Religious Trouble; the God Game

After attending another interfaith meeting on the Muslim Challenge to what is common to it and Christian faith, I remain boggled at both religion and human influence pedaling on the “True one God” or “One True God” or “God and no other god”.

I was raised to accept the Catholic bureaucracy as a kind of automatic pilot God machine. It was such a machine that it nearly never had to mention or talk about the Bible much at all. Imagery, ritual, and most importantly, programing as the one true church, was all it needed. Don’t go to church and you will likely go to hell, unless right at the end you happened to have Extreme Unction?

As I understood it, the Extreme Unction thing, if given in time, could forgive your sinful self and still get you into heaven. Once again, better stay connected to the church or else you risk a forever in hell. A place of apparently eternal torture of some questionable kind.

Mystify and Dominate

My opinion on religion has evolved into this over time from researching its historical roots, my own experience and observations; most religions seem to start out with one figures extraordinary experience or apparent message from something greater than we. Many of these messages go on to become institutionalized and reassembled by followers.

Many of the rituals have precedence in previous pagan or pantheistic concepts reworked to a newly defined unified theory–one true God. But now it becomes about institutional self preservation as the prime directive. Mystical secret or expert only knowing, gets solidified by circular reasoning’s no questions to the controlling core or else, finality’s. We end up with the know for certain club of entrenched “true” believers behind a spiritual-cultural paradigm and in some cases legions of followers.

Those two originating factors may be gone by now (first spirituality’s and a vision of Divine union). The now Sacred Prophets experience is usually felt by followers to be a magnetic one, one of profound revelation of a Love that extends to all things. Religions then go on to define their particular “brand” as the true one. The originating motivations are now mere symbols of remade traditions that have an operational life and cause of their own; continuing to attract and contain followers, or else.

I have had such a transformational transcendent experience (spiritual epiphany) when I was an agnostic at 27 years old. It carried no religious imagery of any known system of belief to act as a colored lens of interpretation. I was just cast into the presence of an absolute Love for a brief moment one night when walking down a city street. It effected my perceptions for days, as if the Divine rent open the night sky and handed me a gift. I have never had that all pervasive experience since, but it did change my then only scientific view of what reality is made of.

My generic experience

It seems to leave one who has it with a mission statement, but one hard to swallow; I was wrong about so much of my life and how I see and judge things. Most of the world I am aware of, as an individual perceives it by news and ones own living of it, suggest most others are in that same boat. We bale and bale the water out our whole lives, waiting on something profound to become sure. We try to arrange our lives to have some love and meaning in it.

If we are fortunate, we might have a passionate place in society, where we are valued by family and we value others. We can also be alienated, with profound feelings of separation from others. This sense of separateness might leave us feeling unloved, possibly even in a universe which seems to not care a thing about us. We may be attracted to religious or scientific notions of what life and its limits are.

How could someone as alienated as I actually was, live up to a vision that impressed me with the sense that everything is only actually born of Love? I had never acted or behaved as such. Who was I to turn into? A preacher?–Hey! I had this experience! No! Wait a minute. Stop! Listen! I really did! Hey stop!

I could not tell others how to have a transcendent experience. My life showed little evidence that I practiced what I preached. My behavioral patterns were quite entrenched. It seemed I’d have to fix me first before my mission could proceed. Long story short; day after day my “enlightenment” receded into the background, remaining as a kind of personal talisman to spiritual experience that serves me to this day.

Years latter I had a different kind of spiritual realization. The first and only time I tried it. I had heard at a health class, the instructor telling someone, (who asked after class if he believed it was possible), how to “do” astro-projection–leaving ones body. The next day I tried it. That really shook me up, but it left me with, not a sense of Love, but one of life and awareness beyond the body. A shocking view of consciousness beyond the dust and water we are made of, again tested my notions of the bounds of empirical experience.

Like the prior profound experience, I was left with no fear of death. Many of us who are in deep ways afraid to fully live, are haunted by a fear of death. I have come to assume that is our own life in a kind of stasis waiting to be brought fully to life, as if there is a mission and our boat is not up to making that journey, so we wait in a kind of fear zone, worried over our rising water. Some religions and other beliefs say this has to be because we are always sinners, so must do everything they say to save ourselves.


This brings me back to many religions who hold that fear zone card over the head like a guillotine, saying; follow us or else. It is a powerful card to hold, promise Divine Love or at least respect and eternal life on the one hand, and a card of damnation in the other. This see-saw works between ideal or belief and the realities of experience. I (we) am usually not omniscient enough to be perfect always to my ideals and beliefs. Then if will follow that I have baggage of fallen rock in my spiritual boat that always threatens to sink me, hence the recipes of how to cast the rocks out; by rejection, types of denial, persecution of self or others, and pandering to a Divine One to forgive my Divinely created fallibility’s.

(Then there is authentic contrition, not based on damnation but on loves return releasing guilt. This is available to everyone no matter faith or not, so I will not attach it to any particular belief system, though it may be claimed by them as their special awareness or compensation.)


It all might be of the best intentions. This can become a pseudo-spiritual headlock. Gridlock of the soul enmeshed in a surrender to apparent authorities who presumably have or are privy to more truth. We become the forsaken, since we are not allowed to truly examine spiritual tenets, presumptions and authorities. We become addicted to the cause, be it of truth, fantasy, illusion or some fusion between.

Many religious institutions were once cults of a possibly enlightened individual. They regress to hierarchical structures, ridged rules and behavioral regulations, and with the perversions of might making rights obvious or subconscious fear cards (damnation and hell). Usually various forms of male dominance over women’s apparent practical connections to the creative powers of life. These religions now come to present a kind of threat to our continuing physical existence on earth. Did not whomever’s one true God know what mischief followers would get into over the one true turf battles? Is this one true God really obsessed with judging our fallibility’s and whether we acknowledge God’s existence, or say God’s name in the “right” language?

The usual answer to questions is a circular reasoning short circuit; that– one cannot question God or “His” ways. Brain unplugged, mission accomplished!


We are told we have free will so we are all responsible, yet much of government, religion and culture is often about shunting off communally unacceptable free will adventures, usually because in the operational consensus reality, harm or dysfunction result from those ideas that pop into our heads, and so need to be controlled.

Fair enough, I say. But if we are prevented from examining our taboos and laws for their continuing relevance, we are machine robots and not conscious and responsible beings. If I act the way I do because of treats or threats of punishment, I am not actually being responsible. I am essentially being forced or tortured (in future) into so doing. A Pavlovian experiment gone big time. There is little merit in mindless control, yet orthodoxies, in particular, seek out mindless (unquestionable) behavioral control as a solution to reoccurring apparent dysfunction. They literally become insulated from examining if truth itself, a living truth, is being prevented from being known, because of might makes right institutionalized circular reasoning mind control.


There are religions out there that believe you can buy your ancestors into heaven. Imagine the controlled perceptual notions that equate money with salvation after you are already gone! But how convenient a fund raising gimmick!

Many seemingly have you in the position that if you are not perfectly conforming to books and dogmas, because of your mistake or stupidity, you will be eternally tortured by a God the Sadist-Supreme Terrorist. I wonder who could have actually inserted those notions into society for rote control? Any ideas?

While some are urged to be in constant fear over their own God given bodies and abilities, other are issued guarantees of favor now or in the afterlife, if only they do what whomever is saying to them. Many TV religious pop shows promise health and healing, pandering to the ill and a fear of death, most always followed by a God needs us to buy another satellite to pass the word. Interesting how God was kinda strapped in until writing and now rockets came to be. Now the holy word of someones liking can be spread far and wide. Of course you must send in your part of the retirement check to join in Gods mission through whomever. God, it seems, is quite dependent upon fund raising.


Most of what I have presented can be described as nothing more or less than monkey business. It has all the attributes of domination and mystification–Darwinian power tricks and truths. It attempts to shut down critical (God given) critical thinking abilities. It seems to promote a highly conditional love and acceptance to behavior. It in effect, marginalizes God to human control features, requiring obedience, begging, not facing the source of ones own actual motivations, thus empowering evil as a reactionary power. It makes God out to be a dysfunctional ego addict, needing endless pandering from more unable creatures to what? Feel good about Itself? Know it has created robots who learn to suppress their own God given inquisitive and exploration abilities for a frozen in place ethos?

The interfaith meeting I started this post with is about the Muslim challenge to Christians to meet the two basic laws of Love; Love of God and Love of neighbor. In essence I am for this. However I believe much of these faiths are in the very position I was; where is the operational evidence in my own life of these beliefs?

I was privy to have experienced the union of Love across all things and apparent problems of being. I believe everyone can have this presentation given to them if it is so required. How much more noble, how much more of merit if we were to not require being dragged into the transcendent, but came to recognize it as the organizing principle of Being. Who is able to activate their own minds and hearts to get past programing and touch the fullness of Being, without being scared to dare know for oneself? This is always the problem of deprogramming from cults, just to get you own will back.

Love flows in, through and around us continually. It is I who chose to look otherwise by appearances. No matter what you or I have done or not done, It is there unconditionally, with Arms open.

This I have known, and at my most conscious, can see as obvious and true.


Political and religious thoughts are in some ways easy fodder for group-think imagery.

I experienced a lot of that kind of thought when “New Agers” unhinged their minds from what they thought was a ridged scientific paradigm, to one where one could always be right in ones feelings. If you felt California was going to break off into the ocean, you and a lot of others began to plan the future around your new coastline.

Maps were made of the USA breaking of into romantic sounding regional zones, where of course New Age definitions littered the landscape. How lovely a thought. Well, it was to those who dreamed it up as their Utopian wish about to come true any day now. Sound familiar to the premillenial dispensationalist reading this? Some end is always near.

A watered down version of wishful magical thinking is ever-present in the Iraq politicized manipulations. It was an easy sell once fear is installed as the prime directive; that a magical heavenly like result would result after some localized apocalypse to someone. People unplugged from critical thinking abilities, unable to recognize a false premise from an investment guarantee or an apple, could see the new age vision as a dream to come true. After we make a big mess on someone of course. Their own personal earthquake-shake-up.

All that is require for Gang Magical Thinking is for the proof of truth to be both relativistic and disassociated from actual fact based patterns. We live in a country now where facts and theory’s are considered equals, yes, for control of your mind, true, but to keep us each busy with our confusions. A good explanation that comes down the pike then, can stand in as the view of the enlightened. Coastal properties in Arizona for Sale. Get them before they are gone and still at a low price.


Group Magical Thinking is not owned by any one type of religion or political association. It will be employed by most all political and religious leaders for self perpetuating reasons. It is as if ignorance becomes the communal guide. Sorry if communal buzzes you off this topic, since it has been installed as a buzz word; one meant to wrap a whole lot up in a flash.

But the gang mentality is a communal or tribal one, where humankind is separated off in perceptions as us against them. Does not mean that all us against them’s are false mind you, just that almost all of them are in some ways truncated concepts, intentionally on some level, meant to dehumanize others, making them expendable without too much emotional or spiritual angst.

(However, it must here be noted; separation is always an illusion. Consequences will ensue.)

Get ready for the election onslaught of GMT. It will likely spill over into religious groups since the boundaries of religion and state institutionalized concepts of separation are being ever more blurred. No matter the case, it is you and I who will be relied on to both be more fearful of someone, and promised a whole lot by someone else.  Barack will fix it all?  Hillary will mend it all?  John will keep us all safe?  Who are you really kidding.  We actually own what happens, not them!

What I need ask myself is; who is behind this influence, and what promises are even able to be kept without beating someone or something up. Who is asking the most, of my ignorance?

Brooklyn Bridge for sale! Trust me, I have the papers. Global warming coastline to come bids are now open, send in your checks before its to late!








You now can prove any point; for or against global warming? Doesn’t matter. For a price or a favor, no matter what anyone else says, we have the ammo you need to shoot your opponent full of questions!

Confusion will make that other guy look deceptive or disingenuously naive!

It’s cold today, global warming; wrong! Do not worry. We are higher class that that! We have scientist who will produce the data you need. The more difficult your viewpoint is to prove, the easier the job will be!

For example; Since global warming can actually help initiate an Ice Age, we can claim; check, cancelled out! Our victory! We need more co-2 to warm up! Cool it down? Get the dust particulates up! Remember its all about manipulation as good! It is usually, when it comes to pollution, about adding to the atmosphere and not subtracting, increasing the need for industry overall.

(We side towards business interest of all kinds because you are who can purchase our services. We are in business to make a living like everyone else for heaven sake! No offense intended to you all without the bucks.)

Our experts, by relativism of context, can throw any truth into question.

Al qaeda your problem, no problem, we can prove they were wherever you need them to be, irregardless of intelligence and chronological history, we will get them where you need them to prove your point, from the mouth of an expert! Once they are there, like whenever anyone attacks a Muslim nation, conditions for recruiting are created. Perfecto! Then there they are; duh!

Now if you want to fight them to keep might makes right alive, you have the excuse to throw anyones questions into doubt about wishing to stop terrorism or an occupation! We already are doing the job! Check Mate! Next! Or are you for the terrorist!?

No obscure or insignificant fact is too small, if it undermines (or seems to) your opponents view. We will overthrow their whole self righteous apple cart with one grain of sand!


Through circular referencing of ideas through different on topic personalities, or anonymous inside sources, no problem is beyond attack for its now dubious appearance to be reality. Your dreams, your insecurities, your political or religious viewpoints, all are rendered right by our expert cast of experts, certified expert by Experts for Sale Dot Com.


Don’t miss out on our election cycle sale! Future favors as valuable to us as currency!

We provide debunking links for any and all topics! No truth can hide that cannot be overturned and some good old trustworthy doubt planted in its place. Existentialise to clear the merchandise, that is our motto.

If you are accused of polluting, no problem! Remember how easy it is to fool the public over and over and over again! Our think tank swarming with piranha like experts will devise the strategy to fit your need to undermine your adversary. The best defense is to keep your opponents on defense!

Example; show your workers as everyday people just like the viewers or public. Then throw a relative pittance towards the oppositions cause and presto! A genie out of a bottle, or boob tube! ‘Why they are so nice and friendly to me, working to make my home and world a better place. Gosh! I did not know that! Thank you for polluting to make my life healthier!’ Like taking candy from a baby! Thanks to EXPERTS FOR SALE DOT COM.

Now oust those opponents from their little holy tent!

Remember; you are right no matter what you think!

Let us provide the experts you need to prove how right you are and how wrong your target is. We can even make them look like an idiot by spelling or saying a name wrong! Or not knowing the answer to an obtuse question you declare vital. It is that easy!

Our cast of Experts can lend credence to doctored photos, just as easily as any gossip, rumor or innuendo that will make the target look like a fraud or worse, a terrorist or ignorance enabler themselves! A liberal moon-bat, even a right wing-nut. Our experts can make labels to tag and tar your opposition that are as good as gold, but they won’t be free! But what is the price of you being proved right all along? That is priceless!


For the death penalty? No problem! We have Biblical experts that will buttress you viewpoint to the point that you’ll have the public ready to kill those who don’t want to kill others! Now when your point of view has the point of a gun behind it, you are talking with lead my friends! Your argument has weight! That means business! It is all about you being perceived in identity as being on the right side of survival or salvation.

Controlling religions and democracies from getting in your way, is our way of making your business or beliefs stand above the gullible rift raft.

No matter the philosophy, ideology, or reason for your particular misology, THE AWESOME EXPERTS AT EXPERTS FOR SALE DOT COM, will turn you into the informed friend and or accomplice you wish! End of argument!







{Any similarity to actual organizations or businesses is strictly accidental. No animals were hurt in the production of this advertisement. No trees or other vegetation were murdered, as in paper publications in photo. As far as is known by experts for sale dot com, there is no experts for sale dot com.}


It is usually called patriotism.

It can be flag waving, lots of flags everywhere, Nazis and communist do that to. It is usually some test of abstraction to determine in the abstract, if you are for those promoting the abstraction from their own angle, or against it. Against it in their definition equates with I, or you being opposite that abstraction; say freedom. To be against it equals something akin to being a traitor, seditious, or ungrateful to the place where that abstraction abides in the testers mind and intentions. But is implied to pertain to everyone as such! No other views about it. You then become the target of loathing and a parade of persecution, if it can be taken (manipulated, construed) that you implied differently than the framed parameters of one groups definition of an abstraction.


It happened to the Jews is Nazi Germany. A cult takes over that many thought was just a fringe movement. Then it puts up its own purity test, then targets those unwilling or unable to pass (nose size?), for the test was meant to rid the nation of those who look or think differently. The abstraction, the Grand Good Thing, has become a vehicle of subjective bias into minds who support good things, perhaps unknowing that that goodness has been altered to be unconcerned with much objective perception.

It is alleged that Jesus Christ faced this same scrutiny from status quo conservative interest at the time called the Scribes and Pharisees. They questioned him in his allegiance to their own sides view of noble cause, as if that were the only cause of confirmed truth. Why did He hang around with the unwashed poor, the sinners and outcast of society? Why is it that He finds value there and not with the distinguished citizens and interest of the status quo’s conceptually pinned down paradigm? (power interest know where their own interest lay) In the end; So you think you are a king? Well we agree. Here is your bloody crown then. The dominator sycophants cheer.


Terror and mystification are routinely applied across history, for entitled minority interest to control the whole of the public. It may be hidden behind law, it is the safest place to hide self serving deceptions, there and in religio-spiritual interpretation, that leaves the target audience, fearful and contained in a dominator paradigm. Questioning it framed as consorting will ill or evil cause.

Conservative interest usually are the originator of these test, but any totalitarian interest would promulgate them into the culture. I’m sure that men who wanted women to vote were considered, effeminate or emasculated. Whites who stood up for blacks as equals under God and the Nations founding intention, where considered enemies of their own people by, yep, fear based insecurity driven conservative interest.

We now have money as symbolic power of the beholders, all that makes someone “big” someone of substance and influence automatically, and religio-spiritual charlatans, also usually very wealthy in the background. these “naturally” come to see both corporate interest and church interest as primary, against the will of the many, by assuming they have the right to control and manipulate the population, because money and position allows them access to.

Some conservatives of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and even the Bible, actually stood up for the rights of Blacks and Woman as human beings, deserving the same treatment under the law. These would have been called names such as “blank” lovers. Plus much else of the vile and vitriol that these kinds of demonizers spend so much of their consciousness roiling in, for their own spiritually self punitive reasons.


Watering down the abstract conceptual purity of a status quo, the entitled have’s, or otherwise oligarchies interest, produces in them defensive fear. In that sense then, only what is good for them is to be held good by you, the dependent on them public. An abstraction, a symbol, then can stand in as your sub-servitude to a dominator’s point of view. Those fawning and wanting respect from the “big” to rub off onto their own lives, must then scurry out to test the population.

Now you are in the intended place; subjected to propaganda disguised as emotionalized fact, and guided by implied fear and terror into conforming to the elites interest mindset. The implied high minded and holier than thou symbol, now used as a club, on freedom, self responsibility, and full expression of the self into life; life as it is in its wholeness of reality, had potentiated in you. A subjective interest can masquerade as the interest of all. The followers are in the objective sense, slaves to both fear and terror. Loyal and patriotic pawns of special interest.


The attacks on the very nature of freedom and responsibility often spew from the mouths who claim to represent just those things. Cults who attempt to control consensus reality and personal identity of all followers, need to see themselves differently from the whole population, yet hold that whole of society up to their myopic standard. Here is where the test of some symbol often is used as a wedge to use fear as the threat to conform, or else. We are seeing these test show up from the right wing as they usually do at election times.

Usually flag burning, or the pledge of allegiance, come around as a fake test of patriotism. Once, not so long ago, it was long hair and bell-bottom pants hippies. They are used as wedge against alleged liberal indifference or antagonism towards the notion the conservatives hold as abstractly sacred, but which they maintain as reality check impaired.


I have read post on this site host, where not wearing a pin, or not putting your hand over your heart, shows you are in essence, one of the enemy, or minimally a bad guy or gal at heart. What a pile of deception.

Firstly, knowing politics, I would trust a photo as being taken out of context, just as many words are used in context of false association and comparison. But even more importantly, where was it ever said that you were to act like a robot to be certified perfect? The pledge of allegiance was originally written, not so long ago historically, by a socialist. I can understand at that time the Utopian dream that suddenly, all would fall into line into a beautiful society of equals who’s symbol would be used as a collective hammer to mold the group into a loving cohesive whole; an abstract pledge. A whole of act a-likes, unable and afraid to stand out. Cowering in a bonding psyche stranglehold of a mass action, afraid to stand up for their own allegiance to truth, God and nation. Instead of to one groups self serving interpretation of it.

That kind of leftist Utopian conservatism hybrid was a made to order weapon on the right. Adjust a word, later, throw in God, and now everyone acting alike would be alike. (conservatives primarily separation motivated delusion that appearance and behavior actually demonstrates union) It is peer pressure and threat of ostracism of the non conformist, (ancient tactics of shame) codified in the song, the salute, the seig heil, the flag, whatever the symbol of conformity is, even a cross of execution. It may be fine until it is used as a test of loyalty, for then we have left the realms of truth, justice or honesty, and entered the convoluted matrix of power and control. It is freedom of thought and being the abstraction throwers hate. It is free thought that is their nemesis.


Why would they fear the individuals own test of truth over the imposed collectivist one? It seems to oppose the favored conditions they associate in their psyche with the symbol, that seems to place them above the worlds of “others”. Others whose identity is now molded into a duck in a fear based shooting gallery.

Many a libertarian opposes the left and the right for these very status quo attempts to control their own unique nature. In that, I see the founding’s of the libertarian fears. Remember the “Dixie Chicks” (country music group of three woman) just telling their own feelings to other human beings, was seen as betrayal, because it did not pander to power.

It is now an implied betrayal amongst these kinds of conservatives, to tell the truth of your feelings to others. George Orwell would be shocked at how fast and furiously, freedom is stabbed in the back in the name of freedom, and all because of not conforming to a machine like mindset, too timid and ashamed or shivering to speak your own truth. Land of the free and home of the brave indeed.



I started writing this post when I heard that right wingers, (conservatives, certain kinds of conservatives, whatever one wished to tag the fear merchants with,) when these people let up an uproar when one Black presidential candidates Black wife said; “People in this country are ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics and … for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” As I often say, context is everything, it can even make a word seem its opposite when it is taken out of context.

Whatever kinds of conservatives these were, they were shocked and appalled that this meant she had no pride in her country until her husband was a top candidate. What an insult to the nation it was, implying there was nothing for her to be proud of until her interest somehow is benefiting from how America is. The context was about her own view of hope from her conditional to subjective reference viewpoint! Not theirs!

Well, if you have read my post and pages, you will see how this nation, clothed in some minds in glorious abstraction, actually treats its citizens and those who have served it in battle. Bring that truth up and you are against your country? Or are you telling the truth as you know it, because you love your country, standing up for freedom by applying it! A natural desire to change the nation for the betterment of all, not just elites.


Another candidates allegedly politically savy wife, brought the other woman’s words up as a contrast to her husband who was imprisoned by the enemy while serving his country. In effect this throws one persons past context into an others experience as being some kind of opposite. When in fact there is a large element of apples and oranges in the comparison of historical fact to an off the cuff personal reflection of current hopeful experience. Both are entitled to their feelings are they not? But have we really seen an opposite proved to be true?

Her comment even seems understandably true; why would you not be exceedingly proud to see a barrier that seems to represent oppression in the land of the free broken? Particularly one so personal to your own roots. Seems patriotic to the very core identity of American independence. Cultist hate independence. I doubt if there would be any “fire storm” if the primary “Christian” candidate said he was never so proud of his country since they are embracing Christ via his candidacy?

There might be some rumblings by the left and libertarians, plus constitutionally minded conservatives who know the necessity of church and state separations as independence defenses built into the constitution. I predict in this opinion that these latter ones who bring up questions would be treated as oddities, who are part of the problem of moral decline. Probably would hear much as well, about persecuting a Christian, and why you are against people being proud of their religion and Savior.

Suddenly we would hear all the nuance and ambiguities in handling a candidates unbridled excitement about his religious and soon to be government connections.


When the public is in the position it is now in; left helpless to consolidated corporate media interest; manipulated by ideologically driven “fact” to emotionalized conclusion; left disabled and unwilling to challenge the ruling paradigm due ignorance, societal disconnection and doubt, we are in need of hope as never before.

If superman or superwoman are not dropping in to stand up for truth and justice united as the American Way. It is up to each of us to so stand, uniting the abstractions from the ground up and not the elite down position we are so accustomed to as inevitable.

We The People, as the actual land of the free and home of the brave. Well, that requires each one to act that way does it not? But cowering to some test of political interest and pundits who profit off of promoting divisions to enable elites? Afraid if we hold our hand “right” or where a pin like all the others are? That is the land of the ashamed of freedom and home of the subservient to other human masters, instead of the true One.

People write about their pride and goose bump feelings at large events when the Star Spangled Banner is sung. It is a song made to elicit that kind of response, but en mass, we humans feel part of something infinitely larger. Other countries and groups know of this phenomenon. With the Pledge of Allegiance to start of the day in Catholic school, one just did what one was asked. You could even feel that common purpose from doing a common thing that is directed toward something greater. It is good to feel part of something grand.

But for years I had that same sense even while not knowing the proper wording. I thought it said; and to the Republic where witches stand… That even added more mystery for me. I had heard about the Salem witch trials.

I am always proud of America for its dreams, and its daring to be a home for the individual to live both freely and responsibly. Yet I have no illusions that the old warlord dominator ways are not always trying to retake this land and all lands from the Common One. I have no pride in the attempts of prejudice, to masquerade as honor, nor robot conformity to define freedom.



Amazingly, I (we?) have not even known I was taking sides in things that were, as far as reality perception is concerned, problematic. I tended to have no idea that I was party to a conflict over interpretation, that I in effect inherited. If I do not truth check my “reality view” sources. I can be as wrong about things as the spell checker often notes.

Do I know why I side with the interest I do? Did dad harangue the opposite view, saturating me with it when I was too young to know; it was opinion backed by emotionalized association, and not the whole truth?

This is why we are to seek objective review of our environments; to not be led down paths of opinion we observe and assume are true. That is if we seek truth above misrepresentation in order to have an honest life.

What we call special interest have special reasons to limit our base of consideration. This is a natural self preservation strategy that places itself and those who identify with the sculpted consensus reality, beyond the scope of whole truth. Yet in their unaddmitted limitations, they are as sure of certainty as rain.


We have an unprecedented opportunity to see blind bias in action, especially of political and religious ramblings, on the Web. With a certain anonymity, beliefs emerge that were usually taboo, particularly in the workplace, in order that work get done and employees and employers get home in one piece. Here I can put my pedantic or fallacious viewpoints and ignore reaction if I so chose. Safe, but how useful is it to preach to an assumed choir, while I just hear myself think in circles? Yet we face the made up closed mind if we seek contention with our opposites, where even if our facts are true and in a well placed and meaning context; they can be spit back at us as vile.

Speaking of circular reasoning as an essential ingredient of cult-think.

Most human debate is over, not what we do know, but what we suspect or presume of others, because of what they do or do not seem to let in to their misjudgements of the issues. We presume conflict over the implications of implied willful ignorance, it, seeming as misfeasance.


A kind of nominalism takes hold in the language of “buzz” words or phrases, which proclaim a reality of their own by mere redefined consensus of opinion, from why knows where? Who needs to tie reality with its uncertain (at times unknowable) facts, when words shaping ideas can take on a tidy unchecked round world of their own. “You liberals”, is now a classic (says it all!) around the world in eleven letters.

My experience in a religious cult, demonstrated, at first shockingly so, how words are appropriated and given new, often private to the select group, connotations or whole definitions. (Most religions begin as a cult of someones or things character traits.) These tend to tightly control thought to a conserved overriding assumption. Adjusted at times by hierarchy if allowed, or stealthily by reinterpretation. Even behaviors and manners begin to show mimicry; all smiley faces for example, not that there is something wrong with real smiles.

To become a seeming true follow or believer then, applying these words and their associate concepts often serves to indoctrinate one into an altered world view, and much peer praise and bonding to the greater cause. These are what are blown across the world in their tidy bubbles of sealed off belief. In those bubbles, truth is fixed, words mean one thing, and we know who the other is.


It comes to be seen, that from that newly identified unenlightened force now presumably lurking in the larger culture, you begin to notice how shallow or even wrong their idea of the word and world is. I can then come to assume others have some lack of perception, or are blocked from knowing, yes, the truth! The Web as well as the highly biased “news” shows present much ad hominem belief as fact to their already biased in that direction audience. Who needs fact checking.

What I do not know can hurt me. Being naive about methods of mind manipulation is of benefit to many interest in the culture. If I am dumping used motor oil into a river as part of a business, I do not go around saying that part of the truth. I would tend to go around saying how important and responsible it is for you to have your oil changed. How important is is to you and your family to keep your car running as best as it can be for your own safety. We are trying to protect your car and family, definitely good guys. We drink water too you know.

Probably, I don’t wish to hear about the water issue. Might even get mad if someone brought it up, or look for some way to indite the issue itself, usually damning the messenger. (Commies trying to stop me from making a living, or liberal do gooders, why don’t they get a job instead of criticize. Move if you don’t like the water.)


We humans tend to be liberal about our own misgivings (giving them much sway room), and then, possibly because another points a finger at us, tighten our distrust of another even more so, becoming reactionary and antagonized about the misgivings of others about us. Those who brought into light something seeming to reflect ill on me, do seem to be attacking my self esteem. Some call this mirroring back; projection. A kind of self delusional exorcism, putting that devil into someone else, at least in our own minds certainty. Cognitive dissonance relieved.

{Now, this whole post is related to a buzz worded diatribes bubble I just read in my tags. (I have just created bubble as a potential buzz word. Oh, I think it already is one.) What I will call snickering about the “liberal media” (one companies) laid off workers could get a job on Hugo Chavez team. An understandable insult from one who understands blowing bubbles more than what moves in actual reality.}


The “left” of the political spectrum has been known by its mutual mistrust of other allegedly left groups not as interested in their issue as they would hope. Uniting organizations to coalesce into a united movement has been stymied by the lefts own, dominant in mind, individualistic pet issue dominance (my opinion). That is probably good and bad in some ways. The left tends to be made up of individuals who have a direct connection to the issue they raise, hence often volunteering their time and money to their cause. A thousand points of light may be at times more effective than a big out of control bonfire.

It seems to me that the right, though equally filled with mistrust, became united against their proclaimed common liberal enemy, that did seem to be everywhere; Government was trying to stop you from poisoning the common waters. Government was trying to help the sick and unfortunate by birth, bad decision or design. All this “interference” had to be labeled a poison itself, “The Welfare State.” Generalized welfare is to be bad. Makes for a weak nation. Now we can feel great about attacking that demon “Big Government”, that is out to ruin our nation.

A kind of contempt for actions on the part of the whole (except fear based ones) seems to have been transformed into a good, as if problems of large scale economic or other environmental and systemic origins are to be ignored. UNLESS THEY PARTICULARLY IMPACT A CONSERVATIVE OR CORPORATE INTEREST. Then they are called vital to our survival.

You want to survive don’t you? Money and propaganda pours in to affirm the poisonous nature of “tax and spend”. That apparently gleeful liberal mindset meant to bleed you dry. Oh, they have us in a good enough bind mentally and emotionally to divert our attention! And always around fear first, glowing abstractions to come, once liberalism is put down for good.

It seems some on the right are wiling to burn any liberal legacy of our nations previous hero’s sacrifice, as Bush said; “the Constitution is just a GD piece of paper” to solidify the security of the looming corporate welfare state. (Histories usual narrative of the wealthy and status entitled keeping their privilege at anyone and anything else’s expense.)


Government was to be framed as the source of the oppression you feel, (to unseat notions of public benefit) especially the delusion that common tax was the only thing that took your own will to survive out of your pocket. (Money as your status, real value and self respect.) The will of the people (that is democracy) to address issues relating to the common good of all, was to be poisoned from both the right, and eventually the seduced pulpit itself.

Words had to have their meanings changed, charged, tainted and effectively disabled from true consideration. No more commons for you, it was never there actually. You are to be abandoned to Gods will. If you have problems you are a sinner or looser. God, presumed to not want others to share your burden, nor help lift you up, not even care for you if sick. Your church, savings, insurance if you can afford it, or family is presumably your safety net, if you have one that is.

24/7/12/365 FEAR CARDS FOR YOU

Fear, however, effects each life at times. It is a powerful director of attention. And in the hands of the right wing of things, government was to be feared as a thief, and from some churches, as an agent acting against the will of God.

Now the doors are opened to exploitation and predation in the name of opportunity. President Eisenhower had seen how far this fear and paranoia industry had gone by the 50’s, and seemed to believe it endangered our very nations founding legacy. Little did we know that the information media, would itself align with its own big business interest first, public welfare, concern for the whole, last.

That whole economic trickle down theory puts one in proper perspective. The wealthy, if feeling generous, will hire you since they see they can make some money off of you at the moment, and let a little bit trickle into your cup. We are to praise and thank them. Just listen to all their commercials! They are only interested in bettering your life. But you never know the real long term cost to the whole for their operations.


The right wing became the spreader of new meaning. Still it is seen everywhere. Unknowingly, bias can come along with the very acceptance of the framed notion. Individuals of great wealth set up the attack on what is called the Commons, as well as an educational infrastructure created to demonize all government as it applies to compassion, empathy and understanding, except in areas where those human “goods” could be used specifically to wedge people away from their broad definition.

Oddly, this attack on the media whose job should be liberal, wide open and not some one party’s line; which must then point out unresolved issues, societal incongruities and conflicts relating to privilege, pollution, global warming, suffering in the world and amidst our own poor etc… These were tagged as liberal bias. An evil thing that focuses on what is wrong.

By not focusing on what was not working for the whole system, those wrongs could be and were ignored, even blamed for their own existence. Remember hurricane Katrina victims? Troubled Iraq war veterans? All their own fault. Not our responsibility. Give me more tax cuts.

A legion of true believers in liberal bias of the media was sent out to seed the public with suspicion of anything that could be termed liberal. (I must note that liberals can be as one sided as anyone else at times.) In the current campaign it is still a poison pill of a sorts even for democrats. The implicit liberalism of Jesus Christ, and the Bill of Rights has been scaled back. In some Christian religious sectors, Christ love is for the “reborn”, to only apply to they who follow the right wing buzz word and wedge issue machine, all circularly codified as representing the good, and what is bad be damned.


Years ago I had heard (a book documented the phenomenon) that some 80,000 had graduated from “conservative” schools explicitly to seek work in the media. It was no accident that in the lead up to the Iraq war; conservative “talking heads” outnumbered liberal ones more than 3 to 1. Were we really a nation designed to be fed bias as truth in matters of life and death? Is that what our nation stands for?

Is full and forthright truth, less important than cherry picked facts and loaded opinion masquerading as reality? If so, no one ever told me that is why we sacrifice the lives of our hero’s in war, to protect deception of elites above the whole truth. That would seem akin to treason. Yet some who worked in newsrooms claimed that the directive was to have at least two pro war talkers when any contrary one was there.

Is patriotism served by a mathematically loaded deception? Maybe in old warlord systems like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. But the land of the free and home of the brave, also proudly the cowering conformist cult of the deceivers?


For many these days, just the mention of liberal, is now equated with taking from you and giving to the undeserving. It is a victory for powerful interest that can be said to take from you and give to themselves. That with the aid of their well funded “think tanks”, they have been able to frame the population at large into a biased corner. This seems to be their right, given they can afford to, and did so far, get away with it. This post will not be appearing much of anywhere, for instance. Nor many more well reasoned and documented ones I might add.

Now we come to that place where between media consolidation and corporate privilege over that of the individual American, we enter a time where the freedom to be able to think for oneself is itself at great jeopardy. If this trend persist, we will end up with the complete surrender of what was the United States of America.

The freedoms, rights and responsibilities will be instead, at the whim of the One World Corporation, a conglomerate of united companies who finally put an end to war, and instead, partition the worlds bounty amidst themselves and their sycophants. If those conservative interest do not unite to stop losses on destruction and competition, they will continue to attempt to destroy each other, leaving the world as collateral damage.


We are entirely capable of having the whole experiment in freedom and responsible democracy, atrophy until it resembles the era of the Pharaohs. There seems to be not much in the way of a completely fear based state for the worlds people, all dependent upon a new breed of masters.

Well, I do know of one thing that can stop the trend. No. Not UFOs. It is a secret weapon called Unconditional Love. The actual Power that manifest the universe. An Infuence which we are free to ignore, to our everlasting detriment. Odd, that we each have a Divine Power in our midst, which we too evidently seem to miss. One could even go so far to say, that heaven is at hand if we are willing to see it right there, in our hands.


From one ex cult member to all those unknowing true believers in manipulated theory, believed to be proven fact; like the “liberal media” as an anti good thing, when I see your use of buzz notions as God given truths. I can see right through you. What really happened to your heart, your love?



I just read a post with this title below

Religious Left Misrepresents Christ’s Message

It was short, unlike most of mine.

It told how several left evangelicals are aiding and abetting the poor and sick, which the individual declares is wrong, since they are that way BECAUSE OF SIN!

That is a new one to me. And I may not represent it perfectly!

I have heard that the religious right had turned Christ message on its head, but it is shocking to see it so nakedly claimed. Perhaps John Deans book; CONSERVATIVES WITHOUT CONSCIENCE, would help some break through the cult stranglehold. I would suggest the words and deeds of Jesus Christ, but those seem to have become an anti example.

Many old tribal cults and new age cults beliefs have this; problems are all your fault! What have you done to deserve them? Now you are subservient to the finger pointing at you expert. Who prescribes ideas to ostensibly heal your wicked ways.


Since you are not perfect to your beliefs, especially since you, your family and friends will get sick, even die one day, you must forever tow the ideological lines fear based premise. If your child is born with leukemia, exactly whose fault was that? Or is born poor in Appalachia? Does God make the habit of punishing the unborn for where they will be born or to whom?

I am not saying my decisions cannot lead to both a kind of punishment and illness. I am saying it is insane to believe the Universes Infallible Being would hold us up to Its standard, or condemn us forever for making a mistake, or accepting a wrong idea. We are human, right? Or are some of us the one and only God?


I helped clean up in the vicinity of a tornadoes path way back when. Did all the sinners happen to be in that line? Was I not to help? I volunteered for domestic abuse response. Is that a sin? Is that why I have a headache?

It was a profound experience in my life; helping those left helpless, joining with other volunteers to help those without a reason why, unconditionally.

When we seemingly came out of nowhere, not to proselytize but just to do unto others as we would wish to ourselves, a wonderful Spirit was present. I could imagine that having a profound impact on them (sinners?), as we did what they were unable to do alone. If evangelicals are to think this is taking Christ message wrong, shame on them.


I will tell these evangelicals of the right this; how dare you stab helping, compassion and empathy, (qualities of Christ), in the back! I missed it when He helped the poor, made extra loaves and fishes, walked amidst the sick. I missed it when he callously wagged his fingers at them and said they deserved what they got, for being sinners. Someone must be rewriting something opposite for new reasons. Reasons that will be blind to blind followers.

Tribal cults, new age cults, and apparently some evangelical cults, believe they are entitled to judge as if they were God, or knew of Gods hand. One is then left as the cult members are. Never good enough (Oh I have a cough! Hide it.). Never pure enough (Oh. I had an accident, I am being punished!) maybe, but was the “sin” moral or of merit? (We have a drought, so lets sacrifice a virgin, to appease god.) Or was the message; watch were you are going? Or that car just came through the light and hit me out of the blue? Do all objects collied for moral reasons, religious virtue?

See how confused you can be kept when under mind control? You become unable to think for yourself in any rationally objective way. Well you got sick because of a sin and I am here to tell you not to sin and so be well. Will you accept Christ and be healed? Oh, one year old with a fatal illness?

Cults (yep, I was in one once) will also use the negative, as a positive, it is a test of your faith, or it came to you because you were strong enough to handle it. This is not so unlike the compassion one is extended when you are told, Christ needed your one year old in heaven. They are in a better place. (There is a point where ‘mysterious ways’ are nothing more than cold blooded rationalizations for having no insight left.)

But if they (victims) got there by the sinister force alleged by some evangelicals, that better place may well be because they are away from you, or is it them?


I can see why a cult wishes you both directing scorn and retribution towards your inner failures of belief; but that they would project them out into the world, for what seems like demented or politically callus reasons, proudly, and over their vast multimedia platforms, is quite a black magic art.