William Blake said; “To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.”

Someone else said; “The Devil is in the Details.” These statements are in ways talking of the same small things, the small things around us and what they come to mean. One implies deep indwelling awe-inspiring wonder, and the other one, a kind of frustration over details that are a kind of damnation.

Clearly what is being seen is quite, if not entirely, dependent upon the observer. For human awareness, the details seem in both statements, to represent some profound change in focusing in on the dimensions of the specific in the context of human awareness of reality coming to expectations. Existence seems to meet with need inside us, with our beliefs and expectations having to be in some way humbled to what is. Whatever this what is, is, It has a command over what will be. We may be fascinated by its very manifestation’s before us, or find it as some kind of imposing barrier to our fantasies wish fulfillment.

It is an old adage that the devil is in the details. Usually this is designed to infer how great ideas, or even hopeful fantasies, can meet their “fall” in the minutiae that brings reality, and perhaps tedious practicalities, to the table of creation. We may will things to be, but whether they can or are even allowed to be is another matter that can come to frustrate those details ad-infinitum.

What we expect or demand from life can create friction in being, that implies, not necessarily a disturbance in the outside world, but more likely, problems in our conceptual appreciations of what is and what can be. “Clever” self interest can manipulate these discrepancies in others consciousness by argument or cultural imposition. We can see trouble in our hopes and dreams being caused by someone else, which may have some reality, and may also be used as a ploy to manipulate our own hopes and expectations of the future, actually counting on our dissatisfaction’s in life.


Politics comes to meet the varying needs of human beings; who has and who deserves access to fulfilling their needs. Politics may make many religious and other kinds of big claims toward validity, but underling the who has what and how can I get mine, creates logical conflict. Unfortunately, by conflict of interest very nature, something has to give, and most intend it will be the other guy who must give, or we who must keep, or take. This way of thought creates mathematical like outworkings that come to prejudice emotional judgements on big and small things in life. Ultimately, judgements of Life Itself.

For our survival requirements, it does seem prudent, if not wise, to condition ones expectations of the future in some respects. That does not mean, however, to stop trying to achieve ones dreams; conditions may change in time, the universe seemingly becoming more congenial to ones imagination. More likely, it will be we who adjust our dreams to be more in accordance with reality, or note the occasion when the idea “fit’s” better. We must be in harmony in some fundamental way to have meaningful dreams gain a lasting foothold in the real world.

That does not mean all ideas that are implemented are good ones, or for the good of all. It does not follow, that all imaginings made into reality are actually in harmony with the universe, but merely that there is often a space to “get away with” some endeavors, before a deeper truth intervenes in time to crop the creation. Many a mad man or woman have had dramatic impacts on history (for a time being) in a grossly negative or unfavorable way for the rest of humanity. Thankfully the the positive ones have a certain persistence. Hope for using this relative ignorance of reality for political and self supporting ends, does seem to spring eternal. Most political interest are fashioned around maintaining relative ignorance for advantage.

Democracy, and its relative freedoms and responsibilities for citizens, is an institution designed to have the most input possible in choosing how a nation evolves in time. It implies a fair playing field as well as unfettered access by the public to all information relevant to choosing both candidates and which issues are most relevant. These attempts at giving all a say are being changed in profound and contradictory ways. In the culture, money has become the defining vehicle for access to influence in the culture, to the extent that information conduits, the media (Fourth Estate), is to some measure held under the inebriated thought processes of wealth.

YEAH I’M FOR THAT –if you mean this by that!

Freedom and equality are now defined as abstract qualities that are themselves at this mercy of wealth and power. Then, the once empowered individual in the democracy, a land of implied inherent equality through the voting process, has had the heart removed from their true ability to guide governmental institutions. The dollar put into its place, to be now worshiped as the source of life and giving in the basic paradigms for individual survival strategies.

We are witnessing the pulling of the rug from under the very concept of the Commons, with its implied broad relationship to all things. Through the rendering of abstractions into situational relativity, then the assaults on the Whole of Life, as being something somehow only entitled to those with money. Much of these individual grand gains are at the expense of taking from the commons and assembling that hoarding into individual fiefdoms. Most any once held sacred quality (from Freedom to God) can now be relegated to only being deserving to those who support and defend status quo hierarchical inventions.

This is part of how the Enlightenment is being undone under the stealthy disguise of the modern worlds materialist manifesto, the cancerous philosophy that more and bigger is always better. Money is the abstract yet tangible proof that access to the things of life flow “naturally” to those who have the most to spend.


We survive as a species, with our various freedoms and influence individually, because to a large degree, aberrant consciousness and predatory will ends up being self consumed by those ever-present details. When that “push comes to shove” especially over conflicting issues that seem patently unfair and oppressive-exploitative, humankind has stood up en mass for a new paradigm of social order; one where average and random individuals are guaranteed basic rights and a voice in how humankind chooses to operate on earth.

The Golden Rule and Categorical Imperative, are conceptual forms of these common sense fundamental conscious paradigms that define the individuals recognition, not ony of others like oneself as human beings, but the Wholeness of the Commons, where all things are recognised as interrelating and being interconnected. That “getting away with something” is left as a self delusion for the alienate and separation obsessed.

When humanity ceases to override predator behavior on the collective, the commons, our common ground, in other words; We the People, and no longer curbs megalomaniacs and misanthropy, we will vanish as a life form, taking all dreams, good and bad and otherwise with us. By looking at gross disadvantages and the pressure brought upon the environments by a small class of people who intend to “do what they want” regardless of others, the earth is in apparent crisis.


This phenomenon of natural selection is dependent on both genetic, environmental, and for us, psycho-spiritual evolution. What goes on in the human mind does matter. Consciousness is not outside the proving grounds of reality’s truth forever, as fantasy’s might suggest. As in genetic mutation, some concepts are useful and some can be harmful.

I believe in things I do not truly know, but pretend to. I also intuit things that are proved later to be true, but I do not know how, or maybe even why. I can be completely confident in subjects I truthfully have superficial actual knowledge about, perhaps blending both intuition and scientific like evidence, that together lean me to say yes to something as truly being. I can be most defensive of things as being true which I have emotional investments in but little actual and factual reality checking. We have much identity invested in the “hedge funds” of the mind.

If genetics could “see” intervening interrelationships, as the human mind is slightly capable of, including those details that make or break inevitable changes inside or outside of an organism, it would have more of a “heads up” than it has seemed with so called random mutation. Now in a manner of speaking, what we are does have limited sight into genetics, evolution (the Creation behind it) does have obvious eyes to see very close to us (ours).

We may chose to see life as limited to our concept of genetic and conventional evolutionary theory, and try to repress transcendental experience. Love, belonging , purpose and such might be said to be actually only chemicals creating illusion. We can also see life as a process of Being so grand in scale and intricacy, that we would never assume only the mind would process all of reality and give us a true full comprehension of what actually is the Living Truth.

In the timelessness of being, evolution as we currently define and understand it, has proved to be perfectly efficient at creating a self aware lifeform that is capable of this limited heads up, or foresight in what follows from action. In that perspective, life has come to know what it is doing, or is at least capable of some measure of that awareness. We have a relationships that preserves collective awareness by culture–language, stories, music, books, etc, that allow us to even question ourselves and the assumptions we impose on reality.

The good news is, only we inhibit our abilities to comprehend this new insight into being represented by our collective/cultural sentient reflective and behavioral abilities. In our western individualized sense of self, we have been “liberated” to believe anything we want, and more or less have no one tell us we are wrong. We may not realize that by assuming any old thing we want can be true if we decide to insist it is so, being entitled to our opinions and all, we may actually resent having to hold our decisions to any accounting.

This is a good “set up” to conceal many things, not actually true, under a rug of misdirrection for quite some time, all the while, apparently not having any real repercussions from the universe by going against its flow. We then can assume we are right, while looking at others, see negative to us repercussions, then insist they are wrong. Anyone who tries to conceal the dubious details with preemptive ad hominem emotional attack, are on the defensive to stop critical thinking from unveiling the actual truth of the matter to group consciousness.


In my simple description, it is possible to see that deception and truth can coexist and not be known to be contrary. We can have an idea that in effect is a mutant variant that is destined to fail, yet we have space to believe it is both true and of great use, fitting our apparent needs. Apparent is a key word; many an apparent useful invention, be it mechanical or ideological, can have in its “genes” the path to self destruction.

Ideas and inventions can seem of great use if they seem to benefit us, especially benefiting us a lot, like slavery does (and did) to those who siphon off other human beings energy for themselves. Slavery can achieve great things, and appear to be the right way to be, until social-environmental “blowback” occurs, as it surely will in self predatory endeavors.

The modern world has many slavery like usurpation of others energy schemes imposed upon masses of people. Many of these are systemically sanctioned as essential economic endeavors that are assumed to be positive and so bestowing their persona benefactors with royal like treatment, all while disguising many negative reactions from the planet. Ideology and propaganda are used to cover the slavery and risk motivations, giving them distinguished air’s to assuage hidden guilt over predation.

These cognitive dissonant like Trojan Horses of systematic predation are inculcated into acceptance starting at birth, being rolled into the commons as symbols of the individuals resurrection. They are separation-ego based, depending on a lack of empathy and compassion in their adherents towards any negative impacts on the environment and other human beings. Much status quo resentment is directed towards any who claim to notice these Trojan Horses of exploitation brought through the gates of the culture. The modern world is notable for its cancer like exploitation of the survival ecosystem, and god like enthronements of materialism and property splendor accumulated to the self sacred golden calves. Notice how global warming and pollution, potentially terminal illnesses, are denied the longest by those who create them the most.


The modern world is now faced with its own worst enemy; itself. The lack of Whole or integrated perspective endemic to exploitative cults, existentializes the society. We claim a pluralistic universal principle, yet seem to pursue individual gain, conditioning the principle to our own self centered benefit. A problematic scheme exist that has the effect of putting both individual advantage and religious advantage at odds with those who claim to be somehow under siege by the structures of society and culture, that seem to prevent or at least greatly inhibit their own self realization.

Self realization is held hostage to the social order constructs present across societies infrastructures and societal perspective on what constitutes a full and realized responsible individual. In effect, while much talk of freedom and pluralism is claimed as existing across the land, rigged behavioral and other walled in avenues for true self realization are in place to dictate the actual parameters of societies definition of the wholesome self. These include near blind submission to caste systems existing within now pseudo-democracy’s. Attitudinal and emotional condemnation of those who seek to go their own way, even if not hurting others, is encouraged when that own way challenges the pyramidal schemes instituted throughout society to preserve the entrenched interest of the “haves” over the “have” not as much by fars.

If the earth is anything, it is the cosmic egg that shows how life’s fertility will overcome predation and catastrophe, irregardless of the timescales involved. The energy of the sun and the matter of earth, condense interrelationship and distill themselves into an ongoing structure supporting the ever increasing diversity of life. The challenges of the universe, with their unexpected intrusions, have only increased the varieties of living organisms. We can assume that something of this refusal to be undone forever is basic to humankind, and part of that driving force that we abstract from what life is Itself. We are cast into a role now, of being the guardians of life as we know it.


Knowing, faith, belief and truth are called real, but are they?

What science and religion have done, is attempt to define the parameters of being and the rule of law being functions under. These apparent truths can be taken into various seemingly contradictory or paradoxical assumptions. They can then, with their implied unknowns to individuals, go on to seem as a blessing or a curse depending on ones point of view.

Today we have both these sorts of “opposing” views on universal order co-mingled, yet at times not recognized as such. Attempts, both conscious and unconscious, to define these two being interpretations as hostile to one another has gained much footing in the public sphere, yet the reality of their actual divisions can be highly obscured by economic and political manipulations running under their radars.

One of these traditions claims that only repetitive test and results can prove a relative truth, while the other assumes that absolute truth is known and quantified, often by subjective assumption and presumption originating in prior teachings that are essentially unquestionable. The former, science, tends to believe it is inherently objective, since it can reproduce its evidence of real fact, and then claim a theory of that facts relationship as a true cause.

The latter tradition, religion, claims a-prori knowing of cause, and so must employ faith, as the self’s proof of belief in what is real. One then claims to know things are true because of their faith, which they feel quite tested in. Both of these kinds of actually conditional “absolute” knowing lenses have the problem that the effects of human consciousness and human feelings upon them are often construed as being problematic.


Here is where the great debates come in. These traditions of interpretation naturally find one or the other of these values of knowing more convenient to their arguments at times. Religion and science can claim to coexist comfortably in their own sphere’s of understanding, but on the individual level, proof to what is “true” in life tends to blend these ways of perceiving fact to ones situational history and advantage. When scientific principles seem violated, one claims disingenuous pseudo science or ego-character issues as the leading cause of leaving the true path. In religion, violating principles is considered sin, heresy, or some likewise ego-character issue in leaving the true path.

Politics juggles these parameters of defining reality to its advantage. We can assume as well, that individuals or groups in society who have an advantage over others, will manipulate both science and religion to their advantage. This puts the rest of us who are not rich and or powerful, at predatory impositions disadvantage. Unequal relationships create a survival stress that stimulates hostility and conflict; because it is actually threatening the life of those who do not have that sense of control and influence. The general public is put into an inherently insecure position in democracy, to be used.


The invention of democracy as a means to allay this sense of impotence and insecurity at fundamental levels, is “naturally” seen by established power groups as a potential threat to their superior position. So called dialectical materialism, the communist “scientific” notion of social order and hypothesis generation, seduced some into believing communism was inherently scientific and so in its own way beyond question, leading it to pretty much end up acting like a cult, just as most religions were begun by a cult leader assumed to be unquestionable. If you cannot question, you are being prevented from knowing something important. Why?

Democracy was a long road of self realization by the public or “mass” of humanity, that the average individual was completely at the mercy of others wills. Others who seemed to take the most from society and simultaneously care the least for the plight of the average citizen. Democracy gave us all that chance to have an influence equal to anyone else. For entrenched interest who feel their will is more important than the rest of us in fundamental ways, equality was to be stripped of its meaning. In time, elections, as in the United States, became ad-hominem side shows, where an intellectually disenfranchised population is set up to be mislead in very basic and up-front ways, and not allowed to question the information conduit itself! (Thanks to the truth is relative corporate media competition machine.)

The Internet seems to be a window of direct democracy and equality of a sorts, but most of us do not know where our words go, where they are prevented from going, who can censor them, what interest are interested in controlling them for their own good and not ours. We may exist in a window of opportunity that will be slammed in our face, and we not know it, or have no recourse to our freedom of speech disenfranchisement.

No matter who you rely on as your trusted source of truth or factual representation, your consciousness is now at risk from predatory interest that will “get away with” what they can to direct it to their own favor. There is a sales point of view that says, and I paraphrase; ‘Agree with everything they say. Then go on to do what you want.’ This philosophy of deception to get ones way and not quite be held accountable for ignoring others in the long run, seems to have become governmental policy in recent history.

The laws of the land are thought of as quaint or just a ‘gd piece of paper.’ The revocation of democracy is underway right under our noises, on our watches stewardship of our great historical trust. The very commons of America is under unrelenting assault by those who will say anything to get our support, disguised as representing one of us, or our identity interest, then go on to take and do whatever they feel like for themselves. In this deceptive context politicians have a right to lie and mislead, that being called a “tough campaign”. The severely flawed fourth estate is now the ring leader in the circus side show called election campaigns. Smoke and mirrors become the environment inside of democracy’s tent. Much attention is played to the jugglers and the clowns walking the high wires of propaganda.


This delusional state our democracy has devolved into, is one of the great challenges of this age. We will decide if deception or ignorance is good enough to represent our nation, and to some degree, the worlds future. We will decide if wedge issue pandering emotionally seduces us into us vs them competition, sinking the ship of truth in full context in the process. We will decide these things consciously or not, but Life Itself will be the final judge of what is true and real. No matter how impassioned I am about my beliefs, if I cannot question them, or cannot listen to the other side with an open heart and mind, I will have taken that step down a blind alley, not knowing the end of it may be the end of the earth itself.

There are warning signs of that dead end; out of context proof; emotionally guided reason, where attitude is the glue connecting the facts and not in context statistics; contempt for ones opposition, instead of fair minded consideration; ridicule, instead of reason. You get the idea.

We would be foolish to take the current debate over truth in the social/political realm, or “Culture War” as fair or balanced. Democracy, and the basic equality of individual freedom to make it valid, are not truly present. We are held under a cloud of idea and information control directed institutionally by fearful interest more concerned with their extra privileged well being. A proud facade of attitude pandering at election time is offered to democracies base–We the People.

Whether It be called the Truth, Life, Spirit or God, It is as present in a grain of sand as a galaxy of stars, for It is the very Whole detail of Life. The details of our existence can never be ignored. That is to surrender to extinction. Remember this thought as the smear, tar and feathers campaigns try to cover those fine points over with attitude, fear and insecurity.

To look close enough inside you, or even around you. Not judging, getting the appraiser to sit quite for awhile. Then to look, look at the very smallest thing, into it, being drawn into Its Majesty. What I am looking at could have been nothing. Everything, just nothing, but instead, it is, and I am here receiving it. An astounding gift of being all from One Thing. A Creative Intention inside and all around. We can find that the God I might be looking for proof for, actually never left my sight. I just must accept It in my own eyes.




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