For some time, conservatives have controlled the language and conceptual framing over taxes. They have associated tax with irresponsible spending (actually a notorious conservative vice), with examples of tax dollars being waisted. In time, in periods of economic stress, the population might actually favor governmental solutions to problems associated with things such as health care, unemployment and poverty. However, by creating this permanent indoctrination campaign of a negative tag for collective responses (other than violence reaction), the public is lead to believe economic stress is fixed by tax cutting. (Just watch this election.) Seems like a no brainer as they say; money in your pocket, what could be wrong with that?

This is a classic bait and switch operation. The “free” to get what it can market seeks out what the population will bear, if money is made liquid on a mass basis, prices will rise to eat up the “excess”. This is the nature of the profit motive unhinged from responsibilities made possible by government regulation. What the public is not told in the very cult-like anti tax mantra is, that with tax one has a say, presumably, at the ballot box as to what common interest society has. Profit, partly as an individual imposed tax, has no such guidance by you or the nation.

This mind control of perception on the issues of tax and profit is generally unexamined, for the mass media is itself made up of profit making corporations. It has a vested interest in favoring individual tax over general elective tax for reasons of profit. We then have the nation set up for the perennial misleading parade that occurs election by election, where tax is considered bad, and to cut it good. Yet this shell game only means the public money flows into individual domains that see no such responsibility to the commons as elected officials might, other than to those, such as boards and stockholders who profit even more off this shell gaming situation.

If you are seduced by this whole too much tax propaganda that is designed to actually take your money and give you virtually no return, unlike government spending, you are exactly the kind of short sighted shoot oneself in the back individualist this ploy is looking for. To those who are not that way, may we have the sense to put two and two together regarding the “tax and spend” ruse. With the vast collection of wealth in the top one percent of the population, which now pays the lowest tax rate’s in 18 years, your loss will continue to be their gain.

Beware of all these “cut taxes” and drill in restricted area oil* to cut cost ploy’s, meant to seduce. They are part of the problem and not the solutions. For once the collective interest of a nation, represented in theory by government, are “strangled in the bathtub”, what is left of our interest will be next.

{It is estimated that if drilling in protected areas was allowed everywhere tomorrow, it would take up to 12 years to receive the approx 1% benefit to oil supplies. This is basically a false front meant to look important, but is actually very insignificant, except possible long term damage to environments.}


Render human rights and justice irrelevant?

This question need be asked, since human consciousness is increasingly dominated by what is going on in the corporate world. Old organizations of law and order to protect the individual are atrophying, and being replaced by helpless and hapless citizens at the mercy of market manipulations. Speculation is turning the everyday commodities of life into the next potential gold rush. Those without their hands into these gold mines, becoming the ever new have not’s.

Just as trade agreements under the Clinton administration shipped good manufacturing jobs overseas, to be replaced by many lower paid ones in the service sectors, human rights embodied in the nature of the US Constitution are being shipped away. These are replaced by admonitions to become one of the ownership class or be left on the wayside. The cut tax ideology of death to the commons, is leaving the individual abandoned to their own devises (increasingly expensive at that), while corporations raise their price to cover cost while individuals are left with no such predominant right to exist. Politicians see the world as run by bigger and biggest business, and not whatever your personal concerns are, except to seduce you come election time.

Corporate theocracy, or market theology, the corporatocracy, are notions being forged to define trends of these emerging dominator paradigms. Along with the ever-present reprogramming of humankind’s identity interest by ad’s and ego based lack, the individual is left with little resource to truthful information as to the forces shaping their lives, along with their loss of control over them. We the People is a phrase becoming an anachronism. One of those quaint now “old world” concepts.

Politicians pander to these insecurities time and time again, some requiting constant fear to produce reactionary reptilian mindsets, and some promising community response where not much is likely to ensue, particularly with funds diverted to the ultra rich, which perhaps, a majority of a population would actually switch their lot in life for, they believe–the lottery’s.

These now institutionalized dementia’s are rendering the average citizen in the worlds increasingly irrelevant “democracies”, mere bystanders to the obliteration of their once held rights and human based value system assumptions. We are becoming not just cogs in the machine, but the debris of corporate collateral damage, of building monstrous self guided economic machines for the benefit of the ultra wealthy. That citizens are allowed to exist at all is perhaps one increasing reason why some are willing to wipe the whole planet out, if they do not get things their own way.

We are becoming a species run by smiling and pseudo-enlightened misanthropes, who do not give much of a thought as to what happens to the rest of us, just give them their guarantees to continue with their “good life”. To service this separation anxiety delusion, it helps to have these types idolized in the corporate media’s, being that they know what serves their own interest.

This reprogramming of humankind into being a service class to serve the new Pharaohs and other oligarchs, with their corresponding class of fellow privileged living in their own worlds detached from the average world citizen, is much like an expanded class–the pharaohs, being proclaimed as just the way it is. Just the way God intended. And since they control the media’s overall, they define perceptions of what reality is in the outside and inside worlds of conceptual comprehension.

The delusion of it all is, that the world is and always was one. All of this conquering and separating, all the hoarding and attempts at domination are all sure to collapse under the common sun. The potentially irreversible problem we all face is; as global warming may well render whole areas of earth unsuitable for large populations, along with mass migrations, just on this one subject we are running up to a wall, while pointing fingers. The multiplied stupidity of greed and fear based mindsets may press and stress the life supporting systems of spaceship earth beyond all containment. Once this space capsule is breached, exactly where do you think you are going?

This imposing, or imposed upon us all suicide pact being fashioned by the corporate world and its separation based delusional mental paradigms, is its own kind of Jonestown (1978 cult suicide event in northwest Guyana) . The true believers telling the rest of us we just have to be this way, there is nothing else to do. And there is that legion of blind sycophants, pushing the corporate world view as the one road to success. It is a success over drinking the prepared mix, then hoping for a painless end. Wake up soon, or you will be put to sleep one way or another.

It is up to each one of us to untie the strings of separation ideologies trying to drown our sense of community contract in the “bathtub”. Not all of these self serving delusions are of what we can think of as a consciously organised conspiracy to enslave us. They will, however, end up doing the same. They will bind us to a terminal fate for life on earth with their cancerous competition until resources expire, or the ill will generated by that competition will induce men to follow out their fight to the death suicide programing. Only love will produce that light at the end of this tunnel. Who exactly will give that to you? It is you.