Here are some of my old paintings, going back over thirty three years. All are over 10 years old. Some I have given away. One to my knowledge had been stolen, (so it’s not here) the only thing missing from an rented house break in. I decided to try painting to have things to decorate the walls of my room. I had no artistic training or particular experience. My challenge was not to try to imitate anyone or style, just create things of interest to me.

My arts and craft site is here; BENAFIA’S ART

I took these photos in a bedroom with a light on, so they are not high quality representations.

My very first painting;


(above title “Time Hole”)

Below is my second painting, name withheld since I wish to do my web site on it

This painting was one of 50 picked (from among aprox. 3,500 entries) for a science fiction and fantasy exhibition, judged by a jury of Hugo and Nebula award winning writers.



(painted with house paints)


And then every few years I might paint a space painting for fun.

(Sorry for the glare)


This next one is based on a space colony concept on a moon. A “man made star” used to provide light and weather to an atmosphere trapped by an energy field that holds gas for growing food and providing earth like conditions in a few thousand square mile area.

I conceived the antimatter artificial star as having an inner mirror surface which sends most light out the bottom. I thought it might need light emitting along the circumference to warn passers by, and also some from the top. I do not know if there would be reaction particles that all ships and beings would recognize as intelligent energy signatures.

I thought some people would like to live in the “naturalized” planet environment to seem like home, with rain and vegetation growing providing food and oxygen. A stream possibly down the middle.

In the actual painting you can see that someone lives in and around varying crater rims. They appreciate the always clear black view of the cosmos.

The Jupiter like gas giant, not quite finished.







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