We are all basically honest, right?

Now most anyone will tell you that all politicians lie. Well, that hardly explains why those lies work though.

We need not look far back into history, to see how a perceived situation can corral ideas that are not true, into seemingly logical scenarios. Once the scenario is accepted, a politician or most anyone, has a kinda blank check to insert what they want and have it accepted, for we have left reality and gone into the mystical fairy land of belief expectation.

Those who accept a notion on its flimsy nonexistent imaginary information, (as in other areas of life were we catch our self at self deception), we tend to leap up to defend what we do not know, but have come to believe is true. We become defensive over facing those questions within ourselves, and project that hostility out to those who remind us of it. We then target those who oppose our rationalizations, or who even seem to do a similar thing from their own side of the debate. We are then ready to wave flags, and accuse those who do not follow the deceptions, of somehow being bad or dishonest or clueless people. We come to feel they are not on board with our now assumed right decision. So what is wrong, with them!

Do not believe me? Check history.

We know what the truth was leading up to the Iraq invasion. We know how flimsy the nonexistent “truths” were, and that they were known to be highly suspect by the sources we are told, gave them as solid. Most sensible people realize this tactic of blaming the information as being wrong and not ourselves, is an escape hatch from responsibility. Not to mention, but must for context, evidence suggest from many sources, that the true information and questions were actively suppressed.

Yet we as a people, some 80% of us, claimed lies as our soul mate, even to the extent, that after untruths were exposed, some near 50% of the population, years later with the truth of misconception widly visible in the public realm, preferred the deception over the truth.

This phenomenon is much like cognitive dissonance, where what one has done or attached ones identity to, is not accepted in its negative aspect. It becomes denied or explained away as being somehow normal and right for the time, no accounting for the deception necessary. This effectively, by embedded dishonestly, lets the self off the hook of accountability by denying the truth, or otherwise insisting what occurred could not be avoided, so was not really a choice of ones will.

The Republican Parties candidate, has just been referred to as being behind a “Blizzard of Lies”. I had just heard of this, so began writing this post based on what I have seen from my own perspective. I am glad to have others also writing on this deception campaign designed to trick voters into voting against themselves. Here is the link to the Krugman article.

Paul Krugman: Blizzard of Lies

As in the lead-up to the Iraq war, it is anticipated in lying, that people do not have the time or resources to question deception, and that that questioning itself, will be called a “liberal” bias, as if truth seeking is unwholesome and against ones own interest as a human being on a real planet with our real lives.

We find that the current Republican campaign is literally made up of just such deceptions such as these. A poll reports that 50% of Americans believe that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. She does not even know what a vice president does, has never met with a foreign leader, still suggest that Iraq was involved in 9-11, does not own up to her factual history, but only the now popular spun version.  Her executive expertise seems in avoiding answering actual questions, but running off on the platitudes and abstractions many people support. Bush was quite notable at this before the Iraq war, and even the 2000 election.

This campaign of distortions being run against the Democrats, who never had a veto proof majority even these last 2 years, is claiming to represent a platform of reforming Washington. The very place that corporate America rules through lobbying, and who the Republican party is the deep base of.

The curiosity here is; how can this mass of Americans prefer untruths over the truth?

They must be philosophically/emotionally set up to believe deception, meaning no responsible consequence admitted for political and ideological choices. This indites the culture to its core, and may prove to be fatal to democracy. There is something systemic as to why Americans are willing to discover propaganda as truth, but not discern the requirements of finding the real thing. It may be politics and religion, or even the “free for all” existentialist culture of possession worship, have perverted truth seeking, making half truth and distortion, if it panders to the public dysfunctional mentality, preferable to the truth in factual context.

That America is subject to a lie fest at elections, with one side profusely hitting below the belt, then, with that misinformation, select who they feel more comfortable with, suggest that democracy and freedom are nearing their ends, since the citizenry itself, will not support the whole truth over illusory self serving suggestion.  Begin to ready yourselves, America, for the slave state you are creating, by being too busy or bored to find the real truth which real democracy and real freedom require.

The great betrayal of America is underway and supported, it seems, by often majorities of Americans if their insecurities or bias are pandered to with enough fear and endless platitudes as the comforting sugar pill. Propaganda belief has spread so far and wide, that telling the truth can end one up with scorn and accusations of not supporting the nations self destructive inclinations.

The add campaign of nonstop distortion and phony reasoning on the McCain/Palin propaganda train, is intended to create this illusion of truth, where none really exist. From accusing the Democrat of calling Palin a pig, to lies over tax issues and supposed persecution of a woman, these are not only unconscionable, they are considered fair by the right in a “tough campaign”, as McCain indicated on the TV show, “The View”.


This uncovers the real strategy of the Republican parties nominees; they know that lies and distorted facts work with many Americans. History is their proof. It seems to be the way much of the subconscious American psyche works. If a good lie and a painful truth are put together, much of the population will chose the one that gives them no responsibility for their actions, but promises a grand future if you but chose the right one, the nice feeling one.

The American public finds itself in its own corporate nurtured test tube of ignorance for a reason. We have let the fundamentals of freedom and democracy flow with the baby in the bathwater down under the bridge. Now fantasy land beckons from the other side of that span of Americas Faustian Bargain. A pot of gold claims to be there. Little do we know, it is fools gold, and we are not near any rainbow.


This post is for the angry Hillary people. I read their angst filled lines and wonder; where do they think I was these last few years? They talk of Hillary’s superior coalition, her special interest groups and broad coalition that were so formidable, until everyone rolled over for the speech maker.

I know this was the narrative the Hillary folks both sold and convinced themselves of, but for some of us out here like me, who would have gladly voted for Hillary Clinton once upon a time, her war record spoke to us more than anything else. That she enabled the farce of rationalizations so long after most were exposed, (some on day one to the critically thinking endowed), was a shock to the cause of this nation. Her political positioning by poll assumption was the last straw. War is the most serious and consequential of happenings, and she was acting on preemptive political cunning rather than principle. Obfuscation, death and destruction ensued, but she has that lame excuse.

Some may well think that cunning and a list of promises, and a reference to being tough are what a leader requires. That is not all to many of us. Leadership requites being willing to take a stand when others are bending over backwards in fear. It is true that Barack Obama has not been vetted to the degree those out in the public view for much longer have. But he has shown a passion to succeed when all assume it is impossible. Instead of the same old plan most politicians seem unable to waver from, he at least shows a willingness to seek an answer. I would more easily trust his team than the same old’s who were hovering around Hilary Clinton’s campaign. She showed an eager desire to wade into the mud in desperation, pretty much he did not.

All the women I happen to know are for Obama, but it seems some people (usually women) assume most women were for Hillary (poll data said a majority, not all), so since it was cast into an us or them thing, it’s all a misogyny thing. I trust this is just the stupidity of assumption, for if we vote for those candidates just because they are like us in sex, race or other appearances, we are complete fools. ( As a man, I personally wish most politicians were women. They (women) are generally more likely to be more rational in a collective sense, simply because they are not as much testosterone impaired, and tend to a more wholesome view. Sorry men.)

But I do not have much sympathy for the disgruntled Hilary Supporters. They were, via their candidate, willing to side with another Jekyll & Hyde of a “conservative” pandering to doublespeak, over one of their own philosophy! Do they really think John McCain stands for much of anything except all they are against?

This does not speak well of the view of some vocal Hillary folks out there still fuming about their fair and square defeat, although they were lead along on that Russian Roulette of rationalizations she kept spinning. My. How they would have been disappointed once she got in and low and behold, the same old corporate state kept taking over. We have to keep at anyone of these characters once they get in there. I think Obama will likely have an outstanding Cabinet, especially compared to this last disaster. The Democrats have actually intelligent people interested in the common good to draw from. And do not be surprised if he reaches across the aisle here and there for the best and to overcome the Rovian divisiveness of the right wing divide and conquer cult of fear.

At least there is an opportunity with Obama to serve more of the people than those reshaping the country and world into their own dynasties. If the conservative Republican-lite Democrats are going to sit this out or change sides to the oligarchs, stay there please. But if you want actual government accountability and at least a premise of citizen input, dust off your shoes and get to work for progress and opportunity. For unlike the conservative divide and conquer party, rational people know we are all in this together even when we are not under dirrect attack, or hypothetical ones.

And for the pro McCain guy saying Barack was in school while McCain was living; My word! You need more than Faux News like ad-hominem reasoning to convince all but fellow cult members. It is a false dichotomy, based on a false premise leading to a false assumption with no context as applied to actually qualities of being a president. Unless the most familiar with the corrupt machinery of the power structure are believed to be your best rulers. Don’t nail too many of those planks together for your perch!

Ella Watson Photo-The information below is given by the site offering these photo’s. I have no connection otherwise to them, except the Library of Congress belongs to all of us.

Gordon Parks portrait of Washington, D.C. Government charwoman (housekeeper) Mrs. Ella Watson in August 1942.

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Ella Watson Photo


The desperate offenses are in operation.

It seems ever more apparent that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the two candidates of status quo permanency. Sure, oligarchies prefer the easily manipulated ones to the right, it is their bread and butter, but the moderate types of leaders are bought off fairly easily themselves.

It is astounding to compare the intellectual and emotional maturity of most liberals over conservatives.  (Did you watch the debates? Fear and taxes, vs intelligent strategies to work on our problems, exceptions noted.) It is not a condition of elitist intellectual left wing brain washing, that the more education one has, the more liberal one tends to be. It is more likely the philosophical and cosmological perspective that human beings are often more nuanced and complicated than simple jingoistic or buzz word slogans, and life is made up of all of us like it or not.

An incredible attempt has been executed to bias open-mindedness and attention to all details of life as liberal bias, and conservo-corporate market theocracy as the simple truth that has been denied to you.  Simple circular reasoning now makes it easy to have irrefutable positions on complex issues, because critical thought and questioning is not allowed inwards!

Checking oneself before throwing the first stone, or the Golden Rule, requires introspection and reality checking, things the current trend in conservatism seems to despise on the local and world scene. Tax and spend, pro-life, family values, a manufactured culture wars loaded with a “good” based arsenal, acts as a simple cult like circular reasoning cut off assumptions, a firewall to much more profound or in depth attempts at understanding. This results in a problematic dysfunctional state of affairs continuing its deceptive service to provide control issues by force to society, and blind many to wedge issue salt thrown into the eyes of reason.

What is there to understand when it is us against them?

Both parties representatives of economic domination, and more practical affluent elites, have to settle for what they are left with this campaign season. Barack Obama has his relative unknowns, but it now seems he is the most centered candidate on changing the relationships in the nation for the better and not the same old sinking American ship dream=crumbling infrastructures, outsourcing of jobs, downsizing of ambitions to servitude positions, money going to war mongering profiteers with its least return on the dollar, not to mention, magnification of outer hostility towards the US.

Anything Obama now says that can seem to suggest a view of us and them from his perspective, is cut up and diced until it has the sour flavor societies elites hope it will leave in public perception. We are back to the usual strategies of fears and unknowns being the guides to decision making, no mater how truthful or backed up by any facts the perceptions are. Ad hominem suggestions running round the right wing echo chamber, take on the illusory appearance of conventional or consensus wisdom.


Normally the right of center interest control enough of the information sources to place conservatism as the “sensible” way out of your fears of their self perpetuating dysfunctions. Two counter trends have impacted that perception; the contempt for the common woman-man endemic to the top designers of the right has been exposed somewhat. Despite attempts to blur or bury the fact that the poor and residual middle class actually take care of and make most of the country, and defend it. Hiding returning caskets, and keeping most Americans actual economic worries off the media radar most of the time, still the perception of one party more for the rich and privileged than the other has come through.

Overt attempts to bury democracy by denying voters abilities to vote and eliminating ballot trails, allowing for a fake democracy to seem real, remains not addressed by main media sources, again, most of the time. The Internet has cracked that barrier a bit, so it will have to be reigned in sooner or late by oligarchical power sources. Best current vehicles expected to crash the WWW. barrier will be sex exploitation from some angle, or terror threats as excuse to stifle dissenting opinions or personalities.

Will the city of freedoms ring become its undoing?

If what is so far alleged as a liberal Main Stream Media becomes a truth, the stranglehold around freedom will continue to stifle the bells call to responsibility and self determination. Instead, true, everyone does better under Democrats; from rich to poor, but the machinery of societal hierarchical permanence continues unabated under their reign. The poor being the expendable and downcast sacrificial lambs over any of the wealthiest concerns.

This happens while an echo chamber has been constructed in the nation media to perceive the poor as being deserving of their conditions from some called religious leaders, to those who breed contempt for the poor as a Darwinian like imperative. Out of sight and of mind is the reality that, under the socialism for the rich system we now have, the poor are needed to do the dirty work and receive blame for the nations ills they are placed so near to.

With certain candidates of profound change for the betterment of our nation gone, it seems Barack Obama is perhaps not the best hope, but likely the last. He is also going to be the recipient of overwhelming deceptive tactics, and the legions of hired sycophants who do well off the service and toil of hard working Americans, military and civilian alike. There are always the Benedict Arnold’s who will position themselves as the voices of sanity, reason, but hidden antidemocratic agenda’s, that is the nature of the infection democracy has. Once the individuals identity interest are pivoted to fear, any ideology of release or escape to “our” tribes ways seems appealing.

Politics, as convoluted as they are, remain attempts to define individual identities by appealing to apparent need and desires. When the desires are made to be as certain as black or white by fear, us and them, the hope is that you or I will have an easy decision to make. But one needs to think twice about alleged clarity’s of definition.

Where will us against them actually lead me? What is the greater good and greater interest? How can my interest at home actually be cut off from that of the entire planets? Can I then contain compromise, ambiguity, empathy, compassion, non-final answers, as stepping stones toward that greater good?


If democracy and its implied collective individual leadership of nations is to survive, it must defeat the disease it has acquired by the same power interest that always attempt to act as gods above the common people who vote, or slave. We need to perceive their abilities to manipulate society and counteract them with assertions of the rights of all individuals to have a say on all aspects of life. This implies a mandate to fair and transparent elections. It implies a mandate to provide the individual with all sides of issues and questions of state. It mandates a clarity to freedom and responsibility, now inhibited by the elites who control access to the above assertions.

Democracy is the antithesis of the emergent transnational corporate hegemony. Darwinian social predations is not served by populations informed and held accountable to the worlds state of affairs. In this deceptive climate change, who will it be that continues to act as the caged monkeys to the master race?



Who knows if president Carters solar collectors would have gone on to spark self sufficiency from US dependence on foreign oil, while lessening environmental degradation. The so called conservatives have done the opposite, sending the nation on this road to both empire making confrontations, and democracy undermining deregulation.

We have under the conservative rule, no interest in the Whole of society, except to keep “lower achievers” dependent on the wealthy for survival. This is a dominator paradigm. Just as New Orleans was abandoned with fingers pointed everywhere but to the very top. The American public knew the top executive could save an American city, if there was the will!

Unfortunately, with this new breed of opportunist conservative, every disaster becomes an opportunity for a friend or future interest to owe its allegiance to their cause. America itself is now surrendering its commons and its legacy of being a caring freedom loving people with responsibilities to all, to predators who are as predators have always been- out to stay on top.


Make no mistake about it. (That overused claim politicians use.) Business people telling editorial staffs what to focus on and what to drop based on economic bottom lines has convoluted truth seeking to avoid both the needs of society, especially the poor, and the truth that may reflect badly upon themselves. Eliminating the fairness doctrine was the undermining, below the American public belts punch, making full truth seeking to be defined as liberal bias. (I could read a thousand post on-line today, whining about liberal bias, but I would like to keep my own mind.)

Even liberals talk about; “No wonder Bush won twice.” while describing some Democratic infighting or lack of cohesion. Truth seems to be on the side that he never won fairly once, or at the minimum, the second time was a default, since it issued from the first cheat, and resulting failure to detect the 9-11 attack. All of this manipulated and contorted by the spin machinery of a “free press” that has no responsibility or accountability to providing the whole truth. It has been said that those elections, if carried out in another country, we would not have legitimized it! The Forth Estate, our freedoms guarantee, has a noose around its neck, watching the guy with the foot on the chair.

Even as a kid, when I heard William F Buckley speak on his debate show, I would be flabbergasted at how his ad hominem emotionally concluded barbs were thought of as intellectually honest, by himself! But I had grown up hearing similar ad hominem swipes. Conservatives especially, seem interested in getting the arguments out of intellectual accuracy, or any true empathy toward the plight and concerns of others than themselves. It is a peculiar self centering that thrives on name calling and cult like group think consensus reality passing as truthfulness, to not be questioned. Liberalism is by nature open to question, but not all proclaimed liberals are.

It is a travesty to observe the Democratic contenders, Barack Obama, but especially Hillary Clinton, use extraordinarily spacious logic to promote their cause. Surrogates and associations are now taken by the public as being the actual thoughts of the candidates, unless they are instantaneously disowned. John McCain seems to be given a bit of a pass on his associations, relative to the Democrats. I wonder why?


What is my actual position I hear some of you ask? Democracy’s must have fair elections to survive. They should also require a majority of voters, not some fractional plurality. Yes. We then require a more involved and deliberately knowledgeable public. What else? Whomever wins this coming time better include people from across their aisle. The damage done requires impute from more than one ideological bent. We need to return to the best and not the weight of despotic like loyalties sinking the ship of state.

We are one nation and one people for heaven sake! We must rise to the biggest sense of those words.

I have ventured into my own belief zone as my blog title exclaims. Yet I would be quite surprised to hear conservatives admit to mistakes, fundamental errors of judgment (except they were not conservative enough!) or any basic untruth possible to their philosophical positions. When questioning is the first thing they deflect, this state becomes their own lot in life. Now that they are trying to force us all to agree with them, and undermine attempts at fact checking and honest evaluations of situations, to protect their abstract delusional sense of purity. Their counterpoints in the world will both resist and respond with similar tactics. If their reign of illusion continues its polluted march forward, all democracies will be threatened with extinction. And possibly much more than that.


That any of the worlds conservative movements cannot include the vast diversity of human ideas engaged toward greater understandings of environmental inter and codependencies is an anathema to the Wholeness of Life and Being that exist beyond tiny human comprehensive abilities. The accountable and responsible light that this awareness cast on being human is a challenge to us all. May the brightness of Unconditional Love cause their eyes to open, and cry into forgiveness. That is the proof of free will.


It is still a contest, is it not?

Well. I expect the campaign to be “tough” in that we get to lie and make up things here and not be held accountable. We also have the opportunity to vote and have our ballots thrown out. So what is this debate all about?

If Democrats are that foolish to not vote for their parties nominee because it is not the one they like, you will get what you vote for. In some respects karma is instant, whether one knows it or not.

What goes around is already past you. No need to wait for it to “comes around”.

If democracy was done under officially in 2000, and we just let it happen as we did, we get what we got; more lies, manipulation, unaccountability, incompetence, media afraid or on the “mightier” side of money making bottom lines, just like in a dictatorship, only self stupefied, since we were kept in the dark by our own imposed ignorance of information access and power advantages. Oops I got off on a rant.


I say let them debate and maneuver all they want, if its a cheat, they are cheating on us. If we cannot take the heat of debate that is fair, don’t get into the frying pan. If we as a public cannot tell what is valuable and important in debate from what is not, the shame will be owned by us. If we vote for someone who is even less on our side just because we feel the other one in “our” party didn’t treat us right (even on just one topic!). Once again, we will get what we got coming.

Why not get a thorough view of how they handle conflict, discord and the trials and tribulations a conscious president would need to face daily in the Chief Executive Office? Oooh, they are bickering, I’m going somewhere else. Well, mighty big of me, oh mature voter. This is an opportunity to learn important distinctions in behavior and response that will be coming around in the actual world. Let’s have a little thanks for that, and not buy into various soap opera narratives and scenarios constructed to confuse the issues into one of negative division. It is a campaign. Hello!

It has been an amazing thing to watch poll number change on cheap shots and under the belt punches. These will be the same ambivalent group that would switch vote because they dislike how someone laughs. “My gosh!” as ‘Rummy’ would say.

It is not the candidates who need to rise to the occasion. It is us.

The days of reckoning are coming. We will see if the public is pushed to one side by the usual fear ticks, or the incident card still capable of being pulled by dictatorial-imperial interest. We will also see how easy or not it is for democracy and critical thinking to be erased from this, its once nearest stronghold.

Whatever the case. It will actually be, what we as a once conditionally free people, asked for instead.

To the interest in either party who would vote for the opposite in spite. Get a grip. Grow up. Even form a third party or more and have the others bargain for your votes.

In that case to work, we should become a real democracy and require a majority, not a plurality to win the presidency. Anyone for growing up?

WE ARE EASY MARKS: or quick receipe for mind control

“Bushes War” part two, is on PBS tonight. Get a hint of objectivity while you still can.

This poem and the following quote are dedicated to all those who participated in the amazing deceptions that brought us to the Iraq war. It is to the gullible and conformist convoluted “integrity” apparently in all of us, if we are to assume that the administration is in any way whatsoever, representing the higher interest of the American people and democracy. It is dedicated to the dictatorial assumptions of the “Unitary Executive” and all those who support its overthrow of our founding creed. The never-ending “war” as the overthrows justification.


I look forward to the upcoming film; “Body of War”

.(In honor of the way the corporate media treats us as ignorant simpletons in no need of fact based truthful context.)

CIRCULAR LOGIC LULLABY (ad hominem hymn)

Circular logic lullaby
kiss the girls and make them cry
stick just one needle in the eye
crossed your heart and hoped to die
no one has the right to ask why
circular logic lullaby

you couldn’t have if you don’t
you wouldn’t have if you wont
and if you wonder why, why, why
you might as well talk to the sky
join that blackbird with the pie…

Circular logic lullaby
kiss the boys and make them cry
stick just one needle in the eye
you crossed your heart and hoped to die
no one has the right to ask why
circular logic lullaby

context and concept are led astray
night is convinced its more like day
and if you wonder why, why, why
you might as well talk to the sky

join that blackbird with the pie…

Circular logic lullaby
kiss the girls and make them cry
stick just one needle in the eye
crossed your heart and hoped to die
no one has the right to ask why
circular logic lullaby

circular logic lullaby

circular logic lullaby…


And for more on easily manipulated public perceptions and the power of cult think conformity;

“Nazi leader Hermann Goering, interviewed by Gustave Gilbert during
the Easter recess of the Nuremberg trials, 1946 April 18, quoted in
Gilbert’s book ‘Nuremberg Diary.’Goering: Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some
poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that
he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece.Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia, nor in
England, nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is
understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who
determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the
people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or
a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.

Gilbert: There is one difference. In a democracy the people have some
say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the
United States only Congress can declare wars.

Goering: Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the
bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them
they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of
patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in

any country.”


{As during the Civil War, our nation is under an attack from within, but who is the adversary? And will it be the haunting of the ghost of heroic fallen Americans that drives them from their predatory feeding grounds? If only fantasy’s were true.}

(“I am not a crook!”) SINCE NIXON, the rise of stupid think builds a tower to heaven.

I am thinking of taking conservative out of my tags. No, not particularly upset from a challenge, but getting tired of out of context idiocy being pushed around as wisdom, let alone patriotism.

I’m not linking to the post out of good taste, I am not including a trip into the mind melted mud pit. The conservatives I speak of are so brainwashed (stripped clean of nuance, ambiguity or honest introspection’s) and heart impaired, they would only see in my words, a porcupines barbed arrows quill stoke of ignorance, to even consider anything valid of mine held in their views reality. Or so I assume, may I be wrong in that.

I feel sorry for people who say things like, as I paraphrase; ‘McCain is out meeting world leaders, the Dems. are arguing, so not being presidential, equals, McCain knows how to meet leaders and be presidential.’ Context down and out for the count!

Holy Crap!

One campaign is over currently, for all intents and purposes known, another not quite until someone says uncle, or hangs on even if damage continues to add up. Kinda like the last presidential 7 years. Then, so by right wing standards; even the Dems. are being presidential, a decider who never owns up to correction, right?

When you’ve been wrong all along, while many thousands of lives have vanished, and many, many more are devastated, and your campaign is more of the same. But oops you forgot who is who and who is doing what and if the talking points of old are still, if ever were true. After all that betrayal of honesty, forthrightness and lives, and freedoms most basic premise, that truth be our guide, not doing that honest work is doing the work of the president? Correct answer!

Good enough for some.

And we wonder how we got here!



Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac.

~George Orwell


Here is something to add into the mix.

Probably, if you are an allegedly average citizen, most all your news will be coming from companies that are for imperial ambitions, owned by just a few. Frankly, they want the money to sustain their lifestyle at everyone and everythings expense, (especially discarding factual context grounded in an objective attempt at reading history), the same as many other imperialist dependent Americans, or any of humankind’s other imperialist now, or of history.

Their cognitive dissonance is that easily traced. So any old reason will suffice for being the case in that skewed or spun context; suitably presidential. If reality be made up then, of deception and diversion, then so be it. It is about what works in grandios theory and not what is truth. Here then, is the means of creation of the manipulative arts and sciences of Orwellian doublespeak.

They don’t mind deceiving to get you to be fearful enough to sacrifice reason for ad hominem fear sown security blankets. They want you to become a vultures best friend. A scared and half decaying status quo monkey, critical thinking ability impaired, rotting rights to be picked off, useless and consumed for fears command. You need to be a cowards errand boy or girl. It is easy to lead the blinded by fear, especially the blinded and thought impaired by poisonous delusions of right, who only admit wrong as coming form not being “hard” enough. This observation comes from well over half a century of conservative self grandeur thrown constantly in front of my own life to walk over to get to honest reason and truthful analysis.

If you are suckered into might makes right, too bad how wrong you can be, yet will never own up to it. Instead, you seek out like minded and heart twisted conformist to bond to an illusions base of separation and alienation. Denial and blame are constant conservative companions, their right and other right hand. We live in their constant exhaust, which they have come to call the truth; “just check the facts! No not those ones! These!”, all conveniently laid out with emotional wind vanes attached to nearly every phase.

It is a known fact; that repeat a lie long enough, it will appear as the truth, and remain so generally, even when proved to be false. And may I add; the lied to, bonded by identity to the deception, will carry out crusades to expose their now opponents seeming callus disregard for the facts. All done with no further attempts to understand nor justify actions by a review of objective realities beyond ideological borders. They will write emotional songs and pleas of honor and glory endowed by the abstractions that now only they believe they care-take.


To think of the travesty of all the propaganda and jingoist patriotism the right wing feels all superior about. And worse still, how the young, faithful and aspiring are so easily seduced by biased sources at home or in the compromised medias of society. It won’t pay the bills of the growing ranks of the poor. It is poor comfort to the tens of thousands of families now touched by the damage to their own blood kin by the fight to control oil reserves, now blatantly suggested as cause enough for the taking. (Our economy or corporations access to resourses=nations vital interest.)

To those who faithfully serve our country, we can be proud of them all, no mater how mislead and deceived our nations defenders are often kept. But our freedoms stand even taller, for those who speak the truth to power as they say, as so many of the brave returned and maimed have had the courage to come to grips with the factual context they had been put in. They are heroes twice, compared to the stealthy mud of the propaganda machinations of defensive pro active defense=offense, still maintained by some as a just and honorable cause. Even under the false label of guilt put upon them, they speak as free women and men, because the hold a Cause Higher than so called loyalty’s to propaganda instead of truth.

To these who dare to step up to a Higher Cause even amid the accusations and ill will directed toward them from the mind blanked conformist and indoctrinated, who are kept too afraid to speak truth for themselves, or form a contrapuntal question. To these who risk it all again after having answered the call to serve us, still to rise in risk to serve us again, either in battle or to stop the never ending rationalizations for more war as good. To these our nation is forever in debt, but not as a nation of bent over sycophants and rights inhibited shivering go alongs, but as proud Americans. Proud to still, for a while, speak their truth before being hauled away to internment camps, authoritarians are always holding as a co-opting veil over freedoms real face, the one in your mirror.

While the next “conservative”smirking one (who was then being presidential by the post referred to definition?) chants an old tune to; bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran, as if it were another insultingly inhuman joke expected from right wing country clubs and gathering hole think in knots tanks. His pandering to the most callus and convoluted opportunist among us is surely the quality we have come to know in being presidential. And that itself, is what may well be causing what is wrong with America to its very core.

When making war and its carnage is material for humor, someone is pandering to the astoundingly inhuman monstrosity in someones dysfunctional state of being.

When pushing lethal buttons, joking about looking under chairs for WMD, singing little tunes about bombing our fellow humans; where kids, mothers and fathers not even for a war cast on them, will be maimed, aborted, tortured with deformities, and missing family for the rest of their lives, while all breeding more hate and resentment to us the victims to be. When this is the kind of leadership some seemingly worship as the saviors of what is good in America. I know in whose hearts the terrorist have already won. And whose soul will be covered in blackness for a few coins of gold.

I can see why they want to hide from the flag draped caskets of the fallen they keep from our sight. I can see why they hide the truth, with blood stained out of context facts, of who was the threat to us and how the ball has been so horribly dropped with corruption, gross negligence and incompetence. I can see after being seemingly constantly wrong, their loyal foot-soldiering sycophants of conservatism, lacking of conscience and connection to humanity itself, wed and thread wrongness to their very cause. Calling poison purity, and madness, sanity.


I give thanks to the American founders, that the freedoms degenerating under our very watch, were once intended to not perish from this earth. They knew not the danger within would organize to disown the founding vision, until a Civil War was fought and won. That the public is increasingly now held knee deep in deception, and questioning, how being free of thought and mind, would be called aiding the enemy:

That attacking sovereign nations without proof of cause, which they founders abhorred as anti the American Spirit, would be, with the failed fourth estate, let to stand as honor, adorned with parties and joke filled toast and good times, titles and decoration. That the nation of conformity that has emerged, cannot even know what is or is not torture, nor if torture is dishonorable, defensive or breeding of more of the same to be turned upon itself.


The founders would, if they could, scratch out of coffins. Overturn gravestones, march as dust risen into bodies of the memories of noble and true deed in the name of independence, storm as a front to Congress and the White House. Joining them would be those who died for freedom; the nearly countless hero’s who could not pass on their heroic nature to the nation due to war itself. These would raise the rust off of bayonets. Throng the institutions of power to out the chicken hawks and corporate stuffed wig socks all white and clean in white washed corruption. Driving out those filled in pomp and propaganda, bleaching out the constitution for one more penny.

The bellicose enablers of the new emerging tyranny would scrabble down the hollowed steps to their waiting limos. For these whole classes of leaders with nary a one with child on any front line, these would spirit away with their shame running even in front of them, and their legions of conservative fawning fear mongers, and sell outs of responsibility and accountability. To their fearful provided estate hideaways, protected by guards and the states own defense they have stolen.

The gray and the blue fallen would join hands, march through hotel halls and plush suburban enclaves. They would pass through the walls themselves, to herd the lobbyist(*) and other sell outs of democracy for coin. Perhaps they would raise up the ships of fallen heroes, to pack the golden calf worshiping cattle off to colonies where these predators and opportunist could feed off themselves, to come to understand the vile alienation’s of their nature, hidden behind flags and forsaken sacred books, as if those would ward off the karmic justice already eating away at their souls, by being aiders and abettors of separation from the Love of all Life. What goes around will indeed come around.

The very thought that joking about death, war and torture and the reasons for same, are now “presidential” is tantamount to calling a golden calf God; and tears, a crown of thorns and a spear to the side, a good sign for buying stocks in a good fall harvest.



*Those bidding for special privilege and access to the commons for their own profit.