You would think they have a dart board. Wait. A few dart boards.

Now they have to figure out how to have their seasoned guy, who recently reversed about everything he ever said, (on their chosen controversial issues) to seem like the stable guy. They have to do that while making the other guy seem like a naive and reckless “flip-flopper”, pointing to his “new”/flipped positions, (obviously part of his hope based inexperience), which positions he actually has had since at least the first debates over a year ago when grilled on the topics, except perhaps for telecom immunity. Just ignore the past. I guess that is the secret for this election.

It is the secret of most elections; convince the public that the liberal is a wasteful big spender or a flip-flopper who is incapable of letting the defense establishment defend you. It does not matter that the conservative party does these negatives by an order of magnitude more, both big spending, extraordinarily wasteful policies for the average American, plus flip flopping with each change in definition. They have a kind of critical thinking immunity granted them by business and hierarchical/dominator interest, where spin is considered as good as fact. And so, false topics can be regarded real, and just fair partisan opinion battles in the press. And America will lose more of what we once had, and the conservatives need drum up more external or internal demons; “It’s all taxes fault! Damn liberals and their socialist agenda’s!” This is how the public is used to flush their own interest down the dominators toilet. And we wonder why things just keep deteriorating around us. Duh. Cut taxes. Duh.

They do have some things going for them in this duplicitous attack on the more liberal guy (and liberalism in general), with their ad hominem mind blank; they have a media parrot that will repeat anything and claim it is fair because it is a debate, so your view is equal no matter how false it all is. They also know that any easy negative works well over nuanced degrees in positions.

They are well versed as to how biased assumptions are played on to seem much more than the empty assumptions they are. Repetition and pre-existing bias can seem to create real notes to a song of fear and suspicion, out of literally nothing but fear itself. Black magic at its best; have your own fear and insecurities seem to be caused by someone outside you, then, plan on their defeat as the solution to your fear. Advertise widely and wildly, so your base and other susceptible empty minds can grab on to an obvious target. Now take the advise of all those highly paid and rampant “conservative think tanks” (an oxymoron?) along with marketers who promote insecurity and are willing to do anything to achieve that, then voila! Out of your own conservative faults and falsehoods, you make liberalism out to be the black sheep in the hat behind all the problems of life. So much for rabbits. And you wonder why the same problems just get worse? Did we not just have these conservative ideologue self cons run the country to ruin for six years.

No. Everything is fine. It is the liberals who are out to take your taxes and spend them. Be afraid. Yeah. And they want the terrorist to win too! Haven’t you been listening? But you are only believing if you are on that turnip truck and apparently inhaling the noxious fumes of the right wing. But make no mistake, as they say, come election time the conservative will claim to be the sensible agent of change, with liberalism claimed to be the source of your difficulties. They never fail at keeping this brain control ideology out there. They have a huge infrastructure in place to have their beliefs far outweigh common sense and truth, but they will call their drugged reasoning just that.

Many are wondering why a liberal who misspeaks is fried ten times more for it than a conservative. The same reason news stories of the candidates before the 2000 election were judged to favor Bush by a 2 to 1 margin. Just look at the deception and duplicity rampant on the right, you need an institutional cheat to keep even with the damage the truth will do to you. So much for the “liberal” press. Power interest know how to do what they “need” to keep in control. Bias made invisible is as simple as that. But conservatives traditionally accuse the liberal of doing just what they themselves are doing, creating the false impression of a high ground, and a copy-cat comeback finger pointed from their followers if they hear the same said of them. Individual identity manipulation is both an art and a science. Those with the money and an interest in controlling society to their own will, will see to it that both are lined up in their corner. We just have to see the tricks for what they are when they appear as a new “truth”.


Elections are always about community interest versus the interest of individual self centerdness. While both of our parties pander some to both sides in varying configurations, since World War Two, community interest has been placed under relentless assault by the ideological right wing seeking to appropriate and parcel out the commons to themselves and their ideological friends.

They have infiltrated religious quarters and had a never-ending attack on tax, which is the means the community responds on many critical issues. They do this for that ever lustful need for more and more control of what is to be defined as human interest, that it is to be; everyone is in it for themselves. The community is needed to fight the battles for the wealthy and powerful actions. The community (the poor especially) is called upon to fight for more world wide self centerdness and to maintain disparities at home in the economic realities. This is usually called freedom, our vital interest, and or, our way of life. Thus, suddenly extended in abstraction to everyone’s benefit. Wow! A rabbit out of a hat! The rabbit is back. The “vision thing” is to remain an enticing abstraction called upon to gather votes. Now with election and constitution tampering, even that necessity is atrophying.

This concerted conservative based effort to separate and divide humankind permanently, and relegate human consciousness, not to community purpose, but to stress induced individual survival. Dominators know, someone in dire straights to survive will do most anything. You can then gather another’s life energy and appropriate it for yourself, a kind of individual tax on everything or anyone you can get away with. The program underway is to institutionalize that “getting away with it” universal tax private interest collect on each of us most all the time.

Demonising the residual government tax, greatly assist diverting the collective public attention from common needs and survival interest, to a self focused “achievement” survival mentality, based on a kind of worship of the individual. As if individuals are somehow outside the interconnectedness and interrelationships intrinsic to all that is. Yep. Stress can be wedged to manipulate understanding to include or exclude whatever an opportunist wishes–if they have enough relevant access to your mind frame, and you are somehow deprived of critical thinking abilities; boot up their software.

So we can expect to see many invisible but present constraints on the full debate of human issues. These debates, instead, will be ones where much theory and little reality are used to “compare” who is better than who by the zeitgeist invoked this election season. It looks like the so called more conservative party will try to get within that fudge range where the election can be more covertly thrown. A last ditch “incident” real or imaginary (as many were last elections) will possibly be drummed up to help institute public dumb think so essential to most all conservative notions.

What has America learned from this parade of conservative presidents and congresses that have strangled the commons and set up the fat predatory dominator elites?

Let us insist that the dumb think being invoked now and conjured up on the right, will be seen as the black magic it is. Otherwise; welcome to the corporate welfare state where you will likely be a servant. Spare change for gas?

{This post was republished with the politicalzone blogs permission. Since I am that same person, I found little resistnce in agreeing with myself.}


The desperate offenses are in operation.

It seems ever more apparent that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the two candidates of status quo permanency. Sure, oligarchies prefer the easily manipulated ones to the right, it is their bread and butter, but the moderate types of leaders are bought off fairly easily themselves.

It is astounding to compare the intellectual and emotional maturity of most liberals over conservatives.  (Did you watch the debates? Fear and taxes, vs intelligent strategies to work on our problems, exceptions noted.) It is not a condition of elitist intellectual left wing brain washing, that the more education one has, the more liberal one tends to be. It is more likely the philosophical and cosmological perspective that human beings are often more nuanced and complicated than simple jingoistic or buzz word slogans, and life is made up of all of us like it or not.

An incredible attempt has been executed to bias open-mindedness and attention to all details of life as liberal bias, and conservo-corporate market theocracy as the simple truth that has been denied to you.  Simple circular reasoning now makes it easy to have irrefutable positions on complex issues, because critical thought and questioning is not allowed inwards!

Checking oneself before throwing the first stone, or the Golden Rule, requires introspection and reality checking, things the current trend in conservatism seems to despise on the local and world scene. Tax and spend, pro-life, family values, a manufactured culture wars loaded with a “good” based arsenal, acts as a simple cult like circular reasoning cut off assumptions, a firewall to much more profound or in depth attempts at understanding. This results in a problematic dysfunctional state of affairs continuing its deceptive service to provide control issues by force to society, and blind many to wedge issue salt thrown into the eyes of reason.

What is there to understand when it is us against them?

Both parties representatives of economic domination, and more practical affluent elites, have to settle for what they are left with this campaign season. Barack Obama has his relative unknowns, but it now seems he is the most centered candidate on changing the relationships in the nation for the better and not the same old sinking American ship dream=crumbling infrastructures, outsourcing of jobs, downsizing of ambitions to servitude positions, money going to war mongering profiteers with its least return on the dollar, not to mention, magnification of outer hostility towards the US.

Anything Obama now says that can seem to suggest a view of us and them from his perspective, is cut up and diced until it has the sour flavor societies elites hope it will leave in public perception. We are back to the usual strategies of fears and unknowns being the guides to decision making, no mater how truthful or backed up by any facts the perceptions are. Ad hominem suggestions running round the right wing echo chamber, take on the illusory appearance of conventional or consensus wisdom.


Normally the right of center interest control enough of the information sources to place conservatism as the “sensible” way out of your fears of their self perpetuating dysfunctions. Two counter trends have impacted that perception; the contempt for the common woman-man endemic to the top designers of the right has been exposed somewhat. Despite attempts to blur or bury the fact that the poor and residual middle class actually take care of and make most of the country, and defend it. Hiding returning caskets, and keeping most Americans actual economic worries off the media radar most of the time, still the perception of one party more for the rich and privileged than the other has come through.

Overt attempts to bury democracy by denying voters abilities to vote and eliminating ballot trails, allowing for a fake democracy to seem real, remains not addressed by main media sources, again, most of the time. The Internet has cracked that barrier a bit, so it will have to be reigned in sooner or late by oligarchical power sources. Best current vehicles expected to crash the WWW. barrier will be sex exploitation from some angle, or terror threats as excuse to stifle dissenting opinions or personalities.

Will the city of freedoms ring become its undoing?

If what is so far alleged as a liberal Main Stream Media becomes a truth, the stranglehold around freedom will continue to stifle the bells call to responsibility and self determination. Instead, true, everyone does better under Democrats; from rich to poor, but the machinery of societal hierarchical permanence continues unabated under their reign. The poor being the expendable and downcast sacrificial lambs over any of the wealthiest concerns.

This happens while an echo chamber has been constructed in the nation media to perceive the poor as being deserving of their conditions from some called religious leaders, to those who breed contempt for the poor as a Darwinian like imperative. Out of sight and of mind is the reality that, under the socialism for the rich system we now have, the poor are needed to do the dirty work and receive blame for the nations ills they are placed so near to.

With certain candidates of profound change for the betterment of our nation gone, it seems Barack Obama is perhaps not the best hope, but likely the last. He is also going to be the recipient of overwhelming deceptive tactics, and the legions of hired sycophants who do well off the service and toil of hard working Americans, military and civilian alike. There are always the Benedict Arnold’s who will position themselves as the voices of sanity, reason, but hidden antidemocratic agenda’s, that is the nature of the infection democracy has. Once the individuals identity interest are pivoted to fear, any ideology of release or escape to “our” tribes ways seems appealing.

Politics, as convoluted as they are, remain attempts to define individual identities by appealing to apparent need and desires. When the desires are made to be as certain as black or white by fear, us and them, the hope is that you or I will have an easy decision to make. But one needs to think twice about alleged clarity’s of definition.

Where will us against them actually lead me? What is the greater good and greater interest? How can my interest at home actually be cut off from that of the entire planets? Can I then contain compromise, ambiguity, empathy, compassion, non-final answers, as stepping stones toward that greater good?


If democracy and its implied collective individual leadership of nations is to survive, it must defeat the disease it has acquired by the same power interest that always attempt to act as gods above the common people who vote, or slave. We need to perceive their abilities to manipulate society and counteract them with assertions of the rights of all individuals to have a say on all aspects of life. This implies a mandate to fair and transparent elections. It implies a mandate to provide the individual with all sides of issues and questions of state. It mandates a clarity to freedom and responsibility, now inhibited by the elites who control access to the above assertions.

Democracy is the antithesis of the emergent transnational corporate hegemony. Darwinian social predations is not served by populations informed and held accountable to the worlds state of affairs. In this deceptive climate change, who will it be that continues to act as the caged monkeys to the master race?


Who are you to tell me I’m bitter? OK. I’m bitter about that. Who does Obama think he is?

What’s to be bitter about?

We are always told we live on the best land on earth; We have the best country, the best medical system, the best space program, the best sports maybe, what else do you whiners need?

So if everyone lived like we do; and we think they want to, and we want them to want what we got, and for us to stay on top by a corporate if not cultural hegemony, why we are set up as the top dog. Bitter? You are some kind of malcontent is my guess. What part of being on top do you not get as good? But I failed to answer the; if everyone lived like we do part.

So profit margins are tuning our stores into factory like warehouses, and turning the medical system into a desperate conveyor belt, for those who got a piece of that stock pie, bitter-not!

So the enter-infotainment industries have us all worked up over nothing; dysfunctional famous folks, a dysfunctional political system, and who just killed or got maimed. So that takes our minds off of systemic concerns, those are best left up to those who know something about it anyway. So we are mostly a throw away society, what’s a guy to do? Don’t worry as they say, be happy.

So dysfunctional capitalism is aiming towards a one world corporate union, so what? So our dysfunctional political system serves itself, so what? So our dysfunctional use of the environments and resources is aiming humankind toward the cliff of extinction, so what? So the more I vote the worse things get? So dominator paradigms are really battling it out for world domination, so what? I’d rather go shopping. I’d rather take a vacation. I’d rather have lots of parties and drink lots of bear or wine or even the good old hard stuff. So there! If that’s bitter, it sounds pretty good!

Come to think of it. Now that I noticed it, I do seem to be running away from lots of elephants in the room of my life. That makes me kinda bitter, I mean feeling used. I mean angry. No that’s not it. I just feel like escaping, getting away from it all. That’s it! I’m glad the information sources keep me in my little crisis bubble. They they give me lots of ways to self medicate. You know; get all worked up over my teams chances, some kind of soap opera, a stiff drink, then at least I can not worry about all those things I can not control, and seem happy, sort of.

But bitter? Nope! Not falling for it. Sorry!

Kiss that donkey good bye.





Fear is real. In fact, it is so real, it can seem to consume you all by itself.

It becomes the favorite ploy of politicians who are desperate to control you, and merchants who need you to need what they have.

Gas went up $0.10 overnight (actually as I bought it yesterday). I remember municipalities trying to get a half cent raise in gas to pay for some civic project or program, and the voters say no. Local gas station owners told, that drivers would flock out of town for gas. You would be ruining their lives and livelihood. So we do without the teachers raise, or the intersection expanded. We have learned to not trust government hardly ever (except by fear) in having its hands on one more cent of our hard earned (or not) money.

I think of how, in relative terms, most of these little increases would have returned to us much, but instead, it now goes to a middle east nation, and or the corporations making a windfall off of fear, and a war over it is guesstimated now at eventually costing $3,000,000,000,000–$5,000,000,000,000 and all out of scaring us dumb with dubious rational.


Fear diverts our attention with ease. Heck, I’d rather keep my one half cent, thank you big government tax and spend socialism very much. Now gas can go up a dollar each gallon in a year and we are still kept afraid of (and less able to afford) pooling our resources to do something fair, just or constructive.

I have become cynical in the economic sense, since it seems proved out that every cent you think you kept by avoiding a tax, you will have taken from you more fold, in placing your needs into predatory control. No, not in the hands of voting institutions (representative or initiative) where you theoretically have a say and receive a lasting benefit, but into individuals or collective groups, who knows where in the world. Just probably not in the average voters house or neighborhood where you live. Just got to keep you scared to keep you in line. Attention Diversion Disorder.


Interesting how the selfish, predators and the permanently afraid, rule our lives to some degree. Our doors are locked when once upon a time they were not. I travel as little as possible. I buy less of our consumerist/individualist-each must have their own products, cause somebody rich somewhere needs more for their nicely set up welfare for them state. That is how it is for more and more of us. You just will not see many movies or TV shows based on the third worldalization of our nation. But many a politician will speak glowingly of our special freedoms the world is so jealous of.

Nanny state, closet socialist, communist Utopian, many words are used to now define the community doing good or needed works of one kind or another, by the fears of the poison pill word propogandist. While exploitation of the individuals situation, contempt for empathy and compassion, and getting away with what you can, or aligning with fellow opportunist to strip democracy of meaning, or of rights pertaining fairly to all, goes on quite unabated.

The deck that has been stacked is the very old one, the opportunist and predatory one; take what you can and run. Humankind is always faced with what one can call Energumen (a spirit embracing misanthropic or malevolent intent to others), those who place their “own” above all else, and serve that separation from the whole, as itself being holy.


Resource depletion, pollution, the reduction of the authority of the individual in the responsible collective sense; where we accept that we still live and breath the same air on the same planet and must so act therein responsibly, assaults of these are the greatest looming threat to the planet and so to us.

That said, terrorism is the greatest present threat to the western world. Much of the rest of the world is or has been ruled by this greatest threat as well, but now in the USA, terrorism is the greatest threat of the present moment, because so few callus dysfunctional’s can cause so much fear, harm and disruption of life and economies, not to mention the soul depletion of removed liberties.

If you are liberal, you do need to take terrorism’s realities into account, along with your hopes and fears for the future. I am not suggesting ignoring the source of the mindset that produces lives whose only value seems to be to destroy someone different who is blamed for their plight, rightly or wrongly. That is what manifest terrorism.

It is also necessary to state that our own revolutionary founders would be considered terrorist by the then British status quo. As has been often said; one mans terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. We must determine in this diametrically opposed perception, a truth beyond subjective impression, to where the real truth of the matters are, and what the honorable and rational action and reactions should be.


If you think of humans moving into space (from exploration and or population pressures), we will have had to manage the potential of disaster, of just one dysfunctional and disgruntled individual. Imagine the degree of control by state, or the maturity of the spirit of the populations, to be able to trust catastrophe not ensuing from one of their peoples intentions. Terrorism (of all kinds, including good “defensive”-offensive ones) on the planet is not far from doing the same thing here on spaceship earth.

We face a coming wall regarding globalization and individual and collective rights and responsibilities. I am of the mind that as in all addictions, it is not force or words that will cure us of the oppression of the out of control state, religion-state, or the out of control individual. A rebirth of self, strange as that can seem to mean, is what will break fear based addiction by the individuals own motivation.

When the promise to Life (or God) comes originally from our own hearts and minds, a new world opens up. Life is unveiled and Its astounding presence sensed. This Big Spirit surrounding everything, leaves nothing out or discarded by human concepts of division from the Whole. It is Unconditional Love, pure, simple and true. It does not need me to defend It or say Its Name correctly, nor beg properly, or pander unending to Its omniscience. It is an invitation to exist inside of Its intention, Its unfolding definition alive in my own life, as in all things.

I can share in the miracle, which even includes suffering and loss as poignant counterpoints to being, or I can embrace the myriad pathways to fear. Letting them, ground my spirit to inert dust, worshiping all I lack as evidence of illusions primal abandonment (my detachment from Cause).

It will be the heaven at ones own hands, or the heart eating jungle, that will be produced from what I chose to do or not do. The fate of the world is made up of that magical choice in which direction we each lean, until it becomes a driving wind.


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