Above Our Heads : Ideas Spreading Across The Universe

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{This post began while musing over space aliens observing us}

We.  All of us. We are all at the mercy of time and the processes of existence.  We happen to have minds with self aware cognition, able to reflect upon ourselves and all the relationships around us.  But we do not always know the reality of our thoughts about the things of our world.  My mind does not accurately reflect reality as it is, for my imagination and that of others can act as a coloring agent or interpreter of what I experience.  Add to that all I do not know of myself, you and our world, and mistaken impressions seem destined to occur no matter my intention.  Do I have a means or a method for learning what I do not know of my alienation to others experience and belief?

We seem real.  Our thoughts seem real.  Yet what I am thinking of, real as it may seem to my mind, does not make “it” a fact of reality.  I am sure the sun revolves around the earth from empirical evidence, but my context of seeing is inhibited by my place.  I can then be confident that you are wrong when you say the earth circles the sun, or that it rotates daily around an axis.  Odds are, if most think, (and many of our distant ancestors thought the sun revolves around the earth), negative associations will be heeped upon the iconoclast, the rebel, the heretic, who claims things beyond obvious perception.

This opens up a new dimension of a kind of intentional deception seemingly mandated by prior assumptions.  Intentional, for it is insisted upon.  It also cast conformity as conservative confidence walled up inside of a question free zone.  A place where reality itself, is intentionally excluded from consideration for the emotional confidence of the previous status quo. A kind of “common sense”, in this case an appearance reality, provides our experience with the confidence of the sun rising and setting, seeming to circle the earth.

As we agree to this common sense event, we create a consensus reality, or common agreement on the awareness of the state of a thing.  Yet in this simple planet and sun example, context is everything regarding actual truth.  An overview, or higher consciousness, in this case via scientific observations, will reveal a partial true nature of our local cosmic reality.  Yet human pre determined ideas will, as they did, attempt to demean the unveiling truth and its messengers, while defending the honor and correctness of conserved belief. Our human experience of the sun circling the earth was declared something akin to sacred, as are any manner of other ideas society defines as appearing a certain way, then agreeing that way is The Way.  Others with differing notions can then be pushed, shoved or buried out of the way, for they seem to desire to cast insecurity and question over the very honesty of our tenets on our place in the known world.  Not being of our consensus view, these others will seem as other, and perhaps as alien.

Seeing what is not apparently obvious is a bad place to be socially.  You are not likely taken seriously, and you may well find countless experts to agree with how you appear;– too not be taken seriously.  We tend to have many mechanisms for intellectually challenging paradigm challenging information.  Rationalization instead of rational reason, will explain our emotional plight; that a kind of alien influence is attempting to overturn our world view.  Now history and hereditary pride can be called up as sacred icons defended in the name of God or Life.

Ideas and opinions are not the actual reality check on the truthfulness of any one thing, but these days we seem unsure wether opinion and debate determine reality, or actual facts in true context.  This is not necessarily true in all things I do.  Just as a poll does not decide reality of fact, 90% of people saying the earth revolves around the sun is not proof of its reality; facts in context will be.  The higher the context conceived, the more real may be the connections defined as relevant.  But we can find that even a truthful contextual consideration can be relative to confirming our existing biases, and not changing our minds toward a more truthful reality in perception.  If we seek pure objectivity or truth, our job may be never finished and walked away from.

What is the real intention of ones inquiry?  Even Context Has Apparent And Consensus Parameters Limited By Knowledge Or Its Lack

You can give me hot or cold objects to feel, but you are not the source of those definitions of temperature; where you are getting them from likely is.  You may have some in the refrigerator, and some out in the sun.  You may have put those objects there to change something in the apperance of their nature.  We can then both begin to determine how their conditional state is attracting what we observe of them.  We may also being to see your role in determining a things perceived things state of being.

Context keeps expanding to include greater definition and possible impression cognition of cause. I can see that you bring me these differences, but you are not necessarily the true cause of their condition. You may be a participant in the process of transferring information to me, your ideas may have led the objects to acquire their seeming states of hot or cold.  You might be testing my sensitivity to temperature, and that may be relative to my nervous systems settings.  A thermometer might better determine real temperature variations between these objects.  We even can establish issues of subjective impression or of factual objective information.  You may have left an ice cube out in the sun for a while, but I might perceive that the one from the refrigerator and the one from out in the sun are still just as cold to me.  What changed may be then held in other criterion of observation.  Even facts can be manipulated to desired outcome if so construed.  Critical thinking ability is actually important to observing the universe honestly, by trying to not impair sensory information.


What’s behind my closed hands?  My closed ideas?

Our lives are full of ideas and “truths” wrapped and spun into all manner of what may well be cognition management of concepts that we may not be aware of.  Those giving these things to us may be aware of greater contextual rendering involved in any one things “issues” of manifestation.  A Pandoras Box of manipulation opens when I am not made aware of these other variations in cause to the whys for a thing or process.  Relative awareness is obviously then highly prone to manipulation, particularly if I am not aware of the may ways I can be fooled into being sure or certain of anything.

Why.  Only a liar would tell you the earth goes around the sun.  Someone is trying to fool your own eyes!  Open them!

The trouble with ignorance, whether unintentionally perpetuated or defended for status or other opportunistic reason, is that it is easily defended by emotionalized poisoning of the messenger tactics.  Someone pointing out what is scientifically a true observation, as the earth revolving around the sun, were called names to connveigh the shame and possible ostracism, or worse, one will receive if such information is considered objectively. Conformity to conserved ideas are adhered to loyally, as if truth is not open to debate, prior assumptions being held above truth itself..  This is a dangerous conclusion pertaining to how we sense reality and adjust to survival in a changing universe.  For some interest then, critical thinking will be something to be biased against, while substitutes for it are inserted as rationalization.

We are often, in effect, directed not to know the truth, to shun those suggesting it, to instead, allege the (actual) truth is a deceptive falsehood being perpetuated by sinister forces.  These days perhaps “intellectual elites” of “valueless” scientific theory.  In some ways, reality gets reversed, the truth bearer is called the liar, while those with incomplete truth called, often by self definition in question free zones, as the loyal or honorable ones upholding truth itself.

Many areas of religion, politics, and occasionally scientific theory, are defended with conserved notions held in question free zones.  Conservatism itself, becomes a likely place to find “truths” not allowed to be questioned in any fundamental way.  We all tend to conserve ideas that serve or seem to confirm our world views or spiritual ones.  But how honorable is a bias towards instituting ignorance as a cherished value to be loyally defended?

It is highly likely that many kinds of what are actually propaganda and institutional attempts to control and direct human consciousness are dirrected at us continually.  These, like the rejection of science as a means to determining states of reality, just as likely get inserted into question free zones, designed to control appearance reality and set up kinds of consensus reality’s in us to direct personal and collective actions into our environments.  These, if deceptive, will likely contain much emotionalized ad-hominen debunking; where attitude and prejudice are consisdered healthy, and empowered, self righteously conceived of as agents of defending God, truth, country, values or family.

It is most important to notice where shaming, blaming, and other emotionalized tag-framing of personality character lacks, are routinely administered in ways as to show otherness.  This alienation and separation identity is often intended to poison the free consideration of ideas and factual data, for why would you honestly consider information from those who are said to be fools, deceived, no good, evil, or against your way of life?  Question, and so identifying full truth, successfully diverted by avoidance rationalization.  After all, you know the sun revolves around the earth. You see it do so every day.  What are those suggesting otherwise up to?



There is a war in heaven, in consciousness, and it is to contain and control who and what and how we may be, and not for determining the real factual reality we inhabit. Instead, we are lead to confirm, and so buttress preexisting bias that most likely favors status quo power relationships dependent upon kinds of pyramid schemes, where human or animal energy is harvested to the benefit of some more than others.  But what is actually in my own good interest?

In other words; selfishness vs inclusion; arrogance vs understanding; deception vs reality…and we decide who’s side we each are on, even if not knowing we are deciding for one reason or another.  We may pivot to our aloneness, or to our union while not being aware of the spiritual choice made by our actions.

The battle goes on.  The casualties being not only aspects of our transitory human lives, but the ideas that live beyond our breath.  One day we may find that intelligence not only inhabits all things, but actually avoids those things which would pollute it with falsehood.  Now there is a contradiction in being, or is there?

The Politics of Societal Manipulation: Ignorance as America’s Guide

What do you believe? What do you stand for? What ideal would you die for?  Anything?

Most of us believe our lives stand for something, but how solid is that something, and when do our legs walk away from it?

In politics, and to some degree religion, we may argue points of view, as if we were speaking or listening objectively.  This is a big reason why the issues we argue over never seem to get solved–we are not honestly seeking a true resolution.  We are already “standing” for a point of view with its way of seeing things “true”.  The world, as well as our personal lives at times, are at the mercy of issues, but not of their forthright resolution.  These concerns in our consciousness are placed onto conceptual treadmills, often trapped by prior assumption,  where they can generate energy and attention to those who profit from conflict, along with the insecurity and fear that become the value of ignorance.

In America at least, polarization means big bucks to those who promote it.  For conflict and opposition to succeed at never quite solving our emotional dramas over issues, pretense remains in command; we pretend to seek solutions, claim to be, while things such as truth or reality become the victim of “fair and balanced” or other perspectives that include bias in their assumption of reaction.

Hearts are then not allowed to view the others involved as legitimate human beings.  Instead, others are who are mistaken, others who are misguided, others who must be convinced of their error.  When human hearts are effectively closed, restricted or otherwise truncated, many an unfounded reason can be made to appear true and obvious.

These kinds of rationalization are obvious themselves, in the political sphere, where name calling and buzz worded Thought-terminating clichés are invoked as if black magic guides to our reasonable conclusion.  Ignorance allows many a form of deception to ride in right under our radars, or even be welcomed in as a Trojan Horse.  Now days, these can even claim to be fighting exactly what they are in effect creating.  (Fascist-like authoritarian mobs fighting “Fascism”.)

We humans, as far as we know, seem to live inside out minds.  These minds are vulnerable places; we have our experiences, with how we have adapted to seeing things, and we have the outside world of others and things, which can come to us packaged by someone else.  Someone else tells us what something is.  Likely, for some reason inside out minds, we tend to accept some of these communications regarding what is, and take others with a gain of salt out in the rain.

Balancing Truth and Untruth Fairly

There is a wise old saying; “The truth hurts”.  This insight about the operational nature of truth relates to our human feelings, one might have reason to avoid being hurt; to not know the truth. The truth is perceived to be at times other than what I thought was good and true for me, or someone else thinks this is true and can see the advantage in protecting me from “the truth”. Now I might be ready to look or listen for something perhaps other than the truth, yet seeming to be good and thought of as being true.

There is something quite significant about human assumption that has us wish to not know a truth at times, but instead believe in, or even yearn for substitutes.   I contend that any substitutes to truth will create problematic relationships, because the universe is true.  If I am a true being, yet being untrue, dissonant negative consequences will seem destined.

Dysfunctions, where something other than truth is operating our perceptual program, go on to generate even more problems–naturally.  The wisdom of the ancients knew that, most religious books know that somewhere inside. Yet not knowing that, is kept fresh and (logically) dysfunctional for some reason. Lies and misinformation are sold much like commodities in the modern world. This reason, its value, would be ignorance’s worth by manipulation; using ignorance as collateral, or a capability to form public (your and my) opinion into something reality is not.  Ignorance is then framed into its fabled kind of bliss, but it is functionally the bliss of a defacto idiot.

Harsh words may at times be required to ignite a torch for seeing into places hidden as to what ignorance is enabling concepts that are false to appear good and true.

On The Ground

Recent history has indicted the US public has employed this dysfunctional dialectic: We are willing to be misled; meaning, we do not intend the truth to be our guide as a nation. We defer, instead, to things like trust and faith, ignorance entrusted to experts and authorities that has the ability to seem good while in effect supporting the bad, for they can avoid fact and reality checking and the consequence that creates.  This has the appeal of not requiring me to investigate or question the reality of public policy, including my own.  As a voter in a  democracy, I have the responsibility to know what I am doing, yet I defer to church and state to tell me what I “need” to know.  This creates an idiotic set-up to be milked indefinitely, form my own ignorance at my own and others expense while I am held unaccountable (delusional) for not “knowing” it.

Ignorance Fattened For The Kill

The pubic will, can and will be deceived for interest that manipulate The Commons, the connectivity of the things of Life, for their own individual privilege advantage.  his is a common thread of the price of ignorance throughout history. This will undermine the threads of connection, and so those threads must be blackened over to seem nonexistent.  Ideologies that promote the individual will as an alienated achievement program, can do just that.  This is controlling the conceptual context to control perception in language, then self identity.  Much modern culture has the individual evaluating oneself with comparisons to their peers; be it income, music, beliefs, or other identity tag frames–whose team you favor for instance.

{As an aside. I recently heard of a social commentator claiming that the white rapper (music) Eminem, was proved the victor by the universe, since he wrote songs and was a success for getting back at everyone whom he thought did him wrongly in his past.  Popularity translating to fame and presumably income, made him favored by the universe?  Really?  Did the universe also the promote dysfunction upon him so he could win and get back at his critics?

I do not know if human popularity is the same as the universe voting for your currently defined success.  I could steal from all who criticized me and become an iconic hero for becoming wealthy and not getting caught; still the universe giving me a thumbs up?  Did Vincent Van Gogh get a belated approval rating from the universe?  Is it a sign of approval from the universe if this post gets 5 views, 500, 5,000, 5 million?

Does views or payment from society for this post equal approval from the universe, or could it be human, and WEB structured rules of favoritism, whether right or wrong?  If I “trick” the Internet search engines to find this post much more, would it then be that much more successful and universe favored?  Illusion and reality can both claim the same concepts and be framed with the same ideas, however, one will be the more near factual truth and the other the imagined.  We must know which is which or we truly are lost.  The lost then accrue a cash value in their ignorance.

Learning from what wrong is done to one is one thing.  Getting back or even somehow, as if life were a score card, is something very different.   A definition of success might have that popular survival ID of  “the fittest” tag put to it, but we do not know if getting even or proving others wrong is a particular quality of character of the universe–just because one becomes rich and famous.  We may know some humans are valuing something.  Many of the rich and famous are in varying states of self and societal annihilation/self consumption, only there is not always an obvious entity handing them their bill or true cost to culture/commons score card.

I presume the universe is for what is right and true, with our universe given imagination in reality being subservient to those qualities, irregardless if I am claiming the universe must be on someone side judged by apparent rewards.  What I think is right and true does not constitute the same thing as what actually is right and true by universal mandate.  Humanity is at odds over its varying notions of what is right and true and wrong.   Dominating others, however, is not an exclusively intellectual or moral achievement, it is one of physics and leverage of human systems into controlling a paradigm.  The dinosaurs may have won that, but then how did “the universe” then evaluate them?

We can find in many religions these sorts of material and health promises; believe in me, or Jesus, and you will be healed.  There are now “prosperity Christians” who view getting wealthy as getting tangible evidence of God or the universe’s smiling thumbs up–God wants you to have material rewards for being a good follower.  Pavlov would be proud.  These kind of seductions for effect are classic of cults and other creeds who intend to divert questioning, while leaving the doing up to you by the evidence that puts in an appearance.

They often will produce pseudo-scientific “evidence” ‘The cancer was incurable’, or ‘The hurricane was supposed to hit our city but our prayers diverted it!’ This assumes some non erring truism to medicine or meteorology that is not actually true–a reliance upon a kind of deceptive context framing and conclusion.  This kind of false truism is being aired daily on political and religious platforms as evidence of obvious truth.  And the followers follow…

If your cancer is not cured, why, maybe you did not believe in God enough, or it can be framed in yet another way and claim you are suffering to free others from the illness, like Jesus; or maybe the universe needs you somewhere other than where you had thought.  Always a way around obstacles when critical thinking and the manipulation of result orientation are decoupled and rearranged to suit the ideology or agenda.  Putting rewards into a future life or heaven is another way of putting events into an untouchable zone where they cannot be used to critique belief or faith. Integral to these contortions is a reliance on ignorance, and a poisoning of critical thinking’s well; especially that of followers. }

Dark Sides Dawn

There is a dark side to belief and faith that is blocked from view, yet ever-present.  Belief and faith need no proof or evidence, they become inoculated against objective input, true critical analysis, or theories that contravene them.  Belief and faith tend to conserve their own value, while finding outside interest of potentially no value if one thing can be proved false about them.  This tends to create, not only a self affirming confirmation bias, but a decidedly unfair and non objective measure of judgment;–I can prove your one idea wrong with a mistake or even misconception, while my own belief, and, or faith in my ideas are not subject to any objective inquiry.  Say what you will about them I can deny your value and that of what you offer.  Ignorance accomplished.

In effect; while I can feel I prove you wrong with one idea or fact of yours cast into doubt, whether it is right or wrong, you might be required to prove all my belief and faith wrong to be felt as “equal”, yet those very notions are safely tucked away in question free zones.   Cults and many societal manipulators know this cognitive dissonant like aversion to self objectivity, where the truth might seem to hurt you if known, and can bank on using it in the general population to their distinct advantage.  Faith and belief can harbor darkness while appearing to their beholders to be only about light, redemption, and honoring time tested loyalties.

Once this change over to the dark side of ignorance occurs, we may seek validation of our choice as being a good and true thing.  This kind of self-deception by conscious diversion of awareness is often called cognitive dissonance; where we rationalize what we may know as wrong, as being actually emotionally right, or of little importance since the choice appears to serves us.  In religion this may be called temptation in the abstract, but cognitive dissonance is not necessarily always in the usual definition of that concept.


That America is open to kinds of deception in the name of the public good, is not my opinion.  For the Iraq war, the majority of Americans, by poling, thought “they” attacked us.  Another near majority thought Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden were the same person.  How is such fact misrepresentation (or possible deception) even possible? The administration knew the truth yet did not attempt to clarify the public impression of it.  (Cheney still claims to know unverified truth by biasing factual context into circular reasoned contraptions).

Actually, their policy seemed to depend on the public being misinformed and confused about the known truth, then their intention could proceed with less resistance or much objective scrutiny.  Instead, divert the issue into emotionalized swamp zones such as good citizens follow blindly, not requiring evidence because they are “loyal” or “patriotic”.  This is that old world tribalistic, follow or be shamed monkey business.

Corporate and conservative news platforms repeated the false context and false understandings conclusions throughout the lead up to the Invasion of Iraq.  This occurred even to the point of the alleged “liberal media” that was placing conservative pro war talking heads to advantage over dissenting voices by 2 to 1.  Others reduced dissenting voices to tag frames such as a small minority view, or other demeaning definition to their expression.

Those who were indicating facts for the real truth were considered far left or lacking in patriotism by most of the mainstream media.  One (Joe Wilson) had their spouses secret terror fighting position exposed as a kind of seeming retribution for exposing unverified data being used as alleged facts by the US administration.  Here is one way faith can mislead patriotic feeling to support darkness over light while not allowing objective questioning to determine factual reality and honest truth:  The Rule Of Ignorance.

What other falsity about the world does this willingness to be mislead then lend the American public to?  We choose not to know if we choose not to ask ourselves questions regarding our own forthrightness and integrity to what we hold as truth.  Not wishing to know, quite well may lend the rest of the world to not know what America may really stand for, and instead judge us by the actions that show us as being dishonest, idiotic, or just another self validating empire in the throws of decline.

And if you think only experts should question or know “the real” answers, remember those probes that went to Mars but crashed, for their math was seemingly not checked whether or not it was metric?  We have some of the Bush administration officials still claiming their old misstatements, or claiming to not know what was actually quite obvious to thinking people.  Are we really ruled by idiots, or are they counting on we to be the fools?

For what “Bright Beacon of Hope” for humanity hides behind the same old subterfuge and ignorance’s of the dark ages?  One that is not concerned whether that light is actually lit or not, true or not, real or not.  And so we can expect ignorance to have its set of self validating conceptions such as unexamined “patriotism” (“The last refuge of scoundrels”), peer-pressure ostracism/shaming, unexamined and blind “following the leader”.  That is unexamined truthfulness, and unexamined honesty.  Here is where a kind of idiocy becomes political and economic capital to social manipulators and oligarchs.

Live Free or Die.  I’ll Defend With My Life Your Right To Dissent.  Well.  Maybe Not!

In this equation of putting ones life into principles, is the difference between most of us and that 5% or so who will use their lives to back their beliefs (These, most likely in religion and the military). That 95% of the rest of us; one coercion or another will work; money, sex, or fear (families threatened for instance). This equation is known by the powers that have always been controlling populations. { I’ll refer you to the use of this knowledge in the world context in articles and web pages to follow this presentation of  mine.}

Orthodoxies, ideologies and many an ism, are threatened by the fundamental egalitarian mandate of Democracies right to vote (or the implications of all humanity being Gods children), and also the fair use of free speech, or their spiritual equivalents of compassion, empathy, or admitted connection to The Commons—The connectivity of existence.  To subdue this societal enlightenment, where ones consciousness is considered essentially equal to any other, strategies will be employed to pervert the truth of Democracies social contract platform, and to manipulate perception to create bias away from these universal notions to subjective us vs them subjugation’s.  This is a given.

To observe the conservative news outlets (many nonstop propaganda) is to hear and see misrepresented “fact” and assumption as operating consensus realities constructed of emotionalized appearances. Many right wing religious groups, for instance, seem to praise the name of Jesus, but seemingly behave anti his apparent message. (a GOP enabling group called “The Family” seems to be about reversing Christ message and turning it into a dominator ideology; one claiming Stalin, Hitler and Mao are good role models for Christian leaders)  Most religions will use their own histories to validate what they wish to see and perceive now, and not necessarily the ancient or enduring wisdom, though as a diversion of consciousness, they often claim to be conserving the authentic historical “truth”.

The Hidden Value of Word-Playing Into Ignorance

Any society is regulated by a kinds of socialism; yes, even capitalism, where the great expenses of a few are made possible by the many.  This is sometimes called predatory capitalism these days, as it seeks to eliminate public input for public good while pronouncing its own good as the only public good.  It is a fools errand of consciousness to think that somehow what I or you do, does not have any bearing on what to others do or do not do, or how The Commons of Life is impacted.  We are all integral to culture and to societies interactive capabilities.  We all own the consequence.  Unregulated individualism in the present day would be dooming humankind to self destruction—we know too much of the real world to allow one person to do whatever they wish to it.

If I poison the water table and your well comes from it.  Well.  You are paying my price with your health if you accept it or not,  while I can say;  Life is not fair.  At least I got my water stored before the rest went bad.  Good for me.  You are the failure.  This sort of individualism rationalization delusion is ongoing from conservative circles 24 hr’s a day. Essentially, most everything in our worlds are in some manner socialized.  It is just reality.

Declaring Reality Is What My People Want

With seemingly daily misstatements and errors that run uncorrected;

Folks wonder who on earth Fox News could be talking to; the blatant errors, false analogies, false dichotomy’s, out of context conceptions based on fear?  Same could be said of those who believe Rush L’s propaganda; why do some of us need false and misleading information framed into an allegedly on your side pseudo-honest common folk context?  How does sophistry delivered by demagogue‘s seem to some of us to be the truth?  They are supplying what manipulated consciousness needs to counter cognitive dissonance; disrespect for the Universal Commons of Life.  Conservatism is often a kind of mental and pseudo-spiritual addiction—the need drives the reason.

Manipulating facts by false association and framing creates an appearance reality;  A reality that can have notes in the real world, but conclusions from the imaginary; for this to work on eager ears—-

Both Reality and critical thinking ability must be debilitated, allowing substitution to be made possible in minds unplugged of true context.  Overall, on surface consciousness at least, most people (you and I) think they are following the truth.  We just might not know how or why we have the ideas of truthfulness that we do. The more we do not know our own truth-seeking context, the more we may be mislead without knowing and acknowledging it.  In a world where manipulation pays, this ignorance becomes a bankable commodity.  Much conservatism banks on many cons; intending to know you will be unable to see through the charade, for you are not allowed to question preestablished “conserved” premise.  Your mind is unplugged to some extent from both the dynamic movement of now, and quite possibly, truly sensing God.

It seem conservatism banks on this faith bias, (many liberals have their own unsubstantiated conceptual biases that avoid fact checking as well, and are thus conservative), which allows it to run all manner of deception under the individuals truth detecting radar, mostly by ushering ideas in under emotionalized ad-hominen association, or other feeling surrendered logical assumption. The other strategy for crippling critical thinking is to “conserve”  sheltered “truths” under a-priori umbrellas, which the individual is then not allowed to step out from under or see clearly through above.

Most conservatism will have shame based tagging directed at those who do not accept or seem to not accept the conservative ideology, such as; ‘Well.  You just do not accept the truth.’ or ‘You are not a true believer.’ and other like pseudo analysis killing Thought-terminating clichés, (I expect this kind of nonsense from one of you liberal socialist fascist!) that frame others into us vs them tribalism mentality.  Once someone is boxed in and pegged, who needs or is able to see the nuance and ambiguity often accompanying most human lives?  Mission deconstruction accomplished.

Extreme art imitates life?  The dangerous and wild possibilities of mass deception.

A movie “comedy” covers it; this desire I speak of to be mislead from true critical thinking ability.  That movie is called Ideocracy,  where a genetically altered population harboring very low IQ’s, is the movie’s influence pedalling scenario.  In conservatism’s kind of Ideocracy; the requirement is effectively a form of ideological self lobotomy; as in cult and conservatism’s refusal of entering into objective reality testing. The movie uses Fox news inside itself for obvious reasons, but those reasons are not likely obvious to Fox viewers, and “the liberal media” believers.  Conservative news sources seem to not expect fact checking or critical thinking amidst their presentation.  Mostly they cycle and circle logic into self affirming loops that seem to require emotional attitude to substitute as fact finding;  Circular logic.

(I personally have heard from folks who consider Fox’s often mass spun conceptually biased news as the reliable, more accurate news source!  Then, bringing up the daily deceptions running on it might elicit one of those; ‘I don’t trust any of the mainstream media actually.’)

The scary thing is; some of us need to be mislead.  We need ideas to be misrepresented, facts misrepresented, likely cause misrepresented, for we are forcing an ideology onto reality and expecting no one to notice.  Many require a confirmation bias to be in place to screen cognitive dissonant information from consciousness.

Emotional attitude, as well represented by radio’s Rush L, is mistaken as theoretical proof.  This ruse in consciousness, essential to many conservative thought/concept created paradigms, must not be challenged.  This may help explain why direct contradictions, even in the same paragraph about the subject, do not register intellectually or often create conscious discord—The conclusion is what is expected and not the factual context where truth is ascertained, or at least hinted at.

The Final Frontier Is Actually Consciousness

America seems to have many millions of folks who require kinds of deception to feel right about themselves and their cause.  Just in recent history, within the Bush administration, it was conveyed in a journalist interview of allegedly “Bush’s Brain” that they are not reality dependent. They then are actors who simply make history by fiat, or is it truth?, simply by declaring things to be so without tiresome reality checking evidence.  Yes, with much less evidence as I am using here in this opinion piece.  I am not claiming to be an unquestionable “news” source of maker of history however.

Even when it was obvious that the public support of the lead up to the Iraq Invasion was based on non accurate assumptions—–such as Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin-Laden being the same person, or the “They”, the Iraqis, were somehow who attacked us.  The conservative government had no interest in really clarifying the misleading assumptions, in fact, they depended upon them.  They are acting from belief and not from true evidence based fact. They depend on Americans to be clueless in this regard—not caring what they are told to be the truth.  If this is the case, America is under direct threat from the Ideocracy.

For stupidity to reign supreme over this land; kinds of “faith” and “trust” must be held above reason and wholesome consciousness.  In this cause, conservatism is well served and maintained by ignorance as the gold currency of societal manipulations .

Behold; the Ideocracy.


—————-and other views below, which I do not necessarily completely endorse.





A Great Denial: Organized Religion; The God Game; Turf Battles in Heaven

Turf Battles in Heaven

The objective and the subjective, fact and fantasy, can mix without accounting for in this conscious matrix known as my reality.


Most religions depend upon the individuals location to appear true; In the US we tend to be Christian, in Iran, Muslim, in India, Hindu or Buddhist.  Wherever you happen to be, you likely have heard of these other religions or beliefs, You know what they are about and are not buying it.  For some reason; wherever you are, you do not need to examine your beliefs tenets to the core, or compare them in any objective fashion to these other systems.  This subjective bias is a curious truth.

Why do you believe in God or not?  Most of us will never admit that we believe what our culture told us to.  We do not “admit  it” because it is like the nose on our face; right in front of us, a part of us, yet mostly seen only on reflection.  We are convinced by repetition, and more repetition, to reinforce our confirmation; that our concept of things is correct, for we seem to be operating from within them, everyone seems to be.

As for having a doubt about culture, what credentials does one individual have? After all, most “authoritative”experts will agree their culture is most relevant and good. By inference then, what do I know, me, I’m not an expert?  Not on the reason why our culture is the way it is.  We are in it, and likely not outside looking in with comparative information to question basic structures that form the bedrock to the whys that we do things the way we do here.  Most often we go with the flow, and have since birth.  This does create a potential endemic problem; an inability to question fundamentals. We are in an automatic pilot driven confirmation bias; we just are not presented with contrary or other information compared to our cultures dialectic.

This is a first step in manifestation of the Great Denial.  Denying legitimate questioning, by being instilled with a perception, by apparent place or situation; that certain legitimate questions are illegitimate, or else they would have rearranged culture to their truth.  We have an effective consensus reality that culture is true and valid, and an implied assumption that truth wins over lies and falsity.  We know many good and honest people, we might be one ourselves, insinuating that we are somehow or someway wrong, would seem to be wrong.  At least it would seem to instigate a disturbance that I might feel was not called for.  Some questions will have a way of appearing illegitimate. This should be cause for concern, instead of certainty.

This kind of nature, and, or nurture issue continues to the factors individuals use to compare and evaluate themselves and one another.  I decide the kind of hair style, or lack of, that represents me.  I may force myself to act in ways that seem to be not what I wish, conditioning myself to accept most of these “right ways” in time.  If I grew up under the old Egyptian Pharaoh culture, I would know I could only create the human image in a distorted form following an established formula—-for a millennium.  Likely, to break this taboo back then would have seemed wrong, and just as likely a threat for its apparently wrong reason.–Why are you challenging what is?  Why do you not respect what we do?  You are trouble.


But mostly, we do not acknowledge our bias of point of view, not honestly and fairly, and not with open and intelligent questioning characteristic of a healthy minds critical thinking ability. We may be unable to legitimately question important notions of the individuals appropriate behavior in culture, even though we have acknowledged that society must enforce some inhibitions on some behaviors for everyone’s own good.

We see many taboos as self evident to an intelligent person; I do not do some things I wish, for they would bring harm to me.  They might well bring harm to others, and so they are suppressed for their obvious inappropriateness.  Society, me included, wish not to permit much harmful behavior, particularly when directed at others.  If I feel rage, it is not OK to just go and physically harm those I might emotionally wish to.

Culture, or society, or peer pressure, forms aspects of my will into its own image, and at times for good reason.–Some freedom and liberty is not good for the whole of society which I am a part of, but just as with the Pharaoh’s not allowing true human form to be represented; we may not know the truth as to why society is suppressing something that to us seems both real and not harmful.  The converse can be true as well; I can consider taxes an evil; someone taking the opportunity to take my will away:  I cannot do what I want with my money.

{The tax issues always deserve critical analysis.  I am not endorsing pork projects and the like as being in the common interest.  Here I am examining tax as an extension of the public will, and where the individuals will and responsibilities interact with societies.  So I am for constructive critical analysis of societies institutions.}

This detached abstraction of money, and specifically “my” money, does not consider all the interrelated aspects that the concept of money exist in.  Though I may need one more dollar to buy a meal, that meal comes across roads, I expect it will be wholesome and not harmful. When demanding a meal by intending to consume a meal, I enter into the interrelationships that create that meal; the corporations, the farmers, the middle-people and meal makers.  This too is connected to “my” money, and yet to deny these relationships I need only alienate myself from the connection and consider it instead an imposition.

Tax that went into the roads, the employment, the agricultural interest, the other relationships connected to societies healthy functioning, for some, this is now an evil imposition; they taking form you.  Why are the interest of the whole of life being rendered irrelevant to the subjective truncated notion of “my” interest? The they of government in democracy is actually you and I through representation.  The they in business, who take my money for their product or service, pass on their cost, their profit, and their tax to me.  Yet in a fundamental way, aside from not engaging them, I have virtually no say.  It is pay or don’t play.  Or pay or do not receive health care, or…  Both of these societal entities take my money, yet I am to consider the one I actually vote on as not being the one with my interest?  Clever denial and diversion.

{As an example of all the libertarian like proclamations of getting rid of imposed taxes for many instances, through Democratic and Republican administrations alike, the tax burden has been being shifted over recent decades; from the wealthy, who among other things; use, abuse, and manipulate The Commons many times over the common folk, to the common folk, who suffer the consequence and pick up more of the tab.  That— taking what I earned abstraction ruse, away from responsibilities and accountability, to the religion of detached individualism.  Again.  A clever denial and turf battle played out at public expense, but not owned up to.}

I believe that throughout history, some people have learned how to manipulate others for their own benefit.  To cover this usage of The Commons, scapegoats and whipping boys must be targeted. Particularly in democracies, attention must be taken away from source causes, and have those felt individual injuries manifesting from exploitation of The Commons be targeted essentially onto those who have not much power.  The equative power of democracy needs to be divided and conquered for the usual societal manipulators to proceed without much blow-back from common awareness.

Critical thinking must be dismantled and its alleged incarnation handed over to various amalgamations of belief and faith, where true reality checking is impaired or even considered evil.  There are ready and willing ideologies that promote these diversions of attention and corralling of the will, particularly of its common interest, instead promoting a myopic focus upon the self and its travails, where the whole of Life then becomes its challenge and proving ground.

Here is a kind of Great Denial; where self centeredness is considered both holy cause of redemption and self consuming.  Then this alienated, or separated/detached self, can be sold all manner of explanation as to how the non powerful are actually imposing their failed wills upon the righteously willful.  Notice how much conservatism is actually about preserving the institutions of the conservative haves, and subjugating all the rest that be to second class citizenship or worse.  Us and them become operational truths seeming to be established reality and verified by belief.


We tend to judge others and other cultures by our own values, and tend to feel ours are the true, right, or the only legitimate ones.  This is how “The Other”, a kind of unknown, and so inherently threatening characterization, falls upon many of our fellow humans.  Dropped on them by me.  Covered in this veil of judgement, a kind of ignorance is both instituted, and in effect, worshiped as true, even for some, as God mandated.

All humans, unless perfectly honest, forthright and fair, do this interpersonal condemnation, and at times, even dump it upon themselves by the same standards.  A culture, however, is somewhat like a meal.  We may bite into it and survive for awhile, but we do not necessarily like what we chew, and it is not necessarily fully wholesome.  We may go through life in a kind of starving for self realization state, and be kept there by the powers that be, who may have found a way to use our stress to their advantage.

We may think we are free to know whatever needs be known. For a culture to be self correcting, it would need some way of verifying truthfulness.  Mostly we trust that the true, or accurate information will come to us somehow in a Democracy with a free press.  Yet even that is a broad and foolish assumption.  Do we know how free the press is? as in the information in it and why what is there is there and other information not?  Can we be certain that our votes are even counted correctly and fairly?  Are you sure?  To make such cognitive dissonance unimportant, we must camouflage or otherwise deny relevance.—Who cares what the human shape allowed to be drawn is anyway? Troublemakers?

But does anythings existence as a human concept mandate its continuance, rendering questioning existentially irrelevant? In an objective and open observation point of view, the liberal notion of cultural relativity is valid only to certain degrees operationally.  Fortunately, to be an honest agent in determining this cultural validity factor that I presume, requires a completely honest and understanding mind, and most of us can be quite confident that we are not the ones to pass fair and just judgement, that is if we look and acknowledge when our confident judgments have been found wrong.  We can, however, render comparative facts from professed belief as legitimate questions of true context.

We allow ourselves sound fundamental questioning, or deny what may well be each of our God (or Life) given right to think for ourselves and so live a life of true merit, instead of imitation merit by external fear based perception.  To not so define truthfulness for oneself, is to live a life of unexamined robotic belief, as if following in the footsteps of the cause of some lemmings deaths, where huge numbers can plunge off a cliff to drown. Why? Cause the herd was pressing them over the precipice unknowingly; a movements assumption.  For humans, belief in truth can be, in result, seemingly suicidal, for not much reason other than acting from our ignorance instead of the better angels of understanding.  This is the trouble with thinking we already know the answer in a living and vibrant context of existence that is in fundamental ways One Thing.


Understanding is the result of knowing context extends, yet knowing requires freedom, not just to question, but to assume freedom to question without that questioning being cast as illegitimate.  In most religion and politics, for instance, this freedom to question is not only discouraged, except where advantageous for belief reinforcement, but often assumed to be the tool of evil; or that which seeks to destroy our view of an institution.  I say that, for real Truth, true reality, is never actually destroyed or erased, but our opinions and beliefs about it can be.  We fear change of basic perceptual parameters, for they may cast doubt upon ones cosmological assumption, or spiritual ones.–The true human forms shape exist in reality no matter how much authority says it is either wrong, or offensive to society to “allow”.

How many of us could handle all we know being found out to be wrong?  We mostly avoid this perception from our lives, we wish to live our own life right, for perturbing basic logical conceptual assumptions can be emotionally unsettling.  Culture supplies many ways to do this avoidance of truth checking, mostly by shaming questions, or otherwise define them as illegitimate.  Most conservative movements are for damming critical thought understanding, and insisting that only their own way or view is the true one. These usually try to make their own belief constructs appear as the only legitimate ones.  Questioning with a free and independent spirit is deemed offensive, or dysfunctionally eccentric.

Even communist movements that scorned religion, seek to establish their own kinds of religious like icons, and define fundamental questions as inherently illegitimate or falsely motivated.   We would not know this as true without truthful examination of context.  The words and proclamations can be what one claims them to be, but when the reason as to why the image is cannot be legitimately questioned is not allowed consciously in public without shame; someone is seeking to make unquestionable imagery.  In effect, telling us that religion is the opiate of the masses, as they create their own opiates for the masses.  Shame, blame, denial; claims of heresy and other means of purging questions; these all indicate kinds of manipulation control, not by understanding and its light, but by emotional prejudice and its reliance on darkness–unexamined areas held in confinement.

For all intents and purposes, the battle in heaven is carried out within our own minds, even though the causes fought for may have much outside influence and strategy.  Unfortunate for us, these institutions that claim dominance and preeminence have their own self perpetuating forces operating to contain us, not unlike any viral influence.  Ideas carry out their own potential pathology; expressing into form elements of their presence.  Unless you and I are able and willing to be the cure to the providers of false reality, it will perpetuate itself even as claiming to be the one and the only cure to trouble.

Why if only I did not question, all would be peaceful, so questions are the problem. Can’t you just see that clearly!


Ah! the peaceful bliss of the silent, and, or ignorant mind.

This is the circular reasoning paradigm many institutions insist upon to continue as is unabated by the influence of now.  Blank minds are minds that stand not in ones way.  They do not, however, stand for the way of whole truth or light either.  Blind following is not the meritorious virtue it is often presented as.  Nothing advances in its real presence if it is not allowed to change with the times.  This change seems to be the nature of Life itself; conserving what is true and real while always allowing new expression to fill into new space.  Most ideology does not allow this dynamic truthful connection to Life.  It is then suspect as an element of ignorance, even if shrouded in enlightenment’s garb.

Ignoring Shades of Deception; Ignoring The Whole

Our modern world’s corporate narrative is often taken in as Gospel; although the earths ecosystems may be reeling from pollution, resultant of materialism, environmental exploitation and overpopulation; if gas is cheep, car manufactures, along with oil companies, promote gas guzzling vehicles for their good, and not The Wholes.  This is a natural byproduct of corporatism as an ideological bias;  just as religious or political movements, it will use apparent stress to benefit itself.   They wish us then to covet the larger, safer, faster, bigger vehicle; that is the spun slant for our reality framing to consider.  Questioning the context of its existence however, becomes forbidden.  To make things seem forbidden, shame and ostracism must be tagged to their holding.

Its need in your life is then promoted as an objective of desire, a truth for me, driving the consumption and materialist dependency loop.–Why are you against business succeeding or free choice? = Blamed for questioning whole context as being of any relevance.  Now see how many of these kinds of Thought-terminating cliché’s the conservative movements possess.  The political/economic/ and many religious ones are packed with them, to stop you from thinking objectively.

Corporatism has become a kind of materialistic religion, claiming to make all things right for the individual—if they can pay.  Our culture is full of good advice in this materialistic regard; ones love becomes seemingly connected across it.  I can advice you with all sincerity, to buy the monster truck that is built like a tank and guzzles gas; not because I wish to see how fast the earth can be consumed and laid waste, but to desire for your own safety.  What is wrong with that? Perhaps nothing as long as questioning is denied one way or another.

In this way, subjective context are claimed paramount, as would fit a one for everybody consumer driven expansionist culture living in a cancerous paradigm and denying the consequences. A holistic or inclusive view taking in the rest of the connecting context is not helpful to consumerism as an operational identity in consciousness.  Who in business wants everyone second and more guessing or questioning what is for sale?  Not the sellers!

And so objective reality is subjugated to subjective narrative’s of the quest for the good self actualized life.  Shame those who would suggest otherwise.  In this pursuit; many greedy narratives can be designed and anchored/tagged to the kinds of people who caution us about abusing the environment (implying consequence beyond sale price).  It then becomes about directing questioning away from the objective, and instead, to the subjective, where little proof need be presented.

For some reason, possibly consciously known by leaders, true objectivity must be shamed and blamed, thus becoming not the kind of thing to identify oneself with. — Heaven conquered from within.  If you wonder how so many conservatives can believe in so many outrageous and often contradictory ideas and allegations? They need not consider actual reality, but stay focused in their ideological sight, which is willing to see and believe all manner of insanity, as honest fact–true cause need not be checked by including contra questioning.  They become trapped in their own world of logical association unattached to objective critical analysis.  Confirmation bias may be an organic aspect of conservative myopia.

To test this out; watch the unsubstantiated fact associations chained together on any of the main conservative propaganda platforms.  Attitude and innuendo truly are intended to lead perception to places not requiring objective examination.  And a big YES; we all have what are called conservative and liberal tendencies, just do not acknowledge them if they seem not aligned with our take on things.

It, subjective reality mind framing in a business, does not have to consider the whole when corporate bottom lines are the business models deciding factor.  We, as subjects of and to corporatism, will tend to go along with its narrative, and not question its sanity, nor its pathological and suicidal tendency.  We will draw the given but not acknowledged distortion as the truth, not questioning its own actual motivation, nor its problematic consequence.  Most of us succumbed to external controls this lazy way; by never questioning our context, pretending to be unattached to consequence.  The Great Denial in action.  (Our country has been conducting itself as if business interest are the leading ones, and the individuals a distant second to last place.  This is why I call it corporatism.)

This denial can be operating within us as true and relevant to our survival, as those biases of our political and religious presumed choice, but actually often handed down to us by a seeming  situational  imperative.  The best place for darkness to govern?–right out in the light, appearing to be the same as knowledge.  Those following various forms of darkness (embedded ignorance) will know this, and seek the same out in others to use to their own benefit, no matter how delusional that benefit actually is.

You must decide if political or religious robes are true garments, or those of deception and denial, for if they deny thorough questioning, they likely are the latter.  Your ability to ask fundamental questions will help expose the legitimacy of institution, or their disease.  One thing is certain, deception will come wearing the garments of friendship, love, good advice and care, it must do this to commandeer identity, then anchor it somewhat invisibly to fear.

To Question is The Answer


To not fear question is the answer to perceptual and other problems in cognition; but who holds the key to opening true realities doorway of perception?  This battle in heaven will decide for you which side wins.  Consciousness, that area in which we operationally perceive our world, is under pressure to surrender, to align with the outside and inside realities; either it surrenders to reality and wins, or it surrenders to an ideology and is taken hostage.  It is in our unabashed ability to question where this truth will play out.

The decision favors who or what is actually in control of ones soul; is it rightly ones own spirit connected to the All of Life, or in some definitions to God; or is it ideas and or books given to us that claim to represent the all knowing wisdom of Being that happen to require experts to tell us what things really mean?

You are the warrior in this battle over heaven.  You decide if you stand for light and understanding; or exclusion and seemingly endless explanation, making you a kind of servant to someone else’s thoughts and alleged expertise.  This awareness is achieved by questioning, as the mind was intended as a guide to truth.  For love and belonging to Life to be true, it is necessary to care for the unknown as well as the known.

This is truths dictate; questions must be asked for deeper understanding to be held. Anyone or anything trying to prevent critical thinking out in the objective open, unhindered by bias or presumption, is trying to prevent Light from illuminating.  That example will be most telling, despite the likely denial.

The denial is great; yet reality is always greater, for what is real exist on its own terms and not ours.  To align with It, I must surrender my own illusion, to win what is my true life.  To this ultimately most simple of task; most natural of pursuits; love is the answer.  But don’t believe me; your love is your answer.

True love (for you, or for and of God) is never afraid of question.


(As most always; I will check for, add or subtract words and ideas (sometimes for grammar and spelling) as this post progresses.  Pics.—Some of my photo’s from this week)

Conservative Disdain For Objective Reality

Appearance Reality; Objective Reality; Consensus Reality and Cultural Mind Control.

Why Does The Right Wing Need Reality Unhinged?


Essentially for the same reason the round earth reality was opposed by authorities, or the sun as center of the solar system was opposed; to keep control of the authority paradigm under their thought control, is a conservatives first imperative. For that they will deny evidence from observed reality that seems to constrain their authority. They are then compelled by emotion, to demean new or opposing information, particularly by shaming the messengers of contradiction and their message. We can be most passionate over that which we least know as fact.

They right wing often seeds irrationalism into the national dialectic to keep corralled, those dependent upon blind forms of trust, as opposed to more verifiable scientific analysis. We are figuratively then cast into the debate between the right wings modern versions of an obviously flat earth (appearance’s) , and the intellectual elites ideas of a round world which requires thought and rational interpretation. The conservative right spends much time on shame, blame, and attacks on science and intellectualism in general (their own excepted). Ignorance becomes the prime conservative currency they can take to the bank, made by trust in their authority and its “invincible” ideology.

Conservatives need to control Appearance Reality, always have. In effect, tantamount to metaphorically supporting a kind of pseudoscience, for they must offer their “real” evidence why they cannot be wrong. They operate from the assumption, then, that their view is reality, truth or fact, and other views wrong or fantasy. For this they must shame deep inquiry as tantamount to a kind of obfuscation, or complicated mental based fantasy. If you control how things seem by controlling emotions through fear rather than conscientious reason, a public diverted from objectivity will be primed to “get” the conservatives absolute surety.

Appearance Reality is the appearance “truth” of how things seem. Today’s conservatives see the economy, as well as their social values, as these kinds of inviolable right truths, and questions from you or I are automatically (if challenging their conceptual paradigm), felt by them as being wrong. We appear wrong to the narrative of their dogma. Since we seem somehow willingly wrong to them, they tend to invoke shaming in order to stop critical thinking abilities from functioning fully—in the conservative faithful.  (When growing up as a child, conservatives were notable for their attachments to appearance.  They may claim deep belief for the biased orientation, but so often it is how things look; the clothes one wears, the length of ones hair, the flag pin, appearance seeming to “make the man”.)


-Science Itself Must Be Debunked; Kinds of Faith Overriding Evidence and Rational Theory

Objective contextual rendering of complex social and economic issues, such as theorized from science, must by necessity, be perceptually tarnished, often by pseudo-scientific emotionalized debunking. It is out of conservatism’s control mind-frames, to allow intellectual theory or controversy to spiral out of their control narratives. Conservatism relies on the appearance of a-priori knowing of unquestionable “truths”. Contrary ideas can then be declared spurious and wrong merely by existing, without the need of any objective-like truth finding or further research.

You will notice conservatives emotionalized ad-hominem attitude’s of contempt and shaming as primitive authoritarian manipulative identity control mechanisms. Conservatism depends upon select self-serving rationalization to define their apparent unquestionable group defined consensus reality. To question them is perceived as offending them, the questioner is perceived as being on the side of something inherently wrong. The manipulative tactic of The Thought-terminating cliché, is widespread across the conservative right, serving the purpose of emotionally diverting questions regarding beliefs by placing identity boulders in the way of perceiving cause and effect..

This opens the door to proselytizing demagogues from soapboxes in the mass media. Emotional confidence establishing blame and derogatory definition onto to those outside of conservative mind frames, is to conservatism, as fertilizing soil is to a farmer; the right attitude and fact selection will produce some growth in the appearance reality consensus in the gullible as to how other humans act based on emotionalized assumption by appearance. Conservatives become trained as to the look of the world by Pavlovian like reward and punishment indoctrination. This naturally leaves them with stressors seeming to initiate in outside groups and belief.


Faith is infinitely more easy to manipulate than objective fact in context.

As of late you might have noticed; from Rush Limbaugh, to Glenn Beck, to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and most anyone else the GOP enabled right pushes out to the spot-lights; something is very amiss in their perception, and or, their intention. Why do some see reality as a thing apart from facts in context, compared to facts sifted into ideologically screened conclusions? (The deregulation supported by anarchy capitalist has crashed and burned many, yet many of these conservatives claim the fire came from somewhere else.)

Our Information Context: The Right Wing’s Attack Upon The Open Paradigm Of Liberalism* (note at bottom of post)

In corporatized America, most people work for, and the laws made these days work first for, corporations. The charge upon liberalism from the right over the last many decades, was to re-frame liberal and conservative meanings; essentially to alter the liberal institutions of freedom, liberty and responsibility embodied in Democracy and the equal rule of law. These offspring of liberalism are attacked from within their own manifestation, by those who see the untying of their authority hold in the open society.

The earth has been defined as a possession of winners, and an abstracted success, where reality perception has become divided and conquered by the self-self as an identity who wins earth prises, or heavenly ones. The individual seemingly to be unconcerned with environmental or other consequence as long as they are kept in the darkness of ignorance, or behavior is considered legal.

The lack of conservative ideology inside the liberal context of Democracies inherent egalitarian premise (one person one vote, equality under law), is an institutional threat to authoritarians that must be destroyed somehow, for the right wings unquestioned interpretation of reality to dominate perception. The conflict addicted corporate media finds this power grab “show” to be just another potential emotion grabbing crisis conflict that advertisers can juggle to hold the viewers in by emotional appearance of importance.

Lately the “Culture Wars” and “Wedge Issues”, along with corporate media bottom-line propaganda outlets, pour these new non-egalitarian ways of seeing things “truthfully” into The Common air. Real in depth analysis is not encouraged, since it would tend to work toward a perceived eventual solution. Allegations and denials make for much more interesting easy to comprehend “news” than complex intellectual consideration. Corporate interest thus trumps defining reality truthfully, and that is another factor biasing and demeaning information in Democracy. Notice how, for both major political parties, we generally accept them based upon faith, and not much on true certainty to campaign induced expectation. For many, elections seem a kind of crap-shoot.

Conversely, an apparent truth of this contention and business sales addicted media, with its bottom line worshiping lack of order in the eyes of “moral” order conservatives, leads to the generalized conclusion that the media is obviously “The Liberal Mainstream Media”, end of discussion. An obvious truth.


Dividing and Conquering the Definition of Democracy

The corporate mind’s dominator interest (including some church’s as the original multinational corporations) and the usual hierarchical mindsets, would have a much easier time at dominating culture if certain aspects of Democracy were essentially disabled, into a kind of entertaining side show. Make the work in progress nature of liberalism’s plurality of interest seem inherently weak and dysfunctional, for not bowing completely to a church, sole economic or other “right” paradigm. We find that a kind of corporatism has gradually been supplanting the voter as the actual decider in government policy, particularly under Republican reign, but with Democrats as well. The public effectively being seduced away from their Democratic birthright handed down by our ancestors.

Democracy posses a continuous threat to the right wing, for it has a potential door open to rational thought. Whether the economic conservatives or the social conservatives, whose interest often run counter to it, Democracy’s potential is highly problematic. Huge amounts of money have funded conservative think tanks, as well as the many right wing propagandist seeded throughout the culture to brand problematic, and other aspects of liberalism, as the source of all ills. Again; pulling the rug out from under the promise and premise of Democracy and the equal rule of Law, while avoiding addressing the true source conditions that produce societal stress and dysfunction.

Democracies intrinsic equality of citizenship can be undone by; money, privilege, class, entitlement etc., once individuals re-frame their notions of Democracy into isolated out conservative identity mindsets, what supports our liberal institutions is undermined by a detached “free” individualism that can be sold the ideology of corporate identity and lifestyle branding. When I need a car that works; uh, what could democracy have to do with that? What indeed.

I often find talking point ideas of the week from conservative leaders, suddenly coming from many an “independent” and “freedom loving” blog post. If they only could see how their passion can be used against them by the very folks who give out the ideas for the propagandist to expose and “free thinkers” to emulate. Yep. They would assume the same of me, but not likely of they.


-The Individual TRAPPED

Once one becomes as a prisoner to ideological presupposition, especially as the functioning life cosmological/spiritual view, fact and fiction can be tailor made to suit prejudice. Example?

Today I encountered a view from a conservative I know from family in Texas who is visiting, which got me going onto this post. The 85+ something Republican party regular from an Air Force military career family I am referring to, was watching the weather news with me, commented on the cold weather in the nation and the many other indications that global warming is a deception. Gulp!

I mentioned that to her that global warming does not actually predict momentary weather, and that global warming is expected to create more extremes in weather. I stopped from mentioning that over the last decade record high temperatures have exceeded record lows by a 2 to 1 margin. Nor did I inform her that both earths polar hemispheres are experiencing a glacial meltdown unlike the consistent glacial pattern of alternating cycles associated with solar radiation altering earths axis wobbles over the last 600,000 years. I did not say these things for they would not be accepted, and I would rather have her not spend rare visiting time in arguing.

Now this very senior citizen I am referring too, was a stanch conservative (offspring all very liberal) who began to have some doubt during the Bush presidency about the nature of the Republican Party. She is actually somewhat liberal by many a definition of liberal, being understanding and empathetic toward suffering and issues of the poor and disadvantaged. I enjoy spending time with her. However, the GOP brand seems one she is marked with, holding many clichéd talking points as explanations for why thing are the way they are. In many ways politics is like religion; being, many of us get what our parents had. These days that may be much less relevant for some, but not for others.

“Some believe all that parents, tutors, and kindred believe. They take their principles by inheritance, and defend them as they would their estates, because they are born heirs to them.”
Alan W. Watts

And I Would Add Situational Bias’s Opportunism

What my view is, is that much situational advantage, and or privilege, and even some real or seeming oppression, tends to dictate many a belief. This is an inherited situational opportunism, in that the temptation of ones station in life can see others as probable cause of ones problems and inadequacies, whether right or wrong, especially if repeatedly told so with emotionalized confidence. When separation is conserved into ones identity, the inference from outside of wrong aspects of ones view are often dismissed from consideration. As far as The Whole is concerned, this is problematic in a Super Context where all things are interconnected and interrelated.

The aforementioned family member not buying the global warming ruse… Well, she has stock and military income, and considers Texas her home. Her husbands military carrier at war, and in the CIA and Pentagon, situated that well worn notion that the Republicans are “good” for the military. Arguable—-the fact of the matter and not necessarily the perception. Her husband had once brought up an opposing view to the party one, and was thereafter apparently ostracized. This according to a daughter who remembers the incident and communications. Seems a familiar pattern to the recent GOP one party rule during most of Bush’s presidency, where contrary position from their own ranks was met with threat of losing support.

What I see in many a conservative these days, and especially the cadre of emergency/crisis fear ranting ideological propagandist and talk show talking point spreaders, is this suit to their advantage philosophy. Reality and actual objective fact seeking is not to stand in the way of support for the appearance realities that promote ones situational perspective; where fiction can become potentially more important to rationalization, than rational thought and objective study. Objectivity itself, has fallen into “intellectual elite” bias, to the degree that Republicans seem to think that if you do not do all they want, you are not bipartisan or nonpartisan. Mind-blowing for a mind bending reason; only we possess the truth, so why would we agree to less? Conservative values trump reality itself. That is scary.


Check It Out

Reading conservative blogs and news sources is a study in an institutionalized paranoia and the “unfairness” of liberals and by extension, liberalism. The changing of the liberal philosophical view that created Democracy, into one of demonic and fact impaired lowlife liberals/socialist/communist , is stunning to see. “Facts” and “Truth” or “truthfulness”, are seen as dishonest if coming from the left. The left does not seem to see the undoing of liberalism (and implied, albeit by ignorance; Democracy) as grounds for an existentialized fair, balanced or other “integrity” bound definition debate wearing myopic conservative blinders, as being a good thing for Democracy to proceed forward by.

For a future for Democracy, my above allegation will find its Nemesis in apparent truthful rendering of fact and context . Yet I assert that many conservatives are effectively against reality, and ultimately against Democracy. The fact and context they will point to are tailor made to fit a conserved ideology that perceptually drives exclusion, and not inclusion, after all the should’s and shouldn’ts are blown off of ideology. Their fear is over deep insecurity hiding behind the curtain of avoidance of question, and the implicit fear of objectivity itself.

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The right wing needs reality unhinged so it can claim that only its view is the real truth. Its mass of followers and worshipers of hierarchical mindset (supporting opportunistic advantage), see all that is not in line with their view as objectively impaired. Most any right wing news or opinion I read, is startling in its crippled premise and perceptual parameters, seemingly disabled from observing objective fact in whole context.

Indeed, like in global warming, and so many other always exposed liberal “lies”, these conservatives cannot comprehend the ambiguity and nuance of interpretation that is endemic of the world and the nature of events occurring therein. They are as if defending the honor of their flat earth basic truths, or their; “The sun obviously circles the earth” confident certainties, so plain and unmistakable in their view, exactly how it appears; since essentially they do not allow questions as to the completeness of their views and motives, other than asserting they are not anything but just and honorable; well, most conservatives would so claim, that is.

Democratic freedom and responsibilities are under assault, perhaps unknowingly, by many on the right. Some of these surely believe they are actually defending these very institutions born of liberalism. It is up to those who seek objective truth in context, to defend an entitlement for every being to be able to be in their rightful place in Life. The imperative of equality of consciousness implied to individuals and culture alike, must be asserted above the assumed rights of individuals to do what they want to others and the environment, assumed without consequence, that would be instituting delusion above reality.

We are in a battle for the definition of truth and reality that has implications for everything and everyone. Whether the truth is not to be questioned by objective analysis; or whether the truth is discovered via objective analysis. If truth is assumed to be beyond question, then Democracy will be defeated by those who eventually will rationalize it away. The re-framed notions akin to the flat earth, or sun circling the earth, will become a faith based viable true belief again, based on apparent fact.

If truth is everywhere and everyone’s responsibility to detect and define; then Democracy may well survive, for truth’s refinement then becomes all of our charge. The right wing needs reality unhinged for a reason; that ignorance (established in non-questioning) may dominate over information/knowledge. That is not fair and balanced. It is suicidal.

To walk truly, we require real Truth from which to see straight. Right wing conservatives claim to know the truth, but deny outside questioning to establish truth as consistent and verifiable fact. This is the conservatives conundrum; claiming reality while not allowing objective analysis of it.

It is the pathway to destruction, to claim authority beyond question, for then every manner of deception is opened up into insecurity’s Pandora’s Box, when we do not accept incoming evidence from real Life.

* Note:

Being a real liberal is not for lazy minds:

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.” -Bertrand Russell

Being a liberal does not mean the truth is not conserved. It means you trust objectively intentioned evidence above belief or attitude as evidence.

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My Favorite Liberals: Jesus Christ; The Founding Fathers; The Buddha

Who are My Favorite Liberals?; the ones who have defined my own liberal philosophical imperative.

# 1

The most inspiring liberal to me by far. The Original Liberal; Jesus Christ

With gratitude to the many women who helped get His Mission going in a big way.

Jesus 005.jpg


In the USA, where I was most influenced by their ideas, with some credit to Europe, Ancient Greece, The struggle out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance, The Algonquin Confederation…

The USA Founding Fathers. At times, the prominent Freemason group called “Firebrand Liberals”.


From India; The Buddha With much the same message as Jesus Christ, but with more detail to encouraging holiness in consciousness, with all that “struggle” entails.


These are my top 3 inspirational liberals. Of course, it is apparently easy to be blind to the fundamental liberalism of these subjects. Conservatives, and conservatism of their day, were what these folks had to address; All that “otherness” that was excluded from conscious consideration.

I received a comment once, that Jesus Christ was not a liberal. I had to think: Really? I mean, REALLY! What part of liberal and conservative do you not understand? But I must remember how conservatism corrupts consciousness to privy to ones own advantage, as well as inherent fear of conceptual insecurity. Conservatism sets up an exclusive reality matrix in perception, allowing others to be easily dismissed from consideration. And no. Liberalism does not make everything magically right. Part of why it does not appeal to certain conformist and absolutist mindsets.

“The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment.” -Bertrand Russell

Being a liberal (in theory) requires a kind of intellectual honesty; the ability to question without reservation. This makes the liberal individual (in theory) both inquisitive and vigilant regarding cause and effect–the patterns and connections which the real world manifest. This active and demanding critical thinking is an anathema to conservatives in general.  They are firstly about confirming the conservative biased conceptual absolutes; that what they believe is actually true and not to be questioned.  This opens up a Pandora’s Box of rationalization and cognitive dissonance management and diversion.

Conservatism is, by its very self definition; exclusive of some aspect of the new.  Life is presenting a change or addaptive pressure of some sort, and the response against it is–nothing has really changed, not in us.  Hey.  I’m going to cast stones.  If everyone waited for the first without sin, why we’d be overrun with badness. Someone seems to come along and say question what you are doing before you judge another, and reaction says that is ridiculous—add a leading to reason, or rationalization.

We now have a set up in reality perception; rational vs rationalization.  The difference between the two becomes blurred for opportunistic reason.  One thing that will be pronounced when observing conservative rationalizations is; they do not see them.  To them their thoughts are true, their beliefs are true, it is your questioning that is the source of trouble.  Enter Cognitive Dissonance management and diversion.

Conservatism is then self confirmed; a Confirmation Bias puts the present evidence into backwards explanation, to prove itself right in present challenges by what it claims as a-prior truth.  If you can’t question it, because there is a Consensus Reality saying it is already true and is so; to question becomes questionable itself, and open to negative and shame based ostracism.  A primitive tool of control.  Most conservatism is a mind-frame that likeley shelters privilaege and likely promotes tribalism like divisive divide and conquer interpretations of others.

Now there is an appearance Reality constructed.  People, or unable to question followers, accept what is given to them.  In this way, conservatism can set up inaccuracies, unsubstantiated theories, and any number of allegation towards others as being true.  Followers locked into this paradigm are trapped to self identify with it, this is often loaded with ad-hominem praise for their believers beliefs, and reason to scorn those not apparently on their side.  Ignorance becomes a prime currency in social and political/economic manipulations.  Unfortunately perhaps; not only can what I do not know hurt me, it can effectively imprison me even while I am lead to believe I am free, or at least my own person.

We have now entered the trojan horse of tribalism, willing to grab on near any difference among people (race, ethnicity, hair length, sexual identity, even religion) as reason of those others badness.  The end result is the crippling of ones God given critical thinking ability; something my aforementioned liberals seemed to see as the enlightenment of understanding.  stifled by unquestionable rules, regulations and especially interpretations of universal, or near universal grand abstractions.

Just as the Scribes and Pharisee ridiculed Christ for hanging around with the poor, sinners and unwashed; asking why some alleged holy one would choose to engage their time with “losers”, seems incongruous to self sanctified surety. Privilege does not “get” what liberalism is about. They only see it from the subjective, as a threat to their own entitled dreams and fantasies. But as Christ is said to have said; Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

{Interesting; the background message, that the soldiers then through dice and picked over Christ garments. Opportunity knocking for self advantage at the expense of another.}

Conservatives do not seem to get the Golden Rule fully fleshed out into consciousness as a spiritual challenge. The same can be said with any liberating influence that is inclusive to the collective nature of existence. We do not live in our own isolated moral or ethical universe, as much as that appeals, but we re responsible for ourselves in what we believe. Accountability and responsibility sew us all together as the air, the ground, the One Earth we walk on. Yet from economic conservatives? Part up Creation and sell it to the highest bidder. Our way or the highway. It’s mine cause I got here first. Opportunism requires rationalization to feel good to a compromised conscience.

Deconstructing the Whole of Life

And so, for the privilege of entitlement to individual kingdoms, even democracy, and the freedoms and accountability’s implied by the Founding Fathers and our constitution, must be parted out to only the good conforming conservative kinds of people, and what they value. Hence “real Christians” and “real Americans”. Others need earn something in their view. Meaning, be like them or else. For conservatism in any of these ages, it is about following rules that benefit them first and foremost in some way, and challenging inclusive rules which Being seems to imply others are as us as well.
My favorite Liberal song? Amazing Grace.

As in any of these ages, the system of opportunism is set up to both tempt and to validate itself. Modern world conservatism is being headed by opportunist to program kinds of subjectivist thinking that permanently excludes the others—(“bi-coastal elites”, “eggheads”, “hippies”, “gays”, “illegal immigrants”, and the list of the undeserving goes on and on from the right wing.  Why?) .

The intent is that; They know not what they do. , is to be rendered into a permanent mentality or mind frame to use as capital. Notice conservative paradigms filled with us and them; The good or holy people and the bad ones; The hard working achievers and the lazy etc. Even to point that out to them, will cast you in their eyes, as someone parting out an us and them. To that they say “class war”, unfair!  So you become an easily dismissed hypocrite. Again. Listen to the conservative news sources and hear the exclusivity of worth for yourself.  The brainwashing goes on day and night on pulpits high and low; separation from the Whole.

Just as spiritual teachers came to show the way to openness and inclusion, we each are so challenged. I am challenged to see past those bad folks (whomever mine are to me), to see why they believe as they do. If I have food to eat and my neighbor is starving, I am challenged as humans always were; Do I share, even selfishly, knowing that the gesture will be returned when I am in need? Or do I hoard, negativize the other, make them seem inhuman or some kind of failures to not be encouraged. Alienation.

If so, I have retrenched into a subjective paradigm cosmology. I have taken in Life as if it is a threat, and Love as if it is to be hoarded and parted out only to the worthy in my view. My favorite liberals emphasised the imperative for inclusion and union into the nature of all existence.  Takes courage and fortitude to new heights as defined by these favorite Liberals.

The Sacred nature of Being is a threat to self made gods worshiping at the trough’s of materialism’s excess, status and privilege. The new neo-pagans may call themselves Christians, monotheist, Humanist, Buddhist, Liberals or Conservatives, it does not matter. It is about whether I am open to Life as it is now, or have conserved some selective advantage to my own specific survival without concern for others.

Liberalism should be conserved into its own forms of conservatism, as ridiculous as that may sound. The Founding Fathers codified these truths into a statement on government and the human condition. This is what my favorite liberals have shown me. It is like being intolerant of intolerance. It does not make me a hypocrite because I say I am against intolerance and m intolerant myself. It makes me one in harmony with what I believe as truth, as an imperative for an inclusive life in One Life.

Liberalism? It is called every negative name under the sun these days. It is for peace and accountability. It is for compassion and empathy. It is for understanding even amidst disagreements. It is for open hearts and open minds. It is not always pretty, nor right in any absolute way. I do not always “get my way”.

I am thankful beyond measure, that the Lights of Liberalism I have displayed here remain beacons when storms gather and ignorance pushes on the gates of wisdom. It is why their Light is eternal, and will not be extinguished.

CLOUDS FADE AWAY; a short life reflection while moon walking

(Well short as far as a life is concerned)

Planes flew over my house as a kid. They roared in on their way to Midway Airport. My father had flown in World War Two, actually shooting other guys down, but to me, those up in the sky perspectives were unfathomable memories. I had nothing to look to but my imagination of flight. I would never fly. That was for people with money, much more than we or I would ever seem to have. And then they crash, just miles away, into homes and children. Planes seemed like a risk, a haunting you would have to release to get on board one.

But I would day dream and seem to float up between towering cumulus clouds. Then there were the cumulonimbus. I knew they would seem more dangerous with lightning and all. How would the air be around those cauliflower sculptures and anvil scratched heaven? Tens of thousands of feet high, and you could still see them bubble up. How would I stay just ahead, flying kinda like superman? Could I safely touch the growing edge?

Then came the space flights, the landing on the moon. You had to be there. No, not on the moon, but in front of the TV, there in space, then later on the moon. By the moon landings I was just a teenager, but I knew from school, and watching the planes come over to and from Midway, that dreams were coming in fast. It seemed that when we, we humans, set our minds on a goal, we can reel it in. It was us, and not just those few actually leaving footprints in cosmic dust.

With my parents long dead by then, I had no path apparent to dream fulfillment. I was crushed by my school experience and its seeming smothering of the free human spirit. I had these dreams of possibility as all that kept me going, that I would survive to be present for where I fit in. Serious dental issues kept me out of any public eye, including most friends. Nights were often times of throbbing pain and next to no sleep. My hand covered my mouth to keep others from seeing cavities and missing teeth, but it seemed to eventually stop my words as well. I too, seemed to be blocking my way into the future.

Yet there was what could be, and could become of me. I worked at times 36 hours straight in below freezing (usually below 0) weather on an open truck dock at the airport, only to have my whole check taken by the guardian. I rode the bike since she gave my car to a son of hers (she consigned, I had already paid it off). Then from work, I take my broken (1 pedal) bike on its 25 mile trip to community college. Once I walked the ten miles home on Sunday early AM after work with an arm load of books, no hat or gloves, over frozen slush in a windy 9 degree night–7hrs. What dreams I had, were had with the longest kitchen knife under my pillow, in case a death threat was carried out. I wanted at least that advantage.


I suspect this kind of story is not unheard of in America, but one thing is clear, conservatives do nothing about it, but list platitudes and parade around to abstractions in their detached from the whole, psychic illness. Values voters indeed. They actually vote from a hidden shame, which needs releasing just as fear of flying does. That is, if one actually is for engaging the interest of all life. The present moment tells a tale of all that is, yet for some, their security is all that matters.

{I often critique conservatism because it applies an unchecked bias to the present moment, to now. I am for learning from history, as well as preserving much of the earths viable cultural traditions that do not force their bias onto now. Why come down on an ideological perspective then? The present moment is where the matrices of existence, not only interact, but adapt. Conservatism tends to actually oppose Creations ongoing truthful manifestation right now, and what it takes as being a apart of it, to comprehend what we can, in a constantly adapting environment.

That avoidance to change constitutes a disservice to knowing and being present in our entirety. It results in inevitable decay. Why I call conservatism, as it is now promoted in the economic and sociopolitical realms; The Dry Rot of Civilization. Not to be mean or talking down to others, but to express a warning of a reactionary ideological prejudice that threatens life as we know it. For conservatives, many of them, need no reality check, nor take anything contravening into their equations of judgement.

To discover this bias for oneself, just listen to conservatism lack of self observation and perspective, its truncating of context to suit self promoting abstraction, as well as an endless supply of “fire wall” denigrations attached to those who say change is a necessity, that the ills of society and the environment require more than denial of responsibility, or otherwise punishment for those who do not fit into conservatism’s applied world view.

It is why on 9-11-01 , to avoid any looking into US historical actions in the regions from the Mideast to Afghanistan, it was said; “There is nothing to understand!” . Searching for the very Truth itself was deemed being on the “them’s” terror side. Yet then, “we” side with the darkness of ignorance and reaction incarnate. We naturally, then, spiral down the dark alleys of deception and denial, with a self hit list of high minded abstract platitudes as cover for our violation of now.

For also at 9-11-01, was a worldwide union sensed, with its outpouring of love to the US, and the will to be marshaled to address the very context that sustains these other aberrant conservatives of another culture, who are manipulated down their own dark alleys, to consider innocence non existent in others, and something worth denying in Gods name. Instead of understanding, the power’s that be sought their own “security” promoting ignorance and misconception over factual realities.

Since the universe does not sustain deception indefinitely, just as dry rotted wood can look sound, but have deception lurking right below the surface. Conservatism has self destruction built into its very premise, which denies now its intrinsic right to be. Just as blindness is fundamentally its guide, conservatism sustains itself by a seduction to a simplistic interpretation of now, and that attracts a laziness of mind and heart seemingly comfortable, but deadening in its soul. It is separation and alienation based, promoting “us and them’s”. Lending its followers to favor force, imposition and destruction over the courage to love life freely, serving a creatively vibrant and all encompassing Creation.}

27.11.05 1600x1200 (176.6 KB)

Conservatism’s Curse Of Perspective On Cause And Effect

They become fear based, presenting various wars as the answer to all problems, for they are unable to accommodate true causal solutions, then they would have to be held accountable, by conscience, to their own complicity. So they campaign on projecting accountabilities to society’s ills. Crime ( ex. “war on drugs”) and terror, and other faults alleged of others are used as diversion toward causality, then their seductive glowing generalities and abstractions are posed as cover for their inability to look truth in the eyes. So its substitute, belief, gives them faith through their inherent uncertainty. It is ignorance that becomes the conservatives primary cover.

This one thing is sure; conservatives do not accept responsibility for their actions. They hide behind their wall of so called values and morals as diversions from their own shame of not being truly present now. And so, unlike how liberalism seeks to address issues in context, to effect the substance behind acts, conservatism dissects from the Whole, then targets blame. They are surface based actually, but think the opposite, in their baby blanket like comfort zone of detached from reality abstractions. Those judgements make them unable to accept reality, and so, wish fulfilling fantasies of god-like control are what they have to resort to…

Mind Control Games

Conservatism is at its heart; pretense.  It then requires a manifold approach to diverting objective based critical thinking, by substituting rationalization as true reason.  We can detect this by conservatism use of Thought-terminating clichéd; buzz words and phrased that turn their followers immediately away from considering an issue.  These buzz worded conceptions are often loaded with shame and blame based characterisations, designed to shame and ostracize “The Other”, those you assume are not like you, and not in a good way.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is a mainstay of buttressing conservative rationalizations.  Conservative news sources tend to be filled with Circular Reasoning logical loops; where the premise becomes its own proof by assumption and its pre-existing bias.  These confirm an Appearance Reality; how things seem to the logical matrix.  This establishes an ongoing Consensus Reality, where premise is not questioned but believed by a group to be true.  this creates conservatism’s confidence in the minds of its followers, to the extent that things like the global warming driving climate change can be denied, even to the extent of demeaning the Climate Theory as irrelevant.  An astounding denial of what is objectively undeniable human impact upon the planet.

Then comes existential relativism; where conservatism’s bias is projected out to all other fact and theory.  You say the earth is round, I say it is flat and I have proof; just look out your window.  The earth circles the sun you say?  Ridiculous speculation.  I believe my own eyes, ot you theory.  I believe in facts and not theory!  It is that easy!  Conservatism, which we all have likely in our own ways, just as liberalism, can reverse reality by its definition of reality, while liberalism is ostensibly reality based and open to adjustment through understanding.  A common human issue has become externalized into a battle over the turf of the earth and of human minds.

The Consequence

What conservatism has lost at its heart, is how desire and discovery open the pathway to a dream, a dream even as far fetched as reaching to the moon. I stood outside looking at this moon of ours, thinking our flag was there now, seemingly to stay forever in a peculiar motionless sterility, no matter what changes here, oddly like conservatism. It reminded me now of an idea of life which refuses to change. I tried to feel the presence of our beating hearts and open eyes in 1969. Mine looking up at, not just the moon, but the eyes of men on the moon. I was there too in a very basic sense, that the moon was now something that humans could do. A more obvious personal connection to it now that ever before, as if a mystery had been uncovered and potentials for reality set free. Thee is still, as always, the wondrous mystery of being.


Yet back just a few years earlier, the TV show “The Honeymooners” main husband character, played by Jackie Gleason, would say; ‘To the moon Alice, too the moon!’ in a teasing horror of a joke. He meant punch her that high, to the moon. It was absurd, for we would never actually get anyone, not even Alice anywhere near the moon for generations. Yet there we were already, and kids like me, we watched every launch. We saw what fire could do, not only consume, but fire you into space. It seemed we would now never look back. The Space Race now belonged to the human race. We were leaving our earth shell behind and emerging as a space faring civilization. This all seemed as immanent as that Honeymooners impossibility becoming true right in our living rooms.

From the movie and the TV screens, science fiction shows projected notions of what we would be doing, logically, even conservatively, as this exponential space exploration blossomed ahead of reality. The show Space 1999, and the movie, 2001, a Space Odyssey, put these soon to be realities where they would safely seem appropriate. We all, more or less, found their speculations, not absurd as “Too the moon Alice!” was, but instead, food for thought. In the 1960’s, with Star Trek on TV, and the on-going Space Race, I figured by the time I was 40, surely there would be individual independent flight. I imagine that we would lift up from or back yards, and be controlled by mechanical intelligence as on Star Trek. I would finally, in a manner of minutes, find myself from the back yard, up at the clouds edge, following my dream.

As it has turned out, we invested in the Space Race, not exactly for all the spin off technological advances that we take for granted today, but to keep ahead of the other guy whom we feared. With enough fear, we as a “free” people, seem to recognize that resources and desire must be pooled into one direction, and not have 10,000 people all reinventing the wheel at the same time. The waste of the laissez faire system would just leave us swimming in a whirlpool, not ever knowing as a people, which way to go right now, under this impulse to achieve. And so as sensible people do under common challenge, we pooled our dreams and creativity with our resources, and made discovery happen.

The story becomes stalled after these dreams evaporated. The arguments became these we are so familiar with. ‘Down with big government. Private initiative does things better. The government is Satan. Drown government in the bathtub. Just say no to taxes’…, but over and over, like a prayer to an absurd privatized god, who does not know better than support only individual dreams, and not those of a society itself. We entered this realm, where the wealthy and powerful tell us to be small and think small, cause we are all in this for ourselves. To think big, you join them. It’s all up to you…


07.02.06 1600x1200 (86.4 KB)

Now away with you. If I do not make money off of you, you are nothing to me, why need I concern myself with your issues, except when I might need a vote come elections? I will create a liberal monster to blame for society’s ills, while every tax cut puts more money, not to keep in your pocket, but my own. With a monster, children huddled under the covers can be fooled of many things. Luckily, religion is instituted on trust and belief. We will easily steer those in this faith based modality, to trust us if we employ their abstraction’s as our own. Who claims to be their monster fighters after all! We will in time morph these into a philosophy, where good is us and bad is them. Since these kinds reality check is up in the air so to speak, critically impaired, this control can be achieved at their own hand.

We will keep common efforts to what I fear, and what I need you to fear. These too will be hammered into consciousness come elections. They will provide might makes right as the desired answer and response to problems I perceive. If I feel threatened enough over other issues, I will then promote them as well, but only if I get a stake in the pyramid schemes income flow afterwards. I cannot abide liberals getting any of this, so we will tag them with both sin and misguided sincerity. If a new portal of democratic news becomes available, I must contain it. This will be done stealthily if need be. (It is being done, in some places liberal sites become inaccessible=censorship of idea)

The beauty of the impersonal-ism of the WEB is, one will not now why someone or some group simply disappears from view. As usual, we will likely use the cover of some “bad” to undo the public will and leave my own. As the Nazis knew, there is no problem in making someone out to be a problem to be eliminated in the public interest. Ah, the beauty of corporatism. Companies will do their own censorship for the benefit of themselves via the corporation, than that of the individual citizen. Once we finally get the individual to be branded by corporate product and thus philosophy, they will “naturally” see things mostly our way. Eventually we will commandeer that more liberal party as well. With superior access to minds across the boards, we can keep the debates turned into the areas we need them to be of our own survival. Submission is just a matter of time now…


Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Lowest Coverage for 2008

Arctic sea ice coverage appears to have reached its lowest extent for the year and the second-lowest amount recorded since the dawn of the satellite era, according to observations from the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
Artist concept of Arctic ice

Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio; Blue Marble Next Generation data courtesy Reto Stockli (NASA/GSFC)


And that is some of the way in which we end up with a planet tottering on suicidal competitions global warming catastrophe and extinction event. We are divided against ourselves with an emotionalized “culture war” and demonized “others” opposition, which is really a diversion of public consciousness from what matters to endless opinion mongering, with its ad-hominem truncated reasoning ability. Our political parties now provide the necessary impotence to keep the corporate ideology in charge, while public voting now mostly addresses the damage left in its wake. Finger pointing across the aisles keep the public, who cares that is, enamored with tabloid issues and propaganda hype. This is the actual politics of smoke and mirrors combined with a shell game come elections.

So the young boy who began this article, feels the effects of age and fallen dreams of human possibility. I put these notes into unlikely post bottles. They float to satellites as I thought I would surely be doing by 16 years ago. My childhood imagination then, was inspired by what I had seen. I have seen much since then, how certain political interest, interested in guaranteeing their own superior lifestyles, could and did manipulate the system to become their own system. It was only interested in a dream of self centered achievement, with its illusory dissections from the whole of life. These self achievers dreams, they made them money and that prestige status is in constant lust of. We have all been reduced to both fear, and that other now common denominator of survival. Getting money or doing without, since “losers” need not be thought of humanely.

It has been an odd ride for sure, as the moon swings overhead in silent watch. Dreams cheapened to the profiteering spirit, and not that of knowledge, possibility, creativity and capability in unbreakable continuity of cause. In fundamentally significant respects, we have each been reduced to an us versus all of them, then, when scared to death, told the us is much greater, so do not question destruction.

We in the US now keep our dream seeking lifestyle, thanks not to entrepreneurs exactly, but to the sad individuals situation over much of China. They suffer and sweat for our thus artificially reduced prices, and remaining abilities to buy what we need to survive while pushing the environments past breaking points. Many other nations, called the “third world” (what a delusional separation complex that all is), have likewise, done this slavery for us in the past and present. Those other interest are invisible, but desirable to exist for the rich, whom wealth seems to have divorced love from as far as humanity is concerned. Even in places here in our nation; two adults working minimum wage in one household with a couple kids, can not support the basic necessities for survival. “The basics of the economy are fine”, one delusional conservatives response.

We are being reduced by someone else’s delusional “self made” or silver spooned dreams, that constitute our emerging nightmares and worry. This too, we can thank the separated and isolated from consequence delusional self achievers for, as well as the evaporation of freedom and democracy right before our often closed eyes. This is what today’s conservatism has reduced society to. We are now a culture of immature beings, seemingly kept in a larval state. Amazing to observed the extreme basic childish naiveté of conservatism’s constant whine. It is now as if our eyes are closed for us by the screech, that we not accept nor admit, the consequence of our own actions, and by inference, the consequence of the actions of those whose lives we now live in service to. Humankind is in many ways self deceived into a circus of accusation and blame. the individual, not seemingly required to do much but make sure they have an income to make it.

When flying on commercial jets, I look out at the clouds. And when we must fly through towering cumulus fields, I am that dream of my youth, just slightly stretched. I imagine I am where I once expected, not free exactly, but by necessity. Still it is a privilege for me. Yet now the way it is, even dreams must be questioned for their carbon footprint, even in the clouds or up on earths satellite. We must live consciously, and not lured into anaesthetic living, with antiseptic dreams and an artificial heart. I must discover, what an organic being is on a planet based on living systems, and the requirements for us to live in health in this context. In the end, this choice comes down to one point of self orientation.

I still take photo’s of clouds to this day. They at least remain free, they are right in their place, not being deceived or mislead by other clouds or belief. In this purity of expression, they portray what is. Though they may be turning away, I follow them to the horizon…

If we look to the truth, not the abstraction we argue about, but the reality of Beingness, we find we are all in One Place. There is no true, completely personal perspective, unless it is in immersion with the All that is. I will not quantify that All here with an image based name as if It were an object. It is the Process of Life in reality. The words most near It are Absolute Love. No ifs, ands or act this way first about It. It deserves capital letters simply by being the One and Only real Truth Aspect.

No matter how lost I am in my imagination of how things should be, or I want them to be, It presides over reality. In my wanderings away into doubt or despair, yes, even the aloneness of my own consciousness, It is there with and in me, as in you and all things. We each are a unique quality of It, and where do I see this Divine Union in your expression? We, in effect, all owe that perspective to one another. It is this Essence of Being that I and you and everyone and thing else actually is. Those narratives we carry to blame someone or thing else for how the universe seems to me, those are actually inventions of a distracted being, blaming our drunkenness of imagination on that crooked path we see.

These human problems that plague us, and all our beliefs in conflict, they are the evidence of a lost state, a state where Love is not first and foremost, a state where any number of diversions command the attention of the I that I am. In these things, it is my own choice, a choice of claiming to know more and better than Life Itself. Here is where personal dissonance becomes the very choice of my own orientation in Life, and that price paid is in not knowing unconditional Love.

Whether I look toward that Center that centers us all in the infallibility of pure unconditional Love, or sure of Its apparent absence, go on to rearrange things for myself. Reality, it seems, is a one way street. It becomes my charge when under stress or otherwise, to see which way the light of understanding cast its sights, then chose to go against even my own disgruntled background. Love may actually be the easiest and most rewarding Thing in this world, but It takes personal fortitude to chose It, over righteous indignation. There, the life with Love begins, and cannot be extinguished.





It is alleged that there are some 100,000,000 or more American stock holders. More than half of the households in America are said to hold stocks. This statistic may be somewhat misleading since some of even those Americans are cash strapped, or actually have relatively minor stock and equity holdings. This “ownership ideology” is one sociocultural dynamic which Republicans, allegedly, feel works in their favor toward the future. We seek status quo permanence when it is in our favor, but dress the endemic opportunism up with respectable sounding euphemisms.

A Stake in America, or whatever clever survival notion that can be inserted into the psychology of those who have or wish to hold stock, and feel perfectly ethical, moral and down right honest about it, will need to be inserted into perception repeatedly. This idea of providing good to themselves, their future, perhaps friends and family, assuages any need for guilt or notions of negative consequence. No need looking back to check systems dynamics and responsibility consequences. Good, good, things are framed and hung on the walls of society to keep cognitive dissonance away.

Who could question the benefits of “free enterprise” and not be branded socialist or un-American? A few church and religious positions, maybe, since they can be compartmentalized into that mystical bubble of belief beyond question. Some tribes and such might have fair barter exchanges, where value is transparent to each party. This cannot honestly be said of most predatory capitalist ventures.

As we have come to witness in the modern world, corporations fight for Darwinian dominance, with democracy and responsibility to the commons as victims of collateral damage. Thus many environmentally questionable companies avoid and condemn pollution issues, require scapegoats and others to seem to cause the problems in society, to attract attention off the real collective ball. Being that much of the media is in “cahoots” with these very companies. We the public are kept in a “Catch 22”.

The Need for Conformity in Subjugation Devises

It might be right that instilling consensus conformity and eliminating basic systems questions serve an ever increasing appeal to the notion that investing money is just plane wise. Making one a bit of an owner, and so, seemingly legitimately one receives a return on ones investment, this appears to most as a sound logical method to build future security. It also means we have a insecurity driven mindset which is easy to manipulate by fear and a kind of cognitively built in aversion to looking into societies rear view mirror. It is no accident with global warming breathing down our collective necks, that suddenly we have to take carbon emissions, and ozone holes as actualities and not monsters created by the “doom and gloom” (as they were called), naysayers. Now everybody is to suddenly do something for this problem that kinda, well, popped out of the blue. Convenient.

If you are able and willing to put money, (you apparently do not need to survive with in the moment), into a scheme that will exaggerate it over time, it will go on making money for you as if by a magical formula. A perfect set up for the rich to get richer, or the haves to have more. HOWEVER, that return is coming from someone somewhere, this is not magic! Money is not actually alive and self-replicating, it requires someone else to make a real value (inflation-deflation excluded) that you then magically get into your pocket by actually keeping it out of someone else’s. We need to install into the sociocultural matrix, tricks to manipulate the dependent or unsuspecting. Essentially, domination ideologies seek a Divine-like sanction for the propositions to be accepted as inevitable. The more Creation was objectified for subjective reasons, the more an individual or grouping could do with it what they will, or at least can seemingly get away with by hook or by crook-force.


Yes. If at minimum wage, lets say I buy something for a dollar, in the Ownership of Creation Culture, I only get possibly 50 cents in actual value, minus services and expenses in getting that 50 cent thing to you, the rest is kept by someone(s) else, simply because the pyramid paradigm set up allows one to profit unequally off of others. This phenomenon will always produce disturbance into human relationship, whether seeming to be defined as “human nature” and so inevitable, or relegated to quality of character notions which again are cast as being inevitable. Domination’s to succeed at their inherent dysfunctions, have to seem inevitable, or else a paradigm shift or bifurcation point is possible.

The obstacle to fairness, equality and so the right of humans not to place a higher value on another for any reason, is to separate out human differences as value of conscious time differences. Parents can treat children as unequal to them for obvious reason of experience and the unknown dangers of naiveté and innocence. Children may not like this inequality. Why? It obstructs their own free will. Human consciousness has an intrinsic sense of equality of the commons. Frustrate that, and disturbance in perpetuated into relationships. Many employees work for people they do not respect as human beings, but must seem to accept to survive by keeping their employment. I have worked for those I respected, and those who used their position for slave like unequal relationship; as if they were King or Queen over me.

The challenge to a parent or those in positions of obvious greater knowing or awareness is that they are not inherently superior to children or others. Those who do not do this, likely receive resentment, perhaps perverted respect for a dominator position over them. Some children retaliate for this in effect disrespect for their consciousness. Why? They feel love and respect are conditional to their behavior and subservient class, size or position imposition on their own consciousness.


That we humans are not physically or ability wise identical is an obvious fact. This is also an obvious place for domination paradigms; discrimination, preferences, exploitation, oppression and other negative perpetuating dynamics to become institutionalized by appearances. Those appearances are representing the “looks” of reality, but a reality placed under the paradigm mindsets of human invention and rationalization.

Unknown to us, size differences are conserved for a reason, a reason of human survival. It might be that as food sources dry up on earth, for example, the smaller humans might become the surviving norm. Disease’s, which are often used as prejudice in the health insurance industry, and seem to curse their holders, can, like sicle cell disease, be the survival mechanism for human kind under special circumstances (ex.-malaria).

My point is that we assume apparent differences, especially like intelligence, works to ones advantage in today’s world at the moment. We might be right in the short term in mental based paradigms, but still are likely wrong overall. If intelligence was the sole filter for humankind’s advancement, it could easily have developed into a universal genetic component. Super high intelligence has not.

Humans are highly intelligent overall,-true, but extreme mental prowess or power often is marked by great emotional or “heart” dysfunctions, or lacks. Something is upset in the mind oriented individual. Our human differences are in some ways apples and oranges. They all belong in the garden but cannot honestly be valued as superior and inferior, unless one established a bias in perception and brands it into consensus reality, like red is better than orange.


Humankind, following various mental schemes, has gotten out of balance in many ways. Much of this disturbance seems to be based on opportunistic mind perversions in interpreting reality and human consciousness. Some imperfections in quantified human conceptions of human nature are bound to exist, since ignorance exist.

When the Americas were being invaded by allegedly more “civilized” tribes from Europe, the historical data shows some individual Europeans were stunned by some tribes apparent human superiority, relative to then European models. Some wrote of the dignity of the individual and equality of relationship present in some of these apparently (to European prejudice) more primitive people, as being profound. The paradigm of understanding is relative to those who write and or dominate historical conditions. That does not make them right, or might right.

Evidence indicates that scattered around the world original peoples and beliefs were at times much more in harmony with Being. I believe we all have ancestors who once were more integrated with natural being. This bred more respect and mutual regard for the relationships in the culture. The Ownership Of Creation Culture being nurtured by money and power interest these days, is inherently unbalance and will possibly become our species undoing. It is mental, and advantage or opportunism based, and so, perpetuating disturbance and disharmony into our environments and relationships; both individual and world.

The mind selected out as a dominator instrument has left us with both nuclear annihilation or devastation in the cards, along with exploitation paradigms that have humans place the environments into unequal relationships, those instituted into economic acceptance and judicial law. In essence, we are deciding to potentially self destruct while the delusional belief that we are abiding by “the law” or doing things that do not directly incur (see) the negative consequences they produce, allows some of us to live inside delusions of grandeur. These are dependent upon the aforementioned deceptions being “under the radar”. They then are not acknowledge as true, allowing the individual to sit atop a kind of Tower of Babble regarding their fellow human beings.


The political season is upon us in America (and in some sense the world). We (every human being) tend to be faced by those who wish to dominate the world, relationships and others to their own advantage; against those who seek out some balance or accountability’s in relationship. The Ownership Of Creation Culture as a paradigm, has polluted both our political parties and has significant pollution plumes into some spiritual beliefs.

In the Democratic party at the moment, a balance and restoration paradigm seems to be attempting to retake the value of the commons as a universal right of being. Predatory interest infused across many levels of perception and society will try to keep the broad definition of the commons crippled, so it can continue to be exploited without much immediate consequence to those who do. That is a delusional concept in the long run. Going against God or the Universe is not an acceptable long term strategy or investment.

Most of the worlds citizens, including us here in the USA, are under a dominator paradigm that seeks to continue its stranglehold to the very end of its survival chances, which are inherently finite. If the pollution of the earth, and of human to life relationships continues to accumulate, a point of toxic no return will come.

Dominators, having so much control over the commons, continue to attempt to keep ignorance as a powerful card to “existentialize” both debate and the ability to see new paradigms for humankind. Currently the agents of these dominator interest in the media have spokespeople hired to spread fear and loathing towards many at home in the US, and in the world. Ignorance, ad hominem reasoning, false premise, out of context fact made into deceptive accounts, these are their hallmark.

When cast into a fearful mindset, some 70% of a given population tends to side with what is perceived as agencies of protection (status quo), whether true or not in reality. Once again, a great hazy disturbance to hide all the perversions of perception in, and responsibilities for the commons out. The primitive survival mechanism to go with the known rather than add more uncertainty over the unknown, is used to predatory advantage.


Human cultures have come and gone. Many species have come and gone. The guarantee for survival is abiding by the Laws of Being, even as they change their manifestations. We have each a decision to make, whether we put all of our stock into a manipulative paradigm, one already proving to threaten us with extinction along with much of life on earth.

On the other hand we have a different investment to make; one in understanding. It will require risk on all our parts. We need to embrace a Spirit that is Whole. We need to discover and explore the landscapes of unconditional Love. We need to open hearts and minds to our own experience and perceptions and exchange them equally with others who we have not known.

Transparency of Being is the final goal of this investment opportunity. The ability to uncover once hidden problematic sources and address them with the Whole of the Commons in heart and mind, illuminates that which fear once held beyond the light. A restoration and amplification of the human Spirit in alignment with the Laws of Being is always at hand. When fear is faced down and understanding said yes to, a new world of potential dawns in awareness. We cannot nor will not overthrow God or the Universe of Being. We do need, however, to be on Its side. That is our only long term investment that pays of in perpetuity.