How can true democracy exist?

It needs basic requirements, most of which we do not have any longer, or never did.

The public needs to be informed from all quarters. Well these days, we hardly hear anything on the poor, the disadvantaged, environmental impacts of economic decisions. Mostly subdued by corporate interest. A good part of the damage was Ronald Reagan’s, destruction of the fairness doctrine.

Votes need to be counted under transparent conditions. Now without even paper trails, impossible to prove non-manipulation. This damage to democracy has been perpetrated by conservative status quo interest.

We do not even have a right to vote! It is a “privilege”, thus deniable by whomsoever privilege rules. This opens the door to mostly conservative interest to deprive voters a ballot.

A true democracy should minimally require a majority to elect any representative or president. It is unlikely but conceivable now that we could elect a president with only 40% of the vote. What kind of union is that? who will own it?

Without any fairness to the actual ability to reach the public, money has become the power behind votes and ideas.

In the end, an electoral college elects the president. Time for us to graduate to a real democracy.

If we want to talk about freedom. Under the lack of democratic tradition evolving here, we may not have much time left.

We have now a fake democracy.