-WEB Connections



Spread my blog space around to others. This is my blog!


You can do whatever you want on your blog to some extent. That is all up to you. I’m just a nobody with an opinion. That does not make me the boss of anyone. But…

My view is; link to those of like mind or you otherwise enjoy and respect.

On WordPress, tags surfing is a good start. The new Readomattic is another place, as well as normal blog surfing. I also have linked to folks who replied to my post and whose sites I liked. I have recently added about ten more blogs to my blogroll off of Alphainventions and, which I’m actually surprised about. Playing Blog Roulette, or Blog Shift on those sites seemed so random, but on a few of my stops there I liked what I jumped off to see. They do condense the surfing ability.

But for me, a blogroll helps tell a lot about the blogger whose post one is reading. I might read several post on a blog before I get as certain a feel of what someone is about, while the blogroll might speak volumes on the fist page. I might have to get more restrictive now, to keep the bloggroll to a non dictionary size.  Another link in waiting, and perhaps the best place for me to discover other interesting to me bloggers, are my blogrollers blogrolls.

The blogroll is a handy way to visit my favorite sites. It’s also a way to discover when a blog goes inert, or otherwise changes. I have dropped a few off my roll as well. I enjoy seeing it when someone clicks one of my links.  Why hide these WEB connections that we like?

I will however; likely roll some other ones before long.

Happy linking.

And this is my post, in a thousand words or less, on why roll out a blogroll. Yep.