It is alleged that there are some 100,000,000 or more American stock holders. More than half of the households in America are said to hold stocks. This statistic may be somewhat misleading since many of even those Americans are cash strapped, or actually have relatively minor stock and equity holdings. This is one sociocultural dynamic which Republicans, allegedly, feel works in their favor toward the future.

A Stake in America, or whatever clever survival notion that can be inserted into the psychology of those who have or wish to hold stock, and feel perfectly ethical, moral and down right honest about it will need to be inserted into perception repeatedly. This idea of providing good to themselves, their future, perhaps friends and family, assuages any need for guilt, or looking back to check systems dynamics and responsibility consequences. Good, good, things to keep cognitive dissonance away.

Who could question the benefits and not be branded socialist or un-American? A few church and religious positions, maybe, since they can be compartmentalized into that mystical bubble of belief beyond question. Some tribes and such might have fair barter exchanges, where value is transparent to each party. This cannot honestly be said of most predatory capitalist ventures.

It might be right to see an ever increasing appeal to the notion that investing money, makes one a bit of an owner and so legitimately one receives a return on ones investment. It means that if you are able and willing to put money you apparently do not need to survive in the moment, into a scheme that will exaggerate it over time, it will go on making money for you as if by magical formula. HOWEVER, that return is coming from someone somewhere, money is not actually alive and self-replicating, it requires someone else to make a real value (inflation-deflation excluded) that you then magically get into your pocket by keeping it out of there’s.


Yes. If at minimum wage, lets say I buy something for a dollar, in the Ownership of Creation Culture, I only get possibly 50 cents in actual value, minus services and expenses in getting that 50 cent thing to you, the rest is kept by someone(s) else, simply because the pyramid paradigm set up allows one to profit unequally off of others.

The obstacle to fairness, equality and so the right of humans not to place a higher value on another for any reason, is to separate out human differences as value of conscious time differences. Parents can treat children as unequal to them for obvious reason of experience and the unknown dangers of naiveté and innocence. Children may not like this inequality. Why? It obstructs their own free will. Human consciousness has an intrinsic sense of equality of the commons. Frustrate that, and disturbance in perpetuated into relationships.

The challenge to a parent or those in positions of obvious greater knowing or awareness is that they are not inherently superior to children or others. Those who do not do this, receive resentment, perhaps perverted respect for a dominator position over them. Some children retaliate for this in effect disrespect for their consciousness. Why? They feel love and respect are conditional to their behavior and subservient class, size or position imposition on their own consciousness.


That we humans are not physically or ability wise identical is an obvious fact. This is also an obvious place for domination paradigms; discrimination, preferences, exploitation, oppression and other negative perpetuating dynamics to become institutionalized by appearances. Those appearances are representing the “looks” of reality, but a reality placed under the paradigm mindsets of human invention and rationalization.

Unknown to us, size differences are conserved for a reason, a reason of human survival. It might be that as food sources dry up on earth, for example, the smaller humans might become the surviving norm. Disease’s, which are often used as prejudice in the health insurance industry, and seem to curse their holders, can, like sicle cell disease, be the survival mechanism for human kind under special circumstances (malaria).

My point is that we assume apparent differences, especially like intelligence, works to ones advantage in today’s world at the moment. We might be right in the short term in mental based paradigms, but still are likely wrong overall. If intelligence was the sole filter for humankind’s advancement, it could easily have developed into a universal genetic component. Super high intelligence has not.

Humans are highly intelligent overall-true, but extreme mental prowess often is marked by great emotional or “heart” dysfunctions. Something is upset in the mind oriented individual. Our human differences are in some ways apples and oranges. They all belong in the garden but cannot honestly be valued as superior and inferior, unless one established a bias in perception and brands it into consensus reality, like red is better than orange.


Humankind, following various mental schemes, has gotten out of balance in many ways. Much of this disturbance seems to be based on opportunistic mind perversions in interpreting reality and human consciousness. Some imperfections in quantified human conceptions of human nature are bound to exist, since ignorance exist.

When the Americas were being invaded by allegedly more “civilized” tribes from Europe, the historical data shows some individual Europeans were stunned by some tribes apparent human superiority, relative to then European models. Some wrote of the dignity of the individual and equality of relationship present in some of these apparently (to European prejudice) more primitive people. The paradigm of understanding is relative to those who write and or dominate historical conditions. That does not make them right, or might right.

Evidence indicates that scattered around the world original peoples and beliefs were at times much more in harmony with Being. This bred more respect and mutual regard for the relationships in the culture. The Ownership Of Creation Culture is inherently unbalance and will possibly become our species undoing. It is mental and advantage or opportunism based, and so perpetuating disturbance and disharmony into our environments and relationships; individual and world.

The mind selected out as a dominator instrument has left us with both nuclear annihilation or devastation in the cards, along with exploitation paradigms that have humans place the environments into unequal relationships, those instituted into economic acceptance and judicial law. In essence, we are deciding to potentially self destruct while the delusional belief that we are abiding by “the law” or doing things that do not directly incur the negative consequences they produce, allows some of us to live inside delusions of grandeur. These are dependent upon the aforementioned deceptions being “under the radar”. They then are not acknowledge as true, allowing the individual to sit atop a kind of Tower of Babble regarding their fellow human beings.


The political season is upon us in America ( and in some sense the world). We (every human being) tend to face those who wish to dominate the world, relationships and others to their own advantage, against those who seek out some balance or accountability’s in relationship. The Ownership Of Creation Culture as a paradigm, has polluted both our political parties.

In the Democratic party at the moment, a balance and restoration paradigm seems to be attempting to retake the value of the commons as a universal right of being. Predatory interest infused across many levels of perception and society will try to keep the broad definition of the commons crippled, so it can continue to be exploited without much immediate consequence to those who do. That is a delusional concept in the long run. Going against God or the Universe is not an acceptable long term strategy or investment.

Most of the worlds citizens, including us here in the USA, are under a dominator paradigm that seeks to continue its stranglehold to the very end of its survival chances, which are inherently finite. If the pollution of the earth, and of human to life relationships continues to accumulate, a point of no return will come.

Dominators, having so much control over the commons, continue to attempt to keep ignorance as a powerful card to “existentialize” both debate and the ability to see new paradigms for humankind. Currently the agents of these dominator interest in the media have spokespeople hired to spread fear and loathing towards many at home in the US and in the world. Ignorance, ad hominem reasoning, false premise, out of context fact made into deceptive accounts, these are their hallmark.

When cast into a fearful mindset, some 70% of a given population tends to side with what is perceived as agencies of protection (status quo), whether true or not in reality. Once again, a great disturbance to hide all the perversions of perception in, and responsibilities for the commons out. The primitive survival mechanism to go with the known rather than add more uncertainty over the unknown, is used to predatory advantage.


Human cultures have come and gone. Many species have come and gone. The guarantee for survival is abiding by the Laws of Being, even as they change their manifestations. We have each a decision to make, whether we put all of our stock into a manipulative paradigm, one already proving to threaten us with extinction along with much of life on earth.

On the other hand we have a different investment to make; one in understanding. It will require risk on all our parts. We need to embrace a Spirit that is Whole. We need to discover and explore the landscapes of unconditional Love. We need to open hearts and minds to our own experience and perceptions and exchange them equally with others who we have not known.

Transparency of Being is the final goal of this investment opportunity. The ability to uncover once hidden problematic sources and address them with the Whole of the Commons in heart and mind, illuminates that which fear once held beyond the light. A restoration and amplification of the human Spirit in alignment with the Laws of Being is always at hand. When fear is faced down and understanding said yes to, a new world of potential dawns in awareness. We cannot nor will not overthrow God or the Universe of Being. We do need, however, to be on Its side. That is our only long term investment that pays of in perpetuity.

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