Today you say what and why? These are questions.

Words will flow from an interplay of history, memory and a current pressure to make a symbol of a sound that last. I, we, do not speak as intended garbage. Do you express yourself to a throw away reality? Are not your verbal emissions, or commissions meant to generate an energy, to impact the present moment into a direction that you yourself aim intention towards? Communication might be; humor, instruction, passion, sharing, questioning, or some other direction of expression.

A lot of writing instruction seems to be about merchandising ones expression, to be better perhaps, but quite possibly to sell yourself by getting attention. Broadening my command of the language does serve to further my intentions to some degree, but not in all spheres of influence. The power of the human heart to deliver a message is not proportionately relative to my vocabulary or tricky mental gymnastics that may intrigue the linguistically adept.


What do I aspire to then as a writer, which most people are? The heart of the matter. That is what I strive for. I do not know if I necessarily accomplish that to the highest standards of lucidity or coherent presentation. A life is only so long, however, and for some of us, we are not writing to the capital W group, who declares themselves a Writer, a Poet, or any other sub-set; only a man, a woman, or any type cast that implies otherness to being a full human being. We seem to have defined ourselves in many ways, by the things we do or are not, and not necessarily how we feel about how our doings interact with all of being alive.

I remember being asked often when young or at parties; “What do you do?” I was usually insulted by being reduced to one question as to my worldly relevance. I know they most always meant for work, but even so, such an anorexic way to get to know me. Load my plate up if you like!  Go ahead and make me think. Ask what I feel about my place in the world, and how I thought I would become as an adult as a youngster. I think suddenly we might jump right into some more intimate exchange and awareness of one another.


I like writers. I hope I have not been mistaken in my clumsiness. We most all are writing here. I am glad and thankful to each of you, no matter age, philosophy or motivation, you have something to say. You offer time in service of your need to tell your story. So are spending time on me! That need has many factors that differ one to another, and we surely will have our preferences, that is our prerogative.

I hope we take a chance at times, to read someone that seems not our type, even to the degree of not liking how they say things. The most surprising gift of understanding a different view does not often come from those most like us, but those others we need to know.

Millions of us put a piece of ourselves into every word. None are empty.