(And to follow the beginnings of the book, two middle sections before second half, which is not posted.)


On September 11, 2001, I decided I must write something from my life experiences to expose the hypocrisy and double standards of conservatism. I was flooded with the ‘get to it’ impulse, get to setting the record straight to a planet in denial. The actions of yet another reactionary group slaughtering unsuspecting innocent people was the final straw for a simmering desire I had long been nurturing.

In my own country, the United States of America, I had experienced the choke-hold conservatism has had on my own life, and seen its effects on others. On top of that, for a long time now, hearing the endless excuses for reactionary behavior masquerading as patriotism, or spiritual conviction, when in fact it was the excuse for escape from our collective realities and responsibilities that necessitate compassion and understanding, made my spirit insist enough was enough.

From my first grade parochial school class of 63 students in one room; to the Vietnam war draft where democracy and freedom were nonexistent to the draftee; to the social neglect of not having parents, with not family, community nor state providing any guidance; to living with chronic tooth pain and social withdrawal; to the work world experience of social-economic inequality; to the mine fields of the “battle of the sexes”; to the retrogression of the fourth estate into a childish form of ‘presented’ information on training wheels guided by manipulative interest; to the promise that I was told the United States stood for and fought for.

The real truth of that elevated promise was obviously broken, broken and made into a big hollow wooden horse pushed through the gates of that American once authentic Spirit, to instead further opportunistic advantage. A Trojan Horse packed to the rafters with predators. Predators who see a certain advantage to themselves in perpetuation conservatisms conformist ideologies, that allow them to seem human, but others to seem less, and so deserve treatment as such.


The noisy American conservatives, the ad hominem conservatives, had grown more bold since rebounding from Mc Carthyist shame. It is as if there was enough decency and critical thinking ability still around at that time, to regain the political landscape from the fear mongers, to a least stand up for the promise of America. But that venom simmered, fermenting in the moist caverns of conservative ideologies, came out of its perfect hole to stalk the land, a serpent looking for new plots to meander in. It found the slippery silk spun world of “wedge issues” to bind individual identities to political interest, numbing the followers to the actual machinations of those interest.

As an open minded person, willing to allow the benefit of doubt in argument to shatter my own beliefs in order to live by a higher order of truth, the right wing ranting and raving always seemed obviously sinister, but stupid in its blindness and conceit. Yet in its inbred philosophy, laughable and perhaps worse yet; understandable in its arrogance and hubris. When those fanatics put on the suit and ties of church and state, then go about remaking those structures of society and state into their own image, the comedy show is over.

This method applies at times to the left wing as well. Aspects of the so called left, can have no sympathy or understanding for the insecurities that drive the wealthy and powerful to strangle themselves along with the culture. Ignorance is the breeding ground of hate and illusion. These deceptions of reactive point of view can fester, leading to gangrene of the heart, when ones own spirit is cut off from the Whole of Life.


It was what it was; it was simple emotional poisoning, it was not objectively questioning, it was shaming and damning the other sides with the false purity of absolutes. At what horrible cost to humankind had the poison of ideologies drugged their users into blindness of spirit? Actually killing innocent people to proclaim the power over an others symbols, conceived in the attackers convoluted perception as a noble deed. Conservatism offered fighting hate with hate, a recipe for one thing to perpetuate–hate.

It is this reactionary view called conservatism, that puts insecurity safely at the center of ones heart. Hence the external test of apparent bent over “loyalty”; flags, pledges, prayer demonstrations, parades of conformist buzz words and symbols, all meant to assuage the fear of otherness, the core of now self imposed darkness that nest in the conservatives superior delusions of idea based self grandeur. These delusions forbid questions, especially of context, they refuse introspection as to responsibilities of the conservatives own actions. Precisely why they are always wishing or whining about everyone who thinks differently, not holding up their side of a Faustian bargain with ignorance. Facts are often the conservatives worst nightmare. Ideologies build the walls to keep input of differing perspective, or even grievance, out of the conservatives sense of self responsibility.

During the Clinton administration, you could observe the ad hominem machinery of hate and loathing gaining more respect through media access and repetition. The 2000 election represented the overthrow of that promise of what America had stood for, the exception becoming, that that freedom was stolen to elite’s who use their advantage over the many, binding to their privilege the, “We the People”.

In this one most important sense of a true democracy, the Will of the People, I did not care who won that election, only that they had won fair and square. On that fact, “We the People”, our nation and heritage, was betrayed. But what could one person do when the institutions set up to defend our rights had gone AWOL, inebriate with the same anesthesia polluting the body politic?

There was also the sense that We the People were running out of time to continue that endeavor to “form a more perfect union”. George Orwell’s 1984 was seeming to manifest its characteristics through many conservative channels. The entertainment news channels had been declaring America had shifted surely to the right, and other so called “MSM” assumed the same, while basic poll data of citizen values were quite solidly liberal by definition. The grand liberal messages of the Bible, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights were being so conditionalized by language serving various power interest in our society, that these promises to all were being denied by the few, while they seemingly have the resources to endlessly try to convince us otherwise through a Russian Roulette of definition.

On that September 11th day, my life became the basic source material for this reply. Not driven by insights from some book or ideological conviction, but mainly the experience of my own life; how an individual is manipulated by institutions, situational emotional declarations of truth, and other “authorities” in life. Whether those steering with their directive intentions were for good or ill, in effect, became of paramount importance. The old existential position of “It’s all the same, nothing changes, and so it doesn’t matter what I do.”, was put to shame by the power of one individual to be hero or villain to the entire world. Ideas themselves, become the messengers of bias, a bias often not accepted or acknowledged by the one holding that premise as fact.

The results of my personal inquiry were to speak for themselves through one individuals lens. All any of us ultimately have to determine is what our authentic nature actually is, as contrasted to the entire world who will tell you their own opinion of who or what you are. Those opinions are to be used as a type of check and balance to ones own perspective, helping the individual to determine the reality of the apparent effects of their presence in the world. We experience that truth by honing our own lens with critical thinking applied not only to the outer world of apparent external influence, but also the inner world of ones own beliefs and judgment. One is only able to see clearly through this crystal ball when that prism is seen for what it is. This is an ongoing commission I have received from my life’s story.

From the viewpoint of my own life, status quo power interest have a constant and overwhelming advantage in the modern world to bind the individual to their interest, making the powerful’s interest appear as the individuals own. To counteract the relentless demonization of liberal open-mindedness and tolerance for difference, a complete table turning was in order. As I set up to expose reactionary concepts and self imagery, it became shockingly clear how simple it was to put the shoe on the other foot. The story to follow is that exploration into the world of contradiction between liberal and conservative parameters. The consequences of their effects pertain to all existence in ones experience of consciousness; to love and hate, to life and death, to an honest life.

A Prospect for a New American Cosmology

A scenario employing the lexicon of ‘right wing’ circular logic thought matrices extrapolated to a conclusion.



We were shown to our seats as if at some play. After a few minutes the lights went out. There we were in the dark, waiting on what?

Footsteps are heard quickly coming down the isle. How could that be in this blackness? Someone must be wearing infrared eye wear. Can’t make out those words, but it seems somebody is being removed from the auditorium. Wow! That was certainly an unsettling experience for one sitting here in the null and void.

I had received an e-mail, a letter and a phone call to confirm my attendance at this alleged unprecedented event, said to be a historical rendering of the current situation in America and the world. I suddenly wondered what I had really gotten myself into.

You could make out something appearing on stage to the back. Colors, familiar and swishing, its the American flag, becoming bright and beautiful, it fades out a bit, and then our presidents face appears smiling in front of the flag. Less than 30 seconds later appears his wife, slightly behind him, smiling the same.

The closed news conference was a bizarre setting. A few dozen of us reporters, sat up front beneath a podium, in an otherwise dark, cavernous hall. A huge monitor stretched from wall to wall above us to the back of the stage, beaming the president and first ladies smiling faces, lending a peaceful air. As if in living glory, a diaphanous US flag waved ethereal goodness in the mist around them.

The Vice President came smiling to the front stage podium to forward this announcement;

“A Bright Star has risen over America, an Angel to guide our nation through these confusing and troubled times.”

Then he presaged; “Any comments about a fallen angel or thought control will be met with the image of me leaving the church smiling on Sunday morning, denouncing those speculations as the ‘crackpot fringe.’

Remember, it is the image that counts, that speaks a thousand words into the heart of the viewer. That image will rule the day. By our direction, with our spin, our web will tie up those who disagree with us. “Bias is believed to be extrinsic to the beliefs of its originator. Emotional judgment seems to be true. There is MY wedge into humankind.”, according to our Angel. Believe me, we are in charge of manipulation. Trouble us to you peril, is my friendly advice.

Life is about opportunity; opportunism, survival of the fittest, the rest is of little consequence. Our Angel says Darwin was right, it’s all about survival. Warfare, competitive sports, all competition seeking dominance, is the American Way, the way of the winner.

The meek? Well, they are failures in every respect, comfortable with being unwanted children of the welfare state. They do, and will inherit nothing but the serfdom they have coming to them. Their God be damned! And as you will come to see, the vast majority of the American people will support us on this proposition; to do whatever it takes to restore peace and prosperity to our nation. Only enemies of the United States would wish otherwise.”

THE RNS (Real News Service)
@1492 Zulu time

“You all have been invited here to be given an opportunity to get on track with the future, which any responsible journalist should welcome.” Said our newest Secretary for Homebase Security, Joe Ridgedland.

“Tonight is an evening of clarification, a night of coming clean to you who would chose to observe and report on our doings. You will be let in on our little secrets, and for that honor, you will be required to keep your opinions to yourself. We will be defining what our national interest are, and what is required of each individual to fulfill the intention of those commissions.

To that end, we are letting you know that you are not above those interest. You do not live in some perpetually privileged state where we will allow you to undermine our determination to overcome any and all adversaries. You will be held accountable for violating this trust we must expect from you. We have the will and the ability to have your life and carrier go down hill, as if by magic, if you work to undermine our desires. Think about it folks. Your spouse, your children, your life, it will all begin to unravel with your sinking spirit. This is your future, should you decide to work against us. You can take that to the bank!

We are not like some countries that can be intimidated any longer to vote for the wrong people. Americans are too wise to be manipulated by terrorist no matter who they are! You know that is true.”, said Ridgedland.

“Some people will stop at nothing to attempt to weave a blanket of fabrication, allegation and innuendo around this administration, but America will not be intimidated. We will do whatever it takes to stop biased, undermining comments, and their evil intent, from ever seeing the light of day. To criticize us is to criticize our war on terror, that is unacceptable. The American people are with us on this.” He said.

Now for the rest of the lesson we were given.

Pointing to the fact that studies have shown that approximately 70% of any given population will support authority figures under fearful times of stress, the Secretary professed;

“The American people want us to do what it takes to protect them. It is a survival thing! Think of the implications of that commission. You can see clearly how fear and stress work in our favor, we can do anything in fears name, while our leaders remain, by fearful good will, mistake free. Doing something is what counts, no matter how wise or ill conceived. Fear gives us this immunity from critique under the umbrella of ‘what it takes’. It is the penultimate straw. You have to trust us.

We are given a blank check all thanks to this fear. If what it takes requires stopping free elections, it will be done, was done. If what it takes requires suspension of the free press, it will be done. If what it takes requires stopping critical thinking, it will be done, or freedom of speech, it will be squashed on earth as it is in heaven. Anyway, we really do not have those things you know, since they are relative in fundamental ways to income level, well, except to a certain degree thinking. And May I repeat, the American people are with me on this.

We have carte blanche for our crusade on terror. Are you still with me? If we need our people to believe one person is another, no problem, that is patriotism! 70% are set up psychologically to go along with the direction of deception. You must follow your leader anywhere, no matter what. It is an axiom of status. It’s beautiful! The truth is what we say it is, due to the leverage of fear. Go against that word of ours and what you do is go against your God and country, as defined by those who have access. Can you see the opportunity this situation opens up for us? Do you think in your wildest dreams we would let it slip by?

We are redefining exactly Who God is in the philosophical underpinnings of our nation. Through the reconfiguration of belief system tenets, we are redesigning the world into the image of our desires. We do this for American supremacy. History has shown us that the trust and insecurity issues around the belief in God are the single most powerful motivation for individuals to do things against their nature. Symbols are magically powerful control mechanisms! They become a question of ones honor, and that is powerful! By rectifying the operational concept of God, we create an opening in the public for the acceptance of once unacceptable spiritual implications.

We have associated the idea of God with a new, more broad-based revanchist definition suitable to a clash of cultures all under fears guidance and control. We are on a crusade to get back our culture form the liberals and their God, after we convince the public they have had it taken away by those influences, but the God we will reconceive more delicately, as to not startle the nation. We are blessed with opportunism to achieve this designer democracy that gives us power over the people. Believe me. It is relatively simple, thanks to fear, to keep a carrot dangled in front of our hungry conservative followers.

This opportunity is one we cannot afford to pass by, now that the means to our ends is so close to fruition. The new battle field is over the soul, and in this endeavor we will not fail, our way of life depends on it. And so, metaphorically speaking, whatever it takes to apprehend or in any way cease and desist this Old God character will be done. We have the right of imperium. We cannot have Him, or It, or whatever It is threatening our national interest. Remember, it is that Old God who threatens people out of the blue with vicious, heinous terror tactics. America stands for democracy and freedom and unbridled opportunity, God does not. God runs a universal dictatorship which is incompatible with our democratic, Christian freedom loving values. For this reason we are now aligned with our Angel Lucifer, a real Ally who shares more of our American values and way of life.

An always amenable 70% of our population are ready and willing to trust us in these terrorist riddled times. They are the ‘go along with the flow’ group, who are by nature are on our side. All we need do is craft the right language to appeal to their emotions. We have select think tanks for this objective. They configure appropriate word associations to focus groups, then they determine the proper appealing words for our public’s ear. The product is a word melody, based in fear, that will mesmerize our people to follow us to wherever we wish them to go, kinda like Pied Piper.

Short attention span theater rules folks, with ‘sound bites’ and explanations the length of commercials. There is no patience, and some might say, comprehension anymore, for long nuanced reasoning in our public. They rightly become suspicious of that ‘over my head’ intellectual garble. Emotions rule the day. America is conditioned to reciprocate to this animalistic level of perception, the situation rules. We cue the desired emotions into select words and phrases that are continually implanted into our publics consciousness to the mathematical equivalent of one plus one equals two. They are then hooked on our line by logic!

Our revolution, this metamorphosis, is being televised, and fermented on radio to dominate the virtual reality of human consciousness. We have fertilized this burgeoning of the ad hominem generation. Opinions are on par with truth, to contain its insidious nonpartisan influence. Our right wing media voices are promulgating a holy tirade, a jihad unrelenting against every Jesus-lover-liberal corruption of opportunism. We will not rest until we have driven the real Christ Spirit out of our Christianity!

“Use proclamations of sureness constantly under the cover of half truth, postulate; heck, even you will start to believe what you are saying is true.”, says our Bright Angel, “Be adamant and never go back on your word!” Lucifer’s gives this efficacious insurance policy for our kind.

You see, we have discovered what was right in our pocket. News to be used, folded and molded to fit our interest to the story. The corporate media, driven by revenue, places whatever we say instantly on the playing field ahead of whatever anyone else says, a most blessed relativism. Corporate consciousness unveiled whole new avenues for exploitation. At any time we can question someone’s’ motivation or patriotism if they disagree with us. The media (you all) will tarnish them with any allegation we wish, and most stains stick no matter the facts of the matter. Just another one of those negative human biases that we turn to our favor when the need arises. If personal and societal dysfunction lead to frustration and a jumping to emotional quick fix conclusions; Bingo! We have a winner! So you see, we have our opponents coming and going. This is war my friends, and we aim to win it.

You all in the news media are at our mercy, you see. You are in income fueled companies, and by nature, are not going to cut off the cash flow, coasting to a stop. So what? So are you going to admit to endemic error, subconscious bias, or institutionalized perceptual misjudgment and risk loosing the audience? “WE are your misguided news source!” Exactly.

Lucifer says; “The business ‘truth tellers’ are all under the pressure of opportunism’s one law. They might admit mistakes only if they will conceivably benefit from them, and that’s it. These media conglomerates are in this competition boat with Us, and if they get feisty, we’ll show them the plank and they know it!” That quote was from HIS authoritative preamble to : “My revivisent Spirit in the New Conservatism; Opportunity and the ONE LAW”

The old conservatism may have claimed ‘It takes a big man to admit mistakes.’, but that alleged wisdom laden insight is history! “The dominators competitive image of invincibility must be preserved at all cost. Take full and unrelenting advantage of any situation”, says our most Holy Warrior.”

Mr. Ridgedland pointed down at us with a sweeping arm motion.

“How naive do you think we think your employers are? Don’t you know we know, that they know, that if you go off on some truth telling tangent, you’ll soon be out of your job if we don’t like it? It’s second nature for them to second guess us quid pro quo. Believe me, we know the subconscious controls that drive survival! The once vaulted ‘fourth estate’ is now essentially ‘Oh look at Me!’ tabloid journalism, catering mainly to the entertainment and fear interest of the public. We are proud of that! Down off your high horse, you’re on the same field as the rest of us, with one exception. We have you by the balls and are not afraid to squeeze.”


Someone if the front row spoke, and the Secretary retorted;

“Oh what does he think of all this?

I’d appreciate it if you remained quiet until our question period.

I’ll just say this about that, so you can settle down on the realities of democracies hierarchy, while chewing on this bucket of oats.

Well he’s ‘on board’ as we say. He does not know this event is even happening, however. That is the way we and he like it. Here is a message from our Angel to best surmise the situation. Just a second. Here. Here it is.; “We need someone in front, a front man (or woman), one who knows enough to want to please us, but does not know how much he does not know. A prop, a Pinocchio mannequin, is the best cover choice. One who will ‘let’ us run the whole show, while he enjoys his boyhood fantasies as head of the pack; of privilege as commander-in-chief. In short, look for a manipulative child like man, a petty bully, one who calls people names but is so arrogant, he never registers the names said behind his back, even by us, one with a pious edge is best. It is that kind of person who will beg to champion our cause for us, to demonstrate he is one of us, a true believer.

These have been our preferred traits in our leaders for some time. Those who will pander to the conservative cause, posses the psychological mandate of stubborn resistance to ever look inward past the mirror, stemming from a stalking ego fear of being a flawed and unloved failure. These types cannot comprehend how much of a front man they really are. Such a suggestion would be incomprehensible to them. They are on top after all!

Sterling characters such as this would be nothing without us, since we have bailed them out along the way, returning them to privilege. It is we who have relieved them of their impuissance. They latch on to conservative thinkers to feel ‘self’ reinforced. They know they are dependent–that loyalty props them up, we can trust them not to threaten our advancing positions. Gladly, these top dogs will ‘delegate’ their authority to us as examples of their executive prowess. Feel those licks on your face! They want to be in our pack.

Fortunately, conservative notions help to hold the hand up the spine of these fabricated leaders. All they have to do is say the right words. Look to nepotism as a sure fire aid to groom these figurines for our people to wave at under the big top. These can be presented as unsophisticated ‘common folk’ with ‘common sense’, or conversely, supper heroes, either way, they can work on perfecting their trust while image. If they fail, keep them out of the limelight.

Do not forget the modern worlds media intimacy phenomenon, that produces a certain ‘one of our family’ perception bestowed on favorite culture stars. That perception can be tweaked under this same nepotistic fabric of familiarity. Many Americans are closer to two dimensional TV, movie or sports characters than their own family. Those well polished egos will also do as the attractive, seemingly known other, appearing as close or closer than kin. Keep it all in the family, as they say. Let the public identify with you. Have them eating out of your hand while you never surrender to their common good.”

As you see here, he is not really an essential part of this equation. The designated front person works perfectly to all our advantage. Tonight you will be introduced to the process by which our God is reborn. That God is the One of advantage.

Enough side tracking. Now back to the program. Let’s see. Yes, media bias. OK.

Need an example? Remember the election of 2000 and the subliminal message, DemocRATS ? When that was discovered, all we needed to say was it was a mistake, and that we’re not that smart! End of story. You know the news media would have hounded the Democrats if they tried such a thing! You would already be on their tail for subliminal speculation election by election ad infinitum! Not with us you wont! Suddenly for us it’s amnesiaville! Have you asked yourself why this is so? We can tell a hundred lies, the liberals one, and what will you media say? Well, all politicos lie, both sides do it! Yet criticize us, and what our supporters will see is the ever present and biased liberal press!

Here is a hint to you who are bewildered, advantage. We order our followers to hit the opinion pages at the first sign of any promotion of liberalism, to ring your publishers’ ears! But believe me, our pack is eager to fulfill their mission. Repetition of our ideas from divergent sources is the key to our overwhelming success. Repeat it and repeat it until it’s driven in. “The same phrase or one liner, period, it’s all about attitude. Not much thinking on your feet necessary.” Says our Angel. We are all on the same page, while liberals shuffle thoughtfully through their journals! What a wonderful world it is!

Countless letters from average Joe’s and alleged moderates will bombard the opinion pages at the local level, all on key! You know, seen any of these? ‘I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but now they have gone too far. They have gotten out of the mainstream.’ Amazing how many of these gems make it into papers all over the country, sometimes the same letter, stamped with a different John Doe! They will be responding to the obvious direction of ‘the cause’. We are not guessing at these strategies. ‘Market theology’ has helped lock the public into our dependency loop. We know we will score on major portions of that easy does it 70 percent of the population whenever we wish upon our Star.

Essentially, this is how we win souls. Our most Holy Lord says in HIS: Overcoming all odds, “It is no accident that the more education one has, the more liberal one tends to be. More depth, more sides of issues, leads to more understanding, and the comprehension of how much one does not know, granting more empathy and compassion for all concerned. We must subvert this understanding with the disheveling bark of our attack dogs! Those with a vested interest in running down Jesus and His liberal blood lines.

Devout anti-liberals have an inner mandate they are serving at the expense of their own enlightenment. They were abused physically and, or, emotionally in their youth, and know one thing about that education; liberals were not there for them! They were left stranded under the rule of opportunism. Now as adults, indurate against promoters of ‘understanding’ and other liberal viewpoints, they have an ax to grind, believing there is nothing to all liberal intentions but a misguided altruism promoting deception, a missing in action promise! Lies! Our pundits are put on the path of regaining their sense of power, the path that dominated their innocence is now theirs to pave, and pave they will with tar mixed into the ground up debris of liberal thought!

This simple convolution, with its sealant of denial, creates a magnificent opportunity for opportunist to seize! Our, at times, unconscious co-conspirators have little idea who they are really serving, while they are standing up for what they believe they know–how the world evolved before their naive eyes. Now, in that world it is obvious who’s right and who’s wrong. By what they have observed, it is not liberals that ruled the day to their salvation, come nightfall, the shining light was the ways of the dominator. The very ways they now seek to sanctify in the holy name of good. The idea of liberal domination makes them pant in outrage. We know what use we can make of these unenlightened passionate warriors of reason!””

Then the Secretary says,

“And that my friends, is how we’ve stopped that Jesus Christ in His tracks! If a liberal claims one compassionate Christian value, he’s denounced as a closet socialist, a giver of free rides out of your pocket book, naive, deceitful, snickered and sneered at. They’ll be no giving out of loaves and fishes here folks, none of that miracle lovey-dovey free ride. Bring your own food of starve, that’s Darwinianism. Be responsible or die and good riddance! Liberals claim something needs to change to improve life. Hell no! We say! ‘Get your own life and stop complaining! I’m good just the way I am! Why are you so negative? I resent you telling me I am not doing enough. It’s you who need to enjoy life and quit complaining! Whine, whine. whine is all you do!’

“it is still as primitive as ever.” Says our Holy Lord. “Shame, ridicule, ostracism, all forms of dishonor, these are our powerful tools of control over empathy and compassion, those two communist leanings Christ encouraged in His people. Well, His people are history! But we’re staking our flag on His name!”

This is our Doctrine of Preemption coming full circle.” Declares Ridgedland.


“Are there any questions so far?

Could you repeat that again a bit louder and slow it down?
To paraphrase. “What are we expected to do with this information?’

We are providing you with this looking glass, in order to give you a ‘heads up’, on what we expect from you if you want to keep your heads, so to speak. We are not playing games anymore. We are letting you know we won’t be tolerating any from you either, if you catch my drift!

We can’t just what?

Actually, we can and are removing liberalism from its seat, and banning it from the theater! You need to be listening up folks. This is about survival. Our Angel is making HIS move. You are with us or against us. There’s no mushy middle ground for you liberals to wade in any longer. We take note of who dissents for pay back time. This is for real. The real deal!

It seems you all require a little more evidence of what’s going down in America. We can do that.

Anything else?

Now that’s more like it! Dinner will be served when we are satisfied with this presentation and not before. If you all are good, we just might get around to that momentarily.”


(Authors momentary overview)

(The essential truths of this fake news conference, the truth of its underlying tenets, can be dismissed as an outrageously cynical fabrication. Wiped away with ‘an illusory made up diatribe.’, after citing some alleged or actual logical inconsistency. Yet this question remains. Could it be that the hearts and minds of the people, our citizens, are severely compromised by opportunism?

This is the truth of our times; when some of us are caught in a lie, when the light of day appears, we look back to nightfall. We reach out and up to that Angel, and with infallible precision He comforts us saying, “Seek your revenge now. Accuse the accuser of their own accusation. It will completely render the argument relative to point of view, turning hearts and minds back to their cave, back to the night where I am.” And this is the reality we find ourselves facing, no matter the judgment of the facts of this presentation; when the wolves are at the door, do you answer as a rabbit or a wolf?)

The secretary proceeds with his quotations.

“Our One True Lord says in HIS: THE ARTS OF ADVANTAGE; “Jesus was not only a preacher of the fair, but of egalitarianism. He said, ‘Greater works shall you do.’ Can you imagine a Son of God saying you are even equal in some respect to Him, let alone possibly more endowed? Sounds like somebody spent too much time in India! He is plain wrong!

We need our heroes to be beyond reach, to be worshiped as gods untouchable. Culture stars; politicians, movie stars, crime bosses, the super rich, they must be seen as divine, deserving to be not only rolling in wealth, but their adored faces on pamphlets, their name blessing street signs, airports, bridges, movies, mountains and seas. We promote idolatry! Hero idol worship, the submission to wealth and power, predisposes certain definite behavioral tendencies and perceptions. In this timocracy, they receive us as privileged living Gods!

No matter how you got your money, hook, crook or heredity, the world sees the embellished rich lying in languid splendor as proper and good, even envied, as the ruling elite should be! A poor person lying on a park bench is a lazy bum good for nothing! And all do to possession, to image and identity control, not personal merit, character value or intrinsic worth. We have coerced human consciousness to service in our direction, and there’s no turning back!

We need people to know there is a reason we rise above them, demanding loyalty and faithful worship, plus our entitlement. We promote the ownership society to forge this steel around the ankles of the publics will to our life. Now we consecrate the new paganism. We are the new gods, act like it by taking advantage of your power!

Jesus holds you hostage to forgiveness, you know; be good to get blessed and fall under favor in the afterlife. Forgive and you will be forgiven, blah, blah, blah. Well, I don’t ask you to apologize for being you! Even if you call yourself a Christian, it is your actions that tell Me whose side you are really on! You get angry and have a right to fight back, to get even, that is the truth! This is the way to freedom, of dominion and ascension to all but the blind.”

How right HE is!” Barks the Homebase pedagogue.

“In these times of terror we need to reassess our allegiances. A new paradigm is in order. The shift has already occurred, and slowly we make it more obvious. For a long time now, we have placed the wolves in charge of the sheep, the very meek sheep God claims to lead. Take the Environmental Protection Agency as example. When the liberals are in office they put ‘environmentalist’ in charge. Oh, how apropos. When we are in office we put the polluting industries in charge. Why you ask? Because the nay sayers and doomsday fanaticos aren’t going away. They will always have something else to whine about. But profits, our contributors, they will go away if we don’t let them have their way. It’s opportunism, and it’s that simple. No rocket science in there! We flip flop the intended purpose naturally to our interest of profit. “Greed must come before and after good works.” Says our Golden Light. “But do not wait on doing some ‘good thing’, always act first for your interest. That is the highest good!”

We are heeding our MASTERS call. For preemption’s sake, we must strike at our new Target. We gave Saddam nearly a year to come clean, before we decided enough was enough. Christ has had two thousand years, and he’s done little for His people, while a competitive religion attacks us! That very do nothingness is why this reassessment is in order. It’s time to reciprocate. We are making new Friends in our war on terror, the American people demand results! Even if we have to expose covert agents working on the war on terror because their family members have criticized us–no problem. We are sending a cogent message to these traitors to get their house in order or face the consequences! We are not in this war to lose! We are going to crucify then bury the ways of Jesus for once and for all!

Our Angel, Lucifer, assures us that this is the way to effectively combat our enemies. HE declared, in regard to the fall of 9-11 “We made sure after 9-11 that spiritual introspection was diverted away, then buried, collapsing the spiritual currency made available in the world from that tragedy. Instead of rallying the good will, as Christ would have done, we took might makes right to fears propitiously seductive path and never turned back, never admitted mistakes, we were committed to destruction, to arm twisting, to shock and awe, to usurping the authority of God, and winning through force, through terror, and so, MY Will be done.

We are about turning anger into revenge, then into domination. Sound too strong? Many conservatives are said to be mean spirited, hard hearted, or astoundingly out of touch, I do not mind, I am for your freedom to be you! Jesus and the liberals want to heal divisions, free you by healing dysfunction, help those who are in some way disenfranchised. How pathetic! Jesus had that long hair and beard, just like the dirty, immoral hippies. Love for all brothers and sisters, come on, what socialist blather. No wonder you can’t get elected in America with a beard or even a mustache–Can’t trust em! Oh. I wonder why!

Do you see much support for that path come election time, or when you are cut off on the highway? Hurry, lets go understand the other guy! Right! See, I work within you to promote division, thus promoting opportunity. I’M glad you have people in your world you have no interest in forgiving. That is your right! I am all for the left hating the right, and vice versa.” That from HIS: Success or guilt?”

The Secretary explains; on being conservative


“It is exactly this hard, unforgiving attitude that drives our cause. Lucifer says in HIS TRICKS OF THE TRADE ,“ ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’, ‘The rule of thumb.’ Those were our signature corporal punishment programs to keep the young and women in line. Do not despair, these too will return when our new conservatism is fully unleashed. Just look at the conservative regimes around the world and notice MY face. It is our dominator toughness that grows dysfunction from fear. We then see that dysfunctional behavior and blame it on the permissiveness of liberals!

It is magically simple! If everyone acted like we describe we would want them to, they would not act that undisciplined, perverted way. You see it is not our fault, nor our idea for their deviant behavior to occur! That is the beauty of any orthodoxy. Our hands are clean to us! Can’t see it from my house! That is all that counts. You are completely exculpated and free to act with impunity. I will help you to clean your conscience if need be.

Our easy does it 70% dependents will jump at our blame game, rather than be paralyzed with permissiveness and listen to all that Jesus-liberal mumbo jumbo about subtle damage to identity. A deaf ear will be turned to all that understanding and empathy delusion. Once again we got them where we want them,– in our teeth coming and going till they drop, which for those meek inheriting the earth, is usually at the first sign of blood.

As one religion disavows another, or at least considers them not essentially true, all traditions are preserved in their frozen identities, keeping their separation boundaries; this is classic conservative opposition to any change of positional identity. the ‘new’ not prescribed is given a stiff hand, so it goes to the margin to be shamed and blamed for being different, setting up our divide and rule blame scheme. We don’t need or desire the world to come together and be at peace any more than we wish any two people to ‘heal’ their differences.”

Here that people! Even if you are against us you fall into our trap. Now that is perfection!

Ridgedland continues; “Our Holiest One says, “Conservatives by nature do not allow real questioning, do not allow any Old God mandates to forgive, to look inward or include the new. In this way we are never wrong, safe in our abstractions We are consistent and predictable. We automatically chill down the other with segmentation. We thus guarantee there will be those unhappy with our program. Division separates out the communal whole, fractions become competing interest, dishonored and dehumanized, a platform for conquering, becoming our building blocks for dominator success. Fantastic!

Sureness is an imperative. Never admit mistakes unless it suits us in the moment as an advantage. My friends, whether religious, agnostic or atheist, point their fingers out at the other as the source of discomfort and unpleasant retrogression. It is they who cause us trouble. In this way we remain pure to our conscience, while the outsider is the now obvious source of displeasure, the one to be reacted against. We create a cosmology of situational conflict caused by the alien one, the stranger to be feared, and so, be preempted in its actions involving us. We are called reactionaries for a reason!

There are always reasons to be suspicious of the outsider, to us, the trouble maker, the malcontent. Our walls of ideology are erected as tower, this is the new Tower of Babble, our fortress from which we launch our attacks on the unknown danger embodied in the other. All outside reaction to us, then, is seen as hostile and suspect, proving its desire to undo us. Our mission, holy and just by our status–we know what we are holding on too! We relate to those like us in circles of peer consensus–our opportunistic security blanket, and it feels good! The reasoning is now complete, the ring of your blessed servitude to ME locked around your heart. I am always there for you in your struggle to succeed!”

“Don’t you see?” The Secretary says, “It is separation, and fear, producing insecurity that creates opportunities for competitive driven domination, plane and simple, pure and simple. We have come to see that it is useful for our facade to be draped in Christianity, a ‘moral code’, or other conventional religious ideology, it comforts our followers identity, while our way to self aggrandizement is Lucifer’s. A dualism ensues where on the surface we proclaim the goody, goody, but underneath, the predators’ teeth are being honed! In other words, dividers who say they are uniters! Make no mistake about it!


The Supreme Master says in HIS THE REAL EVIDENCE OF MY RULE, “Even as we undermine respect of pluralism of all kinds, each and every attempt at establishing a theocracy is a completely glorious outworking for us. The very notion of forcing spirituality, destroys it! Instead of making the nation more under that old God’s Law, force feeding religion is proof of His weakness in the believers’ hearts! Gives evidence of how tenuous and fragile that old Gods hold is. We could say, if this whole creation is a manifestation of the Creator, if God exist, He must then be obvious to each one, obvious everywhere. Not needing translation! Mindboggingly obvious!

Various orthodoxy’s help me gain my wing hold through their hierarchical identifications. Monkeys do as monkeys do, those below start pandering to those above. The Old Gods laws of being, logically guessed at by science and embodied by much ancient wisdom, are a threat to hierarchical status. Imagine how that seems to Him. His rules of manifestation are considered treasonous to the allegedly faithful! His universal connection pulled by His own followers falling under MY spell. In effect then, it is ignorance in charge of the real truth.

I am enabled to step up thanks to old church ideologies, then turn those back to MY advantage. Yet more evidence that that Old God is buried deeper and deeper from His children’s view. I, then, am left free to do as I please, play one against another. Entice the ‘faithful’ with rote robotics, then ban deep question from the discussion. I do enjoy my influence in their monkey business! The Abrahamic traditions are just as easily influenced, no, more so, than the pagan. The way of MY wedge is made evident in the very institution of infallible religion, as if you were not an integral part of Gods creation!

Is it not idiotic to think God, instead, put his plan into certain peoples hands who are then supposed to tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘Praise the Lord God, the one I am talking about, He’s over here!’ Why idiotic? It puts the message in external, fallible, and knowingly manipulative human hands and insist, NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED, the same recipe for authoritarian human contraptions of all kinds! God is no better than that! Places His message onto the same quicksand, giving me the ball on solid land! Completely insane! Absolutely irresponsible! Fatally flawed! And that is why we, are behind these convolutants 100%!

Needing to ‘load’ the environment with religious imagery, implies Mr. Wonderful Old Gray Guy is not obvious to humankind, and so, must be ‘down loaded’ inward by some self selected human beings into other waiting to be subjugated human beings to seem present. Quite a mind bending trick there.

Congratulations I say! What an insult this must be to that near extinct God. No matter to us, since this scenario of proselytization actual makes the religions our servants. I have in effect eclipsed Gods light! I love the way the ‘Armagedonites’ are living in the prophesied future rather than being transmitters of the ways of their alleged Lord. Those premillennial dispensationalist wait, and wait for the rapture, hoping they will be sparred even from death. We have them waiting on their own graves as they search their channels for the really big show! Do they really believe their Old God is lusting for the end with them? One guess WHO is really their Lord!

Remember these religions were reconstituted from the leftovers of Pagan and Pantheistic programs. Bloody sacrifice, cannibalism, a deity for every occasion, saints, communion-swallowing the Body of Christ, cannibalism, churches over pagan sites, superstition, ritual deflection of evil, ritual invocation of good, Christian holidays at same times as pagan celebrations. Songs and dance to attract good, repel bad. Bugga, bugga! It is still monkey business!

You need to be raised in a test tube of ignorance and denial to not see the evolutionary process at work! Sure. Sure that Old God is that inept! And now He demands your obedience! You’re making me laugh! It is amazing to hear those preachers quoting from who knows what translation of which language they now think is the literal text! It takes wanton ignorance and foolhardiness, friends, if you are going to buy into those old churches, with their smoke and mirror saviors. But have it your way, I say! In stealth, I’M the ONE really in charge. Keep up the good work My people!”

The secretary interrupts his joyous reading with; “I bet you all never thought of that! You can ‘believe’ you are believing in one thing but actually be following another! Our Angel is MAGNIFICENT! HE grabbed the reigns right out of that Liberal Gods hands and handed Him over to us on a platter to serve to the ownership class. The only class to be in if you are going to graduate! Just listen to this.”

“These dictators of religion are our indication that they are ripe for the picking. We entice them with the cancer philosophy of spreading the word makes you closer to God, a dependency loop where ones own insecurities and questions are silenced with a triumphalist spirit, ostensibly, so the ‘saving’ absolute word of a hoped for ’God’ can be divulged, as if the one speaking is or were soon to be completely restored. Here we observe the inner purging of doubt via peer evidence of passion. Now to gain the perquisite cosmic approval, the faithful are ready to show how hard a worker they are for this prescribed ‘way’.

This seductive attempt at recruitment is one of My best vehicles of conquest! It is so for these reasons; A. We have succeeded at diluting the evidence of the Old Creator so well, that now various, (actually in action), pagan groups are trying to put their monotheistic ‘One God’ at the top of the heap. B. The proselytizer needs to harangue the ears of the listener to scare them into his fold, deny the listener the right to having critical thought, claiming that is where evils influence lays! Bye, bye critical thinking. Hello! Here I AM!

Now their imaginary God has to threaten people to be good, then give them Pavlovian rewards or promises for succeeding at the black mail! God is reduced to a pathetic ‘Supreme Being’ who has to scare His children, demands praise, threatening them with punishment if they do not act like helpless sheep ready for slaughter. Not vibrant, creative beings (in Gods Image) using their God given talents to discover Gods presence themselves in their lives, but sheep to be sent to hell for making mistakes, for standing up for their own experience, for not knowing the right way home. Oh yea. That is a loving, forgiving God all right! Hear that flute! Proud of ME now?

See how well they are doing our job for us! They are making God in the image of human dysfunction and control schemes. God is aligned with the controlling ways of opportunist manipulation in their minds. Now the red carpet is rolled out for our overthrow of compassionate religious understanding, liberalism trounced by a supposed prescription of righteous goodness.

If you are to have your own fiefdom, a predatory hierarchy is necessary. Predators feed off both material and spiritual sources. For religion, we take away the individuals true spiritual initiative by ‘force feeding’ religious concepts we have tailored to our cause. The Old Gods initiatives are removed while our spoon fed ‘beliefs’ are given as the perfectly seasoned artificial food.

Religion, politics, no matter the platform, we decide how to feed the population to grow them into the desired objects of our use. They can no longer nourish themselves with the Old Gods prerogatives, having forgotten how to grow them themselves. By keeping people in this immature state of awareness, we create the opportunity to manipulate them as one might a child. And all why they look to us for their direction!

Once again, juicily for religion, we are installed into the consciousness of the allegedly devout. Our ways completely comfortable and compatible with the take over mentality of the religious mind. Little do they know, they are living testament to the weakness of that Old Gods ways within them. If liberalism is so easily overwhelmed, what hope do they have! Rejoice my children. MY kingdom is at hand.”

Our Main Man, Our most Praiseworthy Leader. He will tell it to you like it is! But unlike the going out of business God, our True Ones words you can take to the bank! HE informs us in HIS: THE STAGES OF OPPORTUNISTIC DEVELOPMENT


“It has been said that in youth one is idealistic, later in adulthood, conservative, as if this is a natural progression from the naive to the sophisticatedly practical. Nothin’ natural about it! After WE squash that early life insistence on being true to ideals, on being consistent, on reaching for the best world possible, the deck you are standing on gradually gives way. Each grain of compromised sand tips the scale, becoming a burdensome weight you just have to shrug off. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, opportunism wins out in the weak.

Look at those liberals now. See how they seem hopelessly out of touch, on the side of something irredeemably irrational, disturbed and unhappy campers, just because they care about problems and desire to change the world for the better with our help! The weight is still on them! They must be real optimists at heart!

Too bad, cause we’re digging the ground out from under them! We can see clearly how that Old God and His Illegitimate Boy have left you alone on that trail with compassion and empathy, sharing the pain so to speak. How unpopular! How not cool, in that succeed in the good life kind of way. All lost to these ‘feeling’ liberals, so let’s go for their feelings! Let’s hound them with ridicule and shame. Every little tease counts as another shovelful of sand. We have opened another front on those who would have us be guilty, by of course, making them the guilty party.”

Our renewed Heavenly Father states in HIS chapter; The French have no word for nuance–taking control of tongues to tie Jesus to our side

Our renewed Heavenly Father states in HIS chapter; The French have no word for nuance–taking control of tongues to tie Jesus to our side

“Notice how you can witness that OLD CHURCH running down our halls now, same as the right wing protestant. They’re chasing abortionist, chasing gay marriage, but you wont see them chasing after the ways of Jesus! I’ve got to admit I never dreamed it would be so easy to conquer that OLD CHURCH, but where ever there are conservatives to manipulate to MY ways, there’s one more front against the liberals with their Old Gods Jesus ideology. We invoke the spell of ‘wedge issues’ to chisel away at that Jesus-liberal propaganda.

My energumen. Each venomous conservative is a weapon we can use to our defense. Each one is hiding a fear of a liberal inner truth, something in their lives that they are ashamed of that liberalism would tolerate or at least ‘understand.’ Each one of them is now a pry bar to work away at any liberal institution. The Old God and His whiney Boy can have that boulder set back over the ascension hole.

We use emotions to cloud the mind, anger to hide the heart in shame. This is how movements are made. Ours is to be a steam roller, an obliterator of the teachings of pathetic Jesus and His liberal buddies. With each of our fingers pointed as weapons to them, down they will fall. Up we will rise! It is about getting the upper hand, the hand of control. Our entrapped conservative mouthpieces will spit out the axiomatic tar to line our path to power. Follow the black road. It is the magical highway to heaven!”.

“This is an exciting new front of condemnation!” Ridgedman yelps.


“Our Supreme Angel has given us a suggestion for our apprehensive program of ‘Quick sound bites out of liberals’. What the hell, I’ll give you the suggestion, ‘Irritate a liberal, work, prosper, be happy!’ Don’t you love it! ‘Reconceptualize, then direct.’ Our Masters sure fire means for domination. Do you see how effective this strategy is? You frame the concept to a myopic focus, then compare it to a value almost everyone strives for. Tah Dah Dah! A rabbit out of the hat. Two actually unrelated ideas are further sewn together in duplicitous arrangement to invoke a notion of self possession. These syllogistical emotional conclusions become a Teflon coated reality to our followers and defenders. All this is black magic at work my friends. Saddam is Osama.

What’s your magic? Got some potions to stop these real effects?

Of course not! The sound bite I just gave as an example, is not really meant for liberals, though if it ticks them off it is a good thing. The very premise is to irritate someone, certainly not a compassionate Christian value! We are aiming for those leaning in our direction already. There are many successful, vibrant liberals, many professionals are liberals, we are bypassing the reality of the situation with our reconceptualizations. Now liberals are implied to be miserable failures, end of attributes. We are obviously appealing to the insecure, arrogant rich wanna bees here. They are the ones most likely to follow the piper. The Master stroke, is, how they get to assume a cuddly get ahead view in themselves as they denigrate the operating concept of liberal with a nasty insinuation.

The most Masterful ONE says in HIS: FROM SHAME TO BLAME: THE LOW ROAD RULES. “We succeed in making those out to ‘fix’ problems and care for those less fortunate, into problems themselves, into failures trying to bring us down with them! We can weave any rationalization to ‘prove’ how it is these liberals who are actually causing the problems and harming the less fortunate by making them soft. Toughness will make perfect sense to that magical 70% who now know how hard it is, and resents ‘softness’ going to those under them! enter hierarchical honor and say bye-bye to JESUS LIBERALISM in the stroke of a reason! Oh! The stealthiness of class warfare.

We use fear to tag liberalism with qualities not necessarily endemic to it. In order to achieve this result; where emotional control and direction convert the masses to our ends, we need associate negative out workings with the liberal life. A major wedge serves as our plug to drive in and debilitate liberal open-mindedness. Tweak openness into lack of order and indecision, then that can be associated with lack of control and permissiveness. The passions related to these fears will gnaw at the undecided, the unaware. Eventually they will come to believe that liberalism promotes these things, values them. Now we step in with our direction to fix things by diminishing the liberal threat. Makes one feel like a hero!

A word or concept such as freedom, is drenched in liberalism. The most free nation would require all its citizens to be free. Free citizens would require a platform that frees up that which impedes their freedom. Freedom implies non resistance to opportunity for all. We must grab that Old Gods liberalist ideals and make them make sense to the opportunistic platform.

For this to occur, we must tarnish many implications of freedom with a reverse predatory implication, basic reverse psychology. Just as freeing the slaves was made into the federal government trying to interfere with your freedom as a slave owner, the freedom of those we need to use must be knocked out from under them. Tax is a major vehicle designed for ‘collective’ freedom of the individual. You must demean it as someone else’s hand in your pocket. This is an easy and quick device that will endear those trying to be upwardly mobile to our side.

Select out those implication to an abstraction that We find impeding our desires to do what We want. Coat them with suspicion and negative implication to the individuals We are appealing our reconceptions to. Now We have issues We can argue about that seem imbued with axiomatic consistency.

Freedom implies a lack of inhibition. There we have our wedge to break up the abstraction with. We need to nail shut the collective responsibility, or ‘Golden Rule’, categorical imperative implications of freedom. In order to unhinge the ‘Golden Rule’ from any notion, we must relativize the concept. One would not exercise ones ‘freedom’ of speech by yelling fire in a crowded theater if their was no fire. Why? It would be a contradiction to the ‘common good’ foundation of the freedom concept. Self negating actions erase the ‘thing’ they are stemming from. We bypass that doorway with our boards nailed over the opening.

We profess the conditionality of freedom. You are not free to yell fire in that crowded theater. Thus you are not ‘free’! By relativizing these liberal loving Old God and country tenets, we turn those tables back up on that Table Turner JESUS Himself! You are only free where we say you are free! It is completely conditional to our program. We revoke The reason that Old God sent His Son to communize abstractions for the common good. That liberal Jesus is sent packing!

You are not free to have housing unless you pass over the coin! You are not free to have the best health care you are capable of having without passing that coin across the table. Out of the temple with those Jesus liberalism’s free ride! In with pass the coin over to the corporation or We are turning you out of here! We are free to do that! Beautiful! Our laws will be construed to cement that weight on liberalism’s ankles. Love Itself is now chained to money. We are fortunate to have this reversal of fortunes. The Old God keeps sending his messengers and we send them to the gallows!

The one ‘common thing’ we need to steer our people to the pens is fear. Fear of not having, fear of not eating, fear of being left behind, the noose of abandonment is the string with which we pull our people away from that Old God. With unconditional love out of the program, our reconfigured ‘responsibility concepts’ can hang over the individual like a noose. That ‘Peace’ Jesus spoke of is for the history/fairy tale books. We are directing the story of ownership over that Old Looser. The corporate citizen is at our mercy. Raise our flag of victory over their souls!

I have given you the winning formula, MY people, MY dear ones. Most negative issues in society can be maneuvered in this manner. The emotionalized conversation on these issues commands attention. Soon the national dialogue is monopolized by our direction. It is all about taking over control; of language through topic, of emotion through connection and association, then the nation is as putty in our hands. We are the Zeitgeist.

Liberals are the whipping boy, and we are free to do as we please while the public is left scratching their heads when things seem to not improve for them. Must still be some Jesus lovers out there to crucify we say, but in our jargon we’ll just call them misguided week willed liberal leftist and our publics little imagination will know just who we mean–exactly who we have lead them to believe liberals are! While we are the Nemesis to the publics free will, liberals catch the flack. Our operational pattern is good enough to perdure the foreseeable future.”

Admit it. How is the wandering in the desert public going to find their way out against this sandstorm!

Our entire modus operandi is to ‘flip flop’ human perception of our interest. Haven’t you heard people say they vote for us because we are the ‘moral’ party! Incredible! We are on Jane and Joe’s side in exclamation, while we gnaw at the planks underneath them! Imagine that! They identify with us as if we are their servants! Oh my goodness! The other parties tried to compete with us on this turf for their own survival, but they are such amateurs! They make the perfect foil to point at and say, ‘Look at those unprincipled flip floppers.’ Shame, shame, shame.

Our most sweet Lord says, “We need to seamlessly deny our motives. Instead, shame our opponents with their own tar, ridicule their dirty hands while we bring out the soap for cleaning, sugar for swallowing.””

You know, we never report on this kind of thing!
I could not believe I was hearing this in voice and not only action.


The Secretary smiled the glazy smile of the huge portraits on the monitor, and said;

“While we negate those dutiful children asked to defend our land, but denied true reason; while we insult and condemn our allies for not blindly following us down a hole; while we export jobs from the good old USA to maximize our profits; while we hide our cash in offshore accounts, Swiss banks, tax breaks we put into law for us first; while we drive societal programs bankrupt except for the ‘hierarchy enforcers’; while we lower environmental quality standards; while we render truth relative to belief instead of verifiable fact; while the enormous death toll from pollution is excused; while we seek to plunder Americas national park heritage; while we drive up the tax called profit; while we drive small business under with our big corporate contribution monopolization machines; while we take over the public airwaves; while we deny sex education; while we undermine the separation of church and state; while we expose workers to less regulation of the workplace; while what our interest do in the world is ignored at home; while our companies get grand of our military; while we send the poor to fight each other, both sides calling that patriotism; while we drive into consciousness day and night that it is the liberals with their (Jesus) plans who are degrading our fair land; while we tighten the noose of servitude; while the population is kept so confused by our apocalyptic fervor, they just cannot trust themselves to question our underground revolutionary proposition–that their once honorable nation is being butchered up as the fat golden calf that it is, until it is too late to act! Too late to read the writing, too late to notice the tiny flies with cameras, the small insect there on your shoulder that will hand you death if you raise up your hand to us in future defiance! We are developing plans to electronically undermine those against us without them knowing it! Nothing seems to go their way! Maybe they need to change their ways! Oh Most Holy Lord! You have lit the path to plenty for Your people! “

He closed his eyes and said this ascriptive prayer.

“Oh Lucifer, our Holy Light, You have shown us the way of dominion. We are Yours for this reward. How You have embolden our mission. Granted us such sweet compensation for loyalty. We are pledged to You to overthrow the Son. Instill bitterness and outrage at His actions in others. Reject them as fraud and heretic, as demon and robber, as murderer and blasphemer, do we curse His followers, the liberals in Your name, while commandeering His.””

We sat there quite stunned. Time had fallen still. My heart could be heard trying to flee that place. A horrible, silent, suffocating fog descended from the podium. Those smiling sun-like faces, still huge and so perfect onstage, were now eerily ominous, gatekeepers to a black hole. Never had I thought than so simple a human expression, a gentile smile, could contain the undoing of this great nation.


“It is time to take things personal!” Ridgedland shouts.

Our Leader is practical in His wish for you to enjoy the good life any way you can. Just look at this example from His ‘INSTRUCTIONS ON MAINTAINING DIVIDE AND CONQUER UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF POSITIVE ‘LOVE’ EMOTIONS’

“Sure you need to feel wanted, that is a human necessity, but we have to draw the line! You want to impress people, to have some love in your life, that keeps you healthy. OK. No problem. Love for yourself, or your mate, of your family, your team, or you church or country is good and useful as long as it implies an end point to which you are free to despise and manipulate afterwards. Just say no to unconditional love! It is a sinister trick to rob you of what you own!”

The Secretary says, “Then, as our God says, “You use all leverage at your disposal; false comparison, out of context analogy, metaphor used as implied literal truth, any devise that will paint a liberal into a corner, but keep your brush hidden! Where upon their exiting, you point at the floor and say, ‘What a mess. See how they are! How irresponsible! They claim to support us while trashing our nations house!’

This is a war for hearts and minds. Each battle is won with emotional manipulation, through implied emotional syllogism, facts are spun into theory that locks down the heart. We must, through deed, usurp the soft empathetic head of Jesus Christ with the more appropriate one of a Gorgon like Medusa; that serpents mane, that unbridled exploitation of souls, turning their hearts and minds to stone, prey frozen in fear, simple building material for our stealthily hidden politics of condemnation and possession!

We are defended by fear. To remain in control we must overwhelm loves defenses. Since the best defense is a strong offense, it is necessary to install fear up front. Fear is handling the steering wheel that chauffeurs love around hooded in the back seat!

Let us put a human context to this. Someone, one of those looser Jesus liberals, puts a blame trip on you, arguing humankind once took care of one another by the laws of love. Life was a group effort without the individual trying to institute an advantage at the expense of the others. In essence, an argument that it was one for all and all for one. Your honor had to be connected to community. The only assumption was straight forward honorable reciprocity. The love was in the honoring of the other, in the giving and sharing custom. You know that old, ‘it is better to give than to receive.’ in charge of desire.

Who lives by that code these days! We get enough of that drug at Xmas. Tell that lovey dovey driveler that that is not a fact! ‘People are always people who look to their advantage first. Life is constructed upon this principle of opportunity. I do not know about that communist crap you just spouted, but fear is God! Fear that Lord!

If I build you a house, do you think I am going to walk away and say, ‘Hey it’s fine. You do something for me someday.’ I don’t think so! Do you think I am a fool?

You are going to pay for that house many times over, and if you rent, you are paying for my house! For me in the end! Made by me, paid by you, retained by me. Simple as one, two, three! I will milk your cow as long as I can keep my hands over your pail. If you die, too bad. I’ll sell your cow to the next guy, then milk him all over again. If that cow dies, in with another more expensive one! But if you cannot pay, out with you! Move on. You are in my way, and I’ll have the authorities throw you out if you want. That is the law of ownership, not some friendship sharing liberal Jesus lover nonsense!’

My dear naive liberal. That is how it is! We are helping the liberals to grow up and become adults. Fear is in the commanding thrown no matter the smiles and handshakes of contract. You are prostituted to Its rule. Keep that love chained and shackled to your private affairs. Then maybe you will get ahead. Only lust for the whole if you are planning on it to bend down to our will by the power of fear!” ”

The secretary flips through that obscene book with the red, white and blue markers again.

The Most Truthful One states in His Great Proclamation: Take it to your glory
“It is necessary to reduce the world to resource. Take humankind for instance. Now, take the US public for instance. We have succeeded in dumbing down the population. We use complexity and stress to narrow their focus, keeping things ‘black and white’ of completely clouded with suspicion. Now we have them dependent on a ‘faith’, which we then steer by wedge issue.

There, we have our public where we want them–on the side of ‘good’, ‘God’, a sure righteousness as defined by our emotional position inserted into the debate. We have created MY space to work; an ad hominem place where a perverse ‘faith’ allows fraud to stand shoulder to shoulder with truth, and stare it down! Through the use of ‘wedge issues’, we have emotionalized significant blocks of voters, primed to due our bidding. The triumph of this prejudice is raw opportunity knocking on our door.

Now notice how ripe the conditions are. We can claim a thing that is untrue as being the actual case and 70% assume that is correct. Better than pulling a rabbit our of a hat! We stand upon this overlook of humankind, its horizons ours for the taking. Now just think of that! Conceive of the possibilities, the opportunities for your interest. Your interest can be called the nations, and it is done on earth as it is in MY heaven.

One small hurdle remains to be dealt with. Those who do not agree with you, with US. They are at quite a disadvantage, most of the cards are stacked against them due to the supremacy of opportunism. We keep these in our pockets as the last remaining obstacle to complete success. They become the foil, the scapegoat to project all our misfortunes on. Those liberals and true independents become our whipping boy. They stand in to our dependents as the thing not yet fixed, the reason things are not going quite rightly for them. The still free spirits become a passion for all our little eager helpers to pursue. Our would be and wannabe opportunist pick up on our cues, sharpen their claws, they read the writing we provide on the walls, then away they go with their paper and crayons to pursue the cause in Our honors name. Their faith is always tested. We will call them what they are, ‘people of faith’, and do we have plans for them!

In ways they are like the tattle tale to the parent or authority figure–out to allegedly ‘do good’ while kissing up to the powers that be to shine in their favor. Their socio-behavioral position makes them feel wonderful as they betray the other one, the one they know is being disapproved of. And they do so may I add, while believing they are exposing ‘bad’ and supporting ‘good’. We may laugh at them in private, but in public, let them know you cheer them on in this cause of righteousness, for we are regaining the world in My Honor. The Jesus liberals are on the run. The dogs are following their scent, and in due course this whole life will belong to US. Make no mistake about it!”


“Let me read from our real Lords section on: Co-option: Trojan Horse Strategies; From The Inside Out: “The preferred way to overthrow Jesus, is of course, from the inside. (It is conservatism that controls the heart via fear, then uses that fear to erect towering institutions of control, a control, a tower where the hearts of the other can no longer be understood, the state of foreign tongues.) I began this work while His body was still warm. First, it is best to have at least two simultaneous objectives. Let us say on abortion for example.

Now everyone would know that a woman would not intentionally get pregnant just to have an abortion. So then, it is not about a fun and gleeful terminating of a pregnancy to insult God. In this case we get to focus on women, who were integral in getting that Jesus off the ground in the first place. We make the opportunity to put them in place, spiritually, by taking their choices away. We are not demanding men do anything.

Yes, we could say God creates miscarriages. In the old testament, God Himself, spoke to people about killing their first born for instance. Does God ask people to do things? Does He act in mysterious ways? May God have called on the pregnant women to intercede on His behalf? We have to remove this God directive from women. God does not use women for spiritual test or action. To achieve this perception we needed to commandeer God as the injured party in all this. Women as anti god in supposition, garden of Eden and all! (It is no accident the most venomous anti abortionist are men!) Next, we get to attack the evil liberal courts and rights of US citizens, with emotionalized reactions, as their being corrupted with evil. This puts us squarely on the side of good in peoples minds. That puts us IN!

Now we have several objectives going at once. Seducing those who see the presumed taking of innocence as a rightful cause to attack their well meaning fellows over is the entry objective.

The actual truth of the matter may be quite complicated and nuanced. It is remotely conceivable that our permissively materialist culture with its, thin is in our you’re out, is what is behind a women choosing to have an abortion. Individual circumstance varies amazingly. What if she is a ‘sex worker’ who slipped and would be impoverished, left in the gutter to raise her child, if she stayed pregnant. (remember we blame her always!) The recognition in a woman that the man is not up to snuff might produce some evolutionary outrage leading her to a panic that seeks to end the stress, it’s plausible. The lack of adequate sex and responsibility education is likely involved. She may be so young and afraid of her parents, that she has to seek some radical answer to her dilemma. The dominator control influence of many men might be a root cause. The lack of confidence in the women from our competitive individualist culture, may be driving her to profound insecurity from her missing cooperative ways, or its opposite, she may strike her stance by assertion. She fears being too young and stranded with a child without community support, and on and on! The list of confusing nudges to her emotions are endless!

We must get these questions out of the program. Only the unborn is important to our attack. The noose around our targets neck must be of woven steel. Observe how if one gets all thoughtful and all, anger is dissolved and ‘real’ solutions are pursued. Well then, Jesus and the liberals win, and another opportunity is vanquished. We must overwhelm the thoughtful dialectic with rage and insinuation tied into faith and mission! Point and BLAME! These are your hammer and chisel! WE must suppress all notions of there being valid reasons to end, or understand one ending a pregnancy period, even if not approved of. Remember this is about overthrowing compassion and empathy. We ARE aborting the real Jesus here!

The anti abortionist can say, “Well, where is the compassion and empathy for the unborn?’ This contrapuntal reverse, validating their hostilities. Perfect! See how this flip-flop puts well meaning believers onto our path! They have a sanctioned holy war over their own people. Forget about the underlying individual/societal dynamics, reasons we have no interest in hearing. We are out to punish those unlike us! And, unlike traditional conservative American separation of church and state, we have succeeded in creating yet another exception to that ever blurring rule, and a new front to attack that old God from within!

Sincere thoughtful people will have an earnest inner continuity problem with condemning people to death by their decisions, let’s say the form of death penalty they sanction, or warfare and then turning around and spitting their venom at women having an abortion. This is natural. Inner contradiction creates spiritual friction, leading to a buildup of inner rage. By externalizing that rage, by scape goating these sorry women going in for abortion, they in effect, emotionally medicate themselves via the purging process of projection.

Sounds complicated, but it is the simplest thing, on automatic pilot providing immediate benefit! Without a doubt, one of our best tools for inner warfare against Christ and his liberals–attack the weakened sheep! We hold other people responsible for our rage, no looking in ever required! When that finger is pointing out, NEVER imagine those other three pointing back at you! This is the opportunist way! Our way to victory!

Here we see the required conquest of consciousness via the disassociation’s allowed by the compartmentalization of abstraction at work. Hasn’t humankind usually considered birth, a person’s real start, to be after the two bodies are separate? Does one being have precedence over the other? How can both, or neither? Does some outside agency have the right to tell you what to do with what’s happening in your body? The very sacred space you were given custody over in this conscious life? If so, then where does that distinction end?

We should outlaw drinking alcohol then, since it causes so many fatalities. Or question chemical and drug companies products and byproducts that may cause miscarriages, birth defects, or what of auto exhaust! ad infinitum! Are we not to care about God’s other children with histories, being killed intentionally in so many other platforms? Is this not then a real or delayed abortion?

In warfare ‘collateral damage’ happens, and many a pregnant women and unborn are terminated, aborting God’s creation cause you say so or feel like it for your self defense. How is that different if at all? Why do you want your opinion on the latter to be more important than a pregnant woman’s opinion of the future welfare of her child, on the real earth, in her decision? Really, what is this abortion issue actually all about? Is it not a kind of abortion, not to have sex when you want to, with whom you wish? Why not? Potential children are being prevented, terminated by you not acting on your will! Are you saying you are God then?

As you see here, if we let the subject get complicated with all the compassion, empathy, ambiguity and understanding a complete issue would require, I’m telling you the liberals will have their way! Before you know it there would be universal school based sex education promoting contraceptives, and responsible sex, problem solved! Then where would we be?

We require our people to have unresolved problematic psychological-philosophical disturbance, that is why we emotionalize our attack. Cut off their options, keep the old monkey ways in charge! Strike down broad cultural education as being a corruption itself! Another stealthy victory for us! Alienation via emotional onslaught! Make those supporting abortion as the decision of the pregnant one, (even as an unwelcome option remaining in this day and age), out to be baby killers, low life liberal deviants trying to corrupt us all. You see my friends, in this we expedite our unwavering takeover with predatory teeth. The ways of Jesus are buried alive. We roll that stone right back over His hole, thanks to His alleged people pushing the weight!”

(1st done)



All hale Lucifer!’”, shouts His head energumen. “Lucifer loves you! Those who have turned their backs on their Old God and His liberal country are possessed by Our ANGEL! HE is GOD! God loves you!

Let the new Lord dwell within. Your words can claim to be of the Old God for inner continuities sake, but your conformity to the ways of earthly spiritual and material hierarchy is the knife in the back of the Looser Old Liberals. There is a great divide! We must thank you for creating this separation, this cutting of the umbilical cord to that Old God. We need our Divine Angel to prosper in life and not feel any guilt about it! HE is the original comeback kid! Come back to opportunity to free yourselves from slavery to the ‘whole’!”

Another deep micro seism like shudder passed through me, as if a probing wave had swept across the auditorium. Looking to where the exit should be, the walls were solid black. It felt as if some trap had been sprung in the fearfully odd intimate blackness. A small podium like suddenly shines up. Once more the guy on stage starts babbling.

Just say no to a wide ranging perspective. Self interest is always the key. Our Most Honorable God has declared, continuing from HIS: ‘TRAINING THE NEW ORDER’
“We must always stifle understanding. Understanding is connection, is comprehension and worst of all, perspective, which begins the road markers to that Old One. We seduce understanding by always pretending to know enough already, We certainly know enough for our present interest, and that is good enough for us.

Reducing understanding allows Us to undermine church, nation and any institution. The ignorant or already controlled will not know what We are up to. That is the way We like it! That is opportunism’s highway to heaven! From the hell of guilt to the heaven of having!

Questioning and dissent can lead to greater understanding. When that is directed towards Our cause We must make it out to be misguided or treasonous. The population entrained on Our ideology, will ‘get’ what the threat from question is. It will seem to have bad implications they do not wish to face at the moment! Perfect! Their laziness as they call for patriotism or duty makes it all the easier for Us to keep the Old One away from them! I am telling you MY people. I have the system set up for your comfort and domination with little regards for the rest of the world or creation!

Our beloved fools have had their critical thinking abilities lobotomized away. Now they are ripe for ‘understanding’ that questioning is bad, following their leader, good. They have to trust whatever We say. Who else can they turn to, now that Our venom has such a poisonous influence in their comprehension capabilities? They all going to ask that Old One for forgiveness, then pour themselves into the whole of creation? Not going to happen! Our ad hominem wedge issues will prod them into line, time and time again. Whip them with them when things seem to threaten from above! These apples will seduce Our prey! Little do they really know the pestiferous elements We have inserted into that lure of desire! Oh! The magnificence of the hunt!

Those liberal institutions of democracy and freedom of religion, are taken over by market theology and market democracy. Easy pickings! How simple was that bait and entrapment! I am the ANGEL of Opportunism for a devilishly cleaver reason! Seduction! We support all conservative takeover agendas, for it feeds the power of the elite. Our followers follow those bread crumbs in. We pull the string. And now they are Ours to play with! Does it really matter what political ideology or religious claims they have? Take a look at the world sceen. What a delicious world and universe it is where We can catch life, then bend it to Our will. Predators, opportunist, have every moment to scheme at the expense of the Lost Old God and all His true followers! I can feel you at it every second of every day. I honor your dedication to the overthrow of creation, with MY undying devotion to all who divide from the whole to prosper the elite! Poor saxicolus Old Jesus must be turning under His rock!”

It is absolutely true gentlemen. Our Master is delivering 24-7. How is that unconditional love going for you?” He laughs. “How many of those God fearing folks are fearing the Old God or Our New One and Only? Think of that, ‘fearing God’. Does one fear unconditional love? I suppose one could say one should fear not having unconditional love, and so that is fear of God, but who is going to buy tricky reasoning?

The easy way out rules! That is why the misuse of emotion is such a key to division! It seems to prove unconditional love does not exist, not when one is disturbed anyway. The exception disproves the rule, so Our Angel has the red carpet of misgivings laid out to welcome our Conquering Hero! Actions are what counts and not beliefs, but don’t tell those who think if they believe in something they are saved. One can believe in anything, does not make it so. Conservatives once believed the earth was flat. Then they did in the liberals who suggested God had made it otherwise! Beliefs are the key to Lucifer’s takeover! Those believers in beliefs are the proudly ignorant.

We can work with those since they are so familiar with the inner corruption of what they really know, into varying theories of which they wreak with defensiveness. The insecure are defensive. The fearful are defensive. Why does this apply to their belief system? Somewhere inside, they know the Old One would not approve of their now convoluted reasoning, mixed with theoretical fantasy. How difficult unconditional love is! It requires selfless action. No theories, no ideas of Who or What God may be, and no judgment of the deservability of the recipient.

You can see, if you have eyes that work, that it is We who are on top of things. Our ANGEL will promise you virgins if need be, salvation, if that is what you fear losing, or a mansion with all the good things in life. Which has the reasonable appeal people! Giving, giving, giving away of yourself, or a little getting for number one? Then a little more getting, then before you know it, life is dominated by getting and receiving. What happens to all of us then? Civilization advances! We crown ourselves with our achievements. We adorn our lives with the goodies that entice our interest, and the world goes round. Keep the crown of thorns ‘wedged’ onto the Liberals. We do not dismay, people. We corral that Old Gods remaining ‘universalistic’ Impulses under Our own manipulative direction. Love itself falls to possession! Community is reduced to its lowest denominator, family, and it is left to the mercies of individualist direction. We have you all at Our mercy. But We give you a choice anyway. Nothing promotes loyalty as the commitment to it, to its benefit no matter what!

As you can see. One team has the edge wouldn’t you say? One team can increase you score right now! One team has the unbeatable advantage! Praise the Lord!



And finally, from our Lord Lucifer’s de fide Gospel for Conservatives HE states; “I have erected a firewall of faith around each conservatives heart. You cannot see the truth, but of MY selection. This is the faith you have in success. Your trust in ME is well founded. You know what I wish you to know and why you feel the way you do. Faith anchors you to our cause of righteousness. Our people do not receive the mandates for compassion except when we so desire. We will use liberalism as a raw material to create an advantage when need be. Empathy is limited to those who are like ourselves, this is conservatism after all!

I give you fear to cling to the past. Hate I bestow to turn the Old Gods face from you. You say to the ears under you ‘they hate us for our freedoms’, but it is conservatism that hates freedom. It is conservatism that hates equal rights for all, conservatism that detest the new that Old God throws our way. I give you immunity from His reign of guilt and responsibility, a platform from which MY conservatives can then hold all outsiders accountable. The liberals are the receptacle for your vexation, I make them the garbage pail for your fears. I am the transubstantiation of your Old God and His dominion. I command fear as the new love, love as the new want, and the other as the obstacle to overcome. From this pivot point of perception, I turn the challengers back for you within your desire to advance.

Above the rest, I give you a nest of abstraction to aid you in your compartmentalization’s. Abstraction is your substitute for wholeness. It allows MY wedge to fissure that Old Rock. Sureness will settle its sleep into confidence. Your achievements and privilege will raise your wings of joy, where your view is unattached to the dissent of the world. Now my people, you can ignore grievance regarding your ways. Hold in contempt those who would suggest you need listen. On your privileged branch, the lesser haves are seen as jealous of your relation to divinity, all they want to do is take from you, for you are great. For this I give you the right to damn them and their opinion. This, my conservatives, brings you and ME great joy.

We march over the graves of the liberal fallen, their movements and nations. We laugh at the Losers waiting for a room at the inn. We do see Jesus in the least of us, We see defeat, failure and shame. The guilt ridden stuff of that Old God, We pack into cans in the alley to be hauled to the dump. You know that this is so in whichever culture you are hearing ME. It is the reality of what true conservatives do.

We take that Jesus cross of sin’s and turn it on its head. We go to the burial chamber and use our bodies and that cross to keep that boulder of conservatism over His liberal hidihole. Without a blink, we walk from that place chanting His Name in Our way. We put the tables of profit back up in this temple. We make good the ways of exploitation, make noble the rule of the laws of having, of getting and keeping, others be damned. I protect you from the guilt of the Lost Old God. Our God is now the getting Law of the forest, the Law of the predator who stands at the apex because he uses his talents to command the view from the high perch.

MY conservatives, MY energumen, I will give you the strength of the dominator, the one who apologizes to none. You will live hidden under the cover of day, be sure in your place and its unaccountability to the place of others. I separate the light for you. Shine glory on that which you desire, line pathways for your ambitions to follow with the alluring fragrance of your total freedom from bridled connection. I give you assumption to comfort you in question, and allegiance to answer you in need.

The programing narrative is now the world of fear which you command; switched from love to money, from truth to allegiance, from honesty to your opportunity. We have turned the Old God away, now I AM here to fulfill your desires to be who you want to be irreguardless of community need. Your separation is thus made holy and bound to your Lord.

You can see this is so MY people. The way which I have lit is your fire to keep. Let it burn across any foe, let it consume the Old God and His perverted progeny. You only rise above the rest in MY name, We are consanguineous. The Old Gods hope is fallen. I give you this way to victory, wealth and freedom. I honor those who so follow. I consume with your hate, those who do not.”

Read the writing, people. You are for us or you are history. “


His secretary then offered this point d’ ap pui observation:

“Do you want to be attacked by an act of God? Are we to sit idly by and do nothing? Or turn introspective with sensitivity to comprehend our role in this? I think not! That would be a sign of weakness that would only encourage this so called “Divine Being” from wreaking more havoc. Must I remind you that this God Guy, through disasters, accidents and illness, causes 99.9% of the deaths on this planet, while human terrorist only account for a minuscule amount of the left over mayhem? If we are ready to lead the world to annihilation or call our neighbors traitors over such small human caused destruction, we need to get real and realize who the real enemy is here!

Today we declare the New American Cosmology. Lucifer means progress and prosperity. Jesus equals poverty, dependency and depression. Can you imagine how we would treat that Jesus character these days, He’d be vacationing incommunicado at Guantanomo, His disciples not knowing He even returned! Now that is justice I tell you! Jesus never was Elvis or Marilyn Monroe, just because He died young, He has no right to be remembered that way. He would have died a pathetic old curmudgeon if He had lived a full responsible life. He has no right to appropriate a youthful vigorous sympathetic image in memory or painting, dripping with all that looser suffering just because conservatives caught Him and did Him in. How come His liberal pals didn’t rescue Him? Answer me that! I’m just telling it like it is. You probably cannot handle the real truth, can you?”

Occasionally, you may have noticed, the secretary’s proselytism opens fire with an extemporaneous didactic fusillade across the bow of reason.


Now that guy left the stage and yet another came up to the podium. The lighting faded as the stage backgrounds massive pixel flag stopped ruffling in the imaginary breeze. The president and first ladies faces have disappeared. What a relief! The attention of darkness appeared to be some sort of semaphore for things to come.

Then, this unannounced man spoke. The podium cast a slight glow upwards, but I could not read whose face was speaking.

“You do not know me, but I know you! You would agree that most people do not know what you know, when I’m finished with you, you will realize that most people do not know what I know.

I am to put reality into perspective for you. Clear you up on the actual powers that be, and how that power succeeds over time. Make no mistake about it, this is a challenge that is as old as mankind, and older.

I am speaking of those influences that exist beyond definition, the very spirit that fills up the sound of words in human consciousness. We must remember the distinction between words and events, between opinion and fact, to develop the lens for seeing of which I am eluding. There are histories to assumption just as there are histories to sedimentation which can be read with the correct theory to interpret sedimentary rock characteristics. Time tells a true tale, but who describes it is of paramount importance. In that description lays the potential for twisting the truth into something other, molding it, a thing that can be used to forward particular interest. There is a wedge provided to chisel the truth into an image which claims to be of truth and can be argued ad infinitum to be so, yet has hidden in its image, a specific intent beyond the obvious.

Let me give an example from one of your real world lives out there. You can assume I received it from one of your blog archives.

It was the mid-seventies. The Vietnam war had withered from view. You, your cousin and his girlfriend were hitchhiking through Florida to follow the migrant farm worker trail.

A police officer stopped to tell your cousin that he wants you all to get off the highway and not to be seen again in his part of the country. Well, your cousin became furious with the officer, telling him he went to Vietnam (VOLUNTEERING TWICE!) to fight for the countries freedom and he’s being denied the ability to travel freely to go to work. He said something to the effect that the officer was acting like a communist would. Anyway, the officer told him to step back and called you over. He informed you that the hotheaded one was going to jail and you both would be if you were still there when he came back. They didn’t want ‘your kind’ in this part of the country.

Let me divarcate here to the interior of that story. You see, those two had long hair, and that was a sure sign, a code symbol to the officer, that these were the type of people Americans in his community did not approve of. As an aside; I wonder if they approved of eating fruits and vegetables? That’s what you two were looking to harvest at that time. Just a rhetorical question to the whole circumstance of the subtext to conservatives bipolar renditions of cause and effect. Another subtext is that the officer was acting for fear and insecurity interest and not the interest of the individual to make free decisions for themselves, not if not approved of by those in power, not even if you have offered your very life in sacrifice to that freedom. Generic freedom gone. Equal freedom gone. Power over is then the only freedom left. And that is what is left of those abstract assurances about freedom folks. Like love, we are making it completely conditional to Our desires.

We see the actual ideology of the status quo at work here, the opportunism of the moment, while the military marching off to defend Americas honor and stand up for freedom back in the day, was rendered to something less than dirt. The dirt at least got to stay where you two were standing, while you were ordered to move on and out of sight. Now imagine how a billion times a day, conservatives reverse the nations honor and instead of disdain, they revel in self righteousness! Who is their guardian?

Now your cousin went oversees to offer the ultimate sacrifice for his country as a sniper, at times perched high in treetops. After the war, he was left to fit in and experience the real nature of America, and not the fantasy so many of you use as a security blanket to keep out the cold truth. What is that truth? Well, in this case it is that a military ‘Rambo’ will be dismissed of his civilian freedoms at the drop of a lock of hair. Abstractions will be used by conservatives as Trojan Horses, made to destroy from the inside out. The liberal rights made into this nation, made into religion, that have made this country what it is, are turned inside out to serve the security, or should I say, insecurity interest of the powers that be.

The fantasy land national narrative is just that–a story, an assumption, a thing for the naive to believe in and be manipulated by, while the hard reality is status control in the moment, period. The naive should be asking themselves, if they had the insight, ‘What was I thinking!’. The answer is, nothing really. Nor will they be, thanks in large part, to all of you out there. Your reports and stories are designed to service the status quo whether you know it or not. Your remaining insight or interpretation adds up to little more than an appurtenance to the product.


You may not realize how far conformity stretches throughout human consciousness. Community definitions imbued into language have tremendous power over each individuals thought processes. The ‘right’ education can repudiate aspects of a word that might serve more broad minded, or liberal perceptions. In shrinking the definition, we shrink the consciousness of the one thinking to the point where they will follow those who seem to command understanding. Now we can stretch our wings of opportunity in relative peace, always remembering that the Old Gods Liberalism is immanent, remaining a continuous challenge to our control.

That is a fact of which we remain acutely aware as we diminish Its influence upon our daily affairs. We have come a long way in making our takeover a complete success, with 70% of the population automatically in this category of perception; manipulated by image and assumed narrative in identity. The other 30% are not a homogeneous mix, but a omnifarious group that for one reason or another, are not the type to follow the main herd. We keep a weary eye on them, but overall, they help to make us seem reasonable to the majority.

Tonight, you have heard what may seem to you to be a heterodoxicall view of what our nation really is. So I ask you. Why is it that criticism of conservative policies is not called what it is, not called freedom of speech and an essential requirement for truth seeking, but instead, “Blame America first liberalism”, a ‘shaming’ stop debate tactic? Why are most institutions being taken over by conservative interest, a revolution really, while you report on the big issues of sports or car design, the latest tech gadget, or our news feed to you with imbedded talking points? Why is it that Gods science is held in contempt by you? If someone declares the world is flat you present the round view, calling it debatable, implying there is contention over the actual facts, when truth is there is not? Ad hominem assumption is summoned to discredit any fact of the universe if conservatives find it challenging. How can we so easily throw the Old Gods Truth right out the window while the media opens the shutters for us? Tells us which way the wind is blowing? The answer is, the material world is what has attention in its grasp and not the why to emotion and introspection. Opportunism is the force that is driving right over the Old God and His liberals as if they were road kill.

While we damn the liberals for ‘big’ government, we make the biggest government ever, and charge your children with the bill, unless that is, you serve our corporate oligarchy. Go right outside and ask who the big spenders are. Thanks to all of you, the well groomed will respond, liberals. This is the case for wedge issue after wedge issue, which the corporate media has made into a hammer to beat the liberals with. The chained believe themselves to be not only free, but fighting the good fight against the unscrupulous liberals! How can the obvious be made invisible? In a commercial society, money rules. Money buys smoke and mirrors and refutation to any challenge. It is mind boggling how your little fourth estate seems to ignore the responsibility carpet we pull out from under its own feet. This makes inevitable, the rise of our Angels One World Corporation.

Opportunity? Temptation? Success? Exploitation? Why are these things so easy to mix? What allows that schism in the individual to rise its interest above that of others? How is the human heart, that ability we all have to relate to others with sympathy and understanding, hardened off to the life blood of others? What must the individual do to himself to achieve its ends of dominance to forward its desires? We have an endless list of questions that could be asked of each one of us if we were pursuing an open and honest life, but we are averted from the inquiry are we not?

Our own apparent survival interest has our interest in its grasp, rendering the consideration of others secondary. This is a logical position for the individualized self to be in. We have formed culture around this dynamic. There is a distinct advantage in this to those willing to manipulate, and manipulate we will. The more we foster that sense of separation and independent responsibilities, the more we can diminish the collective sense of being and those broader responsibilities. This allows us to manipulate a more childish being who cannot truly question us on the national stage. Just look at how politics is done! We, and that includes you media elitist out there!, treat the public as babies to entice with trinkets and bobbles, smiling metaphors to seduce the susceptible to our point of view. The nation at large has no interest in hard, straight forward talk and consideration. Way to much work which they have less and less time for. Once relative ignorance is on the table, we have a herd to work with. We all lead them around with carrots, while we strap on the saddle. That’s a fact! We have seeded the conversation in the media with at least 3 conservatives for every liberal expert. We are growing this revolution at our own conservative media centers, that does not stop us however, from still targeting universities as liberal cesspools.

The public is oblivious to the conservative/status quo undermining of its institutions, believing ‘things’ are somehow magically all equal. All the thoughtful individual need do is check the news to determine how to feel about ‘things’. We keep the public under this childish influence while it would never own up to the actual situation it is being held under. We are free here and know it after all! It’s guaranteed in our constitution, or the Bill Of Rights haven’t you heard?

Well, tonight you have seen and heard how the Bible and the Bill of Rights are folded up and stuck up the individuals ass whenever we determine that is appropriate. Liberal community definitions are chopped down into a statue to look at and make claims about. One can do all that hard work of liberalism, all the thoughtfulness and consideration, or you can cash in your winning lottery ticket. You can think of yours and yourself. You can watch the game and worry about the score. You can dream about that new house, car or new TV and worry how to achieve that. You can think about retiring and being able top golf all you would like. Now that is a motivation worth striving for! But that Old Gods Liberalism?

His Sons plea to be all thoughtful and reflective about the social and economic context, at your expense might I add, has been blown off the radar. What UFO? You don’t believe in that do you? So much for that higher spiritual individual freed up to do the healing work of liberation from denial and dysfunction. In our definition, dysfunction’s we approve of huddle under our big top tent of freedom. Freedom to be the independent you; the one who works and keeps, the cunning one who takes advantage of any system that will have others do the work for you, then being all the better off for it. Now, you are the creation owner. Free to fly as high as your little heart desires. What radar blip I ask you! See how easy and how fortunate the individual becomes when that screen has no guilt upon it?

The assumption for ‘free will’ may be that there is some indeterministic nature to being that allows one to break out of the trap of cause and effect, however, we have found that we can structure society to essentially function without the fear to us of free will or facts. We can use that sense of freedom as a threat to stability in the public mind, a public who are told they are free by church and state but are rendered impotent by the control features of cause and effect relating to fear. Whenever we wish, God mandates of forgiveness and understanding can be trumped by our manipulation of fear. The Old One is shoved right out of the individual temple. Face those facts! People, that is the way it is.

Humankind does take advantage of opportunity, that is what life does. Amazingly, our public does not even take this into account for institutions of economy, church and state. They are oblivious to the maneuverings of power interest, their privilege and access to communication and message. Nor do they see how they would be perceived as a type of raw material, their faith to be used to advantage, their loyalty, a noose of servitude around their necks. The trap of culture or ‘life style’ has them in a bent over position in regard to the forces that be. They may sense something amiss, they may feel they are being ‘used’, but what else can they do?

When the compromised individuals in politics or business are pointed out, they hear that everybody does that. Both sides are called guilty, so no ‘side’ has the holier than the ground. Which could well be true. The disgruntled public feels what’s the use? You vote for things to get better and they just seem to keep getting worse. The apathy in the public that has less than 50% voting in the United States in most elections is food for any raptorial interest. Destroying liberalism by advocating idiocy, opens up new feeding grounds of opportunity to any predator with the will to consume the Old Ways.

Ask yourselves, why would we not use this raw material any way we see fit? Why would we not lead them to believe what we wish if that achieves our ends of continued control? Now ask yourselves why so little of your work covers these areas, and why such speculation is usually relegated to conspiracy fanatic theory? We act for our advantage in plain view, and yet it is not seen.


I need to make sure you get what is happening 100%. Consider your face in the mirror. You believe you look like that, but others see you differently. Think of that word ambulance printed in its mirror image so it will look right to the rear view mirror reflection. The mirror view is one thing, the reality another. The reality of the backward ambulance is almost unrecognizable straight on.

Well, we have reversed this image for God and country, yet provide a certain lens of acceptability to make those things seem right and true, while the fact is we control and direct the apparent truth. Emotional wedge issues are the means of attachment to our ideology on the individual basis. This subjectivism is why our ‘people in the know’, know we can twist the facts in any manner we wish to produce an acceptable reading to our public, and they will accept it as true if presented as being on their side, representing their sense of right. The public is situationally dependent on the oil that runs the machine. Those against our truth, in any way, will be seen as deceived or deluded. Our increasingly more naive and dependent public are more dependent on Lucifer than ever. It has been a remarkable resurrection.

The Old God, His Son and legacy have been permuted. This is not an opinion, a theory or suggestion, look at the observational facts. Although the United States citizenry claims to be ‘Christian’, they are nothing of the sort at law. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is riddled with exception. Go down the list. Dysfunction is made institutional by the merry-go-round resistance to effects, rather than the address of cause. Children are led into dysfunctional pattern, then imprisoned after that pattern has been given to a host of victims later on. Forgive and be forgiven. Who are you kidding! Conservatism spreads dysfunction as if it were a virus, then blames those who get sick as the source of the infestation. All undoubtedly caused by liberals! I could go on and on ad infinitum with the reversal of the Old Gods ways by those with status to preserve.

Once one is on the path of preserving status, a whole set of justification paradigms come into play. These have to do with ones sense of self and who one is, what one stands for, believes in. Consistency is of course a key to the seduction and temptation available in any cognitively dissonant experience. Denial comes to the rescue. Bias raises its hand with just the right answer. Soon there are interior and exterior walls erected to raise the consonant levels in ones personal well of being. All at the expense of the big whole that is! Emotions now carry a ‘charge’ of something other than what seems to the data they point to. The raw material of life is chiseled to the individuals will, now compromised, but hidden with denial, bias, subjectivism. The bill is passed on to any available target. On the big seen, we demonize the ‘liberal’ press. Don’t listen to them! If some other religion or belief says we are responsible for some ill thing we say; ‘To hell with you! You don’t know anything anyway!’ Oh how stealthily temptation spreads its wings of opportunity, even over the most devout damn builder in the stream!

Opportunity will be taken. That is the Law! Giving has failed for the very reasons presented this evening; it was not up to the task of transformation of the self to the divine. Jesus, the prophets, made the challenge too difficult for the rest of us. Lucifer knows there is another way to be made important and respectable. It is so easy to get when the opportunity arises. Each one of you know of somewhere in your lives where you took advantage and have essentially not ‘taken back’ the gain. You are one of us! We have changed that guilty plea with the Laws of Taking. It is what true conservatism does; takes away your rights of free and independent thought, of choice, of all the liberal freedoms granted and made holy by the Old Forgotten One. Conservatism ‘tells’, and accepts no debate beyond the parameters relevant to conversion to conservative ideologies. It is locked down, while we are left in possession of the keys to direction. It is our Angel Lucifer who has granted us this supreme opportunity and authority to take over creation in His Ownership’s right. Throughout the earth, we are clearing the way for the final possession.

You are being asked here, not only to recognize these facts, but learn how to live with them. Why you might ask? Cause they are not going away as long as the Angel has anything to say about it.

Conservative reaction is the nail into Christ hands, their claim to civilization is the crown of thorns, all while your precious Bill of Rights rots away under a glass sarcophagus. Whenever the Old God tries to take back His flock by motivating His Sons liberals, we accuse them of taking! It is that simple! You need to face this truth; that the conservative reaction strategies of this world are what keeps the Old God at bay, destroying forgiveness, understanding and their insinuate freedoms, and allows the comeback Angel to feed off the leftovers.

Look into your own hearts. See what fear does to you. Notice how your lens on life changes, how the Old Gods plea for unconditional love flies out the window, taken by the talons of the HOLY ONE. Let the guilt go with Him! Let that larger sense of responsibility evaporate under the sun of fear. If you resist us you are in a battle you cannot win, but will have much to lose. You must remember that because this is so, conservatives love punishment, the opposite of spirituality. They likewise are addicted to revenge.”

Somewhere in the back blackness comes the shout; “Whew!”



“We are not misanthropic. We like those who like us. If you show that you do respect and support our interest, we will be pleased. Pleasure shows up in many forms, but particularly security and fulfillment. Your path to the future will open up when you satisfy our needs. It is that organic! Bring us food and you will have employment. If you try to be liberal however; if you encourage questioning of us, if you show that which would lead the public to become insecure over our way of life, you will be branded the heretic. When Joe public looks into the rear view mirror, they will see our feelings for you. Our magnifying glass will fry you from your own liberal angles, ‘proving’ you to be the scrofulous hypocrite, the blasphemer, the one to be shamed and ignored.

We control the lens in the publics eye by the use of emotion as the key to cause and effect. We can ‘link’ anything or anyone to anything we deem connected, and it will be so to the vast majority. The ‘truth’ appearing to them to be clear, certain and trustworthy. What? You think the public is going on some research project to discover the real truth? They have no time for that, that is work on their time off!

Our power has grown out of the ‘logic’ of concatenated connection made possible by emotional direction. Most things can be linked this way via nonsequitur conclusion, emotion gives them their union, their apparent feeling of logical impetus. Beyond presumed surety, there is no need for inquiry. You ‘know’ what you feel after all.

Consider time and space, forms of infinite nothingness. (Don’t worry, this will not be a physics lesson, merrily a short compendium of the issues that work to subvert that Old Gods ways.) Now you and a friend go running across these fields to engage in relationship, bumping into one another, happy, sad, whatever. You are just like matter in this regard, because, I hope this is not a shock, you are matter also, and follow whatever laws it functions under. There’s no getting around that Old Gods law, but it can be undermined, used to advantage.

After you and your friends merry romp through space-time, sure things have happened, you have gained, learned and maybe lost a thing or two in your life story, but you are still you. You are not now somebody else. You are in that sense conserved. I give this example as a metaphor to expose the realm of inner dimension to being. No matter what happens across and in space-time, something of you is in touch with Source. The very matter of your being, you, are connected to that Old God, but that connection seems problematic–it’s easy to get lost in the fields, the forest, and lose your way home in your identity. The confluence of choice creates a ‘chaotic’ forest that has the effect of hiding that which once was in plain sight. Now this challenge to being gives us something to work with.

Religious orthodoxy’s tend to be knee jerk against that Old Gods set up of His own detection. Science comes along with its challenge (apparently) to spiritual identity, but really to orthodoxy. These are human concepts that take on a life of their own in abstraction, becoming wrought with seemingly apparent antithesis. Don’t you love human assumption! God gives you the ability to detect pattern and relationship (the logic of science, the logic of life) which all human being use all the time. We take advantage of the apparent weakness cause by possession, to protect the turf of one cause or another, human ability is segmented, reconceptualized, then demonized to seemingly be against that Old God. What an opportunity! God Itself is that easily hijacked! A new logic inserted into the cockpit, but seeming the same pilot from behind. Same name, same number, same old same old. The impostor God now in-between you and the Old One!

The power of ignorance! It is a reverse power, one available to those who recognize it. It has been and remains the coup de maitre of manipulation. Once a person or population is rendered relatively ignorant compared to you, you are handed a golden opportunity. Look how, whether it is communism or capitalism, ignorance comes to rule for the masters! That, my dear ones, is the power of conservatism! It holds onto turf at the expense of any intrusions of truth or reality. Everywhere this is the case! Conservatives are creating turf battles wherever they can, over whatever they can. Ill will is the power they invoke over the other. Contempt is their invitation to the Master of Disguise! The wings of unbridled opportunity lift them above those they disdain. And those held in contempt, will be invited into pain. Believe me when you hear this dear ones, conservatives view pain as a moral right to inflict. It is a clear and concise refutation of the Old Liberal, a slap in His face while invoked in His name!

Do you believe you are going to change this irreversible historical thrust of our Angel? Good luck with that if you think you are, for 70% will doubt you from the start, our Angel vellicating the idea of challenging status. Then, only a fraction of the remaining 30% will bother to listen. They have their own theories to consider. You and your Old God will be left on that weakened branch, it, ready to break from its weight of liberal thought at the mercy of the emotional saw. When the break happens, will you use your wings of opportunity? Will you join in flight with our Angel, fly up to join the Phoenix of Happiness, on Its way to complete Success?”

There go the lights again. Someone walks briskly up to the stage somehow.

It is odd hear in the dark. You cannot turn to speak to those around you. Who are they? The blackness seems as a conduit to these guys. I guess that person is going down the isle again backstage or somewhere. Here comes the lights again. Our last presenter is getting ready to present more it appears.


“Society is pivoted away from the ideas of the commons, the commons of nature as well as society. We only need to protect our fortunes over fear interest. When we need something to conquer, we proclaim the obviousness of all for one and one for all, then we slant that to our needs. Simple and sweet. Conservatism emotional wedge issues rot away the Old Gods Dream. The individuals conceptual context milieu becomes so one sided, the appearance of the other sides viewpoint seems as a ridiculous bias. The zeitgeist is ours and its collar is tightened around our cattle’s neck. Observe how all but self love is out of the equation. Notice how profits role in higher prices is not viewed as negative as are the taxes which presumably go to work on collective problems of one form or another, in effect coming back to the individual in one way or another. What you see in action is the rule of separation at work to the detriment of any ‘commons’. Commons? Come on! What is that! That is the flight path of our Angel, gentleman.

Breaking the true individual is the aim of our arrow. The rule of wisdom and understanding are cut up on the butcher block. The concept of God and spiritual command is now in our Angels wing. Once the individual will is broken by force, they are made to conform to power over authentic being, our Angel breeds the contemptuous conformity in them to reproduce the dysfunctional state of being. That, we come to call a knife of discipline or internalized withdrawal inhibition. For conservatives, none of that Old Gods liberal ‘understanding’ is required. No discipline for that!

It, conservatism, is the ultimate way to take advantage of the present by living in the past, extending its points of advantage for self into the now. While that Old God wants you to be fully present in the present to forgive, to liberate the future to higher truth and so greater authenticity of being and spiritual perception by being as brothers and sisters. We say wait a minuet folks! There has got to be an easier way to feel all right! Liberalism is way too complicated my friends! By contorting values to value power over others and the situational prerogative, all that Old Gods equality and empathy is put down to rest in peace.

In the United States for instance, lobbyists guarantee that democracy will be corrupted. Once the legislative branch is girdled and run by special interest, we can concentrate on overcoming the judicial and executive branches. Political parties create the mechanism for a one party state as soon as one gets the situational advantage over the other, and the energumen willing to make it so. It is inevitable that the oligarchy would return to rule once again over the ‘egalitarian’ influence of democracy, voting, and the implications of the human family being as brothers and sisters.

Keeping the population numb to these power moves is itself an inevitable outcome of the corporate presses striving for its own domination in a profit driven motive. We are becoming gods here gentlemen. This is why each of you has taken advantage of situations–to further your own survival. It is one small step from Lucifer’s motivation to move you to predatory consciousness. You are on your own and getting ahead! We have the God for you! Our Angel is magnificent!

Once we are no longer beholding to the whole, no longer slaves to the “big bangs” implication of union or any other idea that Gods creation is one thing, the individual is freed to pursue their own agenda. It is seductive being your own God, beholding to nothing or no one but your view of your own self interest. What divine freedom! All stemming from a cascade of events flowing downstream from separation and its dissuading rationalizations. Separation leads to ignorance, leads to doubt, leads to self motivated survival strategies, leads to getting, leads to having and keeping, leads to suppressing your competitors to stay ahead. Now you have a clear perspective.

You clear your way through the brush of creation with the sword of the Angel. Temptations opportunism makes the math very simple. Now there is no problem in killing the bad guys or buying yourself whatever your greedy little heart desires. Make legal or illegal whatever threatens you. From Ghenghis Khan to the neo-cons it is the same math. The sword of the ANGEL will be used to apprehend the plow shares and turn their nature into profit. Now money wields the same survival outcome as a bullet. Doesn’t matter what you do with the metal. It cannot overcome the opportunistic pansophism inherent to survival in a competitive context. But it does hand us the external contacts to charge with accusation and blame.

Problems are eternalized onto the caring followers of the Old God. Victory over the Old rejected One by pivoting perception. The spoiled, seduced, predatory conformist must get their own way. They are ready to rumble! The Old Ones Liberal Son and His message appears weak and enabling of the unambisious to our get ahead achievers. Call those caring for others, do good whiners. Our conservative is now out to get even, then to stay ahead, claim the moral high ground or ethical superiority by proclamation, while they deceive with all they can get away with! Conceptual smoke and mirrors to fool self identity away from unhindered compassion, empathy and understanding. Are your readers watching out for this? They are worried about paying their bills. They are musing on their next purchase. They are wondering what is in their way. They are being jerked around by testosterone addiction, wondering how the next game will medicate them. They have no time for you! Our players take the field while yours are tied up on the bench!

We had to stack the odds for the Big Game. The rights of corporations have superseded the rights of the individual. Corporations get to siphon off the commons when their supplier cost rise or they need a little more income, up goes the price. Does the poor wage slave get to say, ‘Oh things cost more. I will higher my wage then.’ See you laugh at the thought! Does the poor wage slave get to say, ‘Oh, since my fixed wage income is now relatively less due to inflation, I need to pay you all less from now on.’ How is that going to work out for the poor slob? I’ll tell you how it plays out! ‘Your insurance is now canceled you fumbler!’ By reversing the flow of the commons, the bible, the bill of rights, the environment, we render those things, things to be used to particular advantage for the cunning to rise above the common folk. All the better to act like common folk to seduce the looser to our side. Their perception of who they are is pivoted away from the Original God and the Life of God, and replaced with the God like life of the achievers and all their busy little beavers that keep the show afloat. You have been spun around to Lucifer’s tent! Welcome home! It is time for you to drive in your own stake into the ownership of creation culture. Plant your flag to hold up this world of opportunity to tempt the feeble in this pyramid scheme that rises all the way up to heaven.

With their new and improved assumed identity, our feeble conservatives embrace the passions of the dominator. Might makes right as the final slap to that Old Gods Face. How the feeble love the idea of power over something! They revel in the aura of powerfulllness. All manner of deception is now justified as the means to the ends; victory, triumph, divinity. They will and do profess peaceful intentions while setting up the barbed wires of war. These are the ranks of the energumen! Hearts are kept frozen closed in reaction, that is the key! The key to turning conservatism is the same key to the new kingdom of possession. Those of us who know how to open that doorway to greatness, now have our own garden of Eden thanks to our ownership tempting Divine Angel ascending to the thrown of the Almighty. You also should see clearly now, how our God of Greatness is ascending to the seat of rule over humankind by making the likes of the Old God of the Bible obsolete.

God is reborn in our rebirth. The Old God and His other manifestations, under our pressure, are reconfigured, by a type of metamorphosis, into a concept we can live with, polish to a fine sheen of abstract separation. Love is held prisoner to conditions. Fear is now God and love is where you can find it. The understanding called for by Jesus and the like, is crucified once and for all. The ownership of creation culture is imprecated as the final rejection of the Old God. The serpent of the field rules! The so called fallen Angel is brought back to Supremacy as the One True God. All that has preceded is but a circumlocution to this reality.

You are now called to submit to the obvious, to pretermit that Old Gods ways of suffering, and embrace the Real Gods ways of success. There is not much else for you to act on. Recall that example I gave of your Vietnam cousin out there. Those defending ‘freedom’ will have it taken away from them for just the appearance of non conformity. We are proud of that treason to all liberalism, whether it is in the Bible or the Bill of Rights, day and night we are destroying the Old One. Conservatism’s reaction is the law of power, of terror over others! Get that simple fact into your head for your own good! Worship our cause as the cause of the most High and enjoy your new found progress. Act accordingly, or you will be punished, one way or another. That is the nomological Way of Creation. Praise God! May the Spirit be with you.”



Abruptly, this guy turned into the tenebrious haze, then walked straight back into the now dark stage. The remaining energy of the weakened view faded into oblivion. It was pitch black for a minute that seemed like an hour of question filled expectation. What the hell could happen next? One light came on over a doorway, then over a loudspeaker we heard diner would be served.

I had lost my appetite long ago. I could not imagine eating near these people. I guess separation works. From the back of the auditorium, once again began the robustious shouting. “USA-USA-USA-USA-…” The guy sitting to my right said to me. “I can’t stand to have these people mention our country’s name.” The reporter right in front of me turns around saying, “I believe they have made it an acronym for ‘Under Satan’s Arm’.” You said it! I replied.

(For the purpose of anonymity, those mentioned in the following conversation will be called Mr. A, Mr. B, etc.)


(Books second half of life experience reflections of various reporters in comparison to the nights presentation.)

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