Truth assumes inherent, unbreakable universal law and order. Human ideas of the truth, can be relative to subjective desire, and that, manipulated by oneself and or other human beings. This now potentially divergent truth held relative by abstraction, can have one believe in a presumed truth that is false, yet never know that consciously. Somewhere inside us all, however, is our own spiritual truth detector. We just have to plug it in.

Most of us claim a belief in something greater. We also believe, but may not admit it, that we live in a rational universe, and not one changing its mind or laws of being moment by moment. The evidence of fundamental consistency around us suggest the universe runs on both law and order, irregardless of our opinions of how things work out for us in any moment.

This truth has profound implications for ideas that assume God is on ones side due to behavior, belief, and their ensuing expectations. This is an expectation with an assumption towards a kind of law and order, but one skewed to manipulations by the human ego and its myriad rationalizations of its own interest driven behavior, which are, if unexamined, are easily made to not be in truth, but an opinion called the truth. What they seem to be in ones own assumptions regarding these actions in the world, go on to carry this now hidden deception.

To detect truth, I cannot assume I know it because I claim to believe in something that says its the truth. I must examine my assumption of the moment, and presume that the why to those motivations are not always purely straight forward, but may require investigation as to their honesty. The individual who does not investigate their social and cultural programming, turns off their own truth detector, then does not consciously know why. Now others can tell them what their desired truth is, and have it go unexamined as well.


Many religions claim to know of universal law and order. They also claim that the individual, as well as society, pays a price for violating any of these overriding laws, when designing expectational orders for oneself. Many a religion has evolved into diverging sects when the interpretation of “spiritual” laws and orders seem incorrect. Protestantism diverged from Catholicism in this manner.

So religions, at least some of them, do believe in evolution of theology and interpretation of alleged constant truths. Usually, after they have solidified their view, they then condition their followers to not diverge from that viewpoint on theology. Individually, many inside a religion such as Christianity, can have many notions of favor assumed granted by God for good behavior. Reward and punishment are powerful conditioners of behavior, that work by those who command them to their own interest, which need not themselves be factually true.


Without needing to face this contradiction inherent to conservatism, beliefs go unquestioned, unlike as in science. We have then entered a relative to human culture zone of possible imaginary truths. Some of these may be based on the real truth and produce accurate real world results, but by having these relative truths held question free, distortion and deception can be flown in right under the followers or believers radars, having the follower believe they act in and for “the truth” yet be catering to a lie. In effect, working against the true truth, while insisting on a “false truth” unknowingly.

Human nature as we currently know it, will use this ability to distort real truth, to have many serve something false, yet benefit those insisting something false is true, and not to be questioned. This is the noose the truth is wrapped up in under conservatism in human consciousness; humans profit at others expense. Conservatives will literally wrap themselves in the symbols of truth and power, national and religious symbols, as a means of not truthfully holding their own beliefs to task in an honest analysis.

They fill the vacuum in their truthful knowing, usually with emotionalized “proofs”. So called patriotism and loyalty are often devises to stop objective, honest truth seeking, and keep deceptive appearances in place instead, but skew that to seem as an individuals strength and valor. Patriotism was called the last refuge of scoundrels for reasons quite obvious to those in the know. It is used to defend the interest of some status quo or other loyalty structure, and not to defend the real truth and honesty Life calls us to invest in.

This vacuum of ignorant action carries a “charge” of insufficient knowing, making that presumed truth feel adamant to defend. We become defensive/obsessive over this inner deception, where ignorance is coated over with something we declare noble fact. Our made up truth carries its own punishment of emotional judgement. we may externalize it such as in racism, but still our own actions though thought truthful, condemn us with their dishonesty. This reflects back to that old saying; ‘judge not lest yee yourself be judged’.

Where this conservatism has impact on the culture and world, it damages humankind and the earth, while assuming no responsibility for the consequence of its actions. To avoid responsibility, conservatism will shame and blame those who do not agree with the full aspect of the unquestionable assumptions. When this is occurring, one can be quite certain that deception is being catered to in the name of good or even God (or racial, moral or political purity).

Both the violent actions of 9-11-01 and much of the tagged to it later response, demonstrates two differing angles of how conservatism manipulates the commons, or the world, to enforce its disturbed world view. It is disturbed because it denies critical thinking, so enables distortion. It is in reality, against the full truth of Life and Love.

The answer to 9-11-01 was unconditional love; addressing the very source of the ignorance ingrained in the aggressive conservatives who believed in might makes right, and not the unbridled truth. This answer would have addressed the wounded as well as the lifestyles producing the disturbed individuals that conservatism could so easily manipulate to act for a perverse “love”. Many of us felt this imperative to understand and address the fundamental core of misunderstanding, our ignorance of others.

Instead, conservative reaction resorted to might makes right, its basic underlying creed, denying a need for deep understanding. To this convoluted reactionary mindset, the only viable response is surface based, just as conservatism actually is, by attacking the attackers with the same mindset of revenge. In effect, hate was chosen over love, and it will continue to produce its cycle of disastrous results. Conservatives employ this madness over and over, for that is the nature of darkness; it fains the light it can never grasp.

You will notice how conservatism is obsessed with diverting ones attentions to the immoral and the criminal of its definition. It then proscribes might makes right, demanding unquestioning conformity or continuing punishment. No need to look at the actual facts of the mater that create the conditions humans act in. Just condemn them by their actions, and care not what becomes of Life’s investment in them.

Conservatism seeks to turn the individual into a creature who does not evolve and adapt to changing circumstances in the most basic sense. It aborts life. This fact almost single handedly, makes abortion a potent weapon for the right to seduce the well intentioned with its pro-life presupposition. The well intentioned pro-life stance, maneuvered cynically, can snare the unquestioning individual to support an ideology damaging and aborting life at many levels otherwise. But those questions will be conditionalized and marginalized to obscurity, as they must for deception to keep emotions seeming pure and righteous.

It, in effect, denies what Life is asking specifically from situation to situation. Inserting various philosophical proclamations and absolutes in their place, to avoid the consequences of reality itself. This is why conservatives are anesthetized to much empathy and compassion across conceptual borders. They are separated from life itself, and following imposed assumption upon the God given world.


Yet since conservatism holds no allegiance to Love nor accountability to investigative reason; towards the lack of it, in the name of righteous revenge, it lets stand the actual very conditions that lead to the original violation. Along with the cultured inability to comprehend the conditions and consequences that that ignorance or intentional blindness creates in an orderly and rational universe. Minds so ill and uniformed as to conceive of terror as righteousness. Conservatism falls to its own vice of not owning the consequence of its own action.

With a seemingly blissful ignorance, it can go on to chastise “impotent” liberalism, when the fact is, true understanding is never achieved in the conservative mind, and a host of assumptions and reactive judgements buttress its contempt for the commons of humanity. All of humankind is now party to any of its actions, and this requires a great sense of responsibility and justice. The truth still does set one free.

Above all, it requires a profound love of the full truth, and not emotionally manipulative half truths and allegation. You can witness in elections and policies, conservatism’s separation of humankind into reactive us and them’s. Paramount to this campaign of inherent division, will be an avoidance of any full objective inquiry. Absolute abstractions will be used as roadblocks to understanding, in order to truncate knowing the full truth of human action and reaction, along with these cycles of perpetual conflict endemic to many a conservative cause beneath the glowing platitudes and self righteous pretension. And so we notice all the one word summation conceptions, and loaded phraseology that conservatism readily employed to divert its adherents from turning on their God given full truth detectors.


This relative to behavior response expected from the Divine, creates many assumptions that are now bent to blatant political, economic and sociocultural ends, yet having those ends seem to be identified with the interest of the Creator itself. This has become problematic for democracy and rational reason, seeming to place conservative notions under the protectorate of Divine Will, when it is irrational to do so. That irrationality, or belief the Creator will favor you and thus, in a consistent law and order universe, not someone else, all based on ones beliefs, and not factual truths.

This becomes a Pavlovian like mindset matrix, where existence becomes a shopping mall, where either good deed or not sinning is presumed to access one to the good life. A political ideology, can then wrap itself in these sorts of rationalizations, controlling the believers by controlling what is defined as good deed and sin, selectively ignoring those it wishes off the consideration radar due to contradiction.

I am speaking here, of practical day to day spirituality, or the way the individual lives out their beliefs in these laws and orders assumed of Creation. Religion seems devoted to consolidating its followers, while often alluding to the outer world of other beliefs as skewed to interest apparently other than the “truth” of that theologies cosmological perspective. It is clear that much religion these days, is designed to entice new converts. Sometimes referring to a purity of conservative notions the church has of in its orthodoxy, or the individuals submission to their religious mission, as a proof of true faith itself. Still other strategies of attraction, are in validating the lifestyles of the sought after believers, a kind of subjective pandering to gain a following. Cults and some religions end up encouraging us and them definitions, though they may claim to be open minded. Only the most liberal religions seem to extend the grace of valid belief to others not in that faith.


This brings me to the shocking super mall theology evolving in the “more advanced” western cultures. If one watches many TV ministries, as millions of American do, they learn how illness and monetary success are all at your command by giving full support to the theology of the media ministry. Somehow, it all so logically comes down to money being sent to prove your connection to supporting the truth.

In a mega church I attended a couple Christmases ago, in a moment of humble self appraisal, a minister noted that lining up ones ducks into spiritual order was not all that was required, and that you had to do more than “vote Republican”. A truly mind-numbing assertion, given the underlying impression of us and them implied in righteousness via politics and associated faith. While saying these words, one could also watch various religious themed video’s going on across several mega screens, all coordinated to create an atmosphere of good times and wholesome hearts.

It was a generic church, in that it seemed to cater to material abundance, with a right wing political overtone, yet no stiff requirements or expectation, as one might encounter in a Catholic service, or more traditional fundamentalist. Much conservative like literature was available there. I came away thinking, this is a veiled political meeting, catering to those who know there are world problems, maybe even some at home, but having much is fine, thank the Lord very much. But what is most fine, is attacking liberalism.

I often see these attacks on liberalism most curiously self contradictory, since they are made possible by liberalism itself, which generally does not censor views, but promotes variety of opinion and argument. What welcomed one into this atmosphere at his particular mega-church was its acceptance of everyone apparently, then its assumption that we all kinda think the same way. It benefits from a liberal face, then sets up the ideological programming to only run in one direction. This church had rock groups, some with the church leaderships family members in them. It combined entertainment embedded with an ideology that views the culture at large, as containing some kind of “other” enemy. And it was assumed one voted Republican. I had heard some of these suburban mega-churches were the new Republican recruiting base, little did I realize that they were so overtly entwined.


Notorious examples of this shopping for results was demonstrated when a famous TV televangelist preacher asked the audience to pray for the deaths of liberal Supreme Court justices. This goes beyond the rational law and order view of the universe, presuming that we can seduce or call the Divine Being to do what we want for our own self defined reasons, which we then stamp in the Divines name, claiming It wants us to act this way against someone else. Abraham Lincoln, I believe, made a pertinent statement regarding God being on our side, and our enemy believing, God is on their side.

Needless to say, yet these days of solipsistic pandering of spiritual theologies, it must be said; these sorts of begging God to change the direction of existence to suit our self obsessed “needs” is spiritual bankruptcy. It is the encouraging of insanity, a rendering of the deep spiritual nature of Life and Being, to a shopping list, now quite politically motivated, of us and them creationism, dependent upon our judgement of others. As if Life does not have us all here together. It seems the most fundamental spiritual insight has been thrown out the window. It is unconditional Love that releases both mistake and judgement. It is forgiveness that liberates the spiritual will. Are we to play God and selectively deprive others of this saving grace?

They may say they are not judging others, but the theology itself in many a Christian church, is judgement based, self judgement and the judgement of others. Why else do you claim a right to pray for people to die, unless you are deluded into thinking you actually are guiding Gods judgment. And it seems to be the case; that Gods name in this way, is taken in vain. The teaching of Christ was present tense inclusive of all, now it is reversed and only granted to the groups true believers. Lip service given to everyone else who can be “saved” if only they act like everyone else in the group. Classic cult possession, but once ones critical thinking is impaired, and possibly biased against detecting those real Universal Laws and Orders, one is opened up for their abstract truths becoming their opposite, or anti-belief, yet claimed and felt to be true to oneself. With no right to question. How convenient!

Most theologies show these signs of selective existentialism, pandering to their seductive strengths to catch more individuals to outgrow their opposition, which seems to be everyone else. But to hear what are considered evangelicals supposedly praying for a pipeline, as Sarah Palin did last June, is a spiritual distortion beyond belief. It is clearly political and economic favoritism, detached from the Universal Love of Creation.


To think that our private benefit is catered to by the Divine simply by asking favor, is outstanding in its shallowness and contempt for Universal Law and Order. As if tugging on Gods pant legs gets us what we want since we feel it is good to our own interest, which we then conveniently claim are achieved for Gods own sake. As blatantly convoluted as these rationalization seem, to their beholders, they are warm, fuzzy and rewarding; praise the Lord. Many a conservative follower is kept in this childlike emotional state, where a kind of cosmological bribery keeps the children in line with the big threat of hell as the final paddle.

This kind of spirituality requires a derailed sense of Creation. It seems to not recognize that the Divine may not want all that oil burned and put into the air now to destroy the earth, while handily making our state and friends happy in the interim. It is obvious madness, when compared to consistent and Universal Laws of Being. It implies contempt for the commons; the interest of the planet and all humankind that can be ignored for what I want. It is what I call critical thinking impairment. These days, that impairment is promoted as a most valuable commodity. It is obvious in its shallowness why. Much wealth and power come easily from its use, while the damage caused is tagged to ones opponents.


Conservatism attracts racism and prejudice for a reason; no fact checking required, just a lot of ad-hominem attitude as proof. The right wing news and talk shows thrive on this despising of others. And off course, they despise those like me here, who point it all out. For these separation ideologies to exist, they need to cut out the connections of the commons, inserting value judgements instead. Much attitude driven judgement becomes the hallmark of conservatism. Truth in truthful full context is the last thing it wants to see or be called to account for.

Conservatism works, because it instills a distrust in objective reasoning, and produces shame and denial as preservative byproducts Now one can hold these us against them notions while claiming to be for a holy abstraction and cause–for your God given critical thinking ability has been damaged, and damaged intentionally to manipulate darkness in the name of light. What other honest answer do you have for all the misleading and false statements on the conservative right designed to contaminate the perception of truth in realty?

There is a correlation of basic attitude dominance pandering in the insecure male, who acts tough and may pursue looking tough, to protect himself from his true self image. Many men culture this tough exterior, because it can be used to intimidate, yet it is most often exerted on those “sure” to be more weak than oneself. Many men are spiritually stunted at early ages from this defensive reaction to develop the appearance of a though offense; so don’t mess with me. I hurt when you look inside too closely.

Yet at its core, a fragile identity is hiding behind the armor. Conservatism is much this way, with institutions, status quo and hierarchy using force to maintain a tough appearance. The world labors under this curse insecurity thrust around the globe, with men mostly challenging each other and trying to beat the other guy. Just look at conservatism’s emotional strategy; blaming segments of society who usually are have nots. Using force mostly to lock people away. It is a bully based belief system, and not one of unconditional Love. Exactly what the conservatives are looking for deep within themselves, yet feel the culture takes away from them. It is not surprising that from the outside, many conservatives seem hopelessly insecure and immature, while they may claim, as a child, to play acting like the grownups and be confident of everything.

They are addicted to this get tough philosophy, that hides a wounded inner child who felt love was taken away, by hostage threat or abandonment of affection and care. Conservatives need a constant stream of people to blame; sinners, criminals, terrorist, and now the culture “war” against aspects of liberalism. They are emotionally disturbed, and seeking revenge for their loss of love. There are many to be targeted with shame for seeming to harm innocence, which conservatism claims it often stands for, but unfortunately, it is the loss of innocence that makes up the actual skeleton of conservative reason. Many of them are bitter and hard hearted for a reason. They believe force, and might makes right for a reason; not strength, but spiritual bankruptcy. Conservatives are set up for manipulators to provide them with selective “holy” crusades, to make their own cognitive dissonance seem good, for it projects what seems the good fight, the noble cause.

The Universal empathy and compassion of Christ, for instance, for the sick, poor and even the criminal, was because Christ did not judge and abort Gods investments in lives, even if they were not succeeding by society’s definition, or in other ways compromised by bad decision. Christ it seems, believed in redemption no matter what one did or believed. Christ only hint at exclusion, seemed his anger in the Temple, when predatory conservative economic interest were using the commons even there, for self benefit. If one does not see the Temple as a lesson for each life as it is enticed to sell out to separation interest, one obviously misses the most salient point.


Now we have this deception going under the conservative individuals radar, since separation is now stealthily disguised. Lot’s of external blame targets are required to keep this critical thinking impairment viable. Keep tying up well intentioned emotions, even alluding that they are in the Divines interest, then carry out your manipulation of the commons for power and self interest, which is always the pathway to corruption. In the current election, pointing out the truth of what the conservatives have said, even with video evidence of them doing so, is denied and called manipulative liberal media bias.

It is now a bias to point out the truth over these conservatives invented truths in their self rationalizing universe, not the real one. It is no accident that conservative campaigns run on demonising the opposition, then pandering to platitude. It is the way of deception and deferral to subjective rationalization as the life-raft to the insecurities stimulated by the emotional attack. This is not brilliantly effective campaigning, as the corporate media and others assume, it is the way to confuse the public and use that same public trust against itself.

The “culture of corruption” just carried out in Washington under the conservative banner, now requires an attention diversion to keep the facts out of public consciousness. Spiritual abstractions can always be called in if anyone calls deception to its face. “I thought you people were forgiving? I thought you all did not judge others. Seems you only like to judge successful people.” Eerily familiar as the Scribes and Pharisees, but now considered leaning on the evangelical side of righteousness. Destroying critical; thinking ability, lets existential comparison in to seem as objective inquiry, but actually be a shell game.


It is mind boggling to think someone may become vice president and so president, who is so detached from reality, that they believe you ask God to vote for pork barrel projects. It is no wonder that now blatant economic prejudice can masquerade as healthy religious belief. With critical thinking down and out in the conservative mindset, it seems they cannot even comprehend their own extraordinary contradictions. When I was a full-time member of a church, the momentum of consensus supposition carries one into believing many an unsubstantiated connection, as a true one of Gods making just because true believers want it. Actually, just because we all say so, and assume we are on the side of good.

This is how their now Orwellian like language use, seems seemingly innocent and patriotic to them, while those who do not support this deception are considered supporting the enemy. For the anti-beliefs of conservatism to pass as honest belief, truth’s head needed to be cut off and a false idol inserted. It is why science and other attempts at objective reasoning, are condemned by the conservative power structure.

They obviously do not wish their followers to comprehend the real operational truth, nor the manipulations going on in the name of truth and righteousness, that allowing tough questioning would reveal, for the truth need not hide. They also need an arsenal of whipping boys and scapegoats to cover their trail and make it look as someone else is the source of the problems, the criminal, the terrorist, the liberals. Yes, even those walking factually in Christ Way.


What is really missing in the debate over truth, is Love itself, the one thing in this world, conservatism seems to have the least generosity of. By attracting the confused, the bitter, the “traditional”, and the users of others into a superficial spirituality, that denies love at so many turns in our cultural highway, but promotes a self love, pandering to Divinity to gain favors makes solid sense. As if God rewards mindless flattery and robot like conformity. That is the taking of the Divine’s name in vain.

Some of this seasons choice over the light and the dark we Americans make for our perceived self interest, will not be true, but instead, the opposite of what we think. This too, is the nature of belief and knowing, when critical thinking is condemned to obscurity. The world has all it needs for all of us to live in peace and prosperity. We all could be there for one another, without religious, racial, ethnic or ideological”brands” of any kind preventing love and understanding from spreading their connecting light in unconditional Love.

However, some of us have no interest in this common truth, but instead, seek separation, with its superiority/inferiority complexes, along with all their denial. These keep us and them mindsets in front of the common truth, blackening the light received from the One Creation. And so humans with appropriated from the commons power, corrupt this earth in perception, seeking not union, but division and “winning”.

The price we all pay for leaving reality behind, and following conservative delusions of grandeur? Not knowing the glory of Unconditional Love manifest in consciousness throughout this world and its people. Leaving that behind as well.

This is to all of you who can perceive the Divine Light of Being, holding no false images before that deep essence of us all. May our excuses fall before the Light.

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