Political and religious thoughts are in some ways easy fodder for group-think imagery.

I experienced a lot of that kind of thought when “New Agers” unhinged their minds from what they thought was a ridged scientific paradigm, to one where one could always be right in ones feelings. If you felt California was going to break off into the ocean, you and a lot of others began to plan the future around your new coastline.

Maps were made of the USA breaking of into romantic sounding regional zones, where of course New Age definitions littered the landscape. How lovely a thought. Well, it was to those who dreamed it up as their Utopian wish about to come true any day now. Sound familiar to the premillenial dispensationalist reading this? Some end is always near.

A watered down version of wishful magical thinking is ever-present in the Iraq politicized manipulations. It was an easy sell once fear is installed as the prime directive; that a magical heavenly like result would result after some localized apocalypse to someone. People unplugged from critical thinking abilities, unable to recognize a false premise from an investment guarantee or an apple, could see the new age vision as a dream to come true. After we make a big mess on someone of course. Their own personal earthquake-shake-up.

All that is require for Gang Magical Thinking is for the proof of truth to be both relativistic and disassociated from actual fact based patterns. We live in a country now where facts and theory’s are considered equals, yes, for control of your mind, true, but to keep us each busy with our confusions. A good explanation that comes down the pike then, can stand in as the view of the enlightened. Coastal properties in Arizona for Sale. Get them before they are gone and still at a low price.


Group Magical Thinking is not owned by any one type of religion or political association. It will be employed by most all political and religious leaders for self perpetuating reasons. It is as if ignorance becomes the communal guide. Sorry if communal buzzes you off this topic, since it has been installed as a buzz word; one meant to wrap a whole lot up in a flash.

But the gang mentality is a communal or tribal one, where humankind is separated off in perceptions as us against them. Does not mean that all us against them’s are false mind you, just that almost all of them are in some ways truncated concepts, intentionally on some level, meant to dehumanize others, making them expendable without too much emotional or spiritual angst.

(However, it must here be noted; separation is always an illusion. Consequences will ensue.)

Get ready for the election onslaught of GMT. It will likely spill over into religious groups since the boundaries of religion and state institutionalized concepts of separation are being ever more blurred. No matter the case, it is you and I who will be relied on to both be more fearful of someone, and promised a whole lot by someone else.  Barack will fix it all?  Hillary will mend it all?  John will keep us all safe?  Who are you really kidding.  We actually own what happens, not them!

What I need ask myself is; who is behind this influence, and what promises are even able to be kept without beating someone or something up. Who is asking the most, of my ignorance?

Brooklyn Bridge for sale! Trust me, I have the papers. Global warming coastline to come bids are now open, send in your checks before its to late!



Keith Olbermann had quite a chart on the Bill of Rights. He was left concluding it is now a Bill of Right. That being that the third one, the one about not keeping troops in your home still seems to apply. But with private contractors now supplanting actual government troops, we could probably have a signing statement finish that one off.

And you thought you had guarantees!

Another secret is coming out in an upcoming book by Princeton political scientist Larry Bartels, a graph on the income variations in it shows the relative income disparities during Democratic and Republican administrations.

It debunks the notion that Democrats economic booms and income increases across the board, especially for the poorest, were the result of a previous Republican administration. Instead, it ties the greater increase in all incomes under Democrats across the board in respect to Republicans, to each administrations policies. The Republican increase in income, though less across the boards, and five times less for the poorest, is heavily slanted to the rich. The poor being the worst off by far under Republicans, the rich, not so much but still losers compared to under the Democrats!

So that election political adage seems true. If you want to live like a Republican, (many anyway) for–money and success, you should vote Democratic, no matter what income you have.

I’m sure many will hate this secret, often felt to be true, getting documented validity. Why wedge issues are so important to blacken the waters of reality come time to vote.

Get the mud suits on.

Tax and spend! Tax and spend! Run for your lives from the tax and spenders! Keep your much less money with us instead!


{To find out more, I will pass you on to the excellent blog with the whole info and graph; Musings of the Great Eric}


It is still a contest, is it not?

Well. I expect the campaign to be “tough” in that we get to lie and make up things here and not be held accountable. We also have the opportunity to vote and have our ballots thrown out. So what is this debate all about?

If Democrats are that foolish to not vote for their parties nominee because it is not the one they like, you will get what you vote for. In some respects karma is instant, whether one knows it or not.

What goes around is already past you. No need to wait for it to “comes around”.

If democracy was done under officially in 2000, and we just let it happen as we did, we get what we got; more lies, manipulation, unaccountability, incompetence, media afraid or on the “mightier” side of money making bottom lines, just like in a dictatorship, only self stupefied, since we were kept in the dark by our own imposed ignorance of information access and power advantages. Oops I got off on a rant.


I say let them debate and maneuver all they want, if its a cheat, they are cheating on us. If we cannot take the heat of debate that is fair, don’t get into the frying pan. If we as a public cannot tell what is valuable and important in debate from what is not, the shame will be owned by us. If we vote for someone who is even less on our side just because we feel the other one in “our” party didn’t treat us right (even on just one topic!). Once again, we will get what we got coming.

Why not get a thorough view of how they handle conflict, discord and the trials and tribulations a conscious president would need to face daily in the Chief Executive Office? Oooh, they are bickering, I’m going somewhere else. Well, mighty big of me, oh mature voter. This is an opportunity to learn important distinctions in behavior and response that will be coming around in the actual world. Let’s have a little thanks for that, and not buy into various soap opera narratives and scenarios constructed to confuse the issues into one of negative division. It is a campaign. Hello!

It has been an amazing thing to watch poll number change on cheap shots and under the belt punches. These will be the same ambivalent group that would switch vote because they dislike how someone laughs. “My gosh!” as ‘Rummy’ would say.

It is not the candidates who need to rise to the occasion. It is us.

The days of reckoning are coming. We will see if the public is pushed to one side by the usual fear ticks, or the incident card still capable of being pulled by dictatorial-imperial interest. We will also see how easy or not it is for democracy and critical thinking to be erased from this, its once nearest stronghold.

Whatever the case. It will actually be, what we as a once conditionally free people, asked for instead.

To the interest in either party who would vote for the opposite in spite. Get a grip. Grow up. Even form a third party or more and have the others bargain for your votes.

In that case to work, we should become a real democracy and require a majority, not a plurality to win the presidency. Anyone for growing up?

WE ARE EASY MARKS: or quick receipe for mind control

“Bushes War” part two, is on PBS tonight. Get a hint of objectivity while you still can.

This poem and the following quote are dedicated to all those who participated in the amazing deceptions that brought us to the Iraq war. It is to the gullible and conformist convoluted “integrity” apparently in all of us, if we are to assume that the administration is in any way whatsoever, representing the higher interest of the American people and democracy. It is dedicated to the dictatorial assumptions of the “Unitary Executive” and all those who support its overthrow of our founding creed. The never-ending “war” as the overthrows justification.


I look forward to the upcoming film; “Body of War”

.(In honor of the way the corporate media treats us as ignorant simpletons in no need of fact based truthful context.)

CIRCULAR LOGIC LULLABY (ad hominem hymn)

Circular logic lullaby
kiss the girls and make them cry
stick just one needle in the eye
crossed your heart and hoped to die
no one has the right to ask why
circular logic lullaby

you couldn’t have if you don’t
you wouldn’t have if you wont
and if you wonder why, why, why
you might as well talk to the sky
join that blackbird with the pie…

Circular logic lullaby
kiss the boys and make them cry
stick just one needle in the eye
you crossed your heart and hoped to die
no one has the right to ask why
circular logic lullaby

context and concept are led astray
night is convinced its more like day
and if you wonder why, why, why
you might as well talk to the sky

join that blackbird with the pie…

Circular logic lullaby
kiss the girls and make them cry
stick just one needle in the eye
crossed your heart and hoped to die
no one has the right to ask why
circular logic lullaby

circular logic lullaby

circular logic lullaby…


And for more on easily manipulated public perceptions and the power of cult think conformity;

“Nazi leader Hermann Goering, interviewed by Gustave Gilbert during
the Easter recess of the Nuremberg trials, 1946 April 18, quoted in
Gilbert’s book ‘Nuremberg Diary.’Goering: Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some
poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that
he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece.Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in
England, nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is
understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who
determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the
people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or
a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.

Gilbert: There is one difference. In a democracy the people have some
say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the
United States only Congress can declare wars.

Goering: Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the
bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them
they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of
patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in

any country.”



DEATH AND TAXES; they are said to be inevitable, or sure things. How wonderful a delusion to think we can do without them. Just the promise of conservatism’s new (same old) presidential strategy. Be afraid! If the liberals do not tax you to death, they will let the terrorist in to finish you off.

The brainwashing must continue!

We need scrupulous oversight of governmental spending, absolutely, but since we share a world and nation, we must take care of things. Eliminating “Big Government” is a great shell game for the rich and entitled. Pork and bridges to nowhere, as well as wars that cannot be won by force, are a two faced hallmark of their control of all branches of government.

They know the common things must be taken care of or we revert to a barbaric feudal society. They are disingenuous fear mongers, with wedge issues and media manipulators paid to defeat the republics perception of accurate truth. With media consolidation and elections many ways of being interfered with, they are still going to be on their way to creating that one party, Orwellian state they mimic so eerily.

Fear seems to be the key.

Fear of the other guy, with no responsibility for yourself–the conservative cognitive dissonant mandate mindset (implied ideological purity). Explains well how any problem under their watch is automatically called someone elses act of irresponsibility, SINCE PURITY OF AN IDEA HELD TRUE, CANNOT THEN SEEM TO BE IN ERROR! Even though our land was attacked on their watch while they were diminishing the funding of the war on terror; Oh! It is what the dems. will bring upon you! Vote for them and die!

Fear is the key. The tax man takes your freedom away! Fear of not enough to make ends or dreams meet. There’s a no brain-er, as they say, since it is set up that most of us could aways use more money. Vote for them dems. and you’ll be pilfered to death! The repetitions of these common tags to frame our minds into mind fields of deception are flying out of the right wing side of some mouths non stop on the Internet, talk radio, and most cable news shows.

Who just ran up record deficits? Who was quite as a mouse about their parties plundering of the future in fears name (except Ron Paul)? Who is waisting down a hole, more of our would have been future investments than anyone? Who adds those huge taxes (I mean windfall profits), onto oil every-time someone Big somewhere sneezes? Then keeps the tax flowing in to them when they are well again! It is called conditioning. Soon things seem from one angle, unchangeable.

How about built in obsolescence? What do you know of that as a corporate tax on you? How many years have you worked (as a slave for someone in effect) just to pay for replacing poorly made goods? I remember how towns would go up in arms at a half cent city tax on gas just to get some common need covered. On comes the conservative mantras outcry! Off with the heads of the tax and spend liberals-socialist agenda! Oh how they can keep us all as; “Suckers!” Mr. religious President called his evangelical necessities for his election “Wackos”.

Now it is a catch twenty two thousand ways to be tricked, deceived by language, be hunted by the deception that keeps its arrows in you, only to have it offered again as the answer! And, so many buy that slapping of the tax hand in their pocket, while there are 3 hands in the others getting away with so much more.

We could call this last administration; 1,000 and 1 ways to fool your supporters right under their upturned noses. There is a certain understandable reason to living under deception; that you would logically see the truth (being contradictory), as itself, a deception.

Sure I am harsh here.

Conservative delusions of grandeur are sinking the planet and humankind’s chances for survival. Someone should speak up, before their clash of civilizations prophesy gains an unavoidable compulsion to a self fulfilling reality. Many are speaking up, but you can be sure more than death and taxes, that the predators of and on democracy, are stoking their coals.

Conservatism is a built in breeding ground for insecurity, fear, control and manipulation. That is why they are developing that cult like list of buzz words and notions that candidates are to sign off on or be labeled traitors, or worse; dem. terrorist enablers. If you think those new conservatives for hire are our freedoms defenders. That turnip truck needs some gas, cause you are going places. With the back gate of common good, pulled out. Hold on!


Who’s where?

Get real over who is in whose interest, and who is actually undermining whom, and where your government is going and why.


Cause the conservative party of pillagers (and some dem, enablers) are the last to be believed in any word they utter. This has proved so consistent a need of theirs; to deceive enough voters to keep true democracy in chains, it can be called; The First Law of Conservative Privilege Maintenance of the Oligarchy.

It would be nice if they at least delivered something real as promised to the mass of those they seduce. They do in a way that is intended,–fear, framed on their target audience.






then deception

take claim in abstraction

it is a key to a souls control

the aim of an act obscured

closed behind intentions

we have no means

of knowing

the real




and war

they are said to be

on fair playing fields

fair as in that alike way

that all of anything goes

nothing withheld out

in their completion

or competition


It could be said

just because we are

capable of horrible things

in the name of one or other

that we all get to visit them

free upon one another

inevitable fair




it seems able

to cause ecstasy

and extreme pain

it is odd to openly say

all must be fair about it

it may come and go now

old seemingly defeated

may be gone by neglect

without one knowing

what guarantee ever

made it fair or not

what right there

to claim it was

or was



If all is fair

in these two things

why keep fighting over

how someone else acted

what is the surprise

the issue


When often

when we win the prise

was it fairness in our favor

we thank the result

as fair to us


as destiny

or God

must be

on my




if it is loss

and now it is I

who must bare its cost

I proclaim loud and clear

someone was cheating

and must be



I am of the mind

to change the old saying

love should be free to be true

to be honest to what is in reality

how if not respected fully at heart

it will evaporate in truths light

enter up invisible into clouds

rain its bounty elsewhere

for it is itself,



It was always

up to me only

to be fair with it

and to accept change

if it be by truths call

in seeming fair

or not


But war

with its intent

to force someone

to do something other

than what they intend

no matter whose side

more truth is on

it takes away

without care


There is

nothing fair

about innocence

stripped and shredded

nothing clear anywhere

about men who lay claim

to take love away by force

what was someone elses

eliciting reaction

and hates




how they blend in

love with passionate killing

the excitement of the chase

how romantic a pure soul

how fair an noble cause

is surely a sound case

hating for loves sake

ignoring a touch

that antimatter



I see why

we think them

so alike

the pain

the broken lives

the innocence that suffers

as vanquished hearts tarry

over either word


But they are

of different name

love must be free

become itself same

a true bond to life


that is the

truth of Love

when real


But war

the world must be

free of it and its cause

love and war are no equals

we need zero tolerance for war

it should be barred forever

it should be imprisoned

with a life sentence

never to be given

a fair hearing.


No really?

This is about abstraction, then contradiction as evidence of untruth=a truth.

If I have said it once I have said it at least once; CONTEXT.

We have de facto a priori truths that are in effect theory’s based on experience. I do not think of them as my opinion however. My foot going forward is an assumed certainty, in that it will meet matter and continue my walking. I am trusting looks are not deceiving and not even knowing it.

I don’t know I trust some joke is not being pulled, my next foot falling through some illusion, like a trap in the jungle. My mind is quite closed as to my belief seeming as fact but having the potential of illusion. I trust I have not been drugged and am imagining where my next step is actually going. We can keep going on in this way regarding the first example that popped into my mind. It did that probably because it is such a universal belief we most all have, but would get only into an existential circulating pool if we argued about it as a belief I have but you do not, since you know where your next step is going.

Why am I talking about this today? What determined my interest on this topic? It was a post about liberal legendary open-mindedness and conservative strong willed closed opinion. Sometimes I am bugged about the false dichotomies that are used regarding generalized abstractions that then go on to prove a point philosophically, believing a questionable belief is proven truth.

In the case mentioned, if a liberal holds an opinion they are proven as deceptive to some; cause they are not being open minded. Then conservative opinion does not face this same criterion. Are these alleged opposites merely on a polar continuum? Might they actually be on a circle rather than a line? How about a triangle with closed mindedness being one point, and liberal, all the rest of the whole?

It is my assumption that we all have both conservative and liberal tendencies. They are conserved for some functional reason. One can argue endlessly over false dichotomies (the talking heads on cable news often do) because they are insolvable, being that one or both sides are not honestly in any full context.

Should I be open minded about where my next foot is landing on the sidewalk? Most likely not, unless there are some unknowns I am blindly waking into. But unfortunately I do not know of them and experience has suggested I need not have a concern. If someone points out that I am not being open minded about my opinion, am I then a proven conservative or dishonest liberal?

Like the sidewalk analogy, experientially we are guided into many beliefs, by experience and our particular place in family and culture, that are nowhere near as certain as cement. But we are sure they are!

The cliches over left and right are often such a morass of misunderstanding that arguing over them is often tantamount to poking your own brain out of your head and using it as a soccer ball. Really pointless, because neither side is willing to hear with the ears of the other. On those occasions they may try, can that try be honest? Is our upbringing going to raise its hand and shout to our mouths; I know the true answer!? But I’ll give you a listen for respect and courtesy in giving understanding a try, and not knowingly, subconsciously, cherry pick what bounces through my ears.

I read another tag yesterday that was going around in anti-government circles all in a fuss over some couples cheating on our taxes. This couple allegedly did not wish to work, were found to be illegal aliens, and on, in that welfare state big bad government huff so opinion pulling on the right.

While I was reading this post the TV news was on, an investigative show, talking about 200 billion in no bid contracts that seem to have gone out to what amounts to war profiteers who got the job by personal and political contacts, thus having that lack of oversight and accountability now infamous as cronyism in the supposedly conservative administration.

Point being; who is really getting away with what and what is the true context and scale? Why does one inflame ones emotions and yet the other keep off the radar? Doth we sense the scent of cognitive dissonance?

Liberals are not exempt from cognitive dissonance, or being false to ones convictions but not owning up in awareness to that reality. This is a departure example, but I knew of someone who was always excited over a relative of theirs getting off of drug addiction. That is something to be excited about, but this was perhaps the fifth time I had heard this same response to that persons getting “clean”.

Well my experience about these things tells me this; I quit smoking over thirty years ago, and drinking alcohol over twenty, when I met one criterion in myself. That threshold was an absolute surety of a new power of control in me, one that can overpower addiction. It is what I call spiritual transformation, in that your spirit arrives at a higher place (life’s Love) that can overcome the chronic addictive failure one has known. Some higher step, places you in an overview that will not bargain with physical pleas from the addiction to give in and enjoy yourself; you deserve it after all. You poor suffering one you. No. You become joyful in ending something “externals” control over you. Freedom rings!

So whenever I hear of those leaving addictions, I probe if some new understanding has occurred in their lives, do you notice other new and healthy qualities emerging? If not, I become doubtful, hopeful but cautious. I have found all to likely the addicted one is telling you what you would like to hear from them. This is especially important to note on the addictions that are so immediately a threat to self and others.

Some of us are more concerned of cultural oil addiction than others. Some of us are rewarded in stock dividends by our oil addiction. The environment may be passing a deadly threshold, where our very reason to acknowledge such a pivot point may be compromised by the addictions apparent benefits to identity and immediate security. The security we often spend most attention on.

Instead of arguing opinions, standing our ground as if it guaranteed holiness, or being indifferent about conflicting interest, not knowing our own interest is dependent on those very conflicts, maybe we should learn to listen differently.

Maybe we should understand that no ones interest is separate from any others. See that their hearts are just as real as our own. Maybe we should find the deeper dimensions to honesty, looking into myself and wonder; why do I believe that so emphatically, or why have I payed no attention to the others viewpoint?

We have a mind to gain and only misunderstanding to lose.

It is one addiction where we do if we so declare, get to chose.

To live more near to honestly than deception.