San Xavier Mission At Dusk


When near Tucson AZ, just a few minutes off of I-19 will put you right at San Xavier Mission on the  Tohono O’Odham Nation’s reservation.  Very easy to visit.








Birds In Southern Arizona

-The Mexican Blue Jays

-red finch small bird below

Pyrrhuloxia or gray cardinal above and below

-seem to be some sparrows

Gambel’s Quail

-Curved billed thrasher below

-The Paloma (Dove)

-Roadrunner who is looking at a quail up the driveway

Butterflys at Home

Near evening, after nearby storms cooled us off into the 70’s, these Monarchs appeared.

-Sorry for the blur. They were ususally moving and it was getting darker.

Seems like Western monarchs.  I got the color to look more like Eastern ones on this one.


-painted lady here


-these Monarchs, if they are, are much smaller and not as bright as Eastern ones.


-from yesterday


My Wisteria Trellis and Todays Fleating Butterfly Moment

My Wisteria Trellis

IMG_3755There is five eighths rebar hiding behind the red wood look alike material.  The wisteria took off once it was given this trellis.  It grows about 6 inches a day.

Black Swallowtail in action




-And for some weather photo’s today of the Deserts Monsoon Storms;

The Southwest US Monsoon is On: Today’s Sky Scenes