Z-Mysterious occasions of mine. Non fiction.




In the late 1950’s, my sisters and I, plus a friend and cousin, watched an approx. 3 magnitude star, meander slowly in circles, occasionally the view was blocked by our elm trees. We would move around and look for it, over an hour or so, finding it many times. I am not sure any known plane was both capable and willing to meander with a fairly faint star light being all you could see.


Another night time around 1960, a number of us kids went out to the used car parking lot one house to our north. We were watching the distant approach of a wicked squall line. Most of the western sky was having a lightning display. Lightning was a fireworks display exciting to see, then an odd silhouette began to appear over about a minutes time.

We were in a southwest suburb of Chicago, the further west you went from there the more sparsely populated it was. There were no buildings over three stories, plus houses with attics. Across the street from that car lot was a much larger one. Quite and unobstructed view. Then there were the series of inexplicable silhouette lightnings. Where a black image of a huge, almost futuristic high-rise skyline appeared.

We got excited. What are were seeing? We confirmed we were all seeing it. How can this amazing urban-scape shadow happen? Then it left as fast as it came. No more tall shadows reaching half way up the sky. The storm was closing in with wind and rain and that was that.

The next day I carried on an investigation. I had to scientifically go on the assumption that those lightnings projected some rooftop or other feature. I went up a couple blocks. Went around the car lot trailer-office, looking at its air conditioner and other objects that might cause a shade in the air at night. Nothing at all seemed capable at all of projection of the vast, repeating high-rise sky-scape we had seen.


I’m about 9 years old. We (my sister and a couple friends) were in our larger neighborhood home made ball field. It was a vacant lot approx, 150 feet by 300. It bordered the bank and main road two houses to my homes east. I believe the grass was so tall it proved to be a difficult day of playing league ball around sunset.

I noticed a bright light to the east south-east that seemed to hover in the sky. We mused on what it was. It was slowly coming our way, so most of us waited for its unveiling. About ten minutes into this my sisters and a friend went off saying its just a plane. My best (only) friend and I stuck around a few minutes more. I was compelled to see this through. Finally my friend started home as the plane came over. What were we thinking of anyway?

I watched it come low overhead and felt like such a complete fool. It was an air plane, a piper cub or something. I could clearly see its huge, wide picture window. People seemingly were there watching out from the plane. They even seemed to wave at me. What an idiot I thought I was. The mysterious object was just a plane with friendly people in it, just sight seeing.

I went home feeling a bit of a fool until 10 years ago or so (a long time of being a fool!) when I was thinking of the incident and wondered. What kind of plane would fly so low over home and businesses, have a big, long picture window where you felt people were waving at you and sensed that all was fine, it is just a plane.

What kind of a plane is that? Unfortunately, some memories like that one just are not as clear as others with less ambiguity, such as having someone else to confirm what you saw or said.


When I was about ten, some government(?) officials came to our house. They were there to talk about my next oldest sister and I. It was about some special school or something, we were being considered as candidates for this school. One of us had test scores that were suitable and one was a couple points below what they normally take. Then there was the issue of emotional stability.

These guys were classic X Files types, nerds with dark rim glasses, white shirt and tie, some big notebooks and such. Never looking or seeming to acknowledge my sister and I there. I believe the deal would have been that we both went or neither from my parents point of view. We did not go, but I figured the emotional issues would mean me. I was sure I was nothing like normal.

Introverted and alienated, home was the only place I was alive, there and in nature. I despised school. My parents were both dead when I was sixteen, so I never received inside information on this subject. I am grateful for never going to a machine for who knows whose interest.


I predict a tornado one hour before it hits where I was sitting at time of prediction. Unknowingly, another high school was being hit in another county at that time of my prediction. That is the only time I ventured to predict a tornado. Uncharacteristically, I blurted out to my neighbor in Chemistry class, the last class of the day, the words; “There is going to be a tornado!” Three weeks later, when the school reopened, before class started he said to me; “Benafia! You and your tornado!”


About a year after my fathers suicide, my terminally ill oldest stepbrother roommate died. We lived in the last room of the attic. The house had quite a steep roof which I almost fell off of once cleaning the gutters. Another stepbrother then lived with me in that room. One cold winters evening, we heard a ball like object bouncing right above our heads. Believe me. No one was missing from the house and no one could or would imagine being up there at night.

We listen wide eyed to the repeated in place ball sound. It would bounce and the sound would trail off in an exponential reduced noise but increases rate. It did this several times, the sound right above our heads on the steep roof. Three of us listened to this odd event, and then it ended.


A year later an eight month younger than I stepbrother slept in bunk beds. At this time he was on the top bed. An odd squeaking sound seemed to come from the bed. We laughed about it. It would occur from that point on, when we told it to start. We promised that neither of us was moving and causing it mechanically. We did this a few minutes.

Now I did my own experiment; I thought of the sound and it occurred. I wait a while, my stepbrother said are you doing that? I said no. I thought of the sound again, and again it instantly started. I slowly got up from the flat face up position, to see how I could be making the movement. There was nothing I could detect. I was in a different position, looking to see if I was subconsciously making my feet or legs move and detected nothing while the sound continued. Once again, that was the one and only time for that sound to occur.


Somewhere around 19 years old, I toss a penny to guess what side will be up when I flip it on my left back hand. I guess it right, then right again, as it is in the air, 17 straight times. I begin to feel really freaky about the odds of this. Then I get it wrong. I try to sense that slight feeling again, and get five more in a row. I then quit this, and never tried that again either. When things seem to prove themselves suddenly out of the common mind frame. I have tended to avoid “going back there.”


This one is just a bizarre coincidence I became aware of over the years. As time went by, I had to stretch its parameters to have the coincidence still fit. Yet it is strange in an amazing way none the less.

When I left my guardians home for good under threat of death. I moved in with my oldest sister in another suburb far to the north. I lived there about a year, working and saving up money for the move to California. The first week there, a tornado did some damage in the town.

The time I finally moved to the Bay Area of California, that day a funnel cloud is spotted over the World Series game close in Oakland. Its picture in the paper the next day I believe.

The next big move many years latter to Oregon, a rare funnel cloud is seen in the area.

My next big move to the Portland Oregon region, another rare tornado is seen near Astoria a day or two latter. It took about an hour and a half (maybe more) for that storm to make it to where I was. There was quite an unusually bad thunderstorm for there, then that gray-green sky aura that tends to be predictive of funnel cloud development.

Next big move to Tucson AZ I cannot recall any funnel clouds as I type, but somehow I believe the weird streak stayed intact. The next biggish move from the apartment to a house in Tucson we owned two years latter, standing in front talking to the real estate agent after final closing. I am looking above the Catalina mountains north of us. I point out to my partner and the agent that that is a cold air funnel cloud. We watched the rope of it slightly descending from a dark cloud. We were a bit freaked out, but cold air funnels are usually not going to ever make it to the ground. They can occur in conditions not usual to tornadoes that do damage, being that they are mostly an upper air event.

Ten days and many years later after another big move, but in Tucson, a monsoon period thunderstorm is coming right at us. The wind keeps rising from the east until it seems above hurricane force and I say; “We need to get away from these windows.” Blinding rain and small branches were going sideways. For a couple minutes the wind rages, now it has switched to the west.

Later we learn a tornado warning was issued for that storm, Doppler radar indicating strong rotation. They said they were afraid it could become a Salt Lake City type event. The presumed funnel was rain rapped and not seen by me. We had flooding. The neighbors and all came out. I even think the black guy a couple houses away said it was our welcome to the neighborhood storm.

On another tornado warning, unknown to me at the time, I was watching low cloud debris just to the south of us from that same house (Oh, a block away). I could see that the clouds were going in a circle with a little bit of bag and leaf debris. It was quite calm otherwise. Many dust devils are more scary than that turned out. But once a storm gets to rotating, things can change awfully fast, so warnings must be issued. The rough terrain around south east Arizona, I believe, tends to disrupt flow in moving storms. But under unique conditions, there can be the exception.

But my next big move to where I am typing; nothing! Yea!

I was out back in the yard last summer when the beginning of monsoon season storm sent a micro-burst roaring down the two hills to the side of us. I watched the shed roof go up in the air and towards me. It slammed onto another new roof I had just put up. I had to tear the whole back area apart and connect metal to cement and metal straps to the roof to prevent another such occurrence. It did not roar exactly like a tornado does at full force, but it had a certain eerie quality that something was up and coming at you.


Dozens of times, many in a row, I am compelled to go out to open the front gate across the driveway. Just arriving will be my companion from her 150 mile trip to town, with various chores and visits. You cannot see or hear the car coming over the hills and homes. There are often cars going by on our road, sometimes many more than one a minute.

I have gotten familiar with the touch of some inner sense that says she is close. One evening I sat here and thought; If I go to the gate now she will be there? Will that really work if I just decide to go there now? The car reached the gate when I did. It takes a minute to walk the hundred something feet to the gate.

When picked up the phone to call one another on the pager or phone for many years. Only to find the other on the line calling us. It is a weird feeling to be calling the other while you hang up the phone and instantly your phone or pager buzzes. That event was at times the norm, rather than the occasional exception. ESP is a proven in my life as existing.

I did not mention my one frightening try at astro-projection. It did dramatically change my view of the self as body or other entity somehow transcendent to physical being as commonly we perceive it to be. That attempt was around my 30th birthday. I dared not try it again.

Nor did I mention here my encounter while walking home one night, with what I will call the Universal Spirit of Whole Love. It too changed my ideas on metaphysics, and what life is all about.

There are others that are a bit too strange to mention.


Then there is this one.

My partner and I were in the back yard hot tub in Tucson around 4 some afternoon. We notice silver spheres meandering high above Tucson’s north-side, miles away, at least a mile up. A tree blocked the view of how many there were (we saw 4 or 5), but they seemed to relate in some kind of triangular maneuver. Perfectly round and seemingly shiny. It was a UFO experience that now seems confirmed by the reports and photos from around the world with just those same objects on camera.

When seeing it you wonder; is it a project of someones, a university? Then it seems kinda out of that possibility. It dawns on me that if they are UFOs, who do you call? Ghostbusters? What is one supposed to do? When shortly they are gone from view?


2001 ,Visiting north of San Diego, a few of us went for a walk on “Moon Beach”, on a dark and not stormy night. I happened to look up at the fine display of the Milky Way, when a triangular section of the stars blacked out! It was a smooth moving phenomenon a little larger than if you held your fist up at night to block out the stars. I said to who I was walking with, look up. she and I watched this black zone move overhead and down the coastline. Thee was no sound nor any other light accompanying this blackout. It was such a surprise that just as the silver spheres were. One just sees a phenomenon and then it is gone. Not to be seen or heard of again.

Unless some people are capable of flying hand gliders on a quite, still night. I am left to believe it was some sort of stealth aircraft, presumably USAF. The shape does coincide with certain of those planes. If they are totally quiet and have no fire visible. A remote idea, and probably silly, is if a single pelican would fly calmly in a straight line not flapping its wings in no breeze. I have not checked if they can do that.



(You know. That Twilight Zone music theme.)

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