Supernatural Encounter


2008 November 14


(photo benafia)


[This is an edited and expanded text of a comment I left at another blog.

It involved the question of recognizing spiritual messages or signs in our lives. I refer to an incident that happened to me in the late 1970’s, as well as “common” everyday incidences when we generate grace towards one another. A day after updating this post, I came across the Biography Channel interview with a woman describing an event close to mine.}


You can jump to the next photo below if you want to, to hear my description on when the Light actually comes knocking on ones own door.


Hard spiritual merit work to me, is the direction to turn the other cheek, or to love your enemy. Most often these days, that is considered being weak, rather than requiring the strength of conviction not retaliating can define. It is a whole different level of being to act from consistent consciousness toward inclusion, than reaction of like kind to some offense to oneself. The latter requires the problem posed by another to become ones own reason, effectively negating higher consciousness.

There is some merit to the idea of not resisting evil.

I have come to see this ancient understanding, to resist not evil, not as a passive act that effectively acts to encourage evil, but rather, to judge evil as not belonging to those who seem to represent it. It is a very hard lesson, not “getting even” or making sure that what I believe is good wins out at any cost. Yet I do spend a bit of my time pointing out where things are amiss. One does need to know where to illuminate, and when I can be taken in by darkness.

The point I make on evil, comes from personal experience. As a youth, whatever sense of failure I had, and anger about my acceptance of it, along with my own disappointment with my life. This in some ways, was evil invited in by my view of Life being not for me, or on my side. I had accommodated to a lesser self, and I certainly projected that decision into the world for others to see. Instead of being what I could or might have been, I was weighed down with my negative assumptions of life. Unchecked, these can evolve into producing negative acts. Acting out ones spiritual state, or in some respects, the lack of it, in some respects is unavoidable; all things cause reactions.

I experienced what seemed like non-judgement in certain others, reactions that did not reinforce my negativity when I judged myself as failing. Instead, I was shown a higher way to be, one that implied forgiveness, in that, some who could have judged me however wrong, did not. I did not resist that negative me. These individuals were as lights of Spirit. In this state of grace we can offer one another, a moment comes to become more wholesome, more whole. I could set the weight free, for others seem not to see it. These enlightened others (regular folks) held a door of inclusion open to me, as if to say. You. The real you. The one inside we know. We see you, we need you because you are here. You do belong to what is full and open. Lets go forward from here.

What that did, was allow me to dissolve what was essentially evil I had given quarters to, created. A negative self definition fell away to a positive creative one. My own self judgement held over my own head was illuminated. I could freely forgive myself and see how ill will is generated and perpetuated. Now, in the world, and even in my own life, weakness can appear. There is always a challenge to say yes to Life and Love, instead of becoming lost as to what is most worthy in life by what seems missing.

This has remained a spiritual lesson that I cannot turn my back on, no matter how horrible we humans can be. No matter what mistakes or forgetfulness I discover inside. What any one may be waiting on, is that inner light shown first through an others unconditional acceptance; unconditional Love. We have in our power the ability to generate grace from our own spiritual victories.

——-An Event of Uncommon Grace——–

Image Credit:

NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

{ I put this image up to depict a quality of the event I describe below.

If you have ever seen the movie, Phenomenon, with John Travolta, when that first flash occurs to him in the night sky, when seeing it on the big screen I thought; “Wow. Other people know what can happen.”. His “flash” experience was a bit like what I saw in impact value. But I think what I saw is more like this Hubble photo of Galaxy M87, yet brighter, occurring in a stretched out instant. The light came toward me as I just looked up, then around me.

Then I saw the world around me through this light for several seconds, in a whole new way of seeing, while inside the presence of what felt like total knowing and absolute Love. Total Unconditional Love. This happened over approx 10-20 seconds, but I am unsure how it stopped, being I was in a kind of stunned revelation. It took a few days before I could feel I was me enough in my body, to feel my knees. I had seemed to be walking on some kind of air, almost weightless. It left me with a surety that; THIS IS THE WAY IT , EVERYTHING, ACTUALLY IS. ALL FROM LOVE. IT DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL IF I LIKE OR APPROVE OF WHAT I SEE OR HOW OTHERS SEEM. EVERYTHING IS MADE FROM LOVE. I was overjoyed to know how wrong I was about Life in so many ways, as this event unfolded.

It was quite unusual to say the least. How and why had this happened this one time to me? I have never told this much of the event to anyone. I had grown up like most in assumed notions of what reality is, and what does and does not seem to happen. When you think about it; many earlier cultures believed in magic or magical like happenings. When vision quest were portrayed in movies, I was ambivalent about the imagery. Perhaps native peoples just really believed these things happened, but they did not in the real world. Not really. My rational world programming said that magic does not actually happen, not this metaphysical impositions on our consistent world order. With my experience of this event, and many other types of telepathic ones, I am quite sure the western world view has serious flaws, and or is seriously incomplete.

I like the idea of new, or yet to be realized dimensions to reality for how could we “know It all”?, yet wondered where the boundaries of fantasy and reality could interact in the physical world. Dreams can seem real, yet upon waking one is normally sure it was all imagined. But I cannot honestly say what is allowed or not allowed in our normal physics based world view. now what to make of what seem anecdotal subjective exceptions In what dimension are thoughts actually being manifest in for instance? They are not in one that does not exist, obviously. An electrochemical dimension? Might be a dimension like a radio receiver, yet the sound is not actually created only by the radio. A radio programmer, an emitter as well as creator are involved somewhere other than in the radio.

The odds of the relatively new scientific rational (theory) world view being complete about all causality, seems easily questionable. I grew up fancying the scientific view was the most trustworthy, and likely, the only truest one. These events changed my mind, from being a skeptic on the metaphysical, to a believer that something very real is involved in some of it.}
When anyone describes what they feel is an explicitly spiritual experience, we are left with our own subjective consideration of cultural and mental states; what is claimed to be the evidence, how does the conclusion drawn by another compare to how we ourselves would define such an experience; what do we consider our own spiritual reality and how does another’s claim fit into that etc. By the very nature of the spiritual perception being not even acknowledged by some, faith and trust are what we are left with.

I was given a transcendental experience of absolute Love at one of my worst moments, just when I thought life was in danger and possibly over. I had not noticed my mother having or mentioning such an experience when she died when I was 11, nor at my fathers suicide when I was 15. Nor any of us under stress at these times. Near death experience recorded by some, seems to have some similarity of sensation. I did not have a “tunnel” experience. I actually seemed to lift up out of my body a few feet or so, surveying my surroundings from up in light, not aware of where I was physically, although seeming to see with a much greater consciousness in my sight. I do not consider my encounter with what seemed Divine, as any given for happening to be in a survival crisis. I had no self referral of such a process, neither was I inclined to accept others who described such events. Why I had this and perhaps others did or do not is not known to me. It just happened, and was of an otherworldly reality presentation.  I at first resisted the presentation with–‘But how could this be true given this injustice and willful assault upon me from no cause of my doing?’

Philosophical/Metaphysical Context

I was agnostic at the time, not into spiritual perception or looking for a sign*. I was literally grabbed out of my life and shown what the “Real” truth of Being was, while walking on the street at night into a seemingly dangerous situation. In this my experience was snatched out of me seemingly to shoe Beings Cause as both grand beyond imagination and so personal I leave myself to See It or not. I was left elated (for days) and wondering, since there was no other instruction, what I was to do with what was shown me, being that it was such a revelation.—-So, anger and all that is wrong with the world is an illusion. Death too a change in state but not in truth. I was thrilled to know, to see through and feel a most profound feeling sense of the reality of it for a moment, but how do I spread that news? ‘And you know this how? Oh. Nice talking to you, but I have to get going. I have a real life to catch.’

That event ended up being the final assurance I, or I imagine anyone, would ever required to “see the light”. Light meaning a manifestation of higher truth of universal union and communion surrounding the whole scene of us no matter what ugliness looms so tall and overwhelming. I feel very fortunate to be given such a wake up call while having feet on the ground here. Hopefully, many may not need such a direct prodding. I have not had nor required that kind of vision again, but it remains a high standard to hold my experience to. I am so not perfect to my hopes and dreams nor the nature of Being I was introduced to. It has been a particular comfort to have seen another dimension of Life, and this immense power we all belong to. It has let me with a kind of mission in life.

I believe we have access to elements of this illuminated state at any time we come to It. Any pure love is likely connected to this Divinity experience. Many religions, and prayer or meditative states may come into this gift in profound ways, as can other bonding transcendent relationships. The connection to something greater than we can specifically comprehend as real, can humble one to what I think I know is going on around me.

If this transcendent metaphysical event has not happened to any of you, it did once to me, right out of the blue (or night black). The experience also left me with no fear of death, for we are always a part of all encompassing Love regardless of how deeply we drink of loss. Love is surrounding even the worst of us, and where I have failed me. When we are seemingly all alone and forgotten, we are still Loved. It is The Intention, a kind of veil at times, that although a fabric of experiential existence may bind my heart shut, I am still encompassed.

As time went by, I became less aware of the insight I was given, allowing my judgements of life to create problematic kinds of worldly observation. It seems to me to be important to have some continuous self reminder as to the Loving Wonder of Life. We have no guarantee as sentient beings, that we cannot get lost, or become misplaced in our awareness of life. Situations are a challenge, yet as in many things, the more one practices getting some thing right, usually the better we get. Life is not a free and passive ride. It is the chance to experience everything of ones life, when in fact, we may have had nothing; not a life, and not a universe. Existence is the most profound gift of Love, or if you would; God. Our relative freedom, the chance to feel love, along with all the ways it can be apparently removed from perception, this Great Thing always ready to be tapped into, left up to our choices. Amazing.

As it is, Love is an omniscient influence, yet its power seems real only to hearts and minds who recognize what they really are. Evil, as real and horrible as it appears, is a kind of illusion we can chose to see another reality over, but I must act in Love’s Command, not in anger’s or hate’s over-lording abyss, or I risk the greatest loss of all; a conscious union with The Divine.

We hold the whole world in our hands and hearts.


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