A Sunday Summer Storm; August in Arizona


Desert Weather is very unpredictable.  We were given two days of 70% chance of rain, and possibly heavy rain at that.  My total? 0.14″.  However, nearby, often following predictable geographic steering, heavy rains could be seen just miles away.  It is often as if the storms tend to follow the valleys after being triggered by mountains or other means of convergence. Once I was working at a home a few miles away, well about 8.  Every day there were heavy rains, the ground was saturated.  I’d call home; Is it raining there?  No.  By the time I was home up the hills; bone dry.  On some occasions, the opposite happens, where the hills have the buildup “locked” in overhead.  Then we can get big rains 1-2″ from quite a small rain shaft. (This stalled storm effect happened about 2 hours after this post was written–approx 1″ of rain in 20 min.  Largest hail dime size.)

-Downdraft blowing rain-shaft  Photo edited to get the rain movement against bright sun.


Watercolor clouds overhead


From Above Came Light


What was

What is

What can be


The day can be ending

light fading

gray plowing our sky

earth turning


For a prescient receiver

one who just does not assume

but waits that extra moment

a pause in becoming


What were flat sky’s

take on definition

colors begin to flood

gray has flowered

for those who recognize its seed


A miracle is both common and complex

an everyday occurrence for we who

wait a moment to see

what is

what can

and what will be