interest. They do not see the whole of things. They suffer under their own separation and alienation complexes viewpoints.

They do not vote by actual policy necessarily, but what looks like their kind of person who represents their kind of interest. They are lead to believe this is what responsible citizenry is about; about forwarding your own subjective view, and not the big view. They are seduced by pandering mechanisms to believe their view will dominate and become permanent. They are then seduced into separation in a more permanent way. They also can not see out of the box to notice what tactic’s and strategies are being used against them, or why the more things are said to change or be for the better, the less good that seems to actually spread throughout the nation.

In any country, these small viewed folks are seen by others, even those who might be just like them in their own ways, as self centered and spoiled. How and what spoils them might in the particular, have the appearance of opposites, but in reality their ideological views feel may well produce the same contemptuous feelings about the others in the culture not quite like them. This is the small lizard brain view of conservatism and orthodoxy, with its intrinsic shoot oneself in the foot behaviors, while feeling proud and true.

If we vote on this surface view of things like the Casual Americans, we are one. If we feel offended by someones behavior, even tough they share our beliefs, and go on to support its near opposite, in effect by tantrum outside the political realities to prove a point, we are voting self absorbed and not in the interest of the big picture. Now the pandemic individualism of the Westernized World “gives” us every right to do what we want, how we want, within the law (for some). That separation psychology does not in itself create the right behavior, but may well create the opposite of our actual belief’s even though we think we are acting in our own interest. That some manipulators have come to rely on this sort of contrapuntal confusion, is a testament to how much psychological warfare is going on at election times, and how little of the public knows how to perceive their own actual interest, nor how to factually identify the facts in context from fantasy.

The Casual Americans are expediting, not just a global meltdown, but one of Democracy as well.


This post is for the angry Hillary people. I read their angst filled lines and wonder; where do they think I was these last few years? They talk of Hillary’s superior coalition, her special interest groups and broad coalition that were so formidable, until everyone rolled over for the speech maker.

I know this was the narrative the Hillary folks both sold and convinced themselves of, but for some of us out here like me, who would have gladly voted for Hillary Clinton once upon a time, her war record spoke to us more than anything else. That she enabled the farce of rationalizations so long after most were exposed, (some on day one to the critically thinking endowed), was a shock to the cause of this nation. Her political positioning by poll assumption was the last straw. War is the most serious and consequential of happenings, and she was acting on preemptive political cunning rather than principle. Obfuscation, death and destruction ensued, but she has that lame excuse.

Some may well think that cunning and a list of promises, and a reference to being tough are what a leader requires. That is not all to many of us. Leadership requites being willing to take a stand when others are bending over backwards in fear. It is true that Barack Obama has not been vetted to the degree those out in the public view for much longer have. But he has shown a passion to succeed when all assume it is impossible. Instead of the same old plan most politicians seem unable to waver from, he at least shows a willingness to seek an answer. I would more easily trust his team than the same old’s who were hovering around Hilary Clinton’s campaign. She showed an eager desire to wade into the mud in desperation, pretty much he did not.

All the women I happen to know are for Obama, but it seems some people (usually women) assume most women were for Hillary (poll data said a majority, not all), so since it was cast into an us or them thing, it’s all a misogyny thing. I trust this is just the stupidity of assumption, for if we vote for those candidates just because they are like us in sex, race or other appearances, we are complete fools. ( As a man, I personally wish most politicians were women. They (women) are generally more likely to be more rational in a collective sense, simply because they are not as much testosterone impaired, and tend to a more wholesome view. Sorry men.)

But I do not have much sympathy for the disgruntled Hilary Supporters. They were, via their candidate, willing to side with another Jekyll & Hyde of a “conservative” pandering to doublespeak, over one of their own philosophy! Do they really think John McCain stands for much of anything except all they are against?

This does not speak well of the view of some vocal Hillary folks out there still fuming about their fair and square defeat, although they were lead along on that Russian Roulette of rationalizations she kept spinning. My. How they would have been disappointed once she got in and low and behold, the same old corporate state kept taking over. We have to keep at anyone of these characters once they get in there. I think Obama will likely have an outstanding Cabinet, especially compared to this last disaster. The Democrats have actually intelligent people interested in the common good to draw from. And do not be surprised if he reaches across the aisle here and there for the best and to overcome the Rovian divisiveness of the right wing divide and conquer cult of fear.

At least there is an opportunity with Obama to serve more of the people than those reshaping the country and world into their own dynasties. If the conservative Republican-lite Democrats are going to sit this out or change sides to the oligarchs, stay there please. But if you want actual government accountability and at least a premise of citizen input, dust off your shoes and get to work for progress and opportunity. For unlike the conservative divide and conquer party, rational people know we are all in this together even when we are not under dirrect attack, or hypothetical ones.

And for the pro McCain guy saying Barack was in school while McCain was living; My word! You need more than Faux News like ad-hominem reasoning to convince all but fellow cult members. It is a false dichotomy, based on a false premise leading to a false assumption with no context as applied to actually qualities of being a president. Unless the most familiar with the corrupt machinery of the power structure are believed to be your best rulers. Don’t nail too many of those planks together for your perch!

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Now we will see what the country is really made of. If it looks forward on something other than a fear based premise, or if various groups will be “wedged” by their own narrow perceptions, to effectively shoot themselves in the foot.

It has long been established that all of society benefits more under the Democrats than the Republicans. Even though the wealthy do better under the Dems., the poor do much better. That should not be hard, since the Darwinian contempt for the commons tenet of the conservatives, doesn’t care if the worlds poor, wherever they are, are the last on the back of the bus, or run over by it.

So now we will see if the corporate media does something like the 2-1 news bias for pro Bush vs Gore. If this attempt to brainwash the public by controlling perceptions occurs again, we will know the level of election reform necessary for the USA to become a real democracy, rather than a faux democracy manipulated by the inherent bias of power interest access currently controlling elections. But we can assume our perceptions are still to be set up like ducks in a shooting gallery.

Time will also tell whether the Democratic party’s recent attempts to act like the GOP, are turned back, or if a fraudulent duality regains prominence in a deteriorating state of governance; of, for and by the people.

In case one hasn’t noticed it, your rights are running further behind those of corporations.

We currently have a government unprepared for any commodity price going through the roof such as gas. What is the plan if half the population suddenly cannot even get to work due to high gas prices? One thing we do know; the plan should not be siding with the types that had their hero Regan take the solar collectors off the White House roof. When the predators are in control, public interest is kept far behind the greed of the few to take from the many. How did that contempt for a government having intelligent options turn out? We might well soon find out.

On the lighter side: An irreverent view of Hillary’s last primary speech. Note; rated R due to a brief appearance in print of a profane F word.

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Two interviews in the last two days on Comedy Central displayed the mental disturbance that seems to be endemic to the right wing ideologues. Douglas Feith was interviewed by John Stewart. Host Stewart of the Daily Show, pressed Feith on the rationalizations that led up to the Iraq invasion, and met that wall of no admittance, typical of the architects of the War. I imagine they are doing what Rumsfeld and others did which is to insist they were always right and only the public, or the bad media, anybody, somebody else is responsible for all that seems to have gone wrong.

Meanwhile, last night Steven Colbert interviewed the legendary right wing instigator (I am using instigator like the right wing likes to distort perception by leading with an emotional ad-hominem tag-frame), Grover Norquist. While Colbert plays a right wing instigator of his own, it is in parody. Norquist has a book out that seems designed for the dim wits that are to be implied to be out there in the title. To paraphrase the books title, it goes something like; Keep the government out of all our lives, except where we need it to kill or contain bad people attacking us anti-government Americans.

Colbert did not give him a completely free ride. He asked him if he wants paved roads, since he, Colbert, drives around a dirt road in his back yard and it drives the neighbors crazy. The point of course being that government has a myriad of other services that as of yet are not being taken up by the private sector. Interestingly, and tellingly, Norquist would not even go to answering about us having roads to drive on. Perhaps he is invested in a flying car venture capitalist project?

These people need to keep rolling out the manure spreader for reasons that are up to speculation; Are they fertilizing the fields for the next right wing administration they hope to replace the last pile of crap? Are they covering their own tails with the dysfunctional right wing psyche demonstrated in all its inbreeding, which is tantamount to declaring insanity as a future defense? Or is it just the, plant the propaganda and make a buck off of those who are in a blank about history and civic/cultural responsibilities to the whole scheme?

The John Stewart interviewee refused to see even what the public knows from the time frame in question regarding the war; the, ‘sweep up all connections to 9-11 and Saddam valid or not.’, nor the Downing Street memo. Seeming to forget most viewers were alive at the time, and not totally brainwashed by the propaganda war on America of the period. Just as with Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife, anyone with critical truth was shunted and undermined for the pro-make war machinery. Hello! We were not all asleep at the civic wheel. Hello! Feith still proclaims they just did not fully convey what they knew. Which was what? All the now proved untruths were true? The mind boggles!

It remains a painful period in American history; that the media was so complicit in blinding the public to the full truth, and instead, accommodating a policy based on distortion and innuendo masquerading as realities. It is apparent that some “existentialist” are still making up their own realities, but insisting we accept them or suffer some fate to come, as if we are not already suffering from their own misgivings.

We still have a president, in case we forget with all the electioneering around, who claims the war was justified because people were telling him it was. That those people were found manipulative, unreliable, highly questionable, is apparently of no interest. Just that they were telling him things. It is good to know we are safely tucked under such a warm blanket of knowledge.

When I view these right wing nincompoops who are drowning this nation in the bathtub of fear and paranoia, it is hard not to see their mental disturbance, it is something in their eyes. There near blindness of world view is stunning in its myopic focus. It remains to be seen whether the darkness will again descend over America come election time. The ever weather vaned media, spinning us once again into the black holes vortex.

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