It is this drive in post industrial America, to live by fantasy, to trample on the decency of honest lives to forward an ideology that worships itself above God or reality. We function as subjects of delusional leaders and sociocultural manipulators. This corruption in space and time occurs as each in the world tries to live out the meaning given to their lives.

As propaganda and unending commercialism attempts to lay the parameters of national and world citizenship, the right of the individual has been swallowed by the interest of wealth and its stealthy contempt for the average being. Narratives are put forth as models, scripts of both servitude and its bent over existence, and the glory of the gathering of income to stratospheric levels. We have come to despise the poor and worship the rich, as if books of understanding such as the Bible have had their words reversed, as if to be wise was to be nothing but a four letter word.

We live on the umbilical cord of information, this is undeniable, yet what filters the thoughts and facts that make it to us, is both of paramount importance and in ways invisible to the average life. A people who has their thoughts screened, has always been the hierarchical concern of oligarchs. They require the vast majority of the population to tow their world view for their own safety sake. This is in contradiction to the Enlightenment, to critical thinking, and to Democracy, or the attempt for each individual to have their own say in the agreements of society.

The “free press” has turned into a consolidated bottom line dwelling business. Truth and fact have been rendered second class to emotionalism and conflict, where argument is pursued as an ends in itself. A context where the manipulation of a companies owner and or its commercial interest, will “naturally” cherry pick both fact and idea. This is a set-up for mind control. One significant aspect of mind-control is; the corralled mind does not know it is not free in its outside erected enclosure. This has the advantage to the powerful that the individual does not know what one is truly accountable for or to. This subconscious ambivalence to self review allows all manner of deception to assuage the cognitive dissonance. We can become in endless pursuit of what we can never attain in a truly wholesome sense.

We are under attack, in free societies, by a “natural” inherent conspiracy of ONETHINK. Opportunist are by nature, out to achieve more for themselves, disregarding the needs or interest of others to live in health. We see this in the contempt for the Commons, driven like a gold spike into the heart compassion and empathy, attempting to destroy or convoluted the understanding required to live an honest life. For if corruption and self centering consumption can be made to be the “way” of life, those living it can feel in sync with those who use these platforms of self deception to rule the world, or at least their own small sphere of it.

While some of us are consumed by our own lack, seeking to jump off of roofs to get a video onto Youtube, or plan whatever we are without a thought for the carbon footprint, we function in a vacuum of our own ignorance. We are off line as far as survival and responsible citizenship are concerned. We are prodded and programmed by our lacks, while seeking excellence, perhaps, in ordering our lives to succeed at ONETHINK. We become the enablers of our own atrophying right to truth and reality. Instead, we become cogs in an extinction machinery. One willing to sacrifice everything on this One Earth, for the one delusional mindset that is growing to equal the comet of 65 million year ago. Jurassic, here we come.

Unless we wake up from our drug induce coma, that flash will be the last known thing. We may not see the light for our blindness, but we will feel the heat.

book burning