8.8 Earthquake In Chile ; Tsunami Headed Toward Hawaii

Update: 4pm Pacific timezone.

Tsunami was a minor event around Hawaii.  Tsunami waves nearing Alaska, with nothing too much expected.  Local irregularities near coastlines can negate or amplify effects however.


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At this moment all are wondering what strength the tsunami will be for the Hawaiian Islands.  No reports of a major wave as it passed other tsunami warned areas.

The 8.8 quake is approx 500x stronger than recent earthquake in Haiti.  Many buildings in Chile are built to withstand earthquakes, but at this magnitude, even that is difficult.– The magnitude of a quake is determined by its size as well as intensity. The movements in Haiti, effecting a larger population near the epicenter, could have been greater.  All is not in the magnitude necessarily, as far as the degree of shaking an individual may experience, plus the ramifications of the kinds of buildings around them.

Recent earthquakes near Chile

Time Magnitude Location
9 hours ago 6.9 Off the coast of Bio-Bio, Chile Map
10 hours ago 6.2 Offshore Maule, Chile Map
11 hours ago 8.8 Offshore Maule, Chile Map

Earthquake In Chile Shakes Lake Ponchartrain – WWL – AM870 | FM105

Feb 27, 2010 Lake Ponchartrain was shaken and stirred early this morning by a massive earthquake in Chile. “There was some sloshing of Lake Ponchartrain