Personal and world events all hinge on intentions. What is motivating me and where is that motivation coming from?

There seems to be a balance to being; meaning, life as we know it integrates within its own manifestation. The elements follow their rules, molecules combine those, then follow new rules born of integration it seems. Water molecules under the same conditions, do not freeze today at 32 degrees and tomorrow at 43 degrees.

All life and being is under The Law, like it or not. But just as elements and molecules differ, there may be an exponential like increase in varieties of being, and kinds of laws that come into being. We could say God, the Universe, the Cosmos, whatever one sees everything as belonging to, is under the auspices of Its One Law.


If you do not agree with me on my Universal premise, the only explaining left is a solipsistic plunge into self focuses fantasy. It, however, no matter how filled with illusion, confusion and misrepresentation; it still is governed by the One Law. Sorry. There is no escaping whatever reality is, no matter how delusional I may be.

This certainty flows from the Grand notion of Unification, glanced at above. I, or groups, can try to put our “brand” on this Grandness, even discern its true workings locally and cosmically to a certain degree, but it is an error to think only my way of seeing the Big Union, is the correct one. Why? No matter how many books are passed around, or WEB searches made, I can never put it all into my consciousness mentally. Heart, Spirit, Awe, Love and other nearly undefinable senses of connection to Life, bring us our closest reach into the Infinite and Eternal.


Here is the obvious problem then. I am born into a subjective setting. I learn subjective concepts and paradigms as to what reality is. I am born into subjective family dynamics, giving me my own stamp of the One Law exponentially diversified out, then converged into my unique circumstance. I am literally now, programmed to seem to not agree with you, or if not you, surely many others. We fight in families when what we call “wills” compete for reality manifestation. We may feel abandoned or betrayed when our feelings or our thoughts seem to take second, or last place.

Why is that? We are in truth entitled to our self and its experiential and other adjustments. When our will does not succeed, we sense a certain kind of denial to truth. And we are right! Even tough our feelings and beliefs may in fact be wrong. Here is the groundwork to conflict and war rationalizations.


This seeming contradiction described above can be seen through by the self, if we seek what is subjectively from my own vantage point, a higher truth. For differing reasons at different times, we may or may not rise to this higher moral directive to understand and grow more full into comprehension of a fuller authentic being.

I have so far described a method by which conflict arises seemingly legitimately to the self, and yet, the problematic nature of being only self absorbed places me into a perpetual conflict mode. I just imagined an allegory of this being a drop of watter, alone in its little sphere, insisting it is not at all the same as the lake. It seems not in the lake. No birds land onto it, nor fish swim below inside it. Not a river flows into it, how is it then at all like the lake from its point of view? Maybe not like it at all! But with higher understanding, we may come to comprehend and perceive a vast similarity, beyond the individuals edge. Life itself, including me, exist in just such a commonality. This is irrefutable.


For many a reason related to my propositions, I can side conservative or liberal, as generalized abstractions, over the same situations as a person. I can feel cut off and defensive, blame, ridicule, insult and assault those claiming differently. I am wanting to preserve what I value in life, and feel completely righteous about it. I can demean those unlike me, and try to have my way imposed on others for my own sense of security.

I can feel open and giving, a part of everything, seeing contradictions of motivations as mistaken identities of perceptions of surface separation, and be equally righteous about it. I can hear those seemingly closed off, insult me, try to provoke me, even blame me as the source of problems by not being seemingly closed off to an abstraction. I hear this emotionalized reason stimulated by fear and insecurity, and still understand where they are coming from, allowing them space to grow instead of trying to erase their difference by force. Force often reproduces what it is trying to erradicate by an opposite reaction basesd in self centered identity.

Come religion and politics, plus interpersonal dynamics, and even my own inclinations, I can chose to accept more of the one or more of the other. I ask which one is more near to Greater Truth? Which one is partnered so often with fear and insecurity? Which is so often more about lecturing to conformity, and which is more likely to say lets talk this out and try to understand the new Higher Truth given by God, Life or whatever you call the Grand Being? What does that say of my own cosmology, or what I think are the reasons I live and do what I do, while others do something different?


Only I can look into me and assess where I really am and what untested abstractions I grab as life preservers, INSTEAD of facing the situation full on. Only I can see where I have been mistaken, in that sense that right now I can free my ignorance by understanding something more than I have been. Radical honesty, forgiveness, heart opening to the Whole; these are always available right now to bring me into a new awareness of self, and a greater connection felt, to the Whole.





Who knows if president Carters solar collectors would have gone on to spark self sufficiency from US dependence on foreign oil, while lessening environmental degradation. The so called conservatives have done the opposite, sending the nation on this road to both empire making confrontations, and democracy undermining deregulation.

We have under the conservative rule, no interest in the Whole of society, except to keep “lower achievers” dependent on the wealthy for survival. This is a dominator paradigm. Just as New Orleans was abandoned with fingers pointed everywhere but to the very top. The American public knew the top executive could save an American city, if there was the will!

Unfortunately, with this new breed of opportunist conservative, every disaster becomes an opportunity for a friend or future interest to owe its allegiance to their cause. America itself is now surrendering its commons and its legacy of being a caring freedom loving people with responsibilities to all, to predators who are as predators have always been- out to stay on top.


Make no mistake about it. (That overused claim politicians use.) Business people telling editorial staffs what to focus on and what to drop based on economic bottom lines has convoluted truth seeking to avoid both the needs of society, especially the poor, and the truth that may reflect badly upon themselves. Eliminating the fairness doctrine was the undermining, below the American public belts punch, making full truth seeking to be defined as liberal bias. (I could read a thousand post on-line today, whining about liberal bias, but I would like to keep my own mind.)

Even liberals talk about; “No wonder Bush won twice.” while describing some Democratic infighting or lack of cohesion. Truth seems to be on the side that he never won fairly once, or at the minimum, the second time was a default, since it issued from the first cheat, and resulting failure to detect the 9-11 attack. All of this manipulated and contorted by the spin machinery of a “free press” that has no responsibility or accountability to providing the whole truth. It has been said that those elections, if carried out in another country, we would not have legitimized it! The Forth Estate, our freedoms guarantee, has a noose around its neck, watching the guy with the foot on the chair.

Even as a kid, when I heard William F Buckley speak on his debate show, I would be flabbergasted at how his ad hominem emotionally concluded barbs were thought of as intellectually honest, by himself! But I had grown up hearing similar ad hominem swipes. Conservatives especially, seem interested in getting the arguments out of intellectual accuracy, or any true empathy toward the plight and concerns of others than themselves. It is a peculiar self centering that thrives on name calling and cult like group think consensus reality passing as truthfulness, to not be questioned. Liberalism is by nature open to question, but not all proclaimed liberals are.

It is a travesty to observe the Democratic contenders, Barack Obama, but especially Hillary Clinton, use extraordinarily spacious logic to promote their cause. Surrogates and associations are now taken by the public as being the actual thoughts of the candidates, unless they are instantaneously disowned. John McCain seems to be given a bit of a pass on his associations, relative to the Democrats. I wonder why?


What is my actual position I hear some of you ask? Democracy’s must have fair elections to survive. They should also require a majority of voters, not some fractional plurality. Yes. We then require a more involved and deliberately knowledgeable public. What else? Whomever wins this coming time better include people from across their aisle. The damage done requires impute from more than one ideological bent. We need to return to the best and not the weight of despotic like loyalties sinking the ship of state.

We are one nation and one people for heaven sake! We must rise to the biggest sense of those words.

I have ventured into my own belief zone as my blog title exclaims. Yet I would be quite surprised to hear conservatives admit to mistakes, fundamental errors of judgment (except they were not conservative enough!) or any basic untruth possible to their philosophical positions. When questioning is the first thing they deflect, this state becomes their own lot in life. Now that they are trying to force us all to agree with them, and undermine attempts at fact checking and honest evaluations of situations, to protect their abstract delusional sense of purity. Their counterpoints in the world will both resist and respond with similar tactics. If their reign of illusion continues its polluted march forward, all democracies will be threatened with extinction. And possibly much more than that.


That any of the worlds conservative movements cannot include the vast diversity of human ideas engaged toward greater understandings of environmental inter and codependencies is an anathema to the Wholeness of Life and Being that exist beyond tiny human comprehensive abilities. The accountable and responsible light that this awareness cast on being human is a challenge to us all. May the brightness of Unconditional Love cause their eyes to open, and cry into forgiveness. That is the proof of free will.

DOWN WITH GOVERNMENT! the reluctant anarchist


Anarchism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What governs our lives besides government?  We must address the influences that impose upon our will beyond what is conventionally assumed to be “The Government”, or the impulse, the natural impulse to be fully and freely you, me, we might be throwing rocks from inside our own glass house.

I am an anarchist. No, not the rock throwing destroy everything kind, if that truly is a kind. I believe anarchy to be the highest state of freedom, but it only works if we are all on the same page, at home or in the world.  A universal enlightenment. Sorry if anyone thinks they are actually cut out of creation or independent of it.

That burst my free as can be Utopian balloon doesn’t it?

It does if you think humanities problematic behaviors are unsolvable.  The question becomes; when can I trust you to not accidentally or intentionally inhibit my life by your actions into my life?  Personally, I have no plans to take advantage of you; to take from you more than you earned as is done under some scheme. I am living a very low impact life, not adding to pollution at a whim, buying very little and recycling materials I create when deconstructing something.

That said; I live in the USA, and you and I are adding much unhealthy elements to the air, sea and land, while in some respects imposing our will on the world without overt permission.  As a would be anarchist, I have much accounting to do over our collective actions that I as a voting citizen have some accountability in.  Unless the idea of anarchy is to avoid being held accountable by natural law as well, then it not much more than a convenient abstraction delusion escape clause.  Being a real and responsible anarchist, and not an oxymoron, personal identity issues, as well as philosophical tenets, must be addressed.

I believe that when humankind is both healthy and communicative over needs(= full relevant information access), and aspiration, we can do away with government as we know it. No one to fight, no one to bribe for votes, no one to blame. This will need be the case one day if we are to survive, particularly if we step off the planet to explore the next shores. At home or with friends, one can now be as anarchistic as one wishes to be. To see how that goes by trying it, would be a first place to start.



I am sadly amused when I read blogs about conservatives being anti-government and liberals pro-government, since if one looks at history, both sides can be in great states of denial. To some extent some liberals completely forsake economic realities that are not changing very fast without a spiritual-understanding revolution, which will probably be forced upon us by shock and an awe of a regional or global kind, and not gotten to through our “higher angels”.  But I am for calling up our higher angels when we have that kind of courage on our own.  It is better to add health to the world than to take it away, but therein lay much identity obfuscation.

Then there are certain conservatives that seem to think anarchy is fine for their business or self interest in some predatory Darwinian dominator based psychology, or more accurately, dysfunctional ego grandeur hardly disguised by their superiority complexes (hiding insecurity/inferiority self haunting), and accompanied cognitive noose around the neck convictions. Sure they hate certain liberal pro-government notions. Those are contrary to their detached individualism’s psycho-spiritual assumptions.

Don’t tread on me and I won’t tread on you

I am mixed in practicalities about the libertarians, as I assume they are about themselves. They are part made up of both the right and left; want more direct say in their lives and reject what seems like undo external influence of organized power structures that obstruct the individual. Liberty abstract and pure, yet where is the real context of each individual being?—-in an interconnected web of world relationships.

It is fantastic to feel I am self-regulating and need no other comments on my doings, unless I trample on others rights.  But that is often the back burner issue; do I know for a certainty that my freedom is not oppressing you?  If I dump my motor oil on my property, do you really have no say next door or a mile away?

How about when your water from your well gets laced with carcinogens leaching off my property? Still not my problem? It seems some libertarian energy comes from the; freedom to do what I want but not be held accountable unbridled escapism ego opportunism lust.  Might be why some freedom loving folks try to undo science with its interrelationship consequences and all. To me, and I think of myself as a libertarian at heart, some libertarians kind of live for a future Utopia, where they are untethered by others consequence, without necessarily looking at present realities close enough to see how they will creep up on them, and perhaps crash their balloon.

I happen to love people on all these philosophical and political stances. Without an interrelated platform for agreement or conflict resolution, what resource will you have if you know I am poisoning your water table, yet you also know I am a arrogant “individualist” who listens to no one?

One of the most important issues in human cognition, or lack of it, is cognitive dissonance.  Once I’ve formed my identity with tags linked to nice abstractions, like freedom, I may well contour my self reflection and my view of the world to avoid knowing where and when I am self contradicted.  This sort of ego adaptation will leave its psycho-spiritual contortion festering within the self.  The experience of consciousness then becomes more problematic, given that ignorance, as a kind of firewall, has become instituted in perception.




No!  Not the secret agenda!

Who wants to hear your religious jumboed mumbo?

Why! Why did you have to go there?

Being on spaceship earth is a big abstraction to some, so lets imagine that International Space station, or you can make up your own closed human ecosystem.  Well what happens if I get disgruntled and poke holes in the wall?  What if on a space walk I go about tearing off protective coverings cause, well, I’ve just had it with all the idiots in there.

One person. One decision. One intention. One problem unaddressed. One idea left to fester. Just one lack of cohesion, one big enough, and a whole space colony could be destroyed.  If put into our real place with its interrelationships, we have impacts that ripple out throughput the whole Commons of Life.  We need an agreement, even if only a consensus reality made to appear real; that I can trust you and you me.  Otherwise…

Most all humankind has had transcendent spiritual beliefs. Your own love may be viewed as a transcendent or metaphysical glue that holds you and someone or thing together in a kind of invisible gravity of union. I feel that in a deep fundamental way, we are always acting in manners which we belive will make our love healthy, no matter how wrongly we may try to force it.

When humankind grows past its fear, threats and insecurities, when we know we are all inside spaceship earth together, and it does matter to each life what the other is doing, we will emerge into some kind of theocentric non state. I believe we will all act on behalf of our higher angels, and because of that union, share the mysteries and revelations of Creation, possibly with symbols and rituals that keep the reminder ever-present of the abiding transcendent Cause.

I can assume I am caused by the universe or whatever manifest it.  I can also assume, as through physics and cause and effect dynamics, that I am endemic to existence.  I can even assume that my consciousness is not detached from wherever consciousness exist in the scheme of things, without knowing how we exactly conceptualize creation.

Our modern minds seem to believe they cannot know a thing without fully describing it and deconstructing its rules of being.  One trouble with this scientific like objective premised assumption is that we know all the parameters of a thing, and of the context it exist in.  Spacetime seems to suggest to our senses that things are separate and self cohesive, but this view of the outer world is a self defined appearance reality in part dependent upon kinds of peer agreed to consensus realities.  Actual reality may be another matter.

But Metaphysics and Mumbo-jumbo?

No, Humankind, as spiritual societies, will not force religion onto anyone without their permission, our spiritual core will just fit into life seamlessly. If the universe is not in contradiction, and we are of the universe, I expect a state of essential non-contradiction in spiritual matters as the case of Life as well. This is then a premise of a latent, intrinsic Utopian (from our current viewpoint) spiritual anarchy impulse, that can well possess qualities and even beliefs of parts of some or all of the aforementioned belief systems, and even some not mentioned.  In one manner of defining this; what is true is to be honored.

Can humanity have truth as its guide while not completely conceptualizing Creation?

The difference will be that there will be no contradiction between each consciousness and collective humankind.   Differences will engage reason and definition of individual vision with a logical means of resolution of disagreement. Your spirit, in some ways untethered from dysfunction, will be able to soar higher than likely you or I have known, and not necessarily by designing a self in contrast to the worlds of others…

Unconditional Love has that guarantee. No one is stopping its anarchy, but ones sense of self limitations will limit ones awareness.  When external government is gone, we have a Darwinian feeding frenzy, where your neighbor does have the right to grab your stuff.  Get rid of Democracies government; the alleged will of The People, and we will likely have corporacratic and or theocratic replacement by an oligarchy.  Those interest are actively working against government by “The People”.

Real government ultimately cones from within.  Freedom will be real when external government is allowed to die.


What a tree believes when reaching out?

Or does it know without question?

A rational universe

Truth defines the real self

Even if I cut this tree down

There is one governing equation


Ages after writing this post it stumbledinto Stumbleupon.

Bloggers.  You never now what might hit you.

{Earth photo NASA}

Another post on my story—

CLOUDS FADE AWAY; a short life reflection while moon walking

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The line in the sand has been drawn. It crosses the Potomac, the 49th parallel, stretching from sea to shining sea. Between the two great oceans is the even greater divide; the cultural grand canyon.

Or so some would have you and I believe, we must be red or blue with no white in-between. But how has this nation of “We the People” become the nation of us against them?

Some might say the south has finally won the civil war, the war of succession, and we are now witnessing the wedged-off amputations of the one nation, the one government, in favor of feudal warlord domains. Still others see new aristocracies overcoming democracy with policies favoring inevitable global corporate hegemony. Where we begin to sculpt our lives with product or thing associations. What is more important to us is what brand of car we own, our brand of watch, brand of God, oven, or income level that allows the upgrades to occur.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news to the cultural war mongers during this campaign season, but in most respects, them is us. The conservative tendency to suppress humanity so others can be treated totally like we would not ever wish ourselves to be treated, is a tendency we must all interact with within ourselves. And the liberal tendency to want all faults to be forgiven that can be traced, by understanding, to the force of outside cause, is a generous tendency we may tend to give mostly to ourselves and perhaps not extend to others, especially acting conservatives.

If, as I contend, this great cultural divide actually is in the deepest most honest sense of individual truth, stretching our one foot on the red and the other on the blue, the cultural war that is festering across the nation is a false front designed to tear the individual into halves, deconstructing the noble self, the self of our better angels, into an angry and arrogant self lost from fuller comprehension of itself, searching aimlessly in the mirrored ideology of identity attachments, blaming the “other side” for perhaps subconsciously holding the missing self hostage.

Crazy huh?

I have lost count of the unaccountability of self professed conservatives being found out as being pedophiles, predators and or misleaders of some nature. I have lost count of the number of liberals who seem to have no particular guide as to what they believe in except that they know conservatives to be wrong, or enjoy some unbridled liberties.

But basically, both of my pigeonholed concepts of liberal and conservative are incomplete, for every human being applies both tendencies daily to live their lives. It is the nature of the polarizer that must be examined; why do some surely wish to divide up the “We the People” in the national collective mindset? Who is pursuing this divide and conquer strategy and to what ends? I will leave that speculation for now, since it would easily delve into areas of belief where facts themselves have been rendered questionable to anyone’s interpretation. When I am kept unknowing of something, how can I truthfully asses its effects, or even its existence necessarily?


Of this speculation, I am quite confident of its existence, though the details may be completely of a differing narrative of individuals, times and place.

Today, somewhere, there will be a child who gives thanks that their parent took them aside and showed they cared enough to lay down trustworthy directions to live by. Finally, finally! It will seem as if someone surely does intend the best for them by being a guide to the ways of life they are blinded to by youth and inexperience.

In another place an infant will have their emotional umbilical cord cut. Parents will allow the child to discover their own self regulation by weaning them from repetitive loop reinforced insecurity, proving they have a safe place to begin to satisfy their own needs. From this position of respect for the parents own emotional well being, the nights of a baby crying will stop, the raw nerves of the parents will be soothed, their relationship repaired. Now the infant, unable to speak, will wake in the night, reach out to pull the covers back on, succeeding at something she was not allowed to know she could accomplish before except by complaining. Even infants can learn what they can do when allowed to in a protective and supportive way.

And then in another place, an old conservative white guy will have an accident in the wrong neighborhood on an icy night. What looks like a thug will run over to the car, pull him and his granddaughter away from the car. Remove his own coat to cover the child, and call 9-11 on the cell phone.

The befuddled white man will be blind sided, (by his new-found other half) dropping to his knees. His own shame will be consumed before himself. His eyes will light up with fire and water, his heart seeming to grow a new, or is that a missing chamber? He will wonder in the falling snow, what else has he been wrong about? What other assumptions of mass misunderstandings does he hold as truth, that this once assumed looser is now a saving angel of grace? Suddenly the whole world seems new and beautiful to him, especially that stranger who now seems a most vital part of him.

These things will also occur in their quite places, away from the limelight. They will not be discussed on ideological talk-news propaganda shows filled with their crosses and spikes and crowns of thorns. Yet every moment this season, in the seemingly random chaos of kindness, a higher order of union will come to be.

44″They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

45″He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’





Fear is real. In fact, it is so real, it can seem to consume you all by itself.

It becomes the favorite ploy of politicians who are desperate to control you, and merchants who need you to need what they have.

Gas went up $0.10 overnight (actually as I bought it yesterday). I remember municipalities trying to get a half cent raise in gas to pay for some civic project or program, and the voters say no. Local gas station owners told, that drivers would flock out of town for gas. You would be ruining their lives and livelihood. So we do without the teachers raise, or the intersection expanded. We have learned to not trust government hardly ever (except by fear) in having its hands on one more cent of our hard earned (or not) money.

I think of how, in relative terms, most of these little increases would have returned to us much, but instead, it now goes to a middle east nation, and or the corporations making a windfall off of fear, and a war over it is guesstimated now at eventually costing $3,000,000,000,000–$5,000,000,000,000 and all out of scaring us dumb with dubious rational.


Fear diverts our attention with ease. Heck, I’d rather keep my one half cent, thank you big government tax and spend socialism very much. Now gas can go up a dollar each gallon in a year and we are still kept afraid of (and less able to afford) pooling our resources to do something fair, just or constructive.

I have become cynical in the economic sense, since it seems proved out that every cent you think you kept by avoiding a tax, you will have taken from you more fold, in placing your needs into predatory control. No, not in the hands of voting institutions (representative or initiative) where you theoretically have a say and receive a lasting benefit, but into individuals or collective groups, who knows where in the world. Just probably not in the average voters house or neighborhood where you live. Just got to keep you scared to keep you in line. Attention Diversion Disorder.


Interesting how the selfish, predators and the permanently afraid, rule our lives to some degree. Our doors are locked when once upon a time they were not. I travel as little as possible. I buy less of our consumerist/individualist-each must have their own products, cause somebody rich somewhere needs more for their nicely set up welfare for them state. That is how it is for more and more of us. You just will not see many movies or TV shows based on the third worldalization of our nation. But many a politician will speak glowingly of our special freedoms the world is so jealous of.

Nanny state, closet socialist, communist Utopian, many words are used to now define the community doing good or needed works of one kind or another, by the fears of the poison pill word propogandist. While exploitation of the individuals situation, contempt for empathy and compassion, and getting away with what you can, or aligning with fellow opportunist to strip democracy of meaning, or of rights pertaining fairly to all, goes on quite unabated.

The deck that has been stacked is the very old one, the opportunist and predatory one; take what you can and run. Humankind is always faced with what one can call Energumen (a spirit embracing misanthropic or malevolent intent to others), those who place their “own” above all else, and serve that separation from the whole, as itself being holy.


Resource depletion, pollution, the reduction of the authority of the individual in the responsible collective sense; where we accept that we still live and breath the same air on the same planet and must so act therein responsibly, assaults of these are the greatest looming threat to the planet and so to us.

That said, terrorism is the greatest present threat to the western world. Much of the rest of the world is or has been ruled by this greatest threat as well, but now in the USA, terrorism is the greatest threat of the present moment, because so few callus dysfunctional’s can cause so much fear, harm and disruption of life and economies, not to mention the soul depletion of removed liberties.

If you are liberal, you do need to take terrorism’s realities into account, along with your hopes and fears for the future. I am not suggesting ignoring the source of the mindset that produces lives whose only value seems to be to destroy someone different who is blamed for their plight, rightly or wrongly. That is what manifest terrorism.

It is also necessary to state that our own revolutionary founders would be considered terrorist by the then British status quo. As has been often said; one mans terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. We must determine in this diametrically opposed perception, a truth beyond subjective impression, to where the real truth of the matters are, and what the honorable and rational action and reactions should be.


If you think of humans moving into space (from exploration and or population pressures), we will have had to manage the potential of disaster, of just one dysfunctional and disgruntled individual. Imagine the degree of control by state, or the maturity of the spirit of the populations, to be able to trust catastrophe not ensuing from one of their peoples intentions. Terrorism (of all kinds, including good “defensive”-offensive ones) on the planet is not far from doing the same thing here on spaceship earth.

We face a coming wall regarding globalization and individual and collective rights and responsibilities. I am of the mind that as in all addictions, it is not force or words that will cure us of the oppression of the out of control state, religion-state, or the out of control individual. A rebirth of self, strange as that can seem to mean, is what will break fear based addiction by the individuals own motivation.

When the promise to Life (or God) comes originally from our own hearts and minds, a new world opens up. Life is unveiled and Its astounding presence sensed. This Big Spirit surrounding everything, leaves nothing out or discarded by human concepts of division from the Whole. It is Unconditional Love, pure, simple and true. It does not need me to defend It or say Its Name correctly, nor beg properly, or pander unending to Its omniscience. It is an invitation to exist inside of Its intention, Its unfolding definition alive in my own life, as in all things.

I can share in the miracle, which even includes suffering and loss as poignant counterpoints to being, or I can embrace the myriad pathways to fear. Letting them, ground my spirit to inert dust, worshiping all I lack as evidence of illusions primal abandonment (my detachment from Cause).

It will be the heaven at ones own hands, or the heart eating jungle, that will be produced from what I chose to do or not do. The fate of the world is made up of that magical choice in which direction we each lean, until it becomes a driving wind.


//nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/image/planetary/earth/gal_new-zealand.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
These images were taken by the Solid State Imager (SSI) on Galileo during its first flyby of the Earth in December of 1990. The images were all created by Dr. Edwin V. Bell, II (NSSDC/Raytheon ITSS), from separate filter images present on the Galileo Imaging CD-ROMs.

(NASA or the US government, has no responsibility for this post, other than they provide us with these images for our own use.)








You now can prove any point; for or against global warming? Doesn’t matter. For a price or a favor, no matter what anyone else says, we have the ammo you need to shoot your opponent full of questions!

Confusion will make that other guy look deceptive or disingenuously naive!

It’s cold today, global warming; wrong! Do not worry. We are higher class that that! We have scientist who will produce the data you need. The more difficult your viewpoint is to prove, the easier the job will be!

For example; Since global warming can actually help initiate an Ice Age, we can claim; check, cancelled out! Our victory! We need more co-2 to warm up! Cool it down? Get the dust particulates up! Remember its all about manipulation as good! It is usually, when it comes to pollution, about adding to the atmosphere and not subtracting, increasing the need for industry overall.

(We side towards business interest of all kinds because you are who can purchase our services. We are in business to make a living like everyone else for heaven sake! No offense intended to you all without the bucks.)

Our experts, by relativism of context, can throw any truth into question.

Al qaeda your problem, no problem, we can prove they were wherever you need them to be, irregardless of intelligence and chronological history, we will get them where you need them to prove your point, from the mouth of an expert! Once they are there, like whenever anyone attacks a Muslim nation, conditions for recruiting are created. Perfecto! Then there they are; duh!

Now if you want to fight them to keep might makes right alive, you have the excuse to throw anyones questions into doubt about wishing to stop terrorism or an occupation! We already are doing the job! Check Mate! Next! Or are you for the terrorist!?

No obscure or insignificant fact is too small, if it undermines (or seems to) your opponents view. We will overthrow their whole self righteous apple cart with one grain of sand!


Through circular referencing of ideas through different on topic personalities, or anonymous inside sources, no problem is beyond attack for its now dubious appearance to be reality. Your dreams, your insecurities, your political or religious viewpoints, all are rendered right by our expert cast of experts, certified expert by Experts for Sale Dot Com.


Don’t miss out on our election cycle sale! Future favors as valuable to us as currency!

We provide debunking links for any and all topics! No truth can hide that cannot be overturned and some good old trustworthy doubt planted in its place. Existentialise to clear the merchandise, that is our motto.

If you are accused of polluting, no problem! Remember how easy it is to fool the public over and over and over again! Our think tank swarming with piranha like experts will devise the strategy to fit your need to undermine your adversary. The best defense is to keep your opponents on defense!

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We are about to be bombarded, and already are, being shown out of context photos and cartoons, plus unsupported, out on a limb, emotionalized prejudice pretending to be news or valid fact based opinion. Reality is bounded by context, when these propaganda pieces throw their mud, context is the first thing thrown out.

Lets have a reality check on this kind of slant. If you (poison pill propagandists) are going to show a mean caricature of someone, show them of all the others, including your favorite, just to be at least decently pretending to be honest and forthright. Not likely to happen!


Nothing like mean spirited suggestive images, or out of context quotes to “lie” about what one is saying is truthful. So get real, then we might actually give your post a second thought, or any thought at all. What I am suggesting is, hate and contempt based opinion, not given right to an others face, is as solid as the melting mud it is made out of.

In free speech one has a right to do that (metaphorically throw mud), but if it is to serve ones intent, and not, in effect, blacken the message as one beyond the realm of honest reason, an honest intellectual and heart felt opinion would do one more good. But throwing mud and running away in the dark, is going to win you like minded blinded followers, or none at all.

Otherwise, we might think everyone else, except the one you are making fun of, just might have something to hide behind your misleading bias slant. Is that really your intention?, that we should be suspicious of the one you seem to be for?


Most mud-tar is intended to blind its intended victims to qualities or qualifications in the one they are tainting. As for fear mongering against any of the current crop of candidates for presidency which this whole post was about; I can hardly imagine a worse candidate, and background history, than the one sitting you know where. And I know, some are blinded to that opinion as having merit.