The El Niño’s Are Coming! Run From Street!



El Niño About To Hit


West Coast!!!


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This years El Niño has been upgraded from mild to strong.

In Tucson’s past, come the monsoon season, thunderstorms would be called “The Monsoons” at times, even by TV news anchors.  ‘Last nights monsoons were wild!’  All it meant were the seasonal thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are thunderstorms monsoon season or not.


Last summers monsoon season was going to be a wet one partly dues to the La Niña that seems to help stormy conditions for the desert southwest.  Unlike the two or three prior years of good La Niña inspired rains, last year was not only one of Tucson driest, but they started mentioning a developing El Niño seemingly the day after touting the La Niña.

These two oceanic phenomenon tend to make their rains happen at different times of year here, as well as dryness at their opposite sides of rainy probability.  Winter wet with El Niño’s usually, depends on strength and timing and who knows what else.  La Niña makes for dry winters, yet seems to really help our summer rainy season.

They have been talking up this years El Niño for some time.  Seems every time it rained the little it has it was touted as El Niño like.  Maybe like but also little.

Now it seems to be different. The Pacific is lining up storms and their trajectory is bending southward toward the Southwest US. These lows riding jet stream energy tend to move east, often bringing the rest of the south and southeast some of the wet action.

The El Niño’s seem to be arriving, but I have yet to find El Niño rain coats and El Niño umbrellas.

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