What a world it would be if we could live by the whole truth; peace and harmony, if anyone is interested!

Instead of wondering what we mean is, is (a-la B. Clinton), let us consider what truth is. The truth is by definition; real and not in contradiction with itself, objective reality does not exist in negation. The truth can seem to us at times to be incoherent, as in paradox, or blind, as in by ignorance, but that “opposition” might relate more to our abilities and desire to understand life and the universe than its actual fact in reality.

The universe is consistent in its laws of being, or it would not be able to be, that is consistency. That consistency is then inherent to humankind, prodding us to agree on the nature of reality. The “easy” opportunistic existential relativism that gives equal merit to truth and fiction can lead us to believe in anything, as rationalization stands in for full and honest logic. Now that is problematic for our perception!


We explore our differences in perception to advance the cause of greater truth (why we need a free and independent press). We are actually preprogrammed to seek out the truth. It is the contention here, that we can enlighten ourselves by activating our critical thinking abilities rather than denying them for what appears to be current or comfortable self advancement. Orthodoxy’s, as status quo question free zones adhered to like security blankets, can institute and worship ignorance in the place of truth or God.

When the self (or the nation) “advances” at the cost of the whole truth, one is in fact self-deceiving and self-defeating, since we cannot bypass the truth (universal reality) without dire internal/external emotional and relationship consequences. Lies, denial and other deceptions set up the fields of disharmony, (can you remember any first lie you once told and how it felt?) aided by what has been called cognitive dissonance and or temptation; the dysfunctional, contrary world of opportunism. It seems the universe is set up to honor those with an honest and open heart and mind, no matter the material or identity boosting results humans may impose onto other values that serve to confuse appearances.


Much of the division and conflict at home and in the world is because of self serving attempts to have things “my way” (no matter how well intentioned!) when in fact that way is the wrong way if it fails to stand up to the inherent objective standard of whole truth.

Though none of us are perfect with objective clarity, life hands each one the quest to be more whole and fulfilled. This occurs in a lasting and unshakable way by drawing closer to truthful reality, perhaps necessitating the presence of ambiguity and nuance if clear and simple conclusions regarding experience and its perception are not always possible.

This adjustment to real knowing may require facing humility and forgiveness as self correcting mechanisms for false assumption. Much alleged fact and opinion does not meet a full and unbridled standard of illumination, but instead actively opposes in depth analysis, provoking the darkness of subjectivist separation via sustained ignorance and its progeny; conflict. Light is essential for our survival.


Ever heard of monkey see monkey do? How about the imprinting a baby chick can have that has it “think” you are its mother? Many an astonished adult finds that in raising their children they observe themselves behaving just as one of their parents did. They think back to childhood and remember how they perhaps despised that saying or behavior yet out it waddles as if following mama down the path. Because dysfunction is bonded to a continuity of reason, an embedded perception of cause and effect, it too is self perpetuating until it is solved by awareness of error by the self. Many abstractions serve as hiding places for these errors, where we can pretend we know a truth.

Freedom is a classic abstraction (as God can be). I want to be free is generalized to the extreme; free from what, whom, and or to do what? We do not accept that I am free to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater as a lark. I am not free to dump my used motor oil in the middle of an intersection. I can claim that freedom, but most no one else will agree with it as some kind of right; because it negatively effects the whole! We could say the same about anyone consciously flying planes into any building, in the name of God. Yet as we have seen, some claim rights to a freedom that a consciousness of the whole would never consider. We have traditions, wrapped in abstractions, that we never question as they effect the context of the whole planet, simply because we assume they are true, just or entitled just because we have them.

Overall it makes good sense to “follow” ones parents or guardians (yes our culture) but there can be times when that automatic pilots instruments can be wrong without us noticing it, if we do not challenge our initial sense of contradiction to find what the real truth is. If I am in “opposition” to the whole of life, that separation will produce pain and perpetuate it if unresolved. We can believe we are doing something right and actually be doing something wrong! We need to review these automatic pilot assumptions we all have that may very well be sending us somewhere we never intended to go.


Dysfunction will try to have it both ways; have the loyalty and allegiance endemic to all life, yet not allow inward looking to see if life is actually and truly being served to the best of our abilities, by claiming loyalty and allegiance prevents honest introspection. A catch 22 contrapuntal loop of imposed darkness blocks truthful openness, by sticking perception squarely into the ground of guilt. Who said a circle could not fit a square?


Politics can take this opposition to extreme by mixing fact and abstract theory in presentations that claim they are one and the same with what actually is. I can hear these and then go on to believe someone’s ideas of progress, or victory, or winning are factual because I believe in the abstraction, but reality is the rub!

In stimulating tribal and turf identities, the differences between people, whether real or fabricated, can be made to seem life threatening and emotionally clear. Hitler, for example, used this ignorance of others to turn them (in perception) into monsters that must be destroyed for the common good. We have hired “talking heads” these days that spend most of their time demonizing whole categories of our citizens to suit some preconceived political ends; divide and conquer.

I cannot force my abstractions onto reality by manipulating the facts. For instance, we can say we support our troops and want them to win, seems straight forward, but lacks the facts of specifics; why do we believe force is the sole solution to a particular problem? What exactly do we construe as victory, getting our way? Humiliating our foe? What are the real issues in the conflict? Are our troops fighting for the truth and will they then be willing to forgo past assumptions for current realities, thus change and or adapt to what success for their real mission now is? How about us?


I suggest that if our troops are committed to fighting for truth and honor of it above all else, they cannot be abandoned by politicians nor polls no matter how much “support” they receive, for their support issues from a higher cause. It is up to both the public and the politicians to insure the use of force is only backed up by the truth, for in not so doing, it is we who are abandoning our responsibility to be honest and forthright.

Merely saying something is so does not make it so, yet some of us make this mistake into policy supported by the questionable propositions of ideology. The question should become; why am I afraid of the actual truth? So fearful that I sacrifice my abilities to know the truth in a full way, for a fear based assumption that I already know truth and so cannot question that “knowing”? Another roadblock to true knowing is not allowing evidence to the contrary. Is that knowing that denies admittance actually that weak and susceptible to erasure? As if it is not included in Creation! Such avoidance is an indicator of damage to perception.


The freedom to be wrong creates a clash with reality, truth then, if sought out, can set this problem free, free for oneself to pursue a higher knowing. Our imagination can coexist as a partner with creation or in contradiction with it. Imagination breaks the bounds of apparently choice-less determinism, but in so doing creates an awesome responsibility, one we can appear to be completely unaware of. Yet the laws of being remain unbreakable. Persisting in contradiction will push us out of life one way or another, no mater the scientific, religious or cultural concepts we hold dear. Creation is not held hostage to human ideas.

It is up to the individuals subjective awareness to reach out to a higher order of knowing, or not. I must give myself permission to expand my awareness to greater objectivity by owning a passion for a more complete truth. The challenge I face then as one person, is if I will leave my comfort zone of adjustments in order to establish a foothold on a closer connection to life as it really is, a higher order for my own functioning in the real world of being. The sense of identity alters and expands as I leave behind subjective insecure attachments to a mistaken identity, establishing a sense of greater realization by holding on to the ways of increased objectivity.


I have not just pulled these notions out of the blue, you already know of them. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “What goes around, comes around.” “Karma.” “What you reap you sow.” These all describe the understanding that one does not get away with deception and manipulation. It also means that one does change and grow with living in truth if one is so doing, the truth becomes ones life.

Truths requirements show up everywhere, naturally. When we declare we are attacking them over there so they wont attack us over here, (this applies even in our relationships!) we are violating these tenets for a delusional sense of avoidance. We cannot avoid the truth. Those prior sayings do imply how we are fooled into not knowing the truth, and come to believe we can get away with something, all we need are what seem to be good fact assembled reasons.

We are born with a certain free will that allows us the right to be wrong, however, there is no right to avoid the real truth nor to avoid the consequences of so doing. Remember “The path to Hell is paved with good intentions.”? History shows us how racial, ethnic, sexual, religious and political, and other class identity differences are given subjective narratives to justify unequal treatment and unequal presumption. If we try to separate others from the rules of reality we end up separating ourselves, then wondering how we so mysteriously went wrong. There is no getting around the whole oneness of life, except seemingly by living in deception. Over there is also here. Recall that Shakespearean quotation, “I know not ‘seems’.”?

Internally, and in the outside world of others, the truth faced up to in the light can be painful to behold, making it seem a challenge to embrace the light over the darkness. Light can be blinding, if not humbling, to find in the presence of truth that ones past assumptions have proven to be in error, and admit that that error has brought pain, discomfort and confusion into the world. Self-reflection may bring this pain into the forefront to be processed, yet the release of true growth in individual perception only comes after this transcendence of deception and illusion. The Truth with a capital T does set us free. Self correction is not defeat, it is the opposite of it!


It seems we are born into this continual test; to determine whether our imagination is both accurate and conductive to the Truth, and if not, whether we have the courage to let go of our false assumptions instead of projecting them into space-time, causing certain disruption, which we then attach to the assumed ill will of others or to life itself as uncaring. That is a short-circuited defeatist position, because the mechanisms for self correction are present with us if we but turn the door handle to come into their room.

When I am weak (in perception/identity), I can fall into the reactions of provocation as easily as anyone. Provocation encouragement is an addiction of separation, as if to prove how separate we are from one another, as if life were some argument to “win”. Provocation reaction is internalized anger at apparent separation or abandonment, resisting evil with evil we could say, and it tends to produce more of the same.

But compassion for ones enemies as described by Matthew in the New Testament? The very notion of loving ones enemies to transcend the cycle of hate is our only hope, for it holds out the promise of reintegration. If we are to be serious about peace, truth and love, we must stop the perpetuation of the illness that sustains their opposites. We have to become the heroes in our own lives because we are up to the challenge.


A most humbling yet rewarding experience occurs when I gain control over my right to be wrong, no longer allowing insecurity and imagination to run wild in my own perception. With that self discipline I can see that I am actually on the side of Love–that which connects everything everywhere. Not that love does not include suffering, but suffering lets that love be known as even more precious and worthy of my care. Life has been generous in this respect. It can be a pleasant shock to comprehend all of the answers needed are here. There is no lost key to find to finally make sense of it all.

Universal consistency means we each are essential to it, since it is the bedrock of our own being. It may be about what some call God, Love, Life or Spirit, but whatever we call It, It cannot be deceived no matter what I believe.

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